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Angelique Silver

"I'm the best at what I do! Don't forget it!" (WIP)

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a character in “Drifting to the Edge of Nowhere”, as played by AmiOfTheRain


Angelique Silver

Theme: Perfect Blue by ATSUMI
Role: The Ninja
Gender: Female
Nickname(s): Angel
Age: 16
Race: Half Demon

Appearance: Angel has bright red hair, long and flowing in a ponytail at most times. She rarely has it down due to how much it distracts her, but when she does it's a beautiful sight. She has orange eyes with a bit of a red in them as well. She's fairly slender and pale, yet isn't so plae that people think she's a ghost. Yet, that's in her human form of course, her demon form is far from being the way it looks human. When in her demon form, her hair is a raven black and still as long as her human form. Her eyes are a dark green color and she has a dragon tattoo on her ankle up her thigh. She's still fairly lanky and besides her hair, eyes, and her tattoos not much changes. In both forms though, she's skinny enough to be lifted up by air as some people say.

Preferred Clothing: Angel perferred clothing in her human form is anything really ninja like, yet flattering. At times she'll wear baggy clothes when wanting to be lazy. When she's in her demon form, she wears more dark types of clothing and ninja outfits.

Height: 5"8
Weight: 101 Lb
Hair Color: Red/Black
Eye Color: Redish Orange/Dark Green

Personality: Angel is no doubt a prideful women, though she knows she isn't as skillful in her experiance as a ninja. She trys to act higher and mightier then she truely is. She tends to be insulted and easily targeted because of this, only making her feel shameful. Mainly since she was shunned by her own clan. When you bother to get to know this strange women, she seems to be quite friendly and very funny. She's knowledgable to many cases, yet isn't able to put what she learns into combat due to a hidden fear in the back of her head.

When people try and get to know her more and more, the more you can see she truely just needs help guiding herself around the world due to wrong choices she has made in the past. The truth is Angel is a distant person. She never wants to tell others how she feels any more since her past. Even though she’s distant, she isn’t afraid to tell others to back off if their picking on someone, even if she doesn’t know them. People don't seem to understand this fact about Angel though, so she tends to give up on trusting people, leading herself to have trust issues. Normally, unless she has known the person for a few years in fact, will only be when she shows hints of her trust and care to them and let herself fall.

Angel tends to fail when it comes to her own booby traps.

Likes: Roses, love, singing, dancing, training, being cared about, reading, and learning.
Dislikes: Being ashamed, trust, being insulted, birds, being a klutz with booby traps.
Hobbies: Training, Writing, Trying to make new booby traps, Singing, Dancing, Reading and Secretly Gardening.

Coulrophobia (Clowns I think)
Arachnephobia (Spiders)
Apiphobia (Bees)

Weapon: Anything ninja styled, like a Kanata.

Fighting Style: Angel uses the ninja arts, normally dealing with physcal combat instead of magic. She believe's magic is just a myth, and if it is real it's pointless.

Abilities: Angel is able due to her ninja styles, land on her feet quite easily and move among the trees quickly. She also knows a new Ninjustus that she actually forgets randomly.

Personal History: Angel was born the oldest out of six other siblings, being heir to her clan once she turned 18. Of course, her life wasn't so simple. All her siblings were already better at her at a young age, while she was what? Correct, she was nothing. If it wasn't for tradition, she would of been the last person in their clan to be the heir. In her families eyes, she was a fool, a complete and utter fool.

She hated her siblings, being the only half demon in the whole clan. They taunted and teased her to no end, never caring about young Angel's feelings about being her race. Her father referred her as 'The Mistaken Child' which left Angel deeply scarred. Never before had she hated herself as much as she did then. It was something she put up with though. . . Even though she truely didn't want too.

Angel tried as hard as possible to be perfect at everything, and when I say hard, she really did try hard. It was something she bent over backwards to try and do, but nothing was ever good enough. So, eventually, she gave up. What was the point when all she was was being put down by everyone in the clan?

Soon, after she gave up, they kicked her out of the clan. They told her she had until she turned 17, or she would'nt be the clan's head once she was 18. Now, Angel's completely devoted to improving her skills and showing them what they missed out on!

Other: Her half-demon self is surprisingly stronger and gets the hang of things better, but she can't use them as a human without a lot of trouble.

So begins...

Angelique Silver's Story


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A long straight trail of red firery hair behide her. It was flickering in the soft wind behide her as she tried to manage her way through the packed crowd. Angel had been walking day after day, and she grew tiresome due to lack of sleep. How could people ever think to manage walking so much? Then again, she was the one who had no where to return to. No where to call home. Her clan's outfit did end up getting the attention of many people in the crowd, not that she cared at the moment.

It was all a simple game in Angel's mind. You have to dress to impress and make people believe you were good at what you do. And that's what Angel was aiming for. Angel knew she was bad a being a ninja, being apart of her clan, and mainly being a leader. She couldn't help it though. She was a half-demon. Half a klutz, half a beautiful graceful girl. Both picked at her to no end, no matter what. Oh how she longed to be able to be accepted into her clan and prove all of them wrong. That she wasn't 'Mistaken Child' and something so much better.

A frown plastered on her face as she looked to the side of the crowed, noticing a gathering of people surronding an oddly hair colored girl. 'Blue? Almost like the ocean!' Angel thought quietly to herself, though she turned her gaze to the front as she countined to move until she ended up tripping and falling on her face hard enough for a normal person to cry. All she did was cuss under her breath as she tried to get up and looked over to the ocean haired madien. "Ya know, your hairs pretty cool." Angel commented with a smile kindly and a tilt of her head. Not much did she care about what everyone else was doing.

She simply did want to comment on the girl's hair and how it looked pretty. It reminded her so much of the ocean. The ocean she missed and adored so deeply. Her clan had lived close by it, so she normally walked there when needing to clear out her head. Now, she couldn't return there again until she became a better ninja. They all knew she couldn't do it, so they did they want to push her so hard to do it? It was an impossible thing to do for such an idiot creature like her.

A creature of both, human and demon. A creature that was considered 'imperfect' to her own clan. Her own family... She truely didn't wish to think about it as she unknowingly had tears running down her face as her eyes broke away from the ocean blue hair. No longer could she look at it without crying. How much of a fool could she be? Crying in public where all eyes were to watch, it was simply shameful. How could she have done such a regretful thing as to let that first tear fall, for now none of them could stop.


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#, as written by Wake
If he had visible eyebrows, he would have quirked them. Yet another girl had fallen down next to the growing group. Though this one seemed much different from the others, though like them she also seemed not from this region. She said something to Knell that he didn't catch, then started to cry for some strange reason he could not discern. While he could not find the reason behind her tears he felt he could at least offer her some aid as he'd done before.

"Is there a little faerie playing pranks nearby? For all the tripping doesn't seem normal." He mussed. "Is something wrong miss?" He asked as he drooped down to offer his hand to the red hair girl as he did earlier to the blue haired one. Though, even as he knelt down next to her he started to notice something... off about her. Familiar, but different.


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#, as written by xKyrie
Once he ended his performance with the music trailing until it faded into nothing, the violet-haired bard waited a few moments for some of the applause to gradually die down before he walked towards where the beautiful tumbling ladies are.

Tumbling ladies- that is what he nicknamed for them, seeing them falling one after another as if they were not used with the pull of gravity. Such wonderful looking tumbling ladies they are though. For Clavis who had seen a lot the world has to offer, the way they looked are truly ephemeral and new. Aside from their beautiful faces there is something in their aura that charms and lures people around. Even someone like him who met a lot of girls can see how different they looked from an ordinary human-town girl.

