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Jesset Choralian

Being an assassin doesn't make me a monster...

0 · 296 views · located in Seshamine

a character in “Dungeons and Dragons: Twisted Truths”, as played by Everscale


Name: Jesset Choralian
Race: Human
Class: Fighter-Thief (Assassin)
Age: 17
Appearance: Image
Level: 1


Personality: Jesset, if he is anything, is someone you would not expect to lurk in dark corners, climb over rooftops, and take out his targets without ever once being seen. He is a friendly and generally high-spirited young man, always eager to make friends and have a good time. He is forever smiling, willing to laugh at any joke, even the worst of them. He loves a good story, adores a good song. He has all the energy of any boy his age, and all the sensitivity of the kindest of men. He is a boy full of hope, who believes in the good in everyone he meets, and that death is not a terrible thing. He believes that even the worst of people in this world can achieve forgiveness in the next, which is why he has no qualms about killing. He thinks that taking the lives of his targets is offering them a second chance at life. This is what, in the end, makes him perhaps the most terrifying person some people will ever meet. Extreme innocence is not always a good thing, and in the case of Jesset, it is not. He was raised in the belief that taking the lives of the cruel and immoral would send them on to the next world, to be judged by Zerval and gifted by Misara with their second life. He is friendly, and he is remarkably honest, and he is always kind. But he does not understand why killing might even possibly be wrong. Perhaps even more terrifying: he has never in his life shed a tear. The death of a comrade does not phase him. They are, after all, simply moving on to another life, where they will be a better person.

Diety: Zerval and Misara

Likes: Music, singing, dancing, stories, screams, killing, sparring, adventure, pretty much everyone he meets, children, blood, death, praying, cooking, taking flying leaps off of rooves, climbing rooves, being high-up, acrobatics, being unseen and unseeable

Dislikes: Spicy foods, eating too much, advocates of life, being restrained, being unable to see the sky, being spotted when he is hiding, people who do not scream when he kills them, anyone insulting the assassins, most priests, athiests

Life Goals: He wants to be the best of assassins. He wants to be the man who melts out of the shadow and back into it, without alerting a single soul to his presence. Ever. He wants to be a sort of god, the judger of the corrupt, the bringer of death and justice. In his mind, he already is a sort of god.

Fears: Anyone who will not die terrifies him. He is a bit wary of elves, who live so far beyond what he believes their allotted life.

Quirks: Jesset is technically insane. He believes that killing is right, and if faced with a large number of things to kill goes completely berserk. He laughs as he kills. He has never in his life felt the slightest hint of fear, as he believes that death simply leads to another, better life.



  • Hidden Blades - a pair of knives hidden, one in each sleeve, which he can flick out into his hands for a quick and efficient kill.
  • Throwing Knives - he wears a belt of throwing knives, for when he doesn't want to get too closet to enemy, or for when he doesn't have time to get in close.
  • Bow of the Assassin - a miniature crossbow he wears attached to his arm, which can be loaded and fired in an instant.

  1. Black Leather - full-bodied, light and flexible, and providing a decent amout of protection. At least, for the job he does.

  • 4 level 8 Healing Draughts


Magic Items:



History: Jesset, in all seventeen years of his life, has killed more people than most men will kill in their entire lives. He is still a boy, and he has never known anything but the Brotherhood of Shadows, an elite band of assassins based in an ancient church in the Sheffindai desert. His mother, unable to care for him, left him on the doorstep of the church, believing that he would be taken in by priests. The assassins who found him there did take him in, and they began his training the day he took his first step. He was taught to be the perfect killer. They told him that people who were cruel and immoral were in their first life, that people got better every time Misara blessed them with a new existence. They taught him that he was in his final life, his best life, before he ascended into the arms of Zirval. He had been chosen to administer punishment, to make the world a better place by ushering the cruel and immoral along into their next and gentler life. He was taught that he was the right-hand of Zirval, and extension, a god in himself. He is invincible, because death is not the end to him, and so he must not fear death. When the time comes, Zirval will take him up into his arms. Believing this, Jesset killed his first man at seven. He has never stopped. He is completely lethal, to those he judges are in need of moving on to Misara's next life. To anyone else, he is totally harmless. Until they do something that he believes is wrong.

So begins...

Jesset Choralian's Story