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Cáel 'Art' Artachshatra

Jealousy, that dragon which slays love under the pretence of keeping it alive.

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a character in “Drifting to the Edge of Nowhere”, originally authored by Kilgannon, as played by RolePlayGateway


Cáel Mercurius Artachshatra

Theme: A Taste Of Everest ~ Endwell
Role: Male One ~ The Mercenary
Gender: Male
Nickname(s): Art, Agent Mercury, Mercury, Taiga
Age: 20
Race: Human

Appearance: There are three things you’ll pick up on almost immediately upon seeing him. One, he has an eye patch covering his right eye. Two, the uncovered eye is a piercing golden color, and the intensity of both the color and his stare seem to pass right through you. And three, the flash of the sword at his side. Once these three things are out of the way, you’ll start to pick up on other things. Like his short, black hair which falls down to just above his collarbone. Or maybe even the heavy, unmarked military jacket he has on. Seemingly being wore over what appears to be some sort of metal undergarment which covers his torso.

Art is at a height and weight ratio that is just above the average for males his age, and measures in at 6’3 and weighs in at 151 lbs. His body is well toned, and he is in a rather good physical condition. As for psychological condition, he thinks it’s just fine. His skin is also healthy, and he has a light tan and no blemishes. His face is hard to read nine times out of ten, withholding a impassive expression. The other expression he shows can only be describing as brooding, and his eyes are often looking in a place too far away for his own good. He has a certain way that he carries himself, not that it's necessarily authoritative, but it does demand at least an admirable respect. He likes to insist that his psychological condition is stable, but he couldn't be more far off. He's all fine and dandy when his company is awake, but once they slumber...

He breaks. But of course, it goes unnoticed, which is his intention. And once everybody is up again, he's the same. Stoic, impassive, brooding.

Preferred Clothing: He is rarely seen without his military jacket, and the metal protection that lay underneath it. Upon closer inspection of the jacket, one would find several areas where the fabric is slightly torn and lighter than the fabric around it, indicating that some sort of identifying patch used to be there. This is not to say that his attire doesn't change, that is. For a more comfortable wear, and more protection against whatever weather, he wears a cowl with a heavy cloak over it.

Height: 6'3" (190 cm)
Weight: 151 lbs (69 kg)
Hair Color: Raven Black
Eye Color: Honey Gold
Personality: Art tries his hardest not to have a solid personality when in the company of others. He does what he's being paid for, and leaves it at that. It is only when he is the company of himself that he lets his true colors shine through. Art is very broken, and often spends his alone time simply brooding over the past. If observed while doing this, the observer would probably come to the conclusion that he is crazy. For while watching the invisible reel of his memories while brooding, Art will often chuckle to himself or burst into tears for a short amount of time. And one might be right with that assumption, because a lot of the things Art has witnessed and been through have truly damaged him.

Quirks: Despite keeping up an impassive aura whilst presented with company, it all dissolves away when he's alone.

Likes: Cooking, thunderstorms, swimming, swordplay, sunsets, cliffs, overhangs
Dislikes: Snow, sour things, sweets, singing
Hobbies: Training, dueling, cooking

Phobia(s): Thanatophobia

Weapon: Art carries six katanas. One at his side, and two over three on his back. It is rare that all six are to be incorporated into his fighting now, so is usually see using one.

Fighting Style: Art's fighting style is very balanced, with both the sword and unarmed. His style takes a change for the extraordinary if there ever comes a time when he needs to use all six swords. He wields all six, three in each hand, held between the fingers and shows amazing dexterity when using them. Another last resort tactic incorporates the use of electricity into his fighting, allowing the swords to start arcing and bursting with energy.

Six Claw Strike
This is what his six sword technique has been called, and is only used when desperate times call for desperate measures.

Personal History: Art was pretty much raised in the military, being born to only his father due to his mother dying during childbirth. His father was a general for the army of the nation that held the human race, and so whilst he was out doing his duties, he left Art alone to be raised and trained by other figures. Art got all his general schooling growing up while he was trained to follow in his fathers footsteps, and rarely got out of the small base camp to socialize. The way he was raised turned him into a man who knew how to take orders fairly quickly, and so when he came of age, he was immediately entered into a secret military project that was just about to take off.

This program took thirty one soldiers, and each were implanted with a fusion of both magical and technological properties. It was, of course, a very experimental program. As they went through it, they were all nameless, stripped of any title and rank until the experiment proved successful. And once it did, names were assigned, doubling as ranks, according to a nearby observable solar system. It went in order as such; Sol, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Luna, Mars, Deimos/Phobos, Ceres, Jupiter, Ganymede, Callisto/Io/Europa, Saturn, Titan, Enceladus, Uranus, Titania/Oberon/Umbriel/Ariel/Mirande, Neptune, Triton, Pluto, Charon, Haumea/Makemake, Eris, and Sedna. Art was beaten out by somebody very close to him for the rank of Agent Sol, and so he would become known as Agent Mercury.