After hastening his movements and keeping his lute back on his pack since he had every intention of talking to them before they leave. He did saw the teal-haired girl looking somewhat displeased for a moment before she had accepted the knight's help. They looked as if they were in a hurry and he suppose that they needed to return home.

Night had fallen after all and for human towns like this, people try to retire as early as they can.

He moved towards them and removed his now yellow-colored feathered hat from its position on his head. Today his hat is yellow almost golden in color adorned with a big black feather on one side. Seeing that he never had the same hat for more than a day, it would not be unusual for him to sport a different one from yesterday. He actually didn't know how to sew but if he can't come across a shop into the town to have something that can replace it, he'd make it a point to modify his own hat if he must. There is something in variety that makes him want to change this particular attire daily.

"If I may ask, are the two of you travelers? And if so why do you walk alone in these parts? This region is not safe after dark for the lonesome traveler." He heard the knight ask upon reaching them and impulsively decided to cut in. He charmingly bowed low as what is customary for a gentleman and smiled pleasantly.

"Good evening", he started noting the darkened color of the sky beforehand. With a wide smile plastered in his face he added, "sir knight and lovely ladies." At the end of his sentence he gestured to the girls and bowed again. He approached the first one who tripped and took her hand, softly kissing the air above it. "I hope you are well, did your fall hurt you?" The violet-haired man inquired her, gently dropping her hand and looking at her with eyes full of concern.

When his eyes turned to the taller girl beside, he also reached for her hand and repeated his actions before, "You too, sweet lady, I hope that the fall didn't hurt you." Addressing them both he then added in a loud inquiring voice and his eyes twinkling, "What are your name, my fair ladies? Sir knight here is correct when he said that you mustn't walk without escort during this time of the night!"

Suddenly a new tall girl arrived, tripping like the first ones did and lightly commented on the shorter girl's hair. He stared at her and noticed her long red hair tied in a pony tail and bright orange eyes. Noting her beautiful face which undeniably has a different light from the two girls, but still a lovely sight to see. The knight once again offered his hand for her to take. Clavis bowed one more time tucking his hat in front of his chest. "Good evening too, mademoiselle. This is-" He stopped himself at what he was about to say when he shockingly saw the first batch of tears fall from her face. Panicked, he swiftly worn his hat over his head and raised both of his hands in alarm, "My lady?"


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Angel's orange eyes darted all around her, why was she being stared at? Was it because of her sandles that were killing her? Or was it because of her tripping over her own two feets? She had been walking for days without rest and she had grown tired and close from fainting. "A-Ah... Thank you..." Angel mumbled, standing up with the help of the strange knight. She then ended up slightly panicked at the strange bard who was possibly going to flirt with her.

"Sorry. I'm just a bit home sick." Angel aplogized, then shifting her attention to the knight. "Her hair reminds me of the ocean, where I once lived..." Angel explained little, but it was still enough for them to understand. "I'm Angelique Silver, part of the Silver clan far from this region." Angel stated, giving a slight bow as she introduced herself. "But anyhow, I do think the faerie are also at work. I've tripped far to many times these past few days. Yesterday I got up to about 20 falls. Not the brightest of days." Angel confessed, pride still managing to glow in her eyes. Her clan's tattoo showing on her thigh, "I was hopeing today would be better, though it seems it won't be much different..."

Angel twisted around, worried eyes on the way she came from. She had upset a few people back in the last town, but would they dare continue chasing her? Her hair was slowly twisting out of it's holder, coming undone quickly as she turned back to the knight an the bard. "Thank you both for your concern, I should be taking my leave at this point. I have a lot of things I need to do before tomorrow's dawn." Angel explained, giveing another small bow in gradatude and jogging away with a small wave.

Of course though, the people from the town over came into view and followed Angel slightly, giving a slight glare at those behide them, mainly the knight though. Angel escaped into a local store, hiding only to change into a black haired maiden, her demon form. Being a half-demon, turning into a demon was considerably a major perk. Walking out of the shop, she looked around to see the people who followed her were confused and cussing like sailors. That could only make the raven haired girl laugh, enjoying the sight of the confused trouble makers. They glared at her like expected but she didn't care, they had no idea it was her.

"She's inside boys." Angel simply stated with a shrug, relizeling her hair was out of it's pony tail. Of course, she had to jog back to the knight, bard, and two other girls and reach down and pick up the band that kept her hair in it's pony tail. "I'll give this back to Angel." Angel said, a smile tugging on her lips. She wanted to see if she could confessed them with her demon form, to see how they'd react. "Those people have been chasing us for days, hopeflly we could lose them today." Angel mumbled to herself, loud enough for those near by to hear.

"Would someone kindly show me to the Inn?" Angel asked politely, tucking a strand of her black hair behide her ear with a tugging smile.


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As Knell had been assisted back to her feet, she made quick work to go about brushing her front off of any dirt that may’ve gone and gathered upon it from the cold ground, a faint blush was still upon her features. The bard had gone and gotten her flustered with that smile of his, and the fact that she had to accept help from a land dweller due to one of Canaan’s threat did not make for a very happy mermaid princess. First, she was embarrassed and secondly she was reduced to having to take aid from another—neither of which Knell was fond of. Inside her head, Knell could hear her brother snickering away at her predicament and jumbled thoughts regarding the matters.

A shiver travelled up the mermaid’s spine as a strange sort of breeze blustered on through the town, though she did not allow her discomfort to show . . . weakness was not something she needed to display. Even if it were to remain a secret to all, she was a mermaid, and Merfolk were suppose to be strong, intelligent and above the land dwellers. They were not suppose to suffer embarrassment, nor be reduced to the state she was in now.

"The two of you are not from around here, I take it." Knell allowed her aqua colored eyes to flicker up as the rather menacing knight began to speak. He was referring to herself, and to Echo . . . yes, it was rather apparent by looking at their hair coloring that they were not of local origins. "If I may ask, are the two of you travelers? And if so why do you walk alone in these parts? This region is not safe after dark for the lonesome traveler." The voice from the man echoed from the metal helmet, giving it an oddly hollow effect. In a way, it was an unnerving feature that didn’t sit very well with Knell. Regarding his question, Knell felt it wasn’t his business to know. Even if he was chivalrous enough to assist her in getting back to her feet, the knight was still a stranger, and the matter regarding her and Echo travelling was their business.

Though Knell herself truly did not enjoy wandering about on land like this, always falling and tripping, gravity giving her Hell, having to worry in the back of her mind about those who tried to assassinate her weeks before. . . . Even if she wanted to go back into the water in order to hide—the business she and Echo were attending to was theirs and only theirs. ’Would you stop it with the arrogant thought pattern Knell? Here, you’re not a princess; all you are is a simple person, a commoner.’

’Canaan, I can’t let myself seem weak to Echo, she has enough to be concerned with right now, doesn’t she?’

’Oh, and acting like you’re a priss helps you look strong of heart?’

Knell sighed to herself at Canaan’s comment. Well, it wasn’t like her brother was wrong about that . . . but still, how she choose to act was her choice, wasn’t it? Knell’s own mindless task was interrupted when one of her hands was suddenly snatched up and away from brushing off her skirt. At the sudden gesture, Knell wrenched her eyes up and looked at the one who had dared to be so forward as to grab her hand. It was the bard again, the fact the man was now holding onto her hand caused the teal haired girl’s face to go redder, blending in well with the orange tint cast upon the world by the bleeding sun. The crowd of people who had stopped to witness her little fall were scattering further and further apart as the violet-haired man seemed to kiss the air above her hand before he allowed it to return to its owner.

