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Drifting to the Edge of Nowhere

Drifting to the Edge of Nowhere


Between the lines of dreams and reality, the misadventures of six individuals might just be far more important than any of them could ever conceive. Even if things seem to come together by chance, could there be more at work?

1,221 readers have visited Drifting to the Edge of Nowhere since Jakuri-chan created it.


Gaea Minor

A world where many intelligent and sentient races intermingle and exist. . . . Within the world of Gaea Minor, races and creatures thought only to exist in fairy tales are very much real. Elves, merpeople, dwarves, orcs, shapeshifters, etc. . . . You name it, and they exist here, living along side humanity for the most part. This is a world caught in the midst of technological development, machines exist but they are crude compared to what exists here on earth, things such as magic, alchemy, and evil are very much real. Although these races live along side one another, tension between them is still very much real.

Each race has their own home nation, each place at a different level of development, and some places are friendly to visitors of other races, while others are hostile. Some races bear grudges toward others, outright hate them and prejudice persists strongly here. . . .


The idea of this roleplay is that it would be rather small, casual and not strict in terms of how everything is set up. I’d like it to be character driven, people making complex and interesting characters while we don’t have to worry about focusing on a really complex plot; the whole idea of this roleplay is that the mermaid princess has wound up on land, running away from assassination attempts made on her life shortly ago, while travelling on her own, she winds up with companions.

The six of them travel across the world, going to different places while always being on the move, the roleplay recounts their journey, the development of companionship between the four, as well as all of the misadventures they wind up in. The actual roleplay begins before they all meet up together, and become a group. I want this roleplay to be something of a collaboration between everyone, meaning that everyone’s input is welcome.

You can come up with the details on the races, the names of countries, towns, the technological limits of places, the relationships between the races. . . . Character slot wise, I have no plans on accepting extra roleplayers outside of the slots below, I want to keep this small for a reason.


Character Slots
When making your characters, could I ask you to please keep them humanoid in appearance? ^^;; I’d like it if the main six were, I don’t know, human, elven, or some humanoid form of an elemental. . . . Creatures like dwarves, orcs and such, I’d rather them be either secondary, or NPC. And remember, reservations hold only for 48 hours!

Female One ~ The Mermaid Princess
Knell-Lia Maris Poseidon de Oceania
Played by Beta Type Jakuri
Her life on the line, she fled from home and has been travelling around on land to keep herself safe. She is spoiled, self-centered, yet is knowledgeable, bears a certain kindness in her, and also is hiding a rather large secret. . . . Soon enough she finds herself hiring the Mercenary to be her travelling companion and her guardian. The two don’t get along very well due to conflicting personalities . . . she has kept the fact that she is a mermaid a secret from him, as well as her circumstances. She drug her best friend along for this little journey.

Male One ~ The Mercenary
Cáel Mercurius Artachshatra
Played by Abraxas
A traveler whose past is unknown, he keeps it to himself for a reason. He has a reputation due to the skills he bears with a sword, but at the same time he is rather stoic, cold and unwilling to divulge information about himself to others. Unless he’s being paid, he doesn’t bother to lift a finger to help someone most of the time. Shortly, he will find himself having been hired by the Mermaid Princess for reasons unknown; he doesn’t ask her questions because of the amount of money she’s offered to him.

Female Two ~ The Princess' Best Friend
Echo-Una Acacia Amalric de Oceania
Played by Alpha Type Shurelia
A kindly young woman who has been companions with the Mermaid Princess since childhood. She is shy, patient and very honorable, when the Mermaid Princess was forced to flee from home due to the assassination attempt made upon her head, she was drug along for the journey. The Princess and her get along like sisters, though they have their moments of acting similar to almost a mother and a daughter with the Friend chiding the Princess for rude behaviors. . . .

Male Two ~ The Bard
Played by xKyrie
A rather flirtatious young man whose womanizing ways have gained him a less then savory reputation in the places he has travelled to. He never stays in one place too long and makes a living by playing music for people. Despite the fact he comes off as being something of a goof at times, spouting cheesy lines to women and playing dumb, he is actually very intelligent, and he is hiding a past behind that act of his. The reason for following the group falls under the simple fact that, well, the Princess and her friend are lovely girls, and he is a sucker for types like them, even if he is putting on an act.

