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Dreams Within Eden

Planeta Tierra


a part of Dreams Within Eden, by Lenyx.


Lenyx holds sovereignty over Planeta Tierra, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Planeta Tierra is a part of Dreams Within Eden.

14 Characters Here

Lenore Heyward [8] The coldness of reality has made this Angel lose all hope for this world...
Corvo Montresor [7] "So much rests on the shoulders of our machines; We have constructed Atlas."
Lazarus Heyward [3] Can a broken man be fixed again?
Laz, Heyward [3] The stand in
Cadence Starling [2] "Let my dance be your serenity."
Kyle F White [2] ''The purge of man is Earth's only change to begin again.''
XL-R31IC [1] "Analyzing-- Please Wait..."
Rhys Blackmore [1] "There's no glory to be found in war. Don't ever think that war will make you a hero."
Cad Murray Synclair [1] "Shadows of the past reflect each and every decision up to now. They give us knowledge, and sometimes serve as a physical boundary within which we must paint."

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Character Portrait: Lazarus Heyward Character Portrait: Lenore Heyward Character Portrait: Kyle F White Character Portrait: Corvo Montresor
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#, as written by Lenyx
April 22nd, 2195

~Weightless… Soundless… Darkness… Emptiness…

Opening her eyes, Lenore saw and felt nothing but cool, calm and clear deep blue water. Her light golden blonde hair and white nightgown floated and danced around her. Then a feeling of being alone in the world occurred to Lenore, she began to panic. Lenore realizes she has been holding her breath this entire time; her chest hurt, she needed air! That was when Lenore heard the dull sound of thumping coming from what she thought was above her. However her nightgown made it difficult to kick her legs, the soaked cotton fabric restricted movement, and it took all of Lenore’s strength and will power to keep pulling herself through the water.

As Lenore gets closer she can see Corvo, his usual unkempt, shaggy brown hair and amber eyes staring down in to the vast waters like golden orbs, as if he is searching for something. Corvo seems to finally catch sight of what he is looking for, it is Lenore for whom he was searching for and he begins banging on a glass-like barrier harder. This unknown barrier is all that was keeping Lenore from the oxygen above, and Corvo seemed to be yelling something, but she could not hear him. Lenore reached her hand up through the water and pushed her hand flat against the barrier, she couldn’t hold on to her breath any longer, she was going to die.

Lenore lifted her face up and smiled as lovingly as she could at Corvo. Mouthing the words 'I’m sorry, my untold beloved… Goodbye, Corvo…' as unnoticed tears became one with the surrounding waters. Corvo was screaming now, banging on the glass-like barrier with both fists, as he watches Lenore parts her lips and lets the breath she had been holding go.

Lenore can feel her now weak and tired body sinking down through a seemingly never-ending ocean… She can feel her mind drifting away, falling in to the darkness that is forever… The last thing she expected to hear was a whooshing sound, like beating wings, filling her ears… And as Lenore’s eyes start to close, she sees a bright light, brighter than even the sun, and someone reaching for her hand…

“The more you have of it, the less you see…”

Slowly Lenore is pulled from her dream and back in to reality. Goldie lay at the end of her bed whimpering, while the lady-in-waiting was standing by Lenore’s window, rooted in place, holding on to the curtain.

Slowly sitting up, Lenore rubbed the sleep from her eyes before speaking. “Is there something wrong Miss Angela?”

“Oh, uh, no Lady Heyward. It’s just… Uhm.” Angela paused to finish pulling the curtain open and tying it back to keep if from falling closed. “You spoke in your sleep.”

Lenore could not remember ever talking in her sleep before. “What was it that I said?” She asked as she folds her blankets down over her lap.

“Well, Lady Heyward, you said the more you have of it the less you see…” Angela shifted uncomfortably by the window.

“Oh…” Lenore shook her head, she had thought about that riddle as she lay drifting in the endless waters of her dream. “Do not dwell on it Miss Angela. I would like to get dressed now please.”

“Yes, Lady Heyward.” Angela said with a curtsy. “Do you need assistance with your corset?”

“Yes please. Thank you Miss Angela.”

Without another word spoken, Lenore got dressed, with the help of Angela. Lenore looked at her reflection in her full length mirror. Today she wore a high-neck white blouse with a long sleeved red plaid jacket and matching black skirt with bows. But the girl that stared back at Lenore was not her, she looked like a doll, an emotionless and broken doll...

Tearing her eyes from the mirror, Lenore called Goldie to her side, and picking up her white parasol from beside the door, the young lady and her canine companion left their too quiet home.

Lenore loved her large home, she liked its ornate boldness with just a hint of a romantic look to it, she even adored the multiple shades of gray and lavender color scheme. The house reminded her of a dollhouse Lenore once had as a child, with its asymmetrical design and multiple, steeply pitched roofs, including an octagonal tower with a conical roof. The other embellishments of the house consisted of three corbel chimneys, numerous bay and decorative windows and the exterior doors were inset with beautifully painted glass panels. Wrapping around the entire three story house was a wide railed porch, giving it that family home feeling.

But now the house only consisted of Lenore, Goldie, her song birds; Night and Gale, Angela and the occasional Corvo. Lenore’s uncle, Lazarus Heyward, had taken the staff and moved them in to his home, since Leonard was no longer alive. If it were not for Goldie and Corvo, Lenore would fall apart, as surely they were the only people keeping her tied to this chaotic reality.