His eyes were laced with concern, "I hope you are well, did your fall hurt you?" he inquired.

Knell pulled her hand up from her own side, the one the bard had air kissed, and gently held it to her chest as she drew her gaze to the side, and away from him and the knight. ’Geez, he’s really getting to you isn’t he Knell?’
You tell me Canaan, you are inside of my skull and are aware of every little thing about me—physical, emotional or mental, so you already know.’ Knell replied to her brother, a rather bashful expression upon her young face.
’Want me to take care of the problem for you sis?’ he offered, a rather anxious tone in his voice.

To this Knell gave a small shake of her head, no, even if this strange bard was making her flustered, she didn’t want Canaan to step in and drive him off. She didn’t need to go and do that, it would only rouse questions about her, and then she and Echo would have to leave the town that much sooner. In addition, she had to think about the fact that she had hired the Mercenary—even if she had paid him enough to not ask questions, she didn’t want him to also begin questioning her. The last thing needed right now, was for Knell and Echo to draw too much attention to themselves.
Her thoughts jumbled at the moment, Knell was detached from the world until she heard, "Ya know, your hairs pretty cool."

The sudden compliment startled the mermaid back into reality due to how close the person saying it was to her. The voice was female, and fairly soft, it was kind. A slight gasp working from her lungs, Knell clutched onto her hand tighter and instinctively took a step back. There was a new face here, a girl who was not much shorter than Echo was—but looked entirely different, long red hair with eyes to match. Face flushed with embarrassment still, Knell turned her aqua gaze to her best friend, to Echo, and edged toward the girl. First the knight, then the bard and now . . . a rail of a girl who wore rather revealing clothing.

’Canaan, have I gone and turned into some sort of magnet for the weird. . . ?‘

’You’ve always been sort of a magnet Knell, I just didn’t know you’d be causing these sorts of characters to gravitate toward you.’

Knell blinked and observed the actions and listened to the words exchanged by the three people who had spontaneously interacted with her out of the blue. The knight mused over whether fae were at work for causing all three of the girls to trip as they had, the redheaded girl began to cry as the bard began to attempt a line upon her before being startled by the tears she shed.

The girl responded to the words before thanking the bard for his concern, and heading off, Knell watched the odd girl go, never quite having seen someone such as her before. Knell blinked, and remained clasping onto the hand the bard had taken hold of before as the tint in her cheeks began to fade. The mermaid opened her lips as a breeze stirred up again, and blew through her long hair, “I am not sure . . . but I do believe I remember reading about people like her in the past, her style of clothing—I believe the terms used to refer to them were shinobi and more commonly, ‘ninja.’”

’And that information is helpful to you how now?’

A sigh happening from her lips at Canaan’s words, Knell turned her gaze back to the bard and to the knight, before she allowed her hands to return to her sides. She stared at the two men with a passive expression upon her features as she mused over what it was she ought to do now—her physical state had been inquired about, as well as why it was she and Echo were upon their own. Canaan had more or less told her not to act like a priss with them, it didn’t make her seem strong. . . . Just arrogant. The knight had aided her, and the bard had been courteous. In response to this, Knell delicately clutched at her skirt with her fingers, and lifted it up slightly as she gave the two men a polite curtsy—a custom she had read about before leaving home. It was proper manners for a girl to give such a gesture when showing respect or otherwise.

She bowed her head slightly down, and quickly returned to her normal stance before clutching her hands at her front. “I wish to thank the both of you for the kindness shown to myself and my friend, it’s not often you find such politeness in others, especially when those others are strangers. My name is Knell-Li . . . Blackburn, and my dear friend here,” Knell paused to gesture to Echo with one of her hands, “is Echo Thrussell.”

’Careful there Knell, you about slipped and gave your real name. Wouldn’t want to go and spoil your secret so soon, would you?’ Canaan chided her.

“The two of us are indeed travellers, but our reasons for doing so are simply that we wish to see the world. And we are not alone, we have hired ourselves an escort to guide and protect us.” She added on, lying through her teeth about the first bit.

It was at this time a strange girl with ink black hair appeared before them all, stooping over to pick something off the ground. There was something familiar about her. . . . "I'll give this back to Angel." she said, smiling. Knell stared at her while Canaan stirred, indicating that something was off about her. Though her lips moved again, the teal-haired mermaid was unable to perceive what it was she had said before she raised her voice up again to ask a question, "Would someone kindly show me to the Inn?"

Well now, Knell and Echo needed to return to the Inn anyway, the Mercenary. ’Mm, perfect timing, eh Knell? This gives you a palpable excuse to get away from these men.’

’So it does, but you felt something was off about her, didn’t you? Should I even volunteer if you. . . ?’

’She seems strangely familiar is all; I don’t think it’s much to be concerned with.’

With Canaan’s confirmation, Knell gave the stranger a smile, and nodded her head before stepping out into the now cleared out streets, and looking back to the girl. “If I may be so bold, I can accompany you to the Inn, my friend and I need to return there anyway.” Again, Knell gave a curtsy to the men from before, “Again, thank you two for your kindness, but Echo and myself need to be on our way. We shall be in town for the next two days or so, if you feel compelled, you may look us up at the Inn.” With that, Knell turned on her heel and began a steady walk to the Inn—truthfully, the building was not that far away so the walk only took a minute or two reach before Knell idly headed inside, heading back to greet the Mercenary of her return.


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#, as written by xKyrie
The violet-haired man almost let out a triumphant smirk when he saw the teal-haired girl getting flustered once after he 'kissed' her hand. He instead settled for an indulging smile, his eyes twinkling merrily towards her. She looks lovely getting flustered, Clavis thought his smile widening, noticing her bashful expression.

When he was standing far away before, playing his lute out of the blue in order to divert the crowd's attention to him instead of hers and the other tumbling girl, he wasn't able to fully appreciate her beauty. He knew that she looked beautiful and ephemeral from afar but now that he stood in front of her face to face, he can testify that her beauty is not of this world. She is truly breathtaking. There is certain innocence but unbidden pride shining from her eyes and very soul. Someone like Clavis, who lives to appreciate the charms of women species can greatly deduce that she's not a girl of normal status.

He then heard her gratefully thanking him and the knight, awhile after. He can't help but rub his hand into the back of his neck, feeling the uncharacteristic shyness settle into his being. "It is nothing," he replied smiling widely and that was when the red-haired girl entered and tripped in front of them. He had really lost his composure and was thoroughly thankful when the knight had more sense than he did to help up the fallen girl. After crying out loud in public and stating her name he noticed odd things from the red-haired girl. Her eyes notably darted to her surroundings first before it met with his directly and the next thing he knew was her looking panicked. For what, he had no clue.

Clavis almost bowed himself when he saw her bowing after she introduced herself. He was about to speak up and introduce in return when she twisted around seemingly searching for something around the crowd. She bowed in gratitude to them once again before walking away and immediately leaving them.

Not long after her disappearance though, a black-haired girl appeared, getting a hair tie from the ground and stated with a smile tugging in her lips, "I'll give this back to Angel." He observed this one quietly, roving his eyes all over her not in a lecherous manner but one who is wholly focusing attention. From her notable features, undoubtedly another one of those beautiful inhumane faces as what he could see-she's clearly not of pure human descent, to her unusual eyes, she looked eerily familiar.

He stared at her coyly. Looking at her directly, eye to eye and he then neared 'Angel's companion'. Raising a hand to her hair, looking like he was reaching to touch it but instead settling for tracing the shape of her long straight hair freely 'flowing' with the evening air.

