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Theme Song: Young and Beautiful – Lana Del Ray

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Anna, Lee

The Beautiful Annabel Lee


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Grey-ish blue
Anna has a tattoo with the words "There is a light that never goes out”


She usually wears her maid'soutfit, that Lazarus makes her wear. When she is not wearing it, she wears varieties of other dresses

Most of them probably won’t have weapons, and will depend on their skills, but you never know. Also mention where he/she keeps the weapon when he/she isn’t using it.

”Quote About Skills”

Anna always loved cooking and baking, she makes everyone around her goodies and meals. She sews most of her clothes and if she has time she sews for families in need.
”Quote About Mind/Personality”

☑ finding new things,
☑hanging with her friends,

☒The army,
☒ sleeping alone.

Monophobia-Fear of being alone
Aphenphosmphobia-Fear of being touched

Annabel was a bright young girl that would go out of her way to help someone in need. She was outgoing and out spoken, never afraid to say what needed to be said, and yet her words were sweet and innocent. As a child she would always be the first one to out of the house and playing, dragging along Lazarus to go on adventures. They would always get stuck at the most random places, but she would always get them out of it.

As she got older, she was more motherly and lovelier then she was as a child. She would tell stories to the children and old folks about the adventures her and Lazarus had. She was loved by folks, her personality shown through more than the outward beauty. No one would have guess that anything could break her, that something that shine so brightly could fade so quickly,

Now she is quiet, and observes those around her. At night, when alone, she cries herself to sleep. She tries hard not to show emotion in front of Lazarus and trying hard to be just as cold as he is to her sometimes. When his army or those for him are around her face is completely blank. One slip of what she is feeling and things could turn for the worse. A glimpse of that old light can be seen when she is with Lenore and Eldorado(will change once character name is given). Sometimes, if asked by the right person, she will share the old stories that seemed to have collected dust in her mind

Personal Life
”Quote About Life”

Anna's family lives in Gehenna. Lazarus made sure she had no one to run to that was not in his group. She has both her parents and a little sister whom she met twice in her life.

Anna was born on a warm summer day, and even the midwives and doctors couldn't deny that the baby girl had a light about her. She lived with her family in Eden near a river and next to Lazarus and his family. On the first day they met, that she could remember, she was at his door with her mother and she saw him staring at her from behind his mother. He looked scared, but curious at the same time. That afternoon they went on their first adventure and she told him that they would forever be together. Their first adventure was an old tree down the road. She was trying to climb the tree, but she was too short to reach the branch. Lazarus, without even talking, got on his knees and patted his shoulders. She smiled and climbed on his shoulders. That day they had climbed to the top, almost dying twice, and watched Eden. As they walked back home Lazarus tagged her yelling “RACE YOU HOME!” Running down an old dirt path, Anna laughed. “No fair!” She yelled as he ran farther. He would have won if he hadn't stopped and wait for her. From that day on he made it sure he would be by her side or always near.

When she turned eleven she had been on many adventures with Lazarus, but now it was time to do some exploring on her own. She began to watch over the kids around her neighborhood, teaching them and telling them stories. She could see him, sitting in a tree, watching and listening to her. He never let her side, always following her around even when it he really wasn't supposed to be there. Anna never thought about loving Lazarus, if anything he was just a best friend to her. One day coming home from the river, she overheard one of the elderly ladies talking. She kept her head down, making sure that no one knew she was listening. The words, “going to get married,” had her heart racing and she thought about it before dismissing it.

On her thirteenth birthday Lazarus climbed through her window and woke her up. At first she swung, thinking it was a burglar. He dodge and pinned her down, laughing. They threw back little insults before he sat back and gave her a box. In the box was a necklace, a pendant that was large and round, with pearls outlining its outer edges, and inward is black and beaded gold rings done in a beautifully intricate design. In its center is a lily-white cameo of a girl with flowing hair framed in petunias. On the right outer edge of the necklace pendant is a porcelain pale pink rose. It hangs on two strands of small, round dark brown metallic beads, connected by a matching metallic ornament in the shape of a heart. Her mouth dropped and from the corner of her eyes she could see him smiling in triumph. Later that day, after dragging her around Eden to their favorite spot, he brought her to the tree from their first adventures. It was a bigger now, some of its bark missing. Anna placed her hand on it, carefully bringing her hand down. He never did this on her birthdays. Usually he would hit her in the head with a pillow and give her a handmade gift and they would sit by the river.