Lenore’s first destination this early morning, was to visit her parents graves, the funeral for her father had been just yesterday. She had not eaten breakfast yet, and if Kyle were still in Eden he would have stayed at the house to make sure that she did eat. But he wasn’t, it seemed to Lenore that everyone who loved her ends up leaving her behind.

“At this rate I will be alone…” Lenore whispered to herself as she started down a gravel path that would take her through town, towards the barrier line of Eden and the Wastelands.

There weren’t many others who were up this early, yesterday had been a dark day. To Lenore, her world had ended yesterday morning.

Walking up the path along a small hill leading to the graveyard, Lenore decided to plan out her day. First she would visit her parents, then she would pick up some breakfast type foods from the market and go visit Corvo. From there maybe they could go visit the people of Gehenna, or maybe even just walk around near the woods by his workshop. Lenore never knew what to expect around Corvo, she guessed it all depended on what work was needing to be done.

Lenore’s parents were buried near the entrance of the graveyard, beautiful cross gravestones that marked her parents graves. A young man was placing floral crowns like the ones she used to make with him as a child, on the crosses. He was different from the others in Eden, he was what everyone else called 'special'.

“Hello Jack.” She said softly, gently taking his hand as she came to stand beside him. “They are beautiful.”

Jack smiled down at Lenore before patting Goldie who had sat on the grass beside him. “Y-Yes. I -I think m-mister and m-mis'ess Heyward w-would like them.”

“They would love them honey.”

They stood there together for a few moments in silence, until Jack's caretaker came to take him back home. Lenore hugged Jack goodbye and promised to come visit soon. He gave Goldie a gentle pat on the head, he went on his way. Leaving Lenore to cry alone with her canine. Pulling her handkerchief from her purse Lenore dried her eyes and composed herself. Withdrawing in to her mind, Lenore collected her thoughts and feelings, before locking them away again.

“On to the market square Goldie.” She said scratching behind the golden furred canine’s ear.

The market square was not more than a fifteen minute walk from the graveyard. The market square consisted of a variety of traders, from fruit stalls to jewelers. Some of the traders had actual shops with not only a workshop but living quarters as well, and others had simple stalls set up. However, some shops would also set up a stall outside, so they could show off their wares. The market square occupied quite a bit of land with its wide buildings and stalls, when one thought about it.

While walking through the market square Lenore picked up a few apples, a loaf of bread, some cheese, as well as milk for her and Corvo and water for Goldie. Lenore kept to small and simple conversations with the shop keepers as she paid for her items. Lenore no longer wished to converse with people. Not now, not anymore. In six months she would turn eighteen and will be in charge of governing the City of Eden, instead Lenore withdrew from the outside world.

She did not want to govern Eden, how could she? After all that her Uncle Lazarus has done to destroy the peace and trust that Eden and Gehenna once shared, how could she possibly repair that? No, Lenore did not want to deal with that, she was content to hide in her own little world. A world where there was nothing that could hurt her, a place where she would not have to see others pain. All she needed was Goldie and Corvo.

Leaving market square, Lenore headed southeast through the woods near Corvo’s workshop. It took Lenore less than an hour to make her way to the building that looked like it was nestled against a large grassy hill, which always reminded her more of a mountain than a hill. Lenore always thought the long worn bricked building actually extended under the hill, almost as if the hill was hiding the building from the world. But if it did, the door to that part of the building was well hidden. With its dark windows that were gray with dirt, and the ivy that was clinging to the chipped and cracked outer walls. All around the building was unkempt undergrowth, as if the workshop had grown up from the very earth!

Lenore shrugged at Goldie who was looking up at her. “It’s nothing Goldie. I was just thinking that maybe I like coming here so much because the workshop is the same as me.”

Pushing open the metal door, Lenore pulled her parasol closed and leaned it against the wall, as Goldie trotted in to the workshop. Corvo and Lenore had spent days cleaning and repairing the inside of the workshop, washing and scraping the walls free of mold. Sweeping and mopping the worn wooden floorboards. They even had a few shop owners donate worn but functional furniture to replace the rotting ones. Lenore did her best to give the workshop a sense of life by adding potted and hanging plants. As well as replacing dull, limp and moth-eaten curtains with light colored drapes.

Now there were shelves full of books of varying sizes and thickness, tables with various tools scattered about them, as well as pieces of machinery lying here and there. While most people would think the place looks quite disorganized, Corvo always knew where everything was, there was a method to his madness, even if others did not see it, Lenore did.

“Corvo? Are you here?” She called out as she pulled off her black gloves and laid them on a small table by the door. “I checked your room at home and found you had not returned last night again.”

Seconds passed, then minutes. Finally Lenore added, “I brought something for us to eat.”

Still it was quiet, sighing, Lenore put the basket containing a makeshift breakfast down beside her gloves and started her usual inspection of the workshop. First she went to the bookshelf and ran a finger along the spines of the books, before turning to the table in front of her and looking down at scattered papers scrawled with Corvo’s notes. He was working every night lately, and Lenore was curious about it, but Corvo would never tell her what his latest project was. She never pushed him to tell her, but Lenore was quite determined that she would figure it out herself.

Goldie had made herself comfortably content on a over stuffed pillow Lenore had made to serve as a bed for the canine. While Lenore walked through the workshop looking for clues as to what this project of Corvo's was. It was near the back wall of the spacious, yet overly cluttered, workshop Lenore heard a buzzing sound. Holding a breath, she concentrated on locating the sound as she walked along the back wall. Lenore was so focused on the sound, that she never noticed the small trinket on the floor.