As the program finally took off with it's full intentions, which was to assemble this group of freelancers to observe neighboring nations. Each were equipped with a different implant, Art's allowing him to use and manipulate both six swords and electricity. And so, the intentions of the project doubled as both a research and study of soldiers with implants and how the neighboring nations were acting towards them.

Eventually, after about two years in the project, Art left the project and went rogue. It happened because of choice, he had to choose between his love or his duty. Art, of course, chose his love, which ending up complicating a lot of matters and resulted in him being outcast from the project and his city. After being exiled, Art decided to lock his past away and offer his services up as an armed escort.


So begins...

Cáel 'Art' Artachshatra's Story


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"Have you made your decision, Agent Mercury?"

Art had been leaning on a railing at the time, a railing that curved in a semi-circle around the outer edge of marble stone that lay beneath his feet. It was a terrace, and he was looking out from it, his eye cast outwards towards the beach that lay on the eastern border of the town he was in. It was late then, the dusk of the night slowly fading and night truly being cast into darkness. The voice came from behind him, and he offered no acknowledgment at first, his gaze still remaining on the far beach. He didn't need to look anyway, he knew he the voice belonged to. It was Agent Sol, his superior. His only superior, at that. And a person very close to him.

"Agent Mercury, I implore you. Have you made your decision?"

He could hear Sol approaching behind him, footsteps getting closer. Before Sol got to far, Art held up his right hand in a gesture that signaled Sol to stop. "I have." His voice was steeled, hiding whatever emotions he could from Sol.

"And? What have you dec-"

"Love. I choose love." He had cut Sol off, his words laced with an unintentional harshness. The hand he had placed on the rail tightened, his knuckles beginning to turn white. He lowered his gaze to the lit city below him. He thought it was beautiful.

"I have made you very well aware of the consequences of that choice, Agent Mercury. So I will ask you again; Have you made your decision?"

Art turned his gaze up to the moon, taking a deep inhale of the night air. He stared for a moment before turning around to face Sol and nodding, beginning to walk past Sol, bumping their shoulders in the process. He took a few more steps forward before turning his head back, his uncovered eye looking at Sol.



It had been nearly a year now that had passed since he had made up his mind, choosing love and ultimately sacrificing his position in the Celestial Freelancers. Not that it mattered much, because his love was sacrificed as a consequence, and he was cast out. Since then, Art had been offering up his services for a fee, as a mercenary. He didn't ask questions, he just did what he was told if he was payed enough coin.

And as it were, Art had just been taken upon for his services, but a young lady and her companion. And went as any other of his deals went. He was asked to protect, and he was given money. Upon receiving the money, he offered up only a singular nod and became their armed escort. No questions asked, from either side. Upon listening to them talk, he discovered their names. Echo and Knell. And so, right before they had arrived into town, he had offered them his.

"You can address me as Art."

Those were the first and only words he had said to them so far, and as soon as they hit town, the two girls wondered off whilst Art went off to find the Inn. That doesn't, of course, mean he simply left them alone. It hadn't taken him much more than a few mere minutes before he had acquired lodging and was following them from a distance again, assuring they stayed out of trouble and harm's way.

He was going to approach them, too, but the two girls split up and one was soon eating dirt in the middle of a crowd. Art would have moved in to help her himself had it not been for the large armored man that approached instead. Art remained cautious at that, placing his right hand on the hilt of the sword that lay on his right hip. The other five were on his back, two being placed over three. He was at an unrecognizable distance at this point, merely laying in wait for something to threaten them. Which, of course, never happened. And as soon as the small band of people were together, they were apart again.

As they disbanded, Art himself weaved through crowds and ended up back at the Inn before his employers. But only barely, for he was not even returned there for a mere minute before one of the girls walked in and nearly ran right into him. Art easily prevented it by moving his hands up to place them on the girl's shoulders and root her in place, disabling her from walking forward any further. When he noted she was stable, he dropped his hands to his side once more and gave her a look. It was the one who had payed him, Knell.

"You're a fool, stumbling all over the place. You pay me to protect you, but I implore that you be more careful. I can't exactly protect you if you're drawing attention to yourself, which you also seem to have done already." His voice was slightly hushed, and his eye turned upwards to rest upon Echo, and then one of the girls from the group behind her. His hands found Knell's shoulders once more and he pivoted on his heel, seemingly turning her with him and moving her out of earshot from the group, voice dropping to a whisper. "Not to mention, you've brought somebody with you. You're too trusting. That'll be your downfall. I'll do my part in protecting you, your friend, and even those you bring into the group. But you must do your part in making sure I don't have to protect you. Got it? I'm just a precautionary measure."