"Black looks lovelier on you my lady."

He spoke out loud, a flirtatious smile pasted in his face.

Before the girls left, he bowed low, taking off his hat and tucking it in front of his chest. Knell as what he had heard her refer to herself not moments ago, informed the other girl about accompanying her for the directions of the inn.

"It is certainly a pleasure meeting you mademoiselles. I am Clavis by the way, a simple travelling bard." He cast the three of them coy smiles, placing his hat promptly back on the top of his head.

"And my lady, I might take you on that offer. I want to see you soon," He added looking straight at the teal-haired enigmatic girl. Clavis ended his speech with another bow before he went to the opposite direction, back to his original destination. When he passed by the knight, he gave him an acknowledging nod and waved farewell, "Goodbye, Sir Knight".

As he was walking towards the edge of the town, he contemplated the earlier scenario. There is something with Knell Blackburn that lures Clavis to her. He had been quite surprising himself with his impulsiveness to learn more about her. Certainly, it was normal for him to become interested to every girl that he meets; it is one of his life's greatest goals after all! To talk to all the beautiful women of Gaea Minor, be it of human species or not, but still he's not this intrigued. Recalling her shyness yet contradictory pride, he wondered who she really was. She seemed someone of nobility but he can't be sure since she didn't seem to be part of the royal lineage for the ones next in throne.

It was during moments like this that Clavis liked to have the ability to remove the cursed earring from his ears and listen to all the thoughts of every living thing around him. While it may cause him a major headache, sorting out every thoughts he comes across, it will still favorably help him to learn more about the mysterious personality of Knell, the tumbling teal-haired girl with eyes the astounding color of blue oceans.

When he reached the darkened forest, with the moon now totally taking control of the night sky, Clavis settled into the innermost part and settled on the very first tree stump that he came across. He slowly and carefully dropped all his baggage, leaning everything into a tall tree nearby. He opened his makeshift pack, something made out of cloth one that a gypsy gave to him on the last town that he visited and took out his lute. He strummed it once, letting the music trail off in the quiet forest.

Playing Entertainer once again, he let the music envelop the whole area just strumming the lute to his heart's content.

He had already finished playing two pieces when he found himself staring contemplatively at nothing in particular. Knell-li, he recalled her stating, stopping herself abruptly in the middle of her speech as if hiding something else. He didn't know how he thought of it, but there is something in her that makes Clavis think that she had not been fully truthful with them.

He gently laid his lute aside and searched his pockets for the familiar coin bag. It wasn't in his expectation to earn money through his music but performing in front of an open crowd seemed to be the easiest way to earn these coins. Shaking it once, twice and thrice as if deciding it's value by hearing the sound, Clavis felt his lips curving into a smile.

I think it's time I take you up on that offer, Margaret. He recalled the brunette girl, with her pouty lips and fluttering eyes. She was one of those girls who had readily offered him beforehand, a room in their inn. He did decline before since he didn't see the use of getting a room and not sleeping in it. But once he recalled the place where Knell and her companions disappeared, he finally decided.

He might have to postpone his nightly playing, he figured not regretting it one bit but still feeling some disappointment in it. He had made it a point to play during the night time. Ever since he started his journey for life, not once did he fail to play the whole night away being accompanied with his lute and masterpieces. This would be the first time in months that he will, apparently.

Standing up from the ground and brushing the dirt and leaves off his pants, he gathered his things and trudged the path to the direction of the inn. They may be asleep at this time around, but Clavis figured what else a better way to learn more about Knell than be near her and her companion? A planned meeting may just help him know about her more.


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#, as written by Wake
The knight refrained from commenting when the 'ninja' left and returned with a different hair color. The change was what cemented his suspicions as too what she was. The Bard apparently figured it out as well, but apparently didn't have the same sense to hold his tongue about the issue.

Though the both of them were curious, they were not his original focus. He kept his attention on the blue haired girl as she spoke.

“I wish to thank the both of you for the kindness shown to myself and my friend, it’s not often you find such politeness in others, especially when those others are strangers. My name is Knell-Li . . . Blackburn, and my dear friend here, is Echo Thrussell.” She said with a brief curtsy. The action caused the knight shifted slightly as she spoke, but said nothing. “The two of us are indeed travelers, but our reasons for doing so are simply that we wish to see the world. And we are not alone, we have hired ourselves an escort to guide and protect us.” There was another minor twitch of his finger, but again he held his tongue. When the ninja spoke, asking about the location of the inn, Knell offered to show her the way.

“Again, thank you two for your kindness, but Echo and myself need to be on our way. We shall be in town for the next two days or so, if you feel compelled, you may look us up at the Inn.” She said before turning to leave. The knight merely gave a short bow to her as she went. He mostly ignored the bard until the violet haired man addressed him directly.

"Goodbye, Sir Knight". The knight glanced briefly at the bard like he was just acknowledging his existence, only to dismiss him again when said bard left before he could respond.

The knight walked away from the spot without another word. Though his mind was already working. The girl, Knell, wasn't very good at lying. There were certain mannerisms she had that didn't sit with that of an ordinary traveler. That, and both her... presence and the number of "Unique" individuals that had suddenly been drawn to her suggested a something drawing this meeting to happen.

A brief glance behind him and he could the small glow of light fluttering away. A firefly most would guess it to be, but he knew better. His hand shot out and closed around the little speck of light as it passed. He held it gently, not wishing to crush it in his hand by accident, and slowly brought his closed gauntlet near his helm before slowly releasing his clutched fingers.

Resting in the palm of his metal palm was a little glowing sprite. Her wings were long and slender, shaped like that of a dragonfly's. Her eyes were entirely black, and shone like wet stones in fire light. She was also pouting at him, like a spoiled child that had just been caught in the act of some mischief, which was technically accurate description of of what had happened. The glow she emitted changed from a sandy green to an orange tinted gold, indicating annoyance but still feeling playful.

"Ah, what did you have to go and do that for," She hissed, she voice small and squeaky yet somehow clear despite the size difference. "I was having fun! Do you know how rare it is to find that many people that easy to play with? Why they practically fall flat on their own. Oh the much fun I would have had with those the tree." She started to giggle to herself, lost in her dreams of the petty games she would play upon the unsuspecting three.

"As 'interesting' as your little games sound, I must confess my intrigue as to why you chose to play them upon the girls? Especially with three of the strange courts nearby."

"Four, actually." The knight paused, the sprite took it as an unspoken question. "You miscounted the bard, did the difference of hair color not go noticed by you? Or were you too busy trying to be the 'chivalrous and caring knight' to the girl and the little daemon spawn at the time?" She made a mocking gesture as her tone became joking. The knights hand started to close back around her again. "Alright I was joking, lighten up!" She hissed, and he reopened his hand again. She made muttering's of a typical lack of humor on his part before continuing. "And you wrong on two parts, the daemon spawn and the bard aren't part of the either evening or mourning courts. Their from too far away to be members of any of our forest domains."

"Yet you still acted despite the chance of discovery?" The inquired. "That seems like quite the foolish thing to do, even for one as simple minded as you."

Her response was to yell at him. "Hey! I was just doing as I was told! Don't call me simple minded or I might be putting warts on your feet." She huffed and crossed her arms, turning away from him in another pout, her glow changing to a darker shade of orange.

"So someone did task you to do this?"

She winced and turned back to him. "You tricked me into saying that didn't you." The sprite eyed him irritatedly. "I'm supposed to be the trickster, remember?"