Her foot caught on it and it started to make a loud wailing sound, startling Lenore. She took a few steps back before tripping over her own feet and let out an earsplitting cry as she fell backwards. Twisting herself so she did not land on her back, Lenore instead landed on her side with her legs now tangled within the confines of her dress.


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Character Portrait: Kyle F White
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Kyle would be in a bar within Eden, hooded and disguised, he looked like a mess, but this was bad far the intention, it was to make him look like a nobody. He'd he sitting in a dark corner of the bar with a pint of some kind of beer and a smoke at the left side of his mouth. He would be...listening to the punters in the bar, the best place to find thing out...Men complain that woman's gossip is bitchy and useless but as men, they did it Kyle was he to build up information.

The bar, of course was brick, rugged pictures hanging on the walls, scuffed wooden floor planks and ivy no matter how much everyone tried to get rid of it was crawling in the corners and ceiling of the bar. Chairs scrapped the wooden floor further, the chairs and stool squeaked with use and faded fabric and wood scratched up by time itself.

Windows had makeshift shelters, glass was limited and only placed in the rich place of Eden, up the stairs...Kyle then looked out the window with his almost black brown hues as he puffed smoke from his mouth and looked at those very steps that he once when up to once, a long ago now to do his monthly check up on the late Leonard Heyward and he narrowed his eyes and felt his anger rise so turned away to look at his drink...

He would take a large gulp of the bitter alcohol only to jump as he saw the late Leonard Heyward in front of him and his face paled, gripping the handle of the mug tighter as he tried to keep calm..

The Late Leonard was looking at the same steps then slowly looked at Kyle to which he found himself hard to breathe as he held the mug tightly that his knuckles were white...Late Leonard Heyward would then rest his arms on the table and look directly in Kyle's eyes. ''You...murdered me for your own greed.....'' He'd hauntingly said

As Kyle went to reply to Leonard Heyward, the man across from Kyle grinned a toothy grin and his eyes blackened then the darkness consumed his body only leaving the sadistic toothy grin...''You...murdered me for your own greed...'' Leonard Heyward would repeat only in a monstrous voice then suddenly the darkness of Leonard grabbed onto Kyle and started to scream at him with red glowing eyes...

Kyle would scream jolting was all just a dream...


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Character Portrait: Lenore Heyward Character Portrait: Corvo Montresor
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Writing, jotting, planning. Corvo's mind was haywire with thought and complexity. His task, not a delicate or particularly easy one at that, plagued his very life and robbed him of sleep day and night. His hand was cramping from the incessant scribblings of notes and hypotheses that he felt like the bones would soon collapse from the uncomfortableness. His eyelids were heavy masses of iron weighing on his irises, begging him to enter the realm of dreams before exhaustion claimed his life. However, he remained vigil, ceaseless in his crusade to complete his work, however long that would take. Strangely enough, however, he was enjoying the torture; it meant that his mind was being useful to him, that his vast intelligence was being utilized. His work was more important to hi than sleep; more important than most things, really. All except that one nagging place at the back of his mind, that part he wished he could bury in a sarcophagus and drive deep into the dark recesses of the underground. He paused, letting out a hefty sigh, before continuing with his work. 'What I wouldn't give.'

He kept writing, writing through the pain, hoping he could finish his notes in one flourishing session. However, his hand became defiant, threatening to stray from the straight and narrow into becoming a jagged line down the page of his notes. Corvo sat back, allowing his hand the rest it deserved. He massaged it with the other, working out the cramps, looking up at the wall across from the desk. On it was a painting of a raven, given to him by an anonymous individual, apparently. He came down into the laboratory, and found it just sitting there. There was no note explaining its origin or purpose, but Corvo decided to hang it up anyway, after thoroughly inspecting it for any unwanted alien appendages.

Staring at the painting brought him a feeling of calm, more so than his work did. It was almost bewitching as if it were an enchantment to his mind, casting over him a true sense of peace, that he needn't worry about the world and its waywardness, that everything was right so long as his eyes were on the painting. He stayed that way staring at the painting, his exhausted mind forgetting that he was supposed to be finishing his notes, neglecting his work in favor of the grandeur of the raven. He remained, seemingly catatonic, this way for many a moment, his eyes refusing to tear themselves away from the painting.

Suddenly, the painting seemed to move, in its frame. Corvo sat forward, assuring himself that his mind was playing tricks on him. However, his mind was not put at ease when the painted bird's head twitched, turning to face him. "Nevermore", it stated in a haunting tone. Corvo's heart skipped a beat before resuming to pump blood at an alarmingly quickened rate. He was confused, and the raven again said "Nevermore". Corvo fell backward, out of his chair and into the various boxes behind him, scattering papers everywhere; his notes on the work he had been doing for a long time now. This didn't concern him at present, as he was trying to logically solve a quite seemingly insurmountable conundrum: his painting was talking. He stood, slowly and shakily, daring to step forward and reach out for the painting.

However, before his hand made contact, the raven once again spouted what seemed to be the only word it knew: "Nevermore." After this, it shot from the painting, rending the portrait from its frame, tearing the paper, knocking Corvo against the far wall in the process. It began to soar through the lab on its painted wings, perching atop a lightning rod, which would ascend through an opening the ceiling when the proper switch was flipped, and sat there, staring at Corvo as the discombobulated man collected himself, trying to find the nerve to speak. "What.....what are you?" Corvo asked, in a rather demanding tone. The bird stared at him, and suddenly the roof of the laboratory was torn asunder, flooding the room with a storm of sunlight and plasma and electricity. It was as if Armageddon had been warranted, and all that Corvo knew was coming to an end, right when he least expected it to.