He released his hands once more and frowned, realizing that he either just scared the girl, or made her angry. Either way, he steeled himself for whatever reaction she was about to offer up in retaliation, hand finding it's way back to the hilt of his sword, and his gaze finding it's way to the black-haired girl that followed in behind the two girls he had been payed to protect.


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Knell’s face reddened at the lecture given to her by the hired Mercenary. So what if she were clumsy? There was no reason for him to go and dare lecture her when she had hiredhim. Had he forgotten so easily that were the case? Yes, she had nearly walked right into him upon entering into the Inn, but if one were standing right in the way of the entrance, it was bound to happen. It was his own fault for just loitering there like a slug, not hers for merely walking as she was suppose to. Why was he so irksome compared to the land dwellers she had exchanged words with shortly before?

Yes, he had a reputation for being a powerful ally and a dependable guide, but as far as Knell was concerned, the man was overstepping his bounds now by daring to treat her as if she were a child. . . . The mermaid allowed her head to tilt downward, her bangs hiding her aqua eyes as she began to idly chew on her lower lip while trying to keep her composure maintained.

’I can’t believe him, the nerve of this man. . . .’

’You know that when you hired him yesterday that he might go and say such things to you—don’t you remember me warning you about his type?’

’Canaan, you spoke about his ‘type’ as if I were looking to have him court me, of course I didn’t pay any heed to your ridiculous words.’

Didn’t she get enough lecturing from everyone back home, from her parents, from the servants and from her sisters when the lot of them were still around? Echo chided her as well, but Knell was perfectly content with her words since she legitimately showed concern for her wellbeing, and since her words were not solely about upholding the status of her family or her nation. This Mercenary now was merely saying what he said to her in order to save himself some trouble and his own job—how would it look to the world if he had gone and failed a simple escorting assignment?

To top it off, he had forced her away from Echo and the girl who claimed to be that ninja’s companion from earlier. He had forced her away. She had not been given a choice to follow after him, no, she had been made to come along.
With her fists tightening at her sides, clenching and unclenching in the materials of her skirt and apron, Knell breathed in and out slowly, trying to quell her madly beating heart. No, she could not become angered right now. Such a careless act would only cause Echo to become upset, and it would cause problems for herself as well. Inside her mind Canaan stirred about, feeling his sister’s resentment, and her lividness. He understood that she was not happy to be treated like a child by someone who was not exactly much older than she was.

Perhaps she was indeed a princess who knew little of the world beyond the last few weeks, but she still had that pride of hers, the pride of a mermaid, of a princess. Land dwellers of all sorts were below that, they were nothing compared to the vastly superior Merfolk. Even if Knell as a person was not at all worth much, her bloodline was still more important than that of a common human’s, at least one who acted as if he understood the whole workings of the world.

’Heh, do you feel like going off on the man for chiding you Knell? If you do, then just let him have it.’

’No . . . no, I-I cannot, even if his attitude has indeed irked me, going on a tangent would only cause more trouble than it would do to solve anything.’ Knell replied, letting a shaky breath out from her lungs. With her decision on how to react to him made, the teal-haired girl raised her still red face back up, a hint of a pout upon her features. “I do not agree with your words Mercenary, my choices are mine alone, you were hired to guide and to protect myself and my friend during our travels—from monsters and things of that nature. The girl I have brought along with me is no such thing, and she is no threat.” She told him her voice stern, also refusing to use his name. “Even if she is not a friend or companion, she has done nothing to try to harm me, so I ask you to now just do your job without lecturing me.”

With this, Knell turned on her heel and set her hands upon the front of her skirt, lifting it up a bit to make the walking easier. The innards of the town’s Inn were simple, the lobby was very quaint. A fireplace, stairs leading to the upper floor, and there was a small area with a couch and chairs for one to rest on. ’Mm, good job keeping your cool sis.’

’Why can he not be as kind as the Knight from earlier? Or even the Bard . . . even if he was a flirtatious thing.’

’Would you rather the man be trying to charm you left and right now Knell?’ To this, her face reddened and her heart skipped a beat in her chest from embarrassment.

’No! Of course not Canaan, but it would be nice if the Mercenary were a bit more . . . I am not sure, humble?’

Wandering on over to an open couch, Knell set herself down upon and breathed out quietly as she set a hand over her heart, her face still a shade of red. Knell remained quiet as she allowed her body to sink into the worn out cushions, and simply relaxed as she thought back over earlier, the Knight and the Bard. The latter’s lute playing had been . . . something else, perhaps the most lovely thing Knell had the pleasure of hearing since she and Echo had escaped to the surface weeks ago. He had been so skilled in his playing, it seemed almost unnatural, and it was entrancing enough to nearly make her sing like the mermaid she was.

