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There are two sides to every story. Two sides to every coin. Two sides to every person. And two sides to every war. Which will you choose?

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"No one is born evil. We choose to be."

Everybody has to make choice. To be good or evil. But if you're a demon or an angel, then the choice is dire. Life changing. World changing. Because there is a war going on. A battleless war between heaven and hell. A competition to convert the most souls.

There are creatures born in heaven and hell; angels and demons. But they get to make a choice. To be good. Or to be evil. So they go to Dreamscape, a land in neither heaven, hell, or earth. It's the in between place where young demons and angels go to make their choice. Their irreversible choice.

The Dreamscape Academy has three sections. The Inferno, The Palace, and The Sea. The Inferno is for those students who lean more towards the evil side, demons and fallen angels. The Palace is for those students who lean more towards good, angels and repentenet demons. And The Sea is for those completly undecided students, the ones who are drifting.

The Inferno teaches it's sudents how to corrupt souls. How to go out into the world and cause mayhem. To seduce and intice. To destroy.
The Palace teaches it's students how to save souls. How to go out into the world and help people. To forgive and forget. To love.
The Sea teaches it's students about heaven and hell, unbiasedly. How to decide on which side to pick. To make a choice and comit. To decide.

Choose Wisely.

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Tanis strutted through the courtyard of Dreamscape Academy. The courtyard was a beautiful garden like place where all the different students (Inferno, Palace, Sea) could intermingle. It was a beautiful place. An otherworldly place. The sky was a brilliant orange, as it was throughout all of Dreamscape, and the sun an unnatural bright purple orb hanging in it. Butterfly wings with all different designs on them fluttered down from the sky lightly, as they sometimes did. The leaves on the trees were rainbow colored. There was a pond that was a mix of pastel colors, all blending together. There were gardens heaped with flowers, tons of flowers, of unimaginable colors and designs. The grass was long and swayed in the gentle breeze.

There were pristine picnic benches scattered about and some students sprawled out on the grass on blanets for picnics. A stone path of sparkling gem stones wound through the park and in the very center of this magnificent garden was a a gorgeous fountain of bubbles of every color.

The garden was full of angels and demons alike. Tanis continued on her walk alone, heading for a training session at her beloved Inferno. There were people all around her but she could care less about any of them.


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Kiyoko was in the courtyard. She had on a pinkish-white dress that just dangled abover her knees. It was a very cute dress decorated with lace on the bottom. he was crouching down, under a shaded tree fingering a beautiful opened flower. She didn't know what the name of the flower was though. She was a quiet girl who looked more human, and even smelled human than angel.

Her wings where not visable since the sun wasn't shining on her. A beautiful purple-blue pastel colored butter fly landed on her arm. She watched it as it instantly flew away. For some strange reason, she was barefoot. Her 'aunt', of what she calls the old lady who took her in, bought her somes shoes and she never wore them. She remebers even walking through the town without them on.

Her finger wass filled with pollen, almost a yellow orange as she kept playing with it like a small child. She took her finger out of the flower and got up to change her position to another pretty flower which had the colors of a brilliant snow color. She liked this one. She picked it along with others.


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Thain came upon the couryard, and couldn't help but feel some sence of awe as he took in all of the colors he would never associate with their owners. To a mortal they would believe that they had taken a halucenigen to experience a plane as vibrant as this, and to think this wasn't even Heaven, not that he knew what that looked like. Within then yard there were poeple from the poler absolutes of the universe, negitive and positive, angel and demon. Already he noticed that while some exchanged pleasentries with their opposites freely others kept to thier own kind, those who already have chosen thier most probable destinies. But even among them Thain felt out of place, it wasn't as if they couldn't understand, it simply was the fact that he felt none of them could be of any help in his matters without some sort of bias.

Thain was dressed in ragged, dark clothing, perhaps a few stains here and ther not that he ever bothered to look, and those who caught sight of him couldn't help but almost visably wince, then return to whatever was occupying them in the first place. He found a tree in which to lie under, unaware of anyone or anything that might else be there, for now he would simply be left to his own thoughts. But among the sounds he could hear aside from the conversations, he detected a soft snapping sound, like the breaking of plant flesh, he would just ignored it though...if it didn't continue.


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Kiyoko hadn't notice that someone else was on the other side of the tree. She had a small collection of glimmering snnow-white flowers gathered in her hands. She reached out to a flower, rose to be more specific. It was an icy color. She lightly started from the bottom of the stem and worked her way up the flower, feeling the thorns that where sharp. It pricked her.

She pulled away quickly, holding her hand by her chest. "Ow." She squeaked. She looked at it to find a small cut. It wasn't bleeding that much, and it was very small. She put some pressure on her hand and almost instantly, the bleeding stopped. She picked up the flowers she had dropped. She started to count them one by one. Eight. Eight white flowers. Her brown curly hair fell to her shoulders and then infront of her chest.


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Felicity stepped onto the courtyard stone, her black vans making a bit of noise as she stepped on the individual rocks in the walkway. Her deadly purple eyes were on the sky, it was an amazing color and she was lost in it. The magnificent orange had her in a trance.
Felicity's black feathered wings ruffled, almost without her even realizing, pulling her away from the sky. She angerly looked at them, almost cursing them, but overall she loved the way she was. Her eyes now looked to the sun, almost the same color of her eyes, a few shades lighter of course, her orbs would be considered a moon rather then a globe of light. She sighed, not paying attention really to where she was walking, although it was close to a snail's pace. She was thinking of her eyes now and somewhat wished that she could change their color, maybe to something like the color of the sky. She was looking at it again, her eyes seeming petrified by the entrancing color.

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