Again, his mind was alive with rational explanation, but reason could not dissolve what was happening here: it was over. "What are you?" he shouted over the cataclysm that raged on around him. As if his voice had quelled the thunderous noises, the storm grew quiet, but still remained in physicality. The raven stared at Corvo, eyes full of......something, an unknown emotion, a feeling no one could describe. With a tear in its eye and a stout demeanor, the raven repeated, for the last time, "Nevermore."

Then the world was torn apart.

Corvo sat up with a violent gasp. He had fallen asleep looking at that painting. His heart was racing and he was sweating; so much so that it had gotten on his notes and smeared the ink. He groaned in mourning of his notes, and at the frustrating truth that he would have to rewrite them. He sat back, taking off hi glasses and placing his hands over his eyes. He sat there a moment, like this, contemplating the menial task that would be starting over. He sighed, annoyed. He took his hands from his eyes, allowing the darkness that came with doing so to drift away. Sitting forward, he looked down upon his ruined notes, something akin to anger intruding upon his brain.

The anger, however, was quickly reallocated and replaced with fear, as there came a loud crash from somewhere else in his laboratory. 'An intruder? Here?' he thought. He stood, tentatively, walking out of his office. He descended the spiral staircase that connected the main floor to the second one. Corvo was practically creeping around in his own building, unnerved by the possibility of an intruder.

He rounded a corner, into a room full of various machinery, searching for someone who could be his intruder. His eyes scanned the room, and noticed a leg protruding from behind a monitor, and he rushed to see to whom the appendage belonged. Rounding the large mechanism, he saw Lenore, on the ground, apparently in pain from a fall. "Lenore!" he proclaimed. Relief washed over him, flooding him like a river's waters. He hurried to pick her up from the ground, finding a chair for her to rest in. "What are you doing here?"


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Character Portrait: Annabel Lee Whikeheart Character Portrait: Lazarus Heyward Character Portrait: Lenore Heyward
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Silence. That is what filled the mansion as Annabel stood in the foyer. She had finished her choirs early, thanks to Lazarus and his needs, and thought about what to do next. This was a rare occasion for her and she wanted to spend it wisely. Even though the day was still young and the Sun was high in the blue sky; it was a sad day in Eden. Yesterday they laid Lenore’s father to rest.Maybe I can try and talk to her sometime today? Oh… Annabel looked out the window to see Lenore leaving. Well maybe I can go into town today and look for a new dress.

She played with her long and wavy brown hair, which was up in a high ponytail, and thought about it. Lazarus wouldn’t be home until late, she had hoped, and that meant she could do what she pleased. Her maid’s skirt twirled with her as she turned and headed for the bedroom. First thing is first, I must get out of this horrible suit! Lazarus, to her, had a sick way of making her dress up in the slutty little outfit. Every time he was home and she was in it, he would slide his hand under her skirt and roughly grab her rear. And every time he would she would jump, giving him a little more satisfaction. Annabel hated showing him any kind of emotion towards him. Did she love him? Yes, with all her heart. But ever since he was forced to join the army he hadn’t been the same.

Annabel made her way through the halls and into her room; well it was actually both of their room, but he rarely ever spent the night with her. She closed her eyes and traced her hand over her dresses until she landed on one. Peeking with one eye she grabbed her sleeveless light green cotton Lolita dress and laid it on her bed. She looked it over and gently fixed the bow before going back to her closet and pulling an ivory collar button down shirt with shoulder sleeves and laying it next to the dress.

OH! let me dream of happy days gone by,
Forgetting sorrows that have come between,
As sunlight gilds some distant summit high,
And leaves the valleys dark that intervene.
The phantoms of remorse that haunt
The soul, are laid beneath that spell;
As, in the music of a chaunt
Is lost the tolling of a bell.
Oh! let me dream of happy days gone by, etc.

She sung part of the old tune that seemed to haunt her mind for some time now. She slipped out of her maid’s out fit and sighed as the air slid across her half naked body. Annabel took her time putting on the button up ivory shirt and stood at the window watching the people walk by. No one seemed to see her. She continue to sing:

In youth, we plucked full many a flower that died,
Dropped on the pathway, as we danced along;
And now, we cherish each poor leaflet dried
In pages which to that dear past belong.
With sad crushed hearts they yet retain
Some semblance of their glories fled;
Like us, whose lineaments remain,
When all the fires of life are dead.
Oh! let me dream, etc..

Annabel let the dress slide down her body and ending just above her knees; it was form fitting, showing her curves and enhancing her bust. She smoothed out the material before gently placing her feet into brown flats. “Fresh air would do me some good.” She said and headed out the door. Who knows when Lazarus and her body guards would come back.


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Character Portrait: Lazarus Heyward Character Portrait: Rhys Blackmore Character Portrait: Lenore Heyward Character Portrait: YN-A1I5A Character Portrait: Corvo Montresor
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0.00 INK

#, as written by Lenyx

Lenore let out a low moan, her elbow throbbed, as did her hip and ankle on her left side.


Looking up she gave a weak smile as Corvo hurried over to her lifted her up from the ground and found a cluttered-free chair for her to sit on.

“What are you doing here?” He asked setting her down carefully.

Lenore faintly blushed at his question and let her pale golden hair fall around her face to hide it. She was thankful she had decided to keep her hair down instead of pulled up atop her head as per usual. “Oh, well you see... You did not come back last night and I did not think you had supper, nor breakfast. So I brought some bread and cheese, a few apples as well.”