Female Three ~ The Ninja
Angelique Silver
Played by AmiOfTheRain
An unusual girl who claims that her abilities and knowledge of her people's abilities and techniques is second to none. She is haughty, prideful and seems completely certain of herself and what she can do. The reality though, is the fact that she is actually pretty clumsy with what she can do, and she also possesses some not so wonderful luck when it comes to booby traps . . . it's pretty common for her to fall into holes and get ensnared in nets. Despite what she wants people to think and know, she was actually made to leave her home due to her inexperience with the ninja arts, so that she might improve upon them.

Male Three ~ ???
Crane Ichabod
Played by Wake

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[b]Role: [/b]
[b]Gender: [/b]
[b]Nickname(s): [/b]
[b]Age: [/b] (15-20)
[b]Race: [/b]

[b]Appearance: [/b]Whatever can’t be seen in the picture.

[b]Preferred Clothing: [/b]

[b]Height: [/b]
[b]Weight: [/b]
[b]Hair Color: [/b]
[b]Eye Color: [/b]

[b]Personality: [/b]At least two paragraphs!

[b]Quirks: [/b]

[b]Likes: [/b]
[b]Dislikes: [/b]
[b]Hobbies: [/b]

[b]Phobia(s): [/b]

[b]Weapon: [/b]

[b]Fighting Style: [/b]Do they use physical combat more than magic?  Are they a mage, do they use magic?

[b]Abilities: [/b]

[b]Personal History: [/b]At least three paragraphs please!

[b]Other: [/b] [/font][/size]

Toggle Rules

1. As far as posting length goes, I’m imposing a minimum word count per post. I don’t want a bunch of tiny posts, so I’ll ask that you please write at least one-hundred words per post. Also, I expect proper grammar and spelling, this is meant to be a literate roleplay so, I think that understandable?

2. No godmodding or meta-gaming. Seriously, no one really likes this, so don’t force an outcome to a battle or anything, okay? Also, no killing other people’s characters off!

3. Post as often as you’d like—I’d love it if everyone could post at least once a day, but I know that can be a bit much to ask at times. So, I’d really appreciate it if everyone posted just as much as they could. At the minimum, I’ll be asking for a post once every three days here, if you don’t, I’ll be PMing you about this. Nothing personal, I just don’t want my roleplay to go and die out!

I understand that real life gets in the way of online life sometimes though, so if you can’t post for a little while, please notify everyone in the OOC thread, okay? Then go ahead and try to get your character out of the limelight for a little while so the roleplay doesn’t get all stopped up and stuck. If you can’t do this though, permission will be granted to the other players to ghost roleplay your character to the extent of performing minor actions in order to get them out of the limelight until you yourself are able to return and assume control.

If you are gone for more than five days without proper notification though, your character will be put up for dibs, and one of the remaining active roleplayers will be allowed to control them until you return.

Also, there is no set posting order at all, simply, do not double post.

4. Romance is encouraged here, but not smut. Yes, one of the tags for this roleplay is ‘adult’ as I expect some situations to arise in the roleplay that aren’t exactly rated G. Buuuut, I don’t want full out graphic scenes cluttering the roleplay up, keep the situations PG-13 and make sure you follow the rules of the site too—wrap up kissing scenes in two posts, and keep the stuff separated by five posts in total. If things start taking a turn for the too graphic, FADE TO BLACK and take your hormones elsewhere. I don’t want to log onto the roleplay and find a sex scene or something really smutty. . . . ._.

You can use innuendo and stuff here, but, try not to make it the only thing your character says, give them some more depth than that.

5. As far as violence goes, it and gore are not a problem for me at all. There are going to be fights and action in this roleplay, so I expect some blood, but I don’t want the roleplay turning into some gore-laced horror story, where there is a disemboweled body at every turn, so let’s keep death and injury at a realistic level. We don’t want anyone leaving here mentally scarred, do we?

6. Reserve characters in the OOC thread, remember that there is a cap time for reservations, two days from the time I confirm your request. Also remember this; if you can’t commit to the roleplay, then don’t submit.

7. If you have a question, ask me. ^^

8. Do not post until it stated that it is time to begin, I will myself write the introduction post, and once it has been placed, then it is free game.

The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 6 authors


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Angelique Silver Character Portrait: Crane Ichabod Character Portrait: Clavis
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0.00 INK

#, as written by xKyrie
When he heard the knight's retort, the violet-haired bard can't help it. He lost control and laughed out loud at what Crane uttered.
He chuckled and after a few moments tried to calm down when he noticed his companion’s expressions. “I am sorry”, he started stating and placing his hat promptly back on his head. He was very tempted to bow down before them but fortunately successfully squashed the urge.