"Would you have told me if I simply asked?" She turned away from him again in yet another pout. "Of course I'd never tell a big dummy bucket head like you!" She shouted.

"And so the deception was needed." He said firmly. Stretching his arm back out he released the sprite. "Go now, play your games elsewhere. I have my own business"" to attend to in town now." She flew out of his hand pausing to stick her tongue out him and shout "I'll pay you back for that, bucket head! A trick for a trick, mark my words!" before flying off. He would have cringed at that if he could. Members of the fey rarely went back on promises of revenge like that. He could probably expect some mud getting splashed on him or, or step in horse droppings, or something else equally petty in the next few days.

But more importantly a Fae was behind the 'random tripping' that befell all three women. One that was asked to make this meeting happen between the five involved.

Was this what the voice of the cold Autumn wind meant?

His conversation went uninterrupted because the people walking by him somehow seemed to not notice him and the sprite. A stark contrast to earlier when the crowds avoided him like he was diseased. That changed when he moved again, his presence somehow notice able again as the people once more avoided getting in his way.

He returned to his horse, the creature had drawn a small group to admire it. It's coat seeming to shine like silver under the thin moonlight. While the knight tended to make people weary of his presence the horse tended to make others drawn to its.

A mistake on others parts though, as one could argue that the beast was more dangerous then him.

The small group of three that surrounded the horse dispersed when they noticed him returning. He motioned for the creature to follow him. "Come, you can eat later. We have to find our own lodgings for the night." The horse snorted, displeased but compliant, and they both set off to find a stable.

They had meant to only pass through town on their way, but now it would appear that he was going to have reason too stay for the next few nights after all.


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"Have you made your decision, Agent Mercury?"

Art had been leaning on a railing at the time, a railing that curved in a semi-circle around the outer edge of marble stone that lay beneath his feet. It was a terrace, and he was looking out from it, his eye cast outwards towards the beach that lay on the eastern border of the town he was in. It was late then, the dusk of the night slowly fading and night truly being cast into darkness. The voice came from behind him, and he offered no acknowledgment at first, his gaze still remaining on the far beach. He didn't need to look anyway, he knew he the voice belonged to. It was Agent Sol, his superior. His only superior, at that. And a person very close to him.

"Agent Mercury, I implore you. Have you made your decision?"

He could hear Sol approaching behind him, footsteps getting closer. Before Sol got to far, Art held up his right hand in a gesture that signaled Sol to stop. "I have." His voice was steeled, hiding whatever emotions he could from Sol.

"And? What have you dec-"

"Love. I choose love." He had cut Sol off, his words laced with an unintentional harshness. The hand he had placed on the rail tightened, his knuckles beginning to turn white. He lowered his gaze to the lit city below him. He thought it was beautiful.

"I have made you very well aware of the consequences of that choice, Agent Mercury. So I will ask you again; Have you made your decision?"

Art turned his gaze up to the moon, taking a deep inhale of the night air. He stared for a moment before turning around to face Sol and nodding, beginning to walk past Sol, bumping their shoulders in the process. He took a few more steps forward before turning his head back, his uncovered eye looking at Sol.



It had been nearly a year now that had passed since he had made up his mind, choosing love and ultimately sacrificing his position in the Celestial Freelancers. Not that it mattered much, because his love was sacrificed as a consequence, and he was cast out. Since then, Art had been offering up his services for a fee, as a mercenary. He didn't ask questions, he just did what he was told if he was payed enough coin.

And as it were, Art had just been taken upon for his services, but a young lady and her companion. And went as any other of his deals went. He was asked to protect, and he was given money. Upon receiving the money, he offered up only a singular nod and became their armed escort. No questions asked, from either side. Upon listening to them talk, he discovered their names. Echo and Knell. And so, right before they had arrived into town, he had offered them his.

"You can address me as Art."

Those were the first and only words he had said to them so far, and as soon as they hit town, the two girls wondered off whilst Art went off to find the Inn. That doesn't, of course, mean he simply left them alone. It hadn't taken him much more than a few mere minutes before he had acquired lodging and was following them from a distance again, assuring they stayed out of trouble and harm's way.

He was going to approach them, too, but the two girls split up and one was soon eating dirt in the middle of a crowd. Art would have moved in to help her himself had it not been for the large armored man that approached instead. Art remained cautious at that, placing his right hand on the hilt of the sword that lay on his right hip. The other five were on his back, two being placed over three. He was at an unrecognizable distance at this point, merely laying in wait for something to threaten them. Which, of course, never happened. And as soon as the small band of people were together, they were apart again.

As they disbanded, Art himself weaved through crowds and ended up back at the Inn before his employers. But only barely, for he was not even returned there for a mere minute before one of the girls walked in and nearly ran right into him. Art easily prevented it by moving his hands up to place them on the girl's shoulders and root her in place, disabling her from walking forward any further. When he noted she was stable, he dropped his hands to his side once more and gave her a look. It was the one who had payed him, Knell.

"You're a fool, stumbling all over the place. You pay me to protect you, but I implore that you be more careful. I can't exactly protect you if you're drawing attention to yourself, which you also seem to have done already." His voice was slightly hushed, and his eye turned upwards to rest upon Echo, and then one of the girls from the group behind her. His hands found Knell's shoulders once more and he pivoted on his heel, seemingly turning her with him and moving her out of earshot from the group, voice dropping to a whisper. "Not to mention, you've brought somebody with you. You're too trusting. That'll be your downfall. I'll do my part in protecting you, your friend, and even those you bring into the group. But you must do your part in making sure I don't have to protect you. Got it? I'm just a precautionary measure."

He released his hands once more and frowned, realizing that he either just scared the girl, or made her angry. Either way, he steeled himself for whatever reaction she was about to offer up in retaliation, hand finding it's way back to the hilt of his sword, and his gaze finding it's way to the black-haired girl that followed in behind the two girls he had been payed to protect.


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Knell’s face reddened at the lecture given to her by the hired Mercenary. So what if she were clumsy? There was no reason for him to go and dare lecture her when she had hiredhim. Had he forgotten so easily that were the case? Yes, she had nearly walked right into him upon entering into the Inn, but if one were standing right in the way of the entrance, it was bound to happen. It was his own fault for just loitering there like a slug, not hers for merely walking as she was suppose to. Why was he so irksome compared to the land dwellers she had exchanged words with shortly before?

Yes, he had a reputation for being a powerful ally and a dependable guide, but as far as Knell was concerned, the man was overstepping his bounds now by daring to treat her as if she were a child. . . . The mermaid allowed her head to tilt downward, her bangs hiding her aqua eyes as she began to idly chew on her lower lip while trying to keep her composure maintained.

’I can’t believe him, the nerve of this man. . . .’

’You know that when you hired him yesterday that he might go and say such things to you—don’t you remember me warning you about his type?’

’Canaan, you spoke about his ‘type’ as if I were looking to have him court me, of course I didn’t pay any heed to your ridiculous words.’

Didn’t she get enough lecturing from everyone back home, from her parents, from the servants and from her sisters when the lot of them were still around? Echo chided her as well, but Knell was perfectly content with her words since she legitimately showed concern for her wellbeing, and since her words were not solely about upholding the status of her family or her nation. This Mercenary now was merely saying what he said to her in order to save himself some trouble and his own job—how would it look to the world if he had gone and failed a simple escorting assignment?