Slowly she peeked up at Corvo with her bright blue eyes, wondering if she would see either joy, of having someone who cared for his well-being, or only the worry and concern of any possible injuries. Lenore prayed he wouldn't be angry at her intrusion so early because she wanted to make sure he was alright.

“And milk. Corvo, why is part of your darling face covered in ink?” She asked politely while gently taking Corvo's chin with her long, slender fingers and turning his face to the side. She shook her head slightly and sighed.

At that moment Goldie got up from her bed-pillow, feeling forgotten no doubt, and sat beside Corvo, nudging her cold, wet nose against his hand.


Alisa walked through the tunnels that belonged to Gehenna, the city underneath the great City of Eden. She passed by Gehenna's citizens without a single one of them even glancing her way. No one really spoke to her unless they needed a machine to be repaired. But sometimes...

Just sometimes the children in Gehenna would ask if she would play with them, and she would say yes. Alisa knew it made the children happy when she said yes and played with them. Most of the parents, of whom some of the children belonged to, were no longer a part of this world. Either cast out in to the wastelands by a man Lazarus Heyward, or their parents were dead. In any case, the adults once were here for these children, are gone.

But today, Alisa would not be allowed to play. This morning when Alisa and 'woken up', she had found her pet bunny had died. Alisa felt 'sad'. The bunny was a gift from Mister Corvo's friend Lenore. Alisa does not know how Mister Corvo explained Alisa to his friend, but it did not matter. All that mattered was the bunny Alisa had named Fluffy, was gone like the parents of the children Alisa played with sometimes.

So Alisa made her way through Gehenna's tunnels cradling the bunny, who no longer lived in her arms, to Mister Blackmore's workshop and home. Alisa walked up to the door and realized she could not knock on Mister Blackmore's door without risking dropping her beloved Fluffy. She went through her memory bank and found a correct course of action for the given situation.

“Mister Blackmore?” Alisa called loudly. “It is Alisa and I am in need of assistance please. Fluffy is...”

She paused, she did not want to come right out and say Fluffy had died and was dead. Those words were cold and uncaring from what Alisa's understanding of human language has found. Instead she found a better way to tell Fluffy's immobile state.

“Fluffy has passed on Mister Blackmore. I was wondering if you had a box I could have. Please.”


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Character Portrait: Cad Murray Synclair
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0.00 INK

#, as written by Centi85



5.4… Cad sat back now in his worn leather chair, the old piece of furniture creaking slightly under his weight. Shifting to one side and placing his elbow on the armrest, the man propped his chin on one hand, while his other grasped firmly a scribbled note which read merely ‘5.4.’ For several moments the man stared at the stained paper and its cryptic message, every now and again rotating it, holding it to the light, and even once pressing it against his forehead as if he could absorb the knowledge through osmosis; it didn’t work.

Cad heaved a heavy sigh as he set the paper down, then adjusted himself to sit up straighter in his chair. While a few moments of off-centered weight distribution on his spine wouldn’t misalign it, the man would take no chances. A misalignment could lead to various other health issues, not to mention the slim possibility in which he would contract chronic back pains from an unknown family history branch he’d yet to explore. That wouldn’t be fun. One can get laughed at for the simplest things, and one shoulder being higher than the other… Well, that wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but what if Cad broke the arm which was being held above the other, and then had to reach a top shelf, but couldn’t because his only remaining arm in working condition was just shy of the necessary length due to his spine being off-center? Worse yet, then if he went to have it realigned at a chiropractors, he’d have to keep ice on while his body re accustomed itself to having his spine back in place. Cad would then have to deal with a broken arm, the inability to reach a top shelf in order to possess what could be of vital importance like a fruit cake or elixir, and be out of commission further for the thirty minute increments in which he’d be bed-ridden; left to lie on his stomach while ice assuaged the inflamed muscles around his spine. In addition, while being bed ridden and because he wouldn’t be able to reach that fruit cake or elixir, he could be experiencing even more discomfort on top of everything else. That elixir might have been a muscle relaxant, and the fruitcake was simply for the pure enjoyment of eating something while lying in bed. Or it could’ve been a book.

Cad could suddenly sat straight up, dropping the paper as he placed both feet firmly on the floor and erected his back fully, pushing his chest out and bringing his shoulders back like a soldier at attention. Reaching behind himself, the man used his index and middle finger to gently trace his spine. He was no doctor, but he could assess most situations fairly accurately. As far as the treatment, however, that he could leave to the professionals. Carefully the man felt the bump of each vertebra, then put both hands on each shoulder, his head pivoting to look at both to ensure they were of equal height.

With a relieved sigh, the man allowed himself to slump back in his chair and relax.

A moment later the man sat straight again, both because he knew that even that action could cause him to acquire a hunch, and also because he’d just had an epiphany. Reaching down and retrieving the note he’d dropped previously, the man scrambled to his feet and shuffled across his little room.

A simple man, Cad’s place of dwelling was nothing elaborately special, nor was it at all normally special. In fact, despite his esteemed position, he lived no better or worse than anyone else. His house consisted merely of a small hallway which served as the foyer for most buildings, decorated with a rug laden with a pair of shoes, one pair of boots, and which read ‘Welcome’, as well as a coat rack, small table and containment unit for umbrellas, and that branched off in two directions. To the left was a kitchen which remained mostly unused as Cad preferred purchasing food as needed, and then going through it while he worked, and to the right was the man’s room which branched off again into a place where one could void themselves.

