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Dream City


a part of Dreamworld, by Ninjasaur.

The largest city on the planet. Seriously, it's huge!

Ninjasaur holds sovereignty over Dream City, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

595 readers have been here.


Dream City is a giant metropolis. It's host to huge buildings that stretch into the skies where you can find just about anything or anybody. The tallest building of them all, Nanocorps, is said to stretch all the way into space.

It operates on a currency called "Nanopoints". Its streets are guarded by some of the most elite soldiers in the entire universe: the Guard. For this reason, many consider Dream City a sanctuary inside the universe.
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Dream City

The largest city on the planet. Seriously, it's huge!


Dream City is a part of Dreamworld.

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The Dawn Herald [5] "Prejudiced, but trying!"

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Character Portrait: The Dawn Herald
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  1. Right now I conveniently assumed that the exp need to level up to 2 is 50, and the exp needed to level from 2 to 3 is 100. Feel free to tell me if I'm wrong.

    by Revenant Sorrow

0.00 INK

The Dawn Herald -Dawn for short- was pretty grumpy at this point. She had chosen to spawn in a random starting area, and it had send her to Dream City. She was now doubting the wisdom of said choice. Of many choices actually. Couldn't she have chosen a region with spawns her purifying magic would actually work on? Would it be too much to ask for monsters a larger size, so she could actually stab them with her Sirius Daggers?

She meant, sure, Selene could double as a spear, but when her enemies were this tiny and swift, that would be of little use.

Now, one might be confused about her grumblings, so we're taking a little swim upstream the river of time.

Dawn was surprised at how /right/ this body felt, when compared to the one she had in real life, but didn't stop to question it. She excitedly went through the tutorial, and as a result spawned in whatever starting location the game saw fit. Which was Dream City in this case.

She opened the map to search for quest NPCs, and found one nearby, which she leisurely walked towards, in awe of how realistic her surroundings were. She saw a troubled looking storekeeper, and one look at the map confirmed that this was the NPC in question.

Walking closer towards the old woman, she heard part of her grumblings, "... Stupid rats nibbling at my wares..."

Dawn approached the woman, "Ah, I couldn't help but overhear you just now", she began, "But do you need some help with those rats?"

Dawn stomped her hoof in frustration, which resulted in a squelching sound.

[+6 exp]

She looked down, and surely, she had just squished a rat to death. She pulled a face at the blood and intestines sticking to her hoof, and was relieved when the remains dissolved into motes...

She shrugged in the end, "What works, works", she muttered to herself, and began stomping at the rats. It wasn't that much better than wacking at them with Selene, but at least it was slightly faster. It took a while for her to get the hang of it, but it paid of in the end.

[+6 exp]

[+6 exp]

[Dexterity + 1]

[+6 exp]

+6 exp

[You have killed 5 enemies in unarmed combat, earning you the title 'Martial Rookie'. Strength +1 when equipped.]

[+6 exp]

Finally the rats stopped appearing, which she took as a sign that the quest was over. Dawn went back, told the storekeeper as much and got her reward, which consisted of 30 exp, a few beginner potions, and 25 Nanopoints.


[You have 1 distributable Stat Point]

[Exp until next level: 84]


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Character Portrait: The Dawn Herald
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  1. @SugarNspikeS, not sure if you're little goblin archers were actually named that, so I used Impling Archers for now. I hope you don't mind.

    by Revenant Sorrow
  2. that works :D

    by SugarNspikeS

0.00 INK

Dawn had decided that she would save the distributable stat points she got for leveling up for later, when leveling got exponentially harder, and she might need the extra points for new equipment, or to learn skills.

[For thinking things through, you gain Intelligence +1.]

She startled at the game message. It was pretty standard all things considered, but she didn't know she was entirely comfortable with the game having knowledge of what she had only just decided in her own mind. When she thought it through, it wasn't as terrifying as it seemed, since her current body was entirely data, and the sensory input was send directly to her brain, as were her decisions right back to the virtual body.

[For realizing possible problems, you gain Wisdom +1.]

[For thinking things through, you gain Intelligence +1]

No scratch that, it was still pretty terrifying, as were the implications that haunted her mind right now.

[For realizing possible problems, you gain Wisdom +1.]

She shook her head and put it behind her though, despite her initial thoughts of maybe giving up on Dreamworld because of it. But surely, the company creating this place wouldn't abuse this power, and... and... there were no doubt defenses in place to keep hackers from doing the same.

She had been hoping for another message, but her expectations were to be disappointed. Slightly bad at ease due to this silence, she finally reached another area of the city.