He had been so handsome too, he had even gone on to compliment her despite wearing simple peasant clothing and bearing the repulsive form of land dweller. What little beauty she did possess, it was only evident when she bore her tail once more, unlike her sisters, she was not truly a lovely thing to see, just . . . ordinary, perhaps she had a bit of beauty in her, but it was nothing compared to her sisters.

Her sisters, even if they had been cruel to her as children, Knell was certain that even they would be utterly gorgeous even with legs. Ciel, Sunil, Tiamat, Alya, Bellatrix, and Xanthe were the pride of Oceania—all six of them were strikingly beautiful in their own ways, and each had undeniable charms that made them just irresistible. And it seemed that she as the seventh daughter had been left with nothing, her sisters had taken everything her parents had to offer in terms of beauty and talents. Everything she had as Knell were simple scraps. Her loveliness was nonexistent, even as a mermaid with her tail, she was still nothing special to gaze upon compared to her sisters, and to Echo as well. Why, even as a human, Echo was a lovely woman as she always was.

Contrasted to the six of her sisters, Knell knew that she was nothing in the eyes of her mother and father, to Llyr and Maris. She was just something they gave life to, even if they didn’t want to—no, she remembered as children what her sisters said about her. They’d called her a witch and said she’d sucked the life right out of her brother, right out of Canaan whose soul rested within her now.

’You know you don’t need to go and reflect on the things that make you upset Knell, whatever happened when we were babies, you weren’t the reason my body died.’ Canaan told her.

’Even if I know that’s true Canaan, I don’t understand why they were all so mean to me. Why it was they saw fit to torment me so.’ Knell’s face had become vacant as she mused over the past, over the treatment her sisters’ had chosen to inflict upon her . . . scorching her with hot rocks, locking her in cupboards, pinching her with crab claws. . . . Calling her a monster, saying she was the reason Canaan had died. . . . All of this would only come to stop after Echo had entered her life, the mermaid had given her all to protect Knell from the torment as children.

Knell honestly believed that the only reason she lived now was because of the woman. And quietly as she ruminated, the irritability she felt toward the Mercenary all but faded away as a sort of gentle melancholy overtook her, her mind happened back over the events of earlier. To the kindly, yet physically daunting Knight and to coy, yet pleasant Bard, and to the rather flighty and awkward ninja Angelique. The memory of the Bard’s lute strumming hit Knell again, and the urge to sing bubbled to the surface of her psyche once more . . . really, what could it hurt for her to sing a few lines? It wasn’t as if the dead language of her people was common knowledge—as far as many would be concerned, it would be but simple gibberish. ’If you really feel so compelled to . . . just go ahead and sing some Knell.’

With a distant look shining in those aqua colored eyes of hers, Knell brought her hands up to her chest and intertwined her fingers there as she shut her eyes and allowed her body to relax as she opened her pale lips to let the words flow out to the recollection of the Bard’s music. Even if no one else could hear it, her words flowed along in rhythm to it. . . . ”Was touwaka erra 0x vvi. Melenas yor. Xest mea corpu tes iasien, en morto, hartes yor etealune.”

Because of her shut eyes, Knell failed to noticed that the few other people in the lobby besides herself, her travelling companions and the girl who claimed to be Angel’s travelling companion had gone quiet as she began to sing. The lot of them looked over to the songstress as she allowed her voice to come forth.

”Tek zaam en ciel, knawa ther mea sphiliar yanje pitod yor. Refem ar enne celetille weak en altar pitod eux. . . .” And while just for herself, Knell continued on singing, letting herself be lost in song and to forget the past and the world around her for the time being.


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Angel sighed, pouting a bit as it seemed she was found out by the bard. She bid them all a far well as she followed the strange ocean-haired girls to the Inn, only to break away from them and get a room with the last bit of money she had. "Crap..." Angel mumbled, scratching her head only to turn and see Knell and Echo talking with a strange man who seemed to be slightly upset, or at least, as far as she could tell with his tone of voice. She had listined to the part until where he said he was paid to protect them.

"Protect from who...?" Angel asked herself quietly, her black hair covering her left eye as she seemed to lose focus of everything around her, her hair and eyes shifting back into her human form. Realizing this, she tied her hair back into the pony tail, frowning. What a lovely prank it would of been if no one would of found out. She needed a job, mumbling a few curse words under her breath only to shut up once she heard Knell start singing words Angel couldn't understand. Angel waited though for the song to be over before speaking up. "You sing beautifully too Knell." Angel said, a gentle smile on her face.

"Almost unlike those in this world. I imagine a mermaid to sing as beautifully as you do." Angel added, twirling her red hair. "I'm sorry if my changing of colors may confuse you. I'm... 'Special' in a way. Half human, half demon. An outcast to my own race." Angel said with a sigh as she bowed to Knell respectfully. "Now... I asume I should could. I need to found a job so I can keep paying for my room." Angel spoke, her eyes staring into Knell's for a moment before Angel turned and began to head out the door.