Cad’s rarely slept in his house, however. Late nights working often caused the man to spend his hours in his office, and on one occasion, while the man was tinkering with the volatility of blursoberries when heated and mixed with a special chemical, the lack of a roof was reason enough for him to search out a more suitable refuge. As much as he enjoyed observing the stars and being able to get fresh air, the man’s bed was reduced to little more than a wooden skeleton adorned with springs and layered in ash, soot, and some stuffing.

As it was now, however, the man’s room was newly furnished. Simple and tasteful, he owned simply a bed where the sheets were made-up utilizing a specialized system of measurements in accordance to how the man slept so that he wouldn’t drag them to one side or throw them off entirely during his R.E.M-cycles, a table with a lamp, a large bookshelf, a pile of surplus books in front of the bookshelf, his chair which he’d somehow wheeled over to his bed, and a larger work-table covered extensively in papers, test-tubes, beakers and other such instruments. Cad made for this station and set the paper down, hell-bent on discovering its untapped secrets if it was the last thing he did.

After about ten minutes the man finally gave up, content with the fact that the note was written simply on a sleep-deprived whimsy. That completed, the man decided he may as well ready himself for what other conundrums and challenges the day had in store for him. Besides, he had a class today. Of course he could allow himself a day off, and the students no doubt wouldn’t mind, but who would gain from such a display of disregard for the nurturing of the next generation. Certainly they won’t.

Adjusting his robes, the man stuffed the little note into his pocket, gathered up his necessary books and work plans, then headed out his door.


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Izzy was relaxing. His eyes closed as his feet seemed to be hanging off the bed. He smiled softly as he thought of the recent woman he had just seduced. Her green eyes contrasted to his. The way she smelled, how wonderful it was of her. Of course her pouty gaze made Izzy want her more and more.

Israfel Starling, was nothing more than a womanizer. Since his sister was the cold hearted one, he had nothing better to do than be friends with everyone and seduce every woman he saw. Maybe he was a whore... for the moment it didn't seem to matter. Israfel was a "prince". Well he acted like he was since he lived that way.

As Izzy stretched out he placed his arm across his bed hoping to be in contact with another body but there was none. His blue eyes flashed open as he searched his room. She wasn't there. Had it all been a dream? She seemed to be the woman of his dreams. That was when he saw someone enter his room. After getting a good look at her, he gasped.

At that moment he wished it had been a dream. He jumped out of his bed, threw his clothes on and ran. "Cadence! Cadence!" He called out through the house as the woman seemed to follow him. "Help!" He cried, before leaving the house, before he slammed the door though he looked at the woman he had spent the evening with. "Sorry! You're... just... not my type.." An awkward laugh before he ran.

He continued running until he reached an alleyway. The shadows, something easy for him to slip away into. Climbing, his way to the top of the building, he reached the roof and smiled slightly. The night sky was always so beautiful. A breeze would make its way through his hair. Making Izzy feel much closer to his parents.


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Cadence heard her brother call out her name but brushed it off as she got ready for her later preformance. Grabbing the purple showy costume she slipped out of her kimono she loved to wear and dressed. Walking to the mirror she let her long black curls fall to her waste and finished by tucking a Wijayakusuma flower behind her ear.

As she finished getting ready Cadence took a deep breath and walked out the door. She knew people talked about her, called her names like Ice Queen. It wasn't her fault she didn't want anything to do with anyone but her brother. She sighed as people stared at her as she walked down the street. "Israfel!" She hollered. Cadence wanted to practice at the bar before they preform. He was probably on the damned roof.

"Israfel! Get down from there before you hurt yourself." She said. She couldn't bare to loose her dear brother. Deep down she truly cared for her brother and other things around her. It wasn't her fault only her brother and inanimate objects are the only ones to accept the way she was.


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Sitting in his study, located a little further and apart from the the kings known 'home', Eden's king, Lazarus, was leaning back in his chair, tapping his feathered pen against the side of his desk. Before him, a blank piece of paper, his pen clean of ink. On all four corners of his desk, stacked neatly in four piles, work. Dressed as he should, a wrinkled cape at his back, from the long nights work, shoes fit for a king on his feet, his shirt, one of his finest. Unlike other days, his hair was still kept, xept. for his bangs, having been pushed up too long, they finally had the power to defy gravity. While his one hand ticked with his pen, the other held his head, rubbing his temple. How long had he been there?

    Just how long do I intend to continue sitting around?

Pulling his head from his hand, though not lowering it, he peered towards the nearest window. He squinted from the sudden increase of light. Morning all ready? He stayed silent for a moment, not sure if he'd been a sleep this whole time or too spaced out, he felt as if he'd woken from a near sleep deprived night. Startled by the sounds of a maid that had placed a cup of hot water beside him, Laz rose to his feet like a startled cat. His hand reached for his sword, only to find it had been caught in the chair seconds too late. The chair had toppled along with Lazarus. The maid shrieked, running to his side, making sure not to touch him, yelling at him to see if he was alright. It wasn't much, just a stumble, though yelling so early in the morning with this heavy feeling of drowsiness within in, the maid had only made him angry. Pushing the maid away, with his right arm, she fell harshly onto her side her hands barely softened the fall. "SILENCE!" Lazarus yelled, his eyes aflame as he got quickly back to his feet. The maid was weeping, shifted onto her knees as she begged his forgiveness. "LEAVE ME! BRING ME-" He silenced him self. The maid covered her mouth and dared not to look up from the floor, she waited, distressed. "Let in the guard in a minute, don't let me catch you in my sight for the rest of the month!" He hissed at her, turning away he went towards the window, the maid took this time to flee, counting her graces.