[You have discovered Tantalus Plaza, +25 exp.]

She continued walking towards the point of the next few quests, according to her map.

[You have discovered the Dream City Adventurer's Guild, +25 exp.]

She walked towards the guild receptionist on duty, a man who looked like he'd rather be doing anything but this, if his disgruntled look was any indication. As soon as he noticed her though, he sat up straighter, if only slightly.

"What can I do for you, this fine morning, miss...?", the NPC asked Dawn.

'The sarcasm is strong in this one', she thought to herself, as the NPC still looked like he'd rather be doing anything but this.

"I seek to register as an adventurer", she stated, after thinking possible reactions through.

The man eyed her, "Are you sure?", he asked, "You don't look like much."

Dawn rolled her eyes, although she didn't disagree, on account of only being level two.

"Doesn't that mean I could use the advantages the guild offers even more?", she asked rhetorically, "If I join up I can take requests without worrying if they are suitable for my rank or not, or whether the person issuing the quest has had a background check or not, and it will be easier to find a party."

[For doing your homework, you gain Wisdom +1]

The NPC looked at her with a speculative look in his eyes. "You have done your homework", he stated. "That doesn't mean you are qualified to join however". He clasped his hands together, and if he had had glasses, Dawn was sure they'd be glinting in the light right now.

"Firstly you'll need to go through a series of tests"

He rummaged around for a bit, "First, fill in this form. It will allow for a temporarily guild pass to be issued to keep track of your achievements"

Dawn did as she was told, since it all seemed to reasonable. After taking the form back the man soaked it in a certain solution, and channelled magic into it, resulting into a proper looking pass. Dawn read it.

[The Dawn Herald]
[No Title Active]
[Level 2 Crusader]
[Experience to go until the next level: 34]

the NPC continued. "First of is basic combat. You will need to kill 10 Shroomen, 6 Impling Archers and 8 Corrupted Treant Bulblings. The first two can be found in Mushroom Forest. The latter can be found in the Wood Forest. The first location can be found south-east of here. The Wood Forest occupies the regions to the south, south-west. And west.

You will also need to reach level 10 to be able to accept the next part of the test."

He smirked, "Happy hunting", and pointed towards the door. "Teleport Gate can be found on the Dream Avenue, south of Tantalus Plaza. Undoubtedly you already know this, but attune to any Gate you come across. It makes your travels a lot easier."

She gave him a slight wave, slightly non-plussed at his personality change.

He waved back mockingly, "Ta Ta, Now get to it."

"I'm going, I'm going", Dawn answered slightly disgruntled.


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Character Portrait: The Dawn Herald
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0.00 INK

It didn't take long for Dawn to reach the entrance to Dream Avenue, promptly walking towards the large Teleport Gate.

[You have discovered Dream Avenue, +25 exp.]

She laid her hand on what seemed to be a scanner of sorts. She felt something drain from her body, which she assumed was MP.

[You have attuned to the 'Dream City - Dream Avenue Subdivision' Teleport Gate, +75 exp.]

Multiple Pop-ups appeared at this point.


[You have 2 distributable Stat Point]

[You have 1 distributable Perk Point]

[Tutorial Message]
[Every 3 levels, you will gain a Perk Point, this can be spend on Perks. Perks are as many, as they are versatile. Some Perks unlock Skill Trees, other strengthen skills, some give passive or active buffs. Most give a mix of these. At early levels, only Racial and Job Skills tend to be available, although possible Perks can also be made available through unique methods of gameplay.]

[The Dawn Herald]
[No Title Active]
[Level 3 Crusader]
[Experience to go until the next level: 66]

[Mini quest accepted: Attune to all the Dream City Teleport Gates
Progress: 1/5 Teleport Gates attuned to.
200 exp, Access Token]

Curious as to what an Acces Token was, she pressed the itemname on the popup window that had appeared.

[Access Token: This allows a player to designate a single Teleport Gate as a permanent 'Free Destination']

Hmm, that definitely looked useful. Dawn decided to put her other quest on hold for a bit, to finish this quest right away. She didn't have enough Nano Points to be able to afford Teleport Gate travel at this point either way, so it would be a long walk back without that Free Destination.

After that she decided to close all the windows and opened the Perks Window to see what was available to her. She saw that a lot of Perks were greyed out. Some she hadn't met the level or stat requirements of, others took more Perk Points to unlock than she currently had.

She decided to filter the list to see what was available to her.

[Forest Roots]
As a child of the forest, you have knowledge of bounty and where best to find it.