Her hand lifted from the tree and onto her new necklace. It was expensive, she knew that. His hands grabbed her waist and turned her, his eyes were soft and she knew something was up. He told her that his step-father was sending him to the army. Anna could feel her heart breaking, the pounding in her ears began to pound louder. She has cried in plenty of times, but this one took her breath and she fell to her knees. He bent down and lifted her chin gently, his expression change. It took her a moment to realize what it was. Lazarus had bent down and kissed her. Anna froze, this being their first kiss. He promised that he would return and never leave her side again. He left the next day, leaving her to wonder Eden aimlessly for until he came back for special occasions and holidays. Each time he came back he was a little different. His last year in the army Lazarus came back home, Anna knew that he would be angry if she hadn't met him at the tree. She wore an ivory lace dress, that her mother’s best friend made her, with the necklace. Her hair was up in an updo, and make up done with natural colors.

He made his way over to her, handsome as ever. A smirk lay on his lips and lust filled his eyes. By now she had become almost submissive to him. She stood there, looking back at him scared. He grabbed her wrist a little too hard and yanked her to him. The smell of alcohol filled her nostrils and she pushed back. This was a wrong move to make; he pushed her against the tree and loudly accused her of not loving him anymore. She cried, yelling back that she had always loved him, that she wouldn't have been there if she hadn't. Lazarus looked at her furiously and slapped her, sending her to the ground. He grabbed her by that hair and forced her down. That night he forced himself on her, broke her, and ultimately claimed her.

Lazarus finished his time in the army and came back for her. His brother had become the President and Lazarus became ruler over the army. He made her move out from her parent’s house and live with him. There she became his maid and adviser, helping him out whenever a decision was needed to be made. The first few months there she ran away, afraid of him. He had never laid a hand on her since that night he forced himself on her, but she was sure he would if the fighting continued. She had left the night he had to go out into the fields to help some men calm down the people in Gehenna, and stayed there for almost a month. Anna heard him rapping on the front door, scared that he would hurt her family she ran to the door. He took her back, and a few months later his brother became ill and fell into a coma. At that time Anna became close to Lenore, she was like the little sister she never got to see.

When Anna found out that he would be the substitute for his brother her fears started coming true. He made her parents leave to live in Gehannah, just weeks after he was in. At that point, Anna became emotionless to him. Lazarus began to make her have body guards go with her off grounds and would pick the men she could interact with. She found out that Lenore should have been the one to take her father’s place. Time was ticking and Anna began helping Lenore find answers and ways to get Lazarus out of order. What she found out shattered her heart. This was not the man she fell in love with many years ago, and the only way to get him back was to do the one thing that would end it all.
” It was many and many a year ago,
In a kingdom by the sea,
That a maiden there lived whom you may know
By the name of ANNABEL LEE;
And this maiden she lived with no other thought
Than to love and be loved by me.

I was a child and she was a child,
In this kingdom by the sea;
But we loved with a love that was more than love-
I and my Annabel Lee;
With a love that the winged seraphs of heaven
Coveted her and me.

And this was the reason that, long ago,
In this kingdom by the sea,
A wind blew out of a cloud, chilling
My beautiful Annabel Lee;
So that her highborn kinsman came
And bore her away from me,
To shut her up in a sepulcher
In this kingdom by the sea.

The angels, not half so happy in heaven,
Went envying her and me-
Yes!- that was the reason (as all men know,
In this kingdom by the sea)
That the wind came out of the cloud by night,
Chilling and killing my Annabel Lee.

But our love it was stronger by far than the love
Of those who were older than we-
Of many far wiser than we-
And neither the angels in heaven above,
Nor the demons down under the sea,
Can ever dissever my soul from the soul
Of the beautiful Annabel Lee.

For the moon never beams without bringing me dreams
Of the beautiful Annabel Lee;
And the stars never rise but I feel the bright eyes
Of the beautiful Annabel Lee;
And so, all the night-tide, I lie down by the side
Of my darling- my darling- my life and my bride,
In the sepulcher there by the sea,
In her tomb by the sounding sea.”

So begins...