Lazarus let out a grumbled sigh, he didn't see through the window, just at the glass and its frame. Hearing the door close to the study, Lazarus walked back towards his desk. Pausing at the side of his desk, he glared now at the cup of warm water. He sneered at it, with a swift hand, he knocked the cup across the room, shattering it against a nearby wall. Fixing his belt, checking to see if his sword had been scrapped from the tumble, luckily it had not, other wise he might have had second thoughts about his gracious punishment. In a moment or two later, the guards had opened the door. "Sire?"-"YOU GOD****D FOOLS! DID YOU SLEEP STANDING UP?" Lazarus stormed towards the doors, the guards letting him pass and quickly followed behind him. "Where is my hand of Gehenna? I want news of any ongoing's. I want Cedrick and Kivlar to replace the both you, I need you two to be Annabel's personal guards for today."-"YES, SIRE!"

After having been switched hands, Cedrick and Kivlar were now following the king, tight in tow. One guard stood at guard(Cedrick), at the door, the other(Kivlar) inside the kings room. Adverting eyes with the king, as Lazarus began to change. The bath had been prepared, so the king took this time to quickly freshen up. After a quick shave, Lazarus came out to see Kivlar still standing at attention near the door. "I can always count on the both of you at least."-"Sire." Lazarus spoke as he began to dress in more civil clothing. "Have you heard of any disputes of late? How was the re-" a knock to the door disrupted his train of thoughts. Frozen in place, Kivlar turned to the door instead, opening a small windowed slit in the door, then closing it a moment later. Turning to the king, with a hand on the door knob, Kilvar relayed some disturbing news.


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Corvo jumped slightly as Goldie nudged his hand. However, once realization came to him he settled, patting the faithful dog's head gently. "It's nothing," he said, pulling away from Lenore. "Just....just a bit of an accident, that's all." He looked around at his cluttered laboratory. To everyone else, this place would look a wreck. To Corvo, it was solace, peace, and happiness. However, what Lenore thought about the state of it actually embarrassed him quite drastically. His brain was doing that thing he hated again: over-thinking. Over-thinking Lenore's thoughts and feelings, what he could do to improve upon that, what he could do to change himself, whether or not such a trivial matter would affect how she felt about him emotionally.

He had to break the mental chain, take a breath and come to a rational halt, think about things that made sense. Think about right now, what to say. Lenore was here, in the laboratory, right now. She had brought breakfast, nourishment. Most importantly, however, she brought her company, something more important to him than even water's life-giving quenching. However, he also realized he had work to do; work she could not know about, under any circumstances, lest he lose his job, or worse. He had to think of a way to send her on her way, as much as he hated that fact.

"Lenore, I do appreciate the food, but I....." he began. He looked at her face, her stunning features, that look in her eyes. It was a gaze worse than death itself, a pained gaze that did all it could to keep Corvo alive, to make sure he wasn't overworking himself, to make sure his labors didn't send him to an early grave. As hideously clear as the sentiment was, Corvo had responsibilities to attend to. But it was always, always that look that shut down his rationality, made him want to break down the barriers of formality and allow him to dive into reckless abandon, to grab hold of the young girl, kiss her, tell her that she was everything he'd ever want, no, need from now until the stars burned out and the world collapsed, and ever after that.

Of course, such a thing was always possible if his work was not completed.

However, he didn't want her to go. Not yet. Not ever, even though she must, eventually. He turned to look at her once more. "I just couldn't imagine us having a decent breakfast with this damnable ink stain on my face," he said with a slight smirk.


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Annabel had just walked out the door when she saw two guards heading her way; thankfully they hadn’t seen her yet. She hurried to the side of the house and down towards the back of the property where the land meets the river. Carefully sneaking out the back gate she hurried towards town. “Phew…that was close.” Her heart raced as she walked along the river. The water rushing softly in the opposite direction she was going. What could she do? She really wanted to go visit her family, but she could get a horrid punishment or worse, something could happen to her family.

Her dress swayed in the light breeze and she could hear a couple of old men talking about Lazarus. Keeping her head down she walked past them.

“Look…it is Annabel.” The old bald man whispered to his friend.

“I heard she is just as cold as Lazarus.” His friend whispered back.

“No! She is kind hearted, but how she ended up with him is besides me.” The bald man said.

“Maybe she was forced.” They both shrugged and stared at her. She gave them a gently smile and walked away. Her heart sank at their gossip. She never liked hearing these things. As she stepped into town, people stared at her as they walked by. Hurrying over to the market she picked up a few things and turned around after hearing people shuffling by quicker than normal. The two guards were searching the area. Quickly she paid for her things and left. She had to look for a place where they least likely would look for her. Thinking in a hurry she made her way down back towards the river and took a left for the maids house..


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#, as written by Lenyx

Lenore pouted ever so slightly as Corvo pulled away from her. Corvo seemed to be pulling himself away from Lenore more and more, distancing himself so far away from her just like—

Goldie's eyes shifted between looking at Corvo and then over to Lenore, and whimpered. Goldie could sense where Lenore's thoughts were taking her.

No. Lenore could not think such dark thoughts. Corvo was not ill, he was not dying. But still... Just like her father near the end, unintentionally pushing her away—

“Lenore, I do appreciate the food, but I..”