To top it off, he had forced her away from Echo and the girl who claimed to be that ninja’s companion from earlier. He had forced her away. She had not been given a choice to follow after him, no, she had been made to come along.
With her fists tightening at her sides, clenching and unclenching in the materials of her skirt and apron, Knell breathed in and out slowly, trying to quell her madly beating heart. No, she could not become angered right now. Such a careless act would only cause Echo to become upset, and it would cause problems for herself as well. Inside her mind Canaan stirred about, feeling his sister’s resentment, and her lividness. He understood that she was not happy to be treated like a child by someone who was not exactly much older than she was.

Perhaps she was indeed a princess who knew little of the world beyond the last few weeks, but she still had that pride of hers, the pride of a mermaid, of a princess. Land dwellers of all sorts were below that, they were nothing compared to the vastly superior Merfolk. Even if Knell as a person was not at all worth much, her bloodline was still more important than that of a common human’s, at least one who acted as if he understood the whole workings of the world.

’Heh, do you feel like going off on the man for chiding you Knell? If you do, then just let him have it.’

’No . . . no, I-I cannot, even if his attitude has indeed irked me, going on a tangent would only cause more trouble than it would do to solve anything.’ Knell replied, letting a shaky breath out from her lungs. With her decision on how to react to him made, the teal-haired girl raised her still red face back up, a hint of a pout upon her features. “I do not agree with your words Mercenary, my choices are mine alone, you were hired to guide and to protect myself and my friend during our travels—from monsters and things of that nature. The girl I have brought along with me is no such thing, and she is no threat.” She told him her voice stern, also refusing to use his name. “Even if she is not a friend or companion, she has done nothing to try to harm me, so I ask you to now just do your job without lecturing me.”

With this, Knell turned on her heel and set her hands upon the front of her skirt, lifting it up a bit to make the walking easier. The innards of the town’s Inn were simple, the lobby was very quaint. A fireplace, stairs leading to the upper floor, and there was a small area with a couch and chairs for one to rest on. ’Mm, good job keeping your cool sis.’

’Why can he not be as kind as the Knight from earlier? Or even the Bard . . . even if he was a flirtatious thing.’

’Would you rather the man be trying to charm you left and right now Knell?’ To this, her face reddened and her heart skipped a beat in her chest from embarrassment.

’No! Of course not Canaan, but it would be nice if the Mercenary were a bit more . . . I am not sure, humble?’

Wandering on over to an open couch, Knell set herself down upon and breathed out quietly as she set a hand over her heart, her face still a shade of red. Knell remained quiet as she allowed her body to sink into the worn out cushions, and simply relaxed as she thought back over earlier, the Knight and the Bard. The latter’s lute playing had been . . . something else, perhaps the most lovely thing Knell had the pleasure of hearing since she and Echo had escaped to the surface weeks ago. He had been so skilled in his playing, it seemed almost unnatural, and it was entrancing enough to nearly make her sing like the mermaid she was.

He had been so handsome too, he had even gone on to compliment her despite wearing simple peasant clothing and bearing the repulsive form of land dweller. What little beauty she did possess, it was only evident when she bore her tail once more, unlike her sisters, she was not truly a lovely thing to see, just . . . ordinary, perhaps she had a bit of beauty in her, but it was nothing compared to her sisters.

Her sisters, even if they had been cruel to her as children, Knell was certain that even they would be utterly gorgeous even with legs. Ciel, Sunil, Tiamat, Alya, Bellatrix, and Xanthe were the pride of Oceania—all six of them were strikingly beautiful in their own ways, and each had undeniable charms that made them just irresistible. And it seemed that she as the seventh daughter had been left with nothing, her sisters had taken everything her parents had to offer in terms of beauty and talents. Everything she had as Knell were simple scraps. Her loveliness was nonexistent, even as a mermaid with her tail, she was still nothing special to gaze upon compared to her sisters, and to Echo as well. Why, even as a human, Echo was a lovely woman as she always was.

Contrasted to the six of her sisters, Knell knew that she was nothing in the eyes of her mother and father, to Llyr and Maris. She was just something they gave life to, even if they didn’t want to—no, she remembered as children what her sisters said about her. They’d called her a witch and said she’d sucked the life right out of her brother, right out of Canaan whose soul rested within her now.

’You know you don’t need to go and reflect on the things that make you upset Knell, whatever happened when we were babies, you weren’t the reason my body died.’ Canaan told her.

’Even if I know that’s true Canaan, I don’t understand why they were all so mean to me. Why it was they saw fit to torment me so.’ Knell’s face had become vacant as she mused over the past, over the treatment her sisters’ had chosen to inflict upon her . . . scorching her with hot rocks, locking her in cupboards, pinching her with crab claws. . . . Calling her a monster, saying she was the reason Canaan had died. . . . All of this would only come to stop after Echo had entered her life, the mermaid had given her all to protect Knell from the torment as children.

Knell honestly believed that the only reason she lived now was because of the woman. And quietly as she ruminated, the irritability she felt toward the Mercenary all but faded away as a sort of gentle melancholy overtook her, her mind happened back over the events of earlier. To the kindly, yet physically daunting Knight and to coy, yet pleasant Bard, and to the rather flighty and awkward ninja Angelique. The memory of the Bard’s lute strumming hit Knell again, and the urge to sing bubbled to the surface of her psyche once more . . . really, what could it hurt for her to sing a few lines? It wasn’t as if the dead language of her people was common knowledge—as far as many would be concerned, it would be but simple gibberish. ’If you really feel so compelled to . . . just go ahead and sing some Knell.’

With a distant look shining in those aqua colored eyes of hers, Knell brought her hands up to her chest and intertwined her fingers there as she shut her eyes and allowed her body to relax as she opened her pale lips to let the words flow out to the recollection of the Bard’s music. Even if no one else could hear it, her words flowed along in rhythm to it. . . . ”Was touwaka erra 0x vvi. Melenas yor. Xest mea corpu tes iasien, en morto, hartes yor etealune.”

Because of her shut eyes, Knell failed to noticed that the few other people in the lobby besides herself, her travelling companions and the girl who claimed to be Angel’s travelling companion had gone quiet as she began to sing. The lot of them looked over to the songstress as she allowed her voice to come forth.

”Tek zaam en ciel, knawa ther mea sphiliar yanje pitod yor. Refem ar enne celetille weak en altar pitod eux. . . .” And while just for herself, Knell continued on singing, letting herself be lost in song and to forget the past and the world around her for the time being.


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Angel sighed, pouting a bit as it seemed she was found out by the bard. She bid them all a far well as she followed the strange ocean-haired girls to the Inn, only to break away from them and get a room with the last bit of money she had. "Crap..." Angel mumbled, scratching her head only to turn and see Knell and Echo talking with a strange man who seemed to be slightly upset, or at least, as far as she could tell with his tone of voice. She had listined to the part until where he said he was paid to protect them.

"Protect from who...?" Angel asked herself quietly, her black hair covering her left eye as she seemed to lose focus of everything around her, her hair and eyes shifting back into her human form. Realizing this, she tied her hair back into the pony tail, frowning. What a lovely prank it would of been if no one would of found out. She needed a job, mumbling a few curse words under her breath only to shut up once she heard Knell start singing words Angel couldn't understand. Angel waited though for the song to be over before speaking up. "You sing beautifully too Knell." Angel said, a gentle smile on her face.

"Almost unlike those in this world. I imagine a mermaid to sing as beautifully as you do." Angel added, twirling her red hair. "I'm sorry if my changing of colors may confuse you. I'm... 'Special' in a way. Half human, half demon. An outcast to my own race." Angel said with a sigh as she bowed to Knell respectfully. "Now... I asume I should could. I need to found a job so I can keep paying for my room." Angel spoke, her eyes staring into Knell's for a moment before Angel turned and began to head out the door.


