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Shibuya Lance

"Blue Squares? Haha.... What're you talking about?" WIP

0 · 527 views · located in Shibuya ; Japan

a character in “Durarara: The War Between Yellow and Blue”, as played by γƒͺンーけゃん




Name: Shibuya Lance
"Can you guess my nationality?"

Age: 18
"Yeah, and?"

Role: Leader of Blue Squares
"E-Exactly who told you...?"

Gender: Male
"Now why the hell would you need to ask that!"

Height: 5'9
"I'm... a late bloomer is all..."

Weight: 155
"Eh? W-what!"

Oddities: If you don't recall him being the leader of a gang, then none really. He's right in his mind, so don't worry.
"I get into fights, a little trouble, but I'm still sane."

School: A student at Raira Academy, but got held back a year because he missed a whole year of school, therefore, failing.
"Hospital incident. Nothing special."

Nationality: 1/2 Japanese 1/2 American
"A common mix, wouldn't you agree?"

Sexuality: Heterosexual
"But I haven't taken in the thought of romance ever since... well... stuff happened..."

Romantic Interest: He once loved a girl two years ago until she was stolen by who he thinks is a Yellow Scarf, therefore getting into an incident and being hospitalized for a year and resulting in him being held back. At the moment, he hasn't loved anyone since.
"She was... very precious to me... but... things change..."

Job: Being the leader of a gang is a little too much for him already.
"Yeah, might as well put 'I am a leader of a famous gang, hire me!' on my second job application."

Allies: He has a slight trust with the Skilled Underground Informant, seeing how he gets most of his information from her, and also some trust with the Dollars as well, since they're pretty much neutral.
"Not friends, but not really allies. Just... people I can rely on, perhaps."

Enemies: He, of course, considers the Yellow Scarves as his enemy, especially after he suspects one of them kidnapped his past lover.
"I won't forgive them. Ever."











Family: (Please include if they are deceased or not along with age and optional pictures | Also add in, if dead, how they died)


Character Thoughts On Others: (If don't know, wait for my characters :3)


Theme Song: (Put as many songs! Instrumental, Japanese, English, German, doesn't matter! Feel free to put down as many as wanted! Gives me something to listen to while I read~ Also add lyrics if you can find and if it has any!)

So begins...

Shibuya Lance's Story