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Naqiya Crestfall

I'm so confident you'll love my song, I'm giving it to you to try for free.

0 · 416 views · located in The Ivory Crescent

a character in “Dungeons & Dragons”, as played by Smokescreen


Name: Naqiya Crestfall
Race: Elf
Class: Bard
Level: 1
Age: 105

Appearance: Slightly taller for an elf at 5’3 with smoky almond-shaped, grey eyes. Her hair is short and black with little style. Naqiya wears two stripes of ash on her forehead in remembrance of her father’s blacksmith trade. She wears a yellow leather vest embroidered with Dragons; each of the Dragons’ eyes is a nob of spun red thread. Her trousers are linen and bright scarlet with blue piping down the outside of the leg with boots of black leather ending at her knees, shined to a high polish.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

-Strength: 8
-Dexterity: 15
-Constitution: 10
-Intelligence: 14
-Wisdom: 10
-Charisma: 15

Languages: Common, Elven, Goblin, Orc, Undercommon

Feats: Persuasive

Appraise +2
Balance +2
Bluff +8
Decipher Script +4
Diplomacy +6
Disguise +2
Escape Artist +2
Forgery +2
Gather Information +6
Hide +4
Intimidate +4
Knowledge (history) +4
Knowledge (nobility) +4
Listen +3
Move Silently +4
Perform +6
Ride +4
Search +4
Sleight of Hand +6
Spot +2
Use Rope +2


Most of the time Naqiya is content to relish in decadence. She enjoys inebriation, gold, literature, music and promiscuity. She gives in to vice, as that is the only real thing in her life. She will join new adventuring parties to write about their exploits; however if she is needed to fight she worries about blood on her clothes. She is decent enough with a blade; but feels talking is by far the most powerful weapon.


Studded leather armor
Light crossbow (10 bolts)
Backpack with waterskin
1 day trail rations
Flint and steel
Torch x3
Darkwood Violin
Spell component pouch


Her father had told her he was sword maker. Though in her life he never picked up metal unless you counted silverware or pewter cups. He had never said why he left their ancestral home, why he left a wife and ten children and only took her to essentially become a servant to human. Yet that was their life, until he left her too, at the mercy of their human lord. Thankfully the lord was a kind man and vowed to rear her like his own daughter, he taught her how to fight so she never had to use it. When his son took over the house, he taught her conversation and music; an even greater weapon in skilled enough hands. The third generation was a rogue; a lout who spent more time in taverns and brothels squandering his grandfather's gold. In his shortfalls, he taught Naqiya the freedom of depravity and the appreciation for self-indulgence. When the money was gone, the creditors came and soon the only home she knew for a century was gone too. It was a big world out there and she decided instead of living for others, she would live for herself.

So begins...

Naqiya Crestfall's Story