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Ashton Hopkins

"We always want what we can't have."

0 · 264 views · located in Greensville, Arizona

a character in “Dreams of the City”, as played by Sehnsucht.


Nickname: Ash

Age: Twenty three

Birthday: January 25th, 1988

Gender: Male, obviously.

Role: Singer/Guitarist, with a little bit of songwriter thrown in there, of course.

Description: Tall and by no means either skinny or fat, Ashton towers above most people, even if his fans haven't -for the most part- realized it yet. He usually has a soft smile on his face, but when he's angry his eyes flash with danger and his once comforting presence can become entirely intimidating and sinister within a matter of seconds. Thankfully, it take quite a bit to tick him off enough for him to show it, so that doesn't happen often. He has a face full of subtle angles and a strong jaw, a thin trail of facial hair usually defining it. When performing, his entire demeanor changes. With the flip of a switch, he goes from quiet and kind, to confident and full of enthusiasm and emotion. His movements go all over the place and his eyes speak wonders, as if his voice didn't do that already. He jumps around and holds himself with pride and determination. When he's on stage, his fans are his everything, and all that matters is giving them a show worth seeing as well as hearing. As soon as he goes backstage, the whole thing drops. He goes back to his soft, quiet persona, and uses subtle movements, full of more grace than passion. That might be why so many people have difficulty recognizing him up close and personal, even if they've seen his live shows.
He has lots of scars, most of them tiny and barely noticeable. Most of his skin's imperfections are long forgotten when it comes to origin, but there are some fairly prominent scars on his legs and arms. On stage, he tends to cover those up by wearing long sleeved shirts and any old pair of pants. They are the only scars he remembers the back story to. When he was fourteen, his little sister, who was only eight at the time, went wondering off, and didn't come back. In the middle of the night, he woke to the piercing sound of her, screaming. Immediately, he was on his feet and running out the door and into the woods, his feet carrying him as quickly as they could toward her voice. When he got to an abandoned old van, rusted green paint chipping off of it all over, he stopped. It took him a second to realize why his sister, who was inside the van, was crying and screaming. There was an old, dirty man behind her, his bony digits grasping her ankles with a sickening determination, his eyes wide as his grin, which showed off black and rotting teeth, most of which were already missing from their place in his gums. When recalling it later, the man would be presumed to be a nasty hobo. Needless to say, Ashton was enraged within an instant. That was the last thing he remembered before the darkness overtook him, and next thing he knew, he was running through the woods, covered in blood, his little sister being carried in his arms. When asked about it, his sister said that he had punched right through the glass of the side window, and when he realized he couldn't reach her through that, he had climbed onto the roof of the car, eyes wild, and stomped right on into the windshield, successfully frightening the creep into letting go and scrambling to unlock the doors and run off. Now, there are long, raised, white lines covering his forearms, hands, and calves, showing every place the glass shredded his skin.

Height: 6'3"

Weight: 185 pounds, though it is mostly muscle.

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: A pale green, with dark blue and gold specks throughout that shine when the sun hits them

Personality: Ashton is a kind soul, and an honest one. He spends most of his time dedicated to making others happy, which might be why he and Imogen connect so well: they both have similar goals when it comes to their shows, performances, and it's all for the fans. He is usually a pleasant, optimistic person, but he does have a dark side, just as anyone else. It just doesn't come out often- and when it does, it really is dark for him, both literally and physically. Though he tries to be nice and avoid offending people, he is quite the joker, and teases people quite often. Usually he doesn't mean anything bad by it, actually he usually means well, but he still sometimes fears that he goes to far at times. The young man is a very touchy-feely person, always having to be touching someone. He is also very informal, which can get on some people's nerves: he acts towards most people like he would a close friend, usually within minutes of meeting them. He is a people pleaser, but he also believes that if you want something, you should go for it, and if you're unhappy with something, you should say so. That doesn't necessarily mean he always practices what he preaches, however. Ashton is also a very trusting individual, never believing the bad without seeing some proof, or hearing their side of it first. He's one of those people that would actually stop and wait for an explanation from someone caught in a compromising position when they said "It's not what is looks like," before passing judgement.

Likes: - Berries
- Dark chocolate
- Horror films
- His job
- Long drives
- Blasting his car radio
- Acoustic music
- Singing
- Plaid
- Enthusiastic fans
- When the crowd sings along
- People who don't know who he is
- Spontaneity
- Most animals
- Little kids
- Storms
- Rain
- Weeping willows
- Otter pops

Dislikes: - Unnecessary rudeness
- Being dirty
- Broken guitar strings
- Cinnamon gum
- Being interrupted
- Bad music that somehow becomes/stays popular
- Being sick
- Losing
- Liars
- Hairless animals
- Bologna
- Old cheese
- Stalkers
- Expiration dates
- People that want to be around him just for the money/fame

Fears: He is afraid of riding horses. Horses in general do not frighten him, in fact he loves them, but ever since an accident when he was a small child, he hasn't been able to even try to mount a horse without freaking out, and as soon as he gets on one, he blacks out.
He is also afraid of uncleanliness, and disease. He cannot stand to go more than 24 hours without bathing, and if he'd been doing something exceptionally dirty, staying that way for more than half an hour afterwards makes him crazy.
He is afraid of dark wooded areas, or rather, forests at night, as well. They give him the heeby jeebies, always have, and he has bad memories associated with such settings.