Annabel Lee Whikeheart's Story


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Silence. That is what filled the mansion as Annabel stood in the foyer. She had finished her choirs early, thanks to Lazarus and his needs, and thought about what to do next. This was a rare occasion for her and she wanted to spend it wisely. Even though the day was still young and the Sun was high in the blue sky; it was a sad day in Eden. Yesterday they laid Lenore’s father to rest.Maybe I can try and talk to her sometime today? Oh… Annabel looked out the window to see Lenore leaving. Well maybe I can go into town today and look for a new dress.

She played with her long and wavy brown hair, which was up in a high ponytail, and thought about it. Lazarus wouldn’t be home until late, she had hoped, and that meant she could do what she pleased. Her maid’s skirt twirled with her as she turned and headed for the bedroom. First thing is first, I must get out of this horrible suit! Lazarus, to her, had a sick way of making her dress up in the slutty little outfit. Every time he was home and she was in it, he would slide his hand under her skirt and roughly grab her rear. And every time he would she would jump, giving him a little more satisfaction. Annabel hated showing him any kind of emotion towards him. Did she love him? Yes, with all her heart. But ever since he was forced to join the army he hadn’t been the same.

Annabel made her way through the halls and into her room; well it was actually both of their room, but he rarely ever spent the night with her. She closed her eyes and traced her hand over her dresses until she landed on one. Peeking with one eye she grabbed her sleeveless light green cotton Lolita dress and laid it on her bed. She looked it over and gently fixed the bow before going back to her closet and pulling an ivory collar button down shirt with shoulder sleeves and laying it next to the dress.

OH! let me dream of happy days gone by,
Forgetting sorrows that have come between,
As sunlight gilds some distant summit high,
And leaves the valleys dark that intervene.
The phantoms of remorse that haunt
The soul, are laid beneath that spell;
As, in the music of a chaunt
Is lost the tolling of a bell.
Oh! let me dream of happy days gone by, etc.

She sung part of the old tune that seemed to haunt her mind for some time now. She slipped out of her maid’s out fit and sighed as the air slid across her half naked body. Annabel took her time putting on the button up ivory shirt and stood at the window watching the people walk by. No one seemed to see her. She continue to sing:

In youth, we plucked full many a flower that died,
Dropped on the pathway, as we danced along;
And now, we cherish each poor leaflet dried
In pages which to that dear past belong.
With sad crushed hearts they yet retain
Some semblance of their glories fled;
Like us, whose lineaments remain,
When all the fires of life are dead.
Oh! let me dream, etc..

Annabel let the dress slide down her body and ending just above her knees; it was form fitting, showing her curves and enhancing her bust. She smoothed out the material before gently placing her feet into brown flats. “Fresh air would do me some good.” She said and headed out the door. Who knows when Lazarus and her body guards would come back.


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Sitting in his study, located a little further and apart from the the kings known 'home', Eden's king, Lazarus, was leaning back in his chair, tapping his feathered pen against the side of his desk. Before him, a blank piece of paper, his pen clean of ink. On all four corners of his desk, stacked neatly in four piles, work. Dressed as he should, a wrinkled cape at his back, from the long nights work, shoes fit for a king on his feet, his shirt, one of his finest. Unlike other days, his hair was still kept, xept. for his bangs, having been pushed up too long, they finally had the power to defy gravity. While his one hand ticked with his pen, the other held his head, rubbing his temple. How long had he been there?

    Just how long do I intend to continue sitting around?

Pulling his head from his hand, though not lowering it, he peered towards the nearest window. He squinted from the sudden increase of light. Morning all ready? He stayed silent for a moment, not sure if he'd been a sleep this whole time or too spaced out, he felt as if he'd woken from a near sleep deprived night. Startled by the sounds of a maid that had placed a cup of hot water beside him, Laz rose to his feet like a startled cat. His hand reached for his sword, only to find it had been caught in the chair seconds too late. The chair had toppled along with Lazarus. The maid shrieked, running to his side, making sure not to touch him, yelling at him to see if he was alright. It wasn't much, just a stumble, though yelling so early in the morning with this heavy feeling of drowsiness within in, the maid had only made him angry. Pushing the maid away, with his right arm, she fell harshly onto her side her hands barely softened the fall. "SILENCE!" Lazarus yelled, his eyes aflame as he got quickly back to his feet. The maid was weeping, shifted onto her knees as she begged his forgiveness. "LEAVE ME! BRING ME-" He silenced him self. The maid covered her mouth and dared not to look up from the floor, she waited, distressed. "Let in the guard in a minute, don't let me catch you in my sight for the rest of the month!" He hissed at her, turning away he went towards the window, the maid took this time to flee, counting her graces.