It was a classic reaction- what Crane had said to him. But the way the knight worded it, in such a suspicious and mistrusting overtone made the moment the more hilarious for Clavis and before he knew it, he had burst out laughing in front of the two.

He sheepishly smiled and turned to them. And with the traces of his earlier merriment still obvious in his face, he uttered, “You should worry not, Sir Knight. I would do no such thing. In fact, I am leaving right now. I was just thinking what waste it would be if Mademoiselle Angelique here would be inclined to search for an odd job just to get a room to stay fortnight when I have one unused for myself.” He looked at the red-haired beauty and smiled encouragingly, his crimson-colored eyes twinkling, “You wouldn’t even feel my presence my lady, and I surely would be gone most of the night.”

‘I’ll be out for a drink anyways’ , he trailed off in his head as he gazed at the girl’s reaction. It had been quite a while after all. He continued remembering the last time that he went out and hunted; a week or two ago if he wasn’t mistaken. He was abruptly forced to, when he had surprisingly met one of his very few friends left.

Though he knew full well that his body can still handle the thirst for several days or more, the recent turn of activities made him rethink his plan and draft a new one. He didn’t knew what interesting things lie ahead, and though he is not certain that such fascinating phenomena would essentially occur, still it would not hurt him to be ready. Such readiness and alertness had helped him quite more than he can count in his very long presence and he decided it wouldn’t hurt him quite a bit more if he will still to continue to do so now.

At this moment whether Angelique takes the room or not, he didn’t care that much. In truth, all he does, whether they be the tiniest or the biggest detail is only for his absolute amusement. Something that will surely cause a definite change compared to his usual quiet and ordinary existence.

Studying Crane at the corner of his eyes, he held back a smirk. The knight… one of those typical fully covered people who seemed to have the greatest pleasure of keeping their identities secret. If there is one of the most uninteresting people he met today, this armored man would have topped the list.

No, it wasn’t anything about him that made Clavis think that way. There is really nothing belittling or dull and monotonous about Crane and his metal suit. Simply put, the wandering bard is not interested to the species of the same gender in any way or form. Though there were those odd people who seemed to call out to his curiosity, it is still such rarity for the musician to keep an active inquisitiveness to those who are of the male kind.

He held back further judgments on this knight however. Who knew, he may just be one of those very few that will spark a light of interest in his almost dulling existence.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Angelique Silver Character Portrait: Crane Ichabod
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0.00 INK

#, as written by Wake
Crane watched the Bard leave. He really couldn't help but find that man to be an annoyance. Turning back to Angelique, he waited for her to respond to his earlier question. He really didn't like the idea of leaving her to fend off any pursuers if she was still injured.

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Character Portrait: Echo-Una Acacia Amalric de Oceania
Character Portrait: Angelique Silver
Character Portrait: Crane Ichabod


Character Portrait: Crane Ichabod
Crane Ichabod

A lone vagrant knight that endlessly search's for something he's lost. Shrouded in a feeling of both dread and sarrow, his existance is regarded in rumor as both fairy tale and ghost story.

Character Portrait: Angelique Silver
Angelique Silver

"I'm the best at what I do! Don't forget it!" (WIP)

Character Portrait: Echo-Una Acacia Amalric de Oceania
Echo-Una Acacia Amalric de Oceania

If only one person could protect everyone...


Character Portrait: Angelique Silver
Angelique Silver

"I'm the best at what I do! Don't forget it!" (WIP)

Character Portrait: Echo-Una Acacia Amalric de Oceania
Echo-Una Acacia Amalric de Oceania

If only one person could protect everyone...

Character Portrait: Crane Ichabod
Crane Ichabod

A lone vagrant knight that endlessly search's for something he's lost. Shrouded in a feeling of both dread and sarrow, his existance is regarded in rumor as both fairy tale and ghost story.

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Echo-Una Acacia Amalric de Oceania
Echo-Una Acacia Amalric de Oceania

If only one person could protect everyone...

Character Portrait: Angelique Silver
Angelique Silver

"I'm the best at what I do! Don't forget it!" (WIP)

Character Portrait: Crane Ichabod
Crane Ichabod

A lone vagrant knight that endlessly search's for something he's lost. Shrouded in a feeling of both dread and sarrow, his existance is regarded in rumor as both fairy tale and ghost story.

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