Quirks: He tends to bite his lip when he's thinking really hard or is nervous. Before every show, he has to play a lullaby his mother played for him when he was a baby, to calm his nerves. Also, he can usually be found running his fingers through his hair and staring off into the distance when particularly distraught. Ashton's hands are always busy, even if that just means he's fiddling with the hem of his shirt; if his hands are still, something is obviously wrong. When angered and avoiding confrontation, or just really stressed out/confused, he wanders off until he thinks he may be lost, sits down alone, and plays guitar; than hopes he can find his way back when he's calmed down.

Bio: Ashton grew up in a rich, famous family, and though he was adopted, the tradition passed onto him smoothly. He wasn't one that had to struggle much to get his own shot at the 'glamorous life,' and even sometimes he seemed like cameras and articles were attracted to him a little too easily. His mother was a singer, voice actor, and choreographer, and his father was a world famous actor. They had three children of their own, along with Ashton: Martha, the eldest, is four years older than him; Joseph, the middle child, is just a year younger than him; and Bridgette, the youngest, is six years younger than him. His family was always very loving, despite the disturbing difference between his view of things and what he saw about them on T.V. It wasn't what you'd expect from a 'Hollywood family'- they didn't have soap opera worthy drama, their parents weren't alcoholics, druggies, or abusive. In fact, other than the absence of his 'real' parents, his home life was practically perfect, and he would not hesitate to say so. To this day, he has not met his birth parents. He asked his eldest older sister about them once, when he was in his early years of middle school, but she said that it was a secret their parents wanted to keep until he was older. They never told him what they secret was. Instead, they left the rest of their secrets out in the open, not only for Ashton to find, but for the rest of the world to see, distorted through paparazzi, tabloid, and scandal. He learned early on that things are rarely what they seem.

Other: I read everything. Also, he has Counterphobia, which is the preference by a phobic for fearful situations. Ashton has frequent black outs, as well; they are usually anger or fear induced.
Side note: Ashton has a tattoo, and he is upset with me for not mentioning it before, but I just can't find a picture that fits it. The closest I could find was this, but the cage is on his chest, over his heart, and there is only one bird, on the back of his right shoulder.

Sample Post: From a private roleplay called Skater Boy:
Ezra's smile lightened at the sound of his girlfriend's voice in his ear, and a sweet warmth settled into that place in his heart that had felt so empty only moments before. All thought of the girl from his past and her relapse into his life aside, he nodded slowly at Lorna's words as he heard them. It took him a few seconds to realize she couldn't see this action. "I miss you too, sweetheart. I'm getting in the car now." That wasn't quite true, but within a few seconds it would be, so he let it slide as he closed what little room there still was between himself and his car. "I'll be there soon," his voice was calming just as much as he was, and he knew it would be obvious to her that he was in a much happier mood now that he was on his way back to her. "I love you."

He was about to get off the phone when suddenly something dawned on him, "Oh, right!" His eyes widened, and he froze in the driver's seat, the door still hanging open. "I almost forgot, I have a show tonight. We're playing that new club for the grand opening," his tone smoothed out from surprise and haste to an almost teasing, loving tone that gave evidence to the smirk pressing itself into the edges of his lips. "Would you accompany me, beautiful?" His eyes sparkled in anticipation for what he thought was going to turn into a wonderful night, despite his little flash to the past.

He started driving as soon as they got off the phone, him murmuring sweet nothings to her with a silly grin on his face as he said goodbye. Watching the sun set in the rear view mirror gave him a strange sense of closure, but he still had the feeling that something wasn't quite right, that maybe things between him and Arianna still weren't finished. He tried to ignore it and focus on the swell of his chest as he got pumped up, not only to get back home again, but to get ready for the show he was determined to make absolutely amazing, possibly even his best one yet. This was his home town. They would always get the best of him. Thoughts of this twisted together with memories, images from his long ago days, before his 'one that got away' had, indeed, gotten away. As he got out of the car and stepped into the house, though, all of those thoughts and images faded, and disappeared the moment he saw his precious Lorna's face.

A large grin spread itself across his features, slight hints of the dimples that had been prominent in his younger years etched into his cheeks. He opened his arms wide when he found her and scooping her up into them, hugging her tight before carrying her to the door. "Ezra, dear, what on Earth are you doing?!" his mother's voice rang through the house from behind him, pulling a chuckle up from his throat.

"I have a show tonight."

"Ezra, you left in the middle of-"

"Ma, I'll make it up to you."

"You left in the middle of your father's barbecue!" The woman stared at him, fiddling with the edges of her apron. Her face was edged with a familiar mixture of worry and annoyance. "You have hardly been home since your bir-"

"Ma!" The woman looked up at him and he raised a brow at her, smiling affectionately. "I'll stay here for the rest of this weekend to make it up to you. For now, though, I have a gig, and I really can't be late- they're kind of expecting me, and it's sort of a big deal."

Without waiting for his mother's vocal response, as he found the widening of her eyes and relaxation of her face quickly followed by a huge grin to be evidence enough in regards to her approval, Ezra carried Lou to the car and set her in the passenger's seat, planting a soft kiss on her lips before closing the door. He jogged to the other side and climbed into the driver's side, winking at her as he buckled up and headed for the new club. It was going to be great, he thought. When he turned on the radio, he heard his own voice drift through the speakers and smiled. It wasn't something he thought he would be getting used to anytime soon, but it sure wasn't something he minded. By the time they got to their destination, the young man was bursting with excitement. Pre-show jitters were settling into his limbs and mingling with that feeling of adrenaline as he made his way through the back door, making sure not to let go of his lovely Lorna. He was so distracted by the buzz of it all that he hardly noticed the girl in the crowd, waiting for his arrival, probably unaware that it was him he was waiting for. He sure didn't acknowledge the twinge of recognition as his eyes floated over hers, just before he disappeared backstage.

So begins...

Ashton Hopkins's Story