Passive Buff:
Foraging Skill Proficiency + 20%
Foraging Skill Time Cost - 10%
Tracking Skill Proficiency +20%
Tracking Skill Time Cost - 10%

[Slayer Sense - Basic]
So I ask you; Are you ready to be strong?

Active Skill: Allows one to discern weaknesses of dark and corrupted monsters below and around your level.
Skill Activation: Instant - Skill Duration: 1 minute - Skill Cooldown: 1 minute

Passive buff: Allows one to sense dark and corrupted beings in a 50 meter radius.

[Wind Walker]
May the winds ever be in your favour.

Active Skill: Allows for greater speed and manoeuvrability when in the air.
Skill Activation: Instant - Skill Duration: 15 minutes - Skill Cooldown: 25 minutes

Passive Buff: Movement speed +20%

[Temper Tantrum - Basic]
Instill fear in those who don't respect your authority with a single stomp of your hoof.

Active Skill: Has a 30% chance to Stun targets of the same level within a 4 meter radius.
Skill Activation: Instant - Skill Duration: 5 seconds - Skill Cooldown: 90 seconds.

Dawn dismissed 'Forest Roots' for now, seeing how she did not need said skills yet. That would likely change with the next instalment of the Adventurer's quest, but she needed to be level 10 for that anyway, which means she'd have two more Perk Points at that time.

'Wind Walker' had the potential to be useful, but she didn't actually need that right now. That left her to choose between 'Temper Tantrum' and 'Slayer Sense'. She had wanted to dismiss the first on principle, but decided to withhold judgment, as she realized just how useful that stun ability would be against small, speedy opponents like the rats earlier.

'Slayer Sense' would help her a lot in her current quest, seeing how both Corrupted Treant Bulblings and Impling archers would fall under it's domain, making tracking them down a lot easier.

After a lot of deliberation she decided to choose 'Temper Tantrum'.

She walked back to Tantalus Plaza, and made to go east this time, hoping there was a Gate in each of the cardinal directions. She didn't know if the Teleport Gate on Dream Avenue counted as the central or southern Teleport Gate if her hunch was correct. But she would see. Mapping the city, even if their was no teleport gate in that direction was better than standing around doing nothing either way.


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Character Portrait: The Dawn Herald
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0.00 INK

[The Dawn Herald]
[No Title Active]
[Level 6 Crusader]
[Experience to go until the next level: 280]

[You have 6 distributable Stat Points]
[You have 1 distributable Perk Point]

It had taken Dawn a while, but she managed to attune to 4 out of 5 teleport gates, on top of getting a nice amount of experience points for continually entering new areas, gaining her a few levels. Aside from the teleport gate on Dream Avenue, she had found the other three teleport gates in the northwest, east and southwest districts of the city. The last gate had remained elusive though.

Questioning NPCs didn't help much in that regard, with standard answer from them being something along the lines of 'There is a fifth teleport gate?'

In the end she resorted to using Sky Dash (something she should have done at the start, had she been smart about it). Even the AI governing such things was making fun of it.

[For < finally > making use of an < obvious > strategic advantage, Wisdom +1]

Nevertheless that didn't seem to be the answer too, her spotting only the four teleport gates she had already attuned to once airborne. She set foot in the last area of the city to be mapped.

[You have discovered the Flight Docks. +25 exp]

Achievement Earned:
Mapping the Realm: Dream City Upper Layer

She stared at the achievement, the expletive leaving her mouth summing up how she felt.


She opened the map, and perused the Dream City map And surely, the sublocation that had been marked with '???' before now said 'Dream City Upper Layer'.


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Character Portrait: The Dawn Herald
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0.00 INK

[The Dawn Herald]
[No Title Active]
[Level 6 Crusader]
[Experience to go until the next level: 255]

Dawn had realised early on that it was only her pride, stubborness and spite that kept her from finishing the Teleport Gate Quest at some later date. She didn't care. It had become personal to her for reasons even she could not understand.

In the end it took her another four hours to even find a hint to the entrance to this so-called lower layer.

[You have discovered the Dream City Underworld Entrance. +25 exp]

She was soooo through with this quest though, so she simply attuned to the Teleport Gate. which was near said entrance and turned to leave again, while going through the pop-ups.

[Mini quest completed: Attune to all the Dream City Teleport Gates
Gained: 200 exp, Access Token]

She also decided to use her available perk point to get the Slayer Sense - Basic perk at that point. As soon as she did that something seemed to ping at the edge of her senses, but it ended as she kept walking back to the Dream Avenue Teleport Gate to register the Access Token.

She still kept her distributable statpoints in reserve though. She'd see about that later.