Lenore looked up at him sharply, fighting back tears. She was prepared to make him let her stay, but deep down Lenore knew that if Corvo told her to go, she would. All she could do was gaze up at him, pleadingly. Please let me stay... Do not send me out...

“I just couldn't imagine us having a decent breakfast with this damnable ink stain on my face.”

Lenore felt the happiness within her soar and seeing Corvo trying to hide a smile, of which Lenore oh so adored, made her jump out of the chair and throw her arms around his neck. Goldie gave out small barks and began to dance around them happily, making Lenore giggle.

Lenore's left elbow, hip and ankle still throbbed with pain and she gently let herself down to the floor. Which in order to stay on her feet, and not fall on her bottom instead, Lenore had pressed against Corvo for support and slid her body down his own till her feet were planted securely on the floor. Her hands remained on Corvo's shoulders as she smiled up at him, then carefully brushed some hair away from his eyes.

“Well then my dear Corvo, I believe you should go wash up before we eat.”


In the dark, at least for now, the machine hummed quietly. One by one screens came on in the room. Each one a different view of Eden, but none of Gehenna. Voices drifted to the machine from above, the man who is in a contract with the machine had a guest it would seem. That was alright for now. Let the male human have a morning, or even the day to interact with other humans. The man would be back. He always was.

The analysis on Eden's environment was complete. Some flora were not getting enough water.

[Initiate ground sprinkler system?]

No... The machine thought. It had been three weeks and four days since Eden has last had rain.


[Preparing ERS programming]
. . . . . . . . .
[Preparation complete]
[Commencing ERS program]

There. In approximately thirty minutes Eden's dome would enjoy a cloudless rain. What was the term humans used in reference to this experience?

. . . . . . . .

Right. Sun showers.


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"Sire- Please calm down. I'm sure one of the maids-" A relatively light chair flew by Kivlar's shoulder, crashing and breaking against the cement wall of his room. "SILENCE! THOSE DAMMED FOOLS!" Lazarus was more then infuriated, of course with time taken its due course no one but Lazarus had the slightest clue at who he was angry at. The maids who kept a far eye on Annabel, or the guards that should have been stationed at Annabel's doors, at himself for letting a small open gap of privacy, that no doubt Annabel took for granted, for she would have snuck out at the change in guard which was delayed since he stayed up late and slept in. Kivlar seemed unphased by his kings tantrum, only due to the fact that he'd seen it happen often enough. "Sire, be at ease, your men are all ready out looking for her."

    I should be out looking for her...

Sitting at the end of his bed, Lazarus had both his hands in his hair, his fingers grasping at his cranium. His eyes glared at the floor, as his elbows weighed heavily into his knee's. He took steady, long and drawn breaths, trying to calm this heavy anxiety and rage. After what seemed like half an hour, Lazarus' arms dropped down to his sides. "Change the order." He spoke like a ghost, regretting every letter that he put together in that singe sentence. Slowly standing, is fingers shivered his eyes seemed frustrated-ly anxious as if thinking constantly of the worse possibilities that could happen to Annabel with out her guards. "If they spot her, let her be, but follow her. I-I-must attend to my duties today. Kivlar, don't leave my sight!"-"Sire!"


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Water fell from his face, blackened as the ink was scrubbed from his flesh. Corvo had attended to his cleaning in the washroom while Lenore prepared the breakfast she had brought. As he toweled off his face, he looked into the mirror; clean. The ink spot was gone, at last. Of course, that wasn't his concern anymore. As he stood there, hovering over the sink, staring into his own eyes, he saw something that troubled him. The same thing that troubled him every time he gazed into the mirror. He was afraid, and too much a coward to do anything. However, he found justification in his behavior: he just didn't understand social conventions. What was normal to him seemed alien to everyone else. People would think it strange that Corvo's greatest friends were machines and numbers. As much as it hurt to admit, even Lenore couldn't offer the solace he found in the workings of the machines. Or, that's what he wanted to believe. Believing that made things easier, at least.

He sighed, hanging his head. How ya holdin' up? His head snapped back up quickly, looking around, searching for a voice. Of course, he didn't know why; the voice he had heard was his own, inside his head. It was faint, but it as there. He didn't know where the thought came from, or why he thought it. He only knew that he felt a good bit disturbed by it. He ran his hands down his face, shaking himself. He inhaled, held it, let it go, and walked out of the washroom.

There was Lenore, just there out on the floor, making a place for their meal. She looked beautiful today, as any day. That was a fact Corvo had always tried to make a lie in his own mind, that nothing about her was beautiful, that she wasn't worth his time, that he should forget her, because she was going to forget him. But, and this was the damnable part of it all, even as much as he tried to lie to himself, he'd never believe it. He was a man of fact and reason, even if he believed his emotions were unreasonable. He just couldn't believe that he would ever believe his own lies, and that was destroying him, more so than the truth that he did care about her, even though she may not feel absolutely the same way as he.

Still, under that smile of hers, he felt vulnerable and open, as if the world outside didn't matter anymore. Of course, she would be gone soon, and Corvo would have to come back to reality; a reality that said she was still outside his reach, that he was alone, that he had work to do. And as she stood there, inviting him to their meal, a mixture of remorse and disbelief washed over him. If only he could tell her. If only they could be. If only the world were that fair. If only.....

She beckoned him over, and he smiled. Behind that smile was the truth, however. And as he walked over, slowly, he only felt more disconcerted, for his dreams would surely fall apart in the wake of reality.

"Nevermore," he whispered to himself.