A demon, he lives on Tsuchimei's border.

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a character in “Drowned Bird”, as played by forgotten




Hybrid {Demon\Human}

Lawful Evil

Karasu is fairly tall at 6' even and posses a lean, if not athletic build. While not heavily muscled, his tone physique compliments his agile and speedy method of combat. Although humanoid in appearance Karasu's skin is bleach white, accompanied by a shock of white hair stop his crown as well. While this is unsettling on it's own Karasu's true attention grabbing features are his eyes. With white irises and black sclera, Karasu is incapable of hiding his demon heritage. His appearance and the treatment he received in his home village because of it, largely serves to explain his feelings towards the world in general.


The Man Who Perseveres -- through any situation. Some might call him stubborn, but he will do whatever he must to accomplish his task, even if it means retreating to fight another day.

The Man Who Must Speak--his mind, his feelings...whatever. Karasu's biggest problem is holding his tongue and while it can assist him in goading his opponents, it typically results in him escalating a situation.

The Man Who Knows his own strength. Confident in his abilities, Karasu will not hesitate to face a strong opponent.

Karasu is quite bitter towards the world that rejected him and possesses little love for demon or human alike. His desire to become a pure blooded demon suggests an inferiority complex, as does his willingness to take on opponents well above his level. His devotion to his training is indicative of a perfectionist and his attachment to those few figures close to him suggests some measure of loyalty.


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The user dislocates their joints then controls their softened body with energy, allowing them to stretch and twist any part of their body at any angle, elongating and even coiling around their opponent. This can also be used to make the user's body more malleable and snakelike. Karasu's version allows him to stretch any of his body parts well beyond their normal length and allows him to move in the manner of a snake. 

If he is touching someone, Karasu is capable of controlling that person and their abilities. This is typically done by elongating his fingertips into threadbare strings that he latches onto his opponents with.


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