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#, as written by xKyrie
"Thank you, Margaret!" The violet-haired bard exclaimed, happily turning his shining crimson-colored eyes toward the plump brunette who was busily gaping adoringly at him. "I-it was nothing!" She answered dreamily, a smitten look painted in her face.

He actually had asked for the cheapest room in the inn, though he had earned some coins earlier, it wasn't enough for a spacious and luxurious room. Not that he cared about the size, for the musician, all he wanted was to stay somewhere close where he can keep an eye towards the interesting group that he met on the plaza earlier.

Still, Margaret had kindly offered him one of the best rooms available and asked him instead of the usual rate, a pay equivalent of a normal room. With a beaming smile, she loudly and graciously gave him the key.

After the normal proceedings for renting a room were done, Clavis, the ever so flamboyant travelling musician just let out a smile before side stepping away from the girl and walking towards the door.

"I'll be having the room for the next two days then, my lady. For now, though I hate to leave your lovely companion, I must go out and find something to drink. I've been parched for quite awhile now and else I want to pass out like a wilting flower in the desert, I should find myself something to quench this thirst." He poetically stated adding quite a number of flowery gestures to stress his words.

He took off his hat and made his usual motions of bowing towards the lady in front of him. Seeing her muted look, he settled into a nod, grinning and went out the door.

He studied the half-empty street for a moment and found himself looking directly towards the inn where the tumbling ladies had disappeared into before. Though he is quite interested with the teal-haired girl and her companion, Clavis had decided to postpone meeting with them until the morrow- where fate would surely have planned for him to see them again.

It is late now and no matter how ephemeral they looked, there is still a touch of unnatural humanity that reminds the violet-haired man that they need enough rest to go on for the next day, unlike him.

Unlike his kind who never needed sleep in order to function properly, they certainly should take a rest.

His kind, in all absoluteness, had been the mostly talked one. They were never commonly seen in the land of Gaea Minor. In fact, of all the magical creatures that exists, theirs can be considered the ones most used for horror stories meant to scare young children to bed and is also undeniably the downplayed types.

Most of the living beings, human or not, didn't dare believe of their existence. It wasn't because they are someone immensely powerful or thoroughly hidden ones. The reason is simple enough, his race was one of those that had been supposedly obliterated hundreds of years ago. Vanishing in the midst of forgotten archive never to be seen again. Not one of his kind should have survived and yet here he was.

He was still living ... 'living' a somewhat adventurous, if not normal, existence in this era.

It had always been to Clavis' enjoyment whenever he meets interesting people. Detached and yet sociable as he is, above all, Clavis greatly look forward to being able to have the chance to uncover a challenge. Such challenges he determines himself. He loved solving puzzles through unearthing different clues and searching solutions for those problems.

The scene in the plaza beforehand had undoubtedly temporarily issued a challenge for the bard.

Repainting the tumbling girl's face in his mind, he was able to recall her expressive yet guarded blue eyes. Her lithe and small body easily tells him of her frail stature. One who is not specifically trained for physical combat but her whole aura emits a different scene. Also recalling her companion, Clavis noted that while taller and looking different enough not to be mistaken as the other girl's sibling, Echo still held the same bearing Knell-li had. She held such a caring and motherly face unlike the smaller girl's aristocratic ones. Her body was also fit, oddly fit enough for battle.

Unable to prevent the blossoming smile off his face, Clavis decided that he'd certainly stick around their group for the moment. There is something in both of the girl's demeanor that entices him and being the curious person that he is, he will do all the initial necessary steps in order to solve this puzzle.

He had been lost in his thoughts for awhile and only when he saw a familiar person going out of the inn was the moment that he had been cut off his musings. Noting the now red-colored tresses, the violet-haired bard sauntered his way towards the girl.

"We met again, mademoiselle!" Since he did not have the chance to place his hat back on his head, he just tucked it in front of his chest and bowed customarily in greeting.

"Where are you going at this time of the night, my lady? 'Is not safe for you to venture out during this time." He cocked his head sideways and waited for her answer. Just like Knell and Echo, completing the trio set of tumbling ladies, Angel had a different type of bearing within her. She obviously wasn't a normal human as what she showed them beforehand. In fact, her skill reminded him of another race's ability. He knew not much about her and was also unusually interested in learning more about her enigmatic personality.

((AMI, I might edit the last part later. It will depend on Wake's post. Please ignore the last part of my post for the moment. :D Won't edit this because of Wake's recent post. ^^))


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#, as written by Wake

Few could truly understand the full significance of it. Words and melodies, used to express the true sense of emotion through sound and reverberations. To some, these sounds can strike a cord in their own souls and echo their meaning. Song was in a sense a message, written in it's own language. You could hear the rhythm and verse, but you could only understand the meaning if you knew the feeling behind it, even if you were the one singing it. This is what all songs are under the surface.

Beneath that, a song sung from the heart held an even deeper meaning. One that needed a spiritual knowledge to comprehend.

Even if he couldn't hear it, he could feel the song even from where he walked. It was an echo, ancient, from a time long, long ago. Even if it was only a shadow of the former meaning, the essence of the song still washed over him. A reminder of the meaning the words, and the sway they once had withes the courts. It remained a minor struggle for the knight to not get caught in the sway of the feeling.

He shook himself of the songs influence. The feeling, though... enticing, was distracting him from his thoughts. The knight had spotted the bard in the street after he had found a stable for his horse. While he had written the musician off earlier as interloper, he had become slightly curious toward what the sprite had said. Particularly of what she had said of his origins and connections to the creatures of the east.

The knight approached the bard from behind, stopping behind him just as he called out a greeting to the red haired girl, Angelique if he remembered correctly.

"You should not have exposed the girl so quickly." The knight said from where he stood, arms crossed as he watched the inn. "Some here in the west aren't as... tolerant of those with her kind of parentage as they are in the east."


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Angel smiled lightly as she noticed the bard from before. His purple hair made him noticeable easily to her, which came as a surprise since she was horrid at everything else. "Oi, it's good to see you, but I am not helpless! I'm a proud ninja of the Silver clan!" Angel whispered slightly harshly, yet slightly kind. She was still in a large amount of trouble with a few people whom seemed to follow her here. She opened her mouth to say something, yet the knight came seemed displeased about the way the bard had given her away.

"Indeed... I was actually injured in the last town due to my race. Some of them even followed me here... I do not believe being with me is safe. So be aware you may be harmed if you stay with me." Angel tried to warn gently, wanting no harm to take place to anyone. "And to answer your question sir, I am simply looking for a mere job I can earn a few coins for quickly to make sure I have enough for food and to keep paying for my room at the Inn. I also believe I do not know either of your names." Angel politely stated, fixing her saddles without much trouble. Looking up at the sky, she smiled as the first star began to glow. Beautifully, she noted who quickly the days seemed to have gone by, not much longer would be be able to train, meaning she may not become the head of her family after all. They of course would love that, not wanting a half-breed as an heir.

It would be bad for their reputation, knowing how many enemies the Silvers' had. A weak member if their family would certainly be their down fall, and they obviously didn't want that. They didn't even want her at all, or they wouldn't have kicked her out or treated her so poorly. Perhaps he father had done the same to her mother, or maybe her parents weren't of the Sliver clan at all. Maybe her father had adopted her, but that was besides the point.