Lazarus let out a grumbled sigh, he didn't see through the window, just at the glass and its frame. Hearing the door close to the study, Lazarus walked back towards his desk. Pausing at the side of his desk, he glared now at the cup of warm water. He sneered at it, with a swift hand, he knocked the cup across the room, shattering it against a nearby wall. Fixing his belt, checking to see if his sword had been scrapped from the tumble, luckily it had not, other wise he might have had second thoughts about his gracious punishment. In a moment or two later, the guards had opened the door. "Sire?"-"YOU GOD****D FOOLS! DID YOU SLEEP STANDING UP?" Lazarus stormed towards the doors, the guards letting him pass and quickly followed behind him. "Where is my hand of Gehenna? I want news of any ongoing's. I want Cedrick and Kivlar to replace the both you, I need you two to be Annabel's personal guards for today."-"YES, SIRE!"

After having been switched hands, Cedrick and Kivlar were now following the king, tight in tow. One guard stood at guard(Cedrick), at the door, the other(Kivlar) inside the kings room. Adverting eyes with the king, as Lazarus began to change. The bath had been prepared, so the king took this time to quickly freshen up. After a quick shave, Lazarus came out to see Kivlar still standing at attention near the door. "I can always count on the both of you at least."-"Sire." Lazarus spoke as he began to dress in more civil clothing. "Have you heard of any disputes of late? How was the re-" a knock to the door disrupted his train of thoughts. Frozen in place, Kivlar turned to the door instead, opening a small windowed slit in the door, then closing it a moment later. Turning to the king, with a hand on the door knob, Kilvar relayed some disturbing news.


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Annabel had just walked out the door when she saw two guards heading her way; thankfully they hadn’t seen her yet. She hurried to the side of the house and down towards the back of the property where the land meets the river. Carefully sneaking out the back gate she hurried towards town. “Phew…that was close.” Her heart raced as she walked along the river. The water rushing softly in the opposite direction she was going. What could she do? She really wanted to go visit her family, but she could get a horrid punishment or worse, something could happen to her family.

Her dress swayed in the light breeze and she could hear a couple of old men talking about Lazarus. Keeping her head down she walked past them.

“Look…it is Annabel.” The old bald man whispered to his friend.

“I heard she is just as cold as Lazarus.” His friend whispered back.

“No! She is kind hearted, but how she ended up with him is besides me.” The bald man said.

“Maybe she was forced.” They both shrugged and stared at her. She gave them a gently smile and walked away. Her heart sank at their gossip. She never liked hearing these things. As she stepped into town, people stared at her as they walked by. Hurrying over to the market she picked up a few things and turned around after hearing people shuffling by quicker than normal. The two guards were searching the area. Quickly she paid for her things and left. She had to look for a place where they least likely would look for her. Thinking in a hurry she made her way down back towards the river and took a left for the maids house..


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"Sire- Please calm down. I'm sure one of the maids-" A relatively light chair flew by Kivlar's shoulder, crashing and breaking against the cement wall of his room. "SILENCE! THOSE DAMMED FOOLS!" Lazarus was more then infuriated, of course with time taken its due course no one but Lazarus had the slightest clue at who he was angry at. The maids who kept a far eye on Annabel, or the guards that should have been stationed at Annabel's doors, at himself for letting a small open gap of privacy, that no doubt Annabel took for granted, for she would have snuck out at the change in guard which was delayed since he stayed up late and slept in. Kivlar seemed unphased by his kings tantrum, only due to the fact that he'd seen it happen often enough. "Sire, be at ease, your men are all ready out looking for her."

    I should be out looking for her...

Sitting at the end of his bed, Lazarus had both his hands in his hair, his fingers grasping at his cranium. His eyes glared at the floor, as his elbows weighed heavily into his knee's. He took steady, long and drawn breaths, trying to calm this heavy anxiety and rage. After what seemed like half an hour, Lazarus' arms dropped down to his sides. "Change the order." He spoke like a ghost, regretting every letter that he put together in that singe sentence. Slowly standing, is fingers shivered his eyes seemed frustrated-ly anxious as if thinking constantly of the worse possibilities that could happen to Annabel with out her guards. "If they spot her, let her be, but follow her. I-I-must attend to my duties today. Kivlar, don't leave my sight!"-"Sire!"