What she felt strange was how the knight seemed to care so much about if the bard had exposed her. No one had ever cared before, even if it was mild. She was simply used to it, and felt it was awkward how she was suddenly slightly cared for. She was a prideful girl, tending to always plot things slightly or to certain people spill her guts. Some just seemed to have a strange effect on her like the girls inside the Inn.

Perhaps it was because she felt some strange high and mighty personality like her father had. She knew that the personality like that could easily make her do such things, but did one if those girls have that personality?


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#, as written by Wake
The knight gave a brief incline of his shoulders as a short bow. "My name is Crane, Ichabod miss." He said, his voice in a polite tone. However body language changed quickly, his arms coming uncrossed and his body shifting in stance. "You said someone was chasing after you?" Crane was slightly more alert now. He gave a brief scan over the street before settling his sight back on Angelique, trying to spot the wound she spoke of. "Do you need any help? I could 'persuade' them into leaving you be."


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#, as written by xKyrie
"Oi, it's good to see you, but I am not helpless! I'm a proud ninja of the Silver clan!" The red-haired girl replied as answer to his query and he was about to respond back when a familiar looming figure suddenly appeared. Bowing as what he had been used to, he then heard the knight comment about his earlier actions.

Remembering perfectly well on how he revealed the girl's true nature, he let out a sheepish smile. He turned back to Angel and bowed in apology. "I hope you forgive me my lady. I was just so entranced with your beauty that all sense of common sense had left me before I can have the chance of using those properly. Letting out a disarming smile, he listened closely as she told them her purpose for going out so late this evening.

With the current tone of her voice and her worried demeanor from before, Clavis can quietly agree with what the knight had spoken off. Though he had an inkling and an idea about the girl's predicament--since it was quite clear from the way she acts, still he decided to momentarily turn his self blind with regards to this issue. It was not any of his care to add himself into her concerns. Yes, there is that feeling the faint stirrings of curiosity in his mind, but that was the end of that. Instead, he just continued to watch nonspeaking as the knight introduce his name towards Angel.

Crane then had surprisingly volunteered into helping the girl persuade her perpetrators to leave. It had almost took all of his control to stop himself from laughing at the turn of events. It seemed that the bard is not the only one who had been enticed with the presence of these mysterious persons. Even the knight who appeared to be uptight and bound by the normal rules of the society is obviously taken with these ladies.

Thankfully he was able to control his amusement and had finally settled on waiting for the red-haired girl's response.

Not more than awhile later on, he decided to make things more interesting(for him) and piped up next to the knight: "I am Clavis, my lady, my sire". He bowed customarily again to each of them and added," I am a simple travelling bard but I can assure you that I will be able to help you anyway I can. I only have a question however, where is Mademoiselle Knell and Echo? Are you not with them?" He slightly studied the almost empty surrounding as he waited for the response.

It was obviously so late at night but it wouldn’t hurt to give a helping hand to those who may or may not need it. It is certain that Angel is an enigma in her own, with that unnatural beauty and unbidden spunk, but still she was not the main purpose why the violet-haired musician decided to postpone his nightly activities. He did this in favor of being near the interesting group. He recalled the teal-haired girl stating that they had a hired a help for their safety and security. He would have liked to offer his services but instead decided to act upon it. Such a shame for a loss of opportunity though.

And now, even if he’s not certain Angel is their friend, it would not hurt to associate himself with the girl. Sooner or later, at the morrow, he will meet them again, that is for certain. For now, he would take the chance to unravel this enigmatic personality and also take some time learning something about a certain uptight knight as he could.

He will try to be not as loud and attention-seeking as he usually is however. It would not do him any good if he is noticed by the higher ups. Those who belong to the rulers of this land. If what Angel said is true, then he must take absolute caution more than he necessarily needs. He is quite happy with this freedom that he has. And while he is, as if, is someone who is lacking a main direction, still he is happy. At least in this new way of living that he had, he have his own free will to follow. He wouldn't dare want it any other way.

Still grinning happily, he then decided to offer the room that he recently acquired. “I actually have a room rented out for two days stay, my lady.” He started speaking in an merry and encouraging tone, something that does not belong with the serenity of the night. “I’m afraid I have no other use for it except something to leave my pack... if you’re looking for a place to stay."

He gestured to Margaret's inn and then added, "I am happy to give it to you. I won't charge you a single dime for it!”


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#, as written by Wake
Crane shifted his attention back down to the bard next to him. Though one couldn't see his face, something about his body language made it seem as though he was giving the Purple haired teen an accusing stare. "I trust you're not using your offer as a way of 'taking advantage' of her situation." The knight said, his voice breaking it's monotone for a brief moment of suspicion. Crane knew he had little reason to mistrust the bard and his intents, and was sure that Angelique could defend herself, but he was well versed in stories of maidens being taken in by strangers.


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#, as written by xKyrie
When he heard the knight's retort, the violet-haired bard can't help it. He lost control and laughed out loud at what Crane uttered.
He chuckled and after a few moments tried to calm down when he noticed his companion’s expressions. “I am sorry”, he started stating and placing his hat promptly back on his head. He was very tempted to bow down before them but fortunately successfully squashed the urge.

It was a classic reaction- what Crane had said to him. But the way the knight worded it, in such a suspicious and mistrusting overtone made the moment the more hilarious for Clavis and before he knew it, he had burst out laughing in front of the two.

He sheepishly smiled and turned to them. And with the traces of his earlier merriment still obvious in his face, he uttered, “You should worry not, Sir Knight. I would do no such thing. In fact, I am leaving right now. I was just thinking what waste it would be if Mademoiselle Angelique here would be inclined to search for an odd job just to get a room to stay fortnight when I have one unused for myself.” He looked at the red-haired beauty and smiled encouragingly, his crimson-colored eyes twinkling, “You wouldn’t even feel my presence my lady, and I surely would be gone most of the night.”

‘I’ll be out for a drink anyways’ , he trailed off in his head as he gazed at the girl’s reaction. It had been quite a while after all. He continued remembering the last time that he went out and hunted; a week or two ago if he wasn’t mistaken. He was abruptly forced to, when he had surprisingly met one of his very few friends left.

Though he knew full well that his body can still handle the thirst for several days or more, the recent turn of activities made him rethink his plan and draft a new one. He didn’t knew what interesting things lie ahead, and though he is not certain that such fascinating phenomena would essentially occur, still it would not hurt him to be ready. Such readiness and alertness had helped him quite more than he can count in his very long presence and he decided it wouldn’t hurt him quite a bit more if he will still to continue to do so now.

At this moment whether Angelique takes the room or not, he didn’t care that much. In truth, all he does, whether they be the tiniest or the biggest detail is only for his absolute amusement. Something that will surely cause a definite change compared to his usual quiet and ordinary existence.

Studying Crane at the corner of his eyes, he held back a smirk. The knight… one of those typical fully covered people who seemed to have the greatest pleasure of keeping their identities secret. If there is one of the most uninteresting people he met today, this armored man would have topped the list.

No, it wasn’t anything about him that made Clavis think that way. There is really nothing belittling or dull and monotonous about Crane and his metal suit. Simply put, the wandering bard is not interested to the species of the same gender in any way or form. Though there were those odd people who seemed to call out to his curiosity, it is still such rarity for the musician to keep an active inquisitiveness to those who are of the male kind.

He held back further judgments on this knight however. Who knew, he may just be one of those very few that will spark a light of interest in his almost dulling existence.


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#, as written by Wake
Crane watched the Bard leave. He really couldn't help but find that man to be an annoyance. Turning back to Angelique, he waited for her to respond to his earlier question. He really didn't like the idea of leaving her to fend off any pursuers if she was still injured.