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Durarara!!- What's the New Dawn?

Durarara!!- What's the New Dawn?


Ikebukuro-This city is famous for tourists, anime, and colored gangs. These 'colored gangs' have caused trouble for this city ever since their creation... except for one, that is. The Dollars. (STARTING BUT STILL EXCEPTING!!!)

686 readers have visited Durarara!!- What's the New Dawn? since Tetsuya Shimazu created it.

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Sometimes, if you're lucky enough, ths city gives you a gift. Wether that gift is friendship, love, or lust. The New Dawn are none of these. A rumor has been spread around of this new 'colored gang' called The New Dawn. Not much is known of this group, except that they're foreign and that they're currently in Ikebukuro. Nobody knows what this gangs rules are, or why they're in Ikebukuro... But they're certainly gettig attention.

Required roles- (I would like all of these roles to be taken, please)

- Mikado Ryugamine

- Celty Sturluson

- Anri Sonohara

- Masaomi Kida(taken)

- Izaya Orihara

- Shizuo Heiwajima (Taken by me)

Other roles- (These do not matter if taken or not)

- Shinra Kishtani

- Simon Brezhznev

- Seiji Yagari

- Mika Harima

- Namie Yagari

- Kyohei Kadota

- Saburo Togusa

- Erika Karisawa

- Walker Yumasaki

- Tom Tanaka

- Ryo Takiguchi (You may not remember him, but I'll add him anyway)

- Etc. (You can make you own also)

Character skelly-

Physical description: (Hieght, eye/hair/skin color/tone, an all that fun stuff)
Skills: (Fighting, artistic, etc)
Picture: (anime preferred)

Toggle Rules

The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

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0.00 INK

Chat Room

-Kanra has entered chat-

Setton: Hey, Kanra.

Taro Tanaka: Yes, hello Kanra.

Kanra: Heya!!!

Setton: You seem energetic as always, Kanra.

Kanra: Ofcourse! I've got some juicy news!!!!!

Taro Tanaka: 'Juicy'...?

-Hitoshi has entered chat-

-Saika has entered chat-

Setton: Hi, Saika. Hey Hitoshi.

Saika: Hi

Hitoshi: Yo.

Kanra: Hey there!!!

Taro Tanaka: Hey is this your first time in the chat, Hitoshi?

Hitoshi: Yeah, I'm not online much. A couple guys I know told me it's fun.

Kanra: Then let me welcome you to this, my humble paradise!!!

Hitoshi: Uh, thanks... I guess.

Kanra: OH, THAT'S RIGHT!!! I had almost forgotten about the news!

Taro Tanaka: What's the news?

Kanra: I heard that a big gang is coming to Ikebukuro!!! *O*

Setton: Really?

Kanra: Yup, they're calling themselves 'the New Dawn'.

Taro Tanaka: Are you sure it's not some prank?

Kanra: Duhhh! Have I ever given you guys false info before?

Hitoshi: It sounds like a load of crap to me.


-Hitoshi left chat-

Kanra: Looks like he can't take a joke.

Taro Tanaka: Guys, I gotta go. Goodbye.

Setton: Goodbye.

Kanra: Bye!

Saika: Good night

-Taro Tanaka has left chat-

Kanra: Looks like I gotta go, too. See ya!

-Kanra has left chat-

Saika: Do you think that was true, Celty?

Setton: Ofcourse not. You know how Kanra is.

Saika: I guess you're right.

Setton: I've gotta run, too. Goodnight, and don't listen to Kanra.

Saika: Okay, good night.

-Setton has left chat-


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0.00 INK

Maruna sighed, powering up her tech room.

"Miss me?" She asked other gamers on Star Line, killing a few in the process.

"MM, that's not fair!" A few whined after they revived themselves.

"Deal with it." She mumbled, casting a few buffs on herself. They practically made her invincible.

After a while, around 10:00am, she switched to a chatroom, where her name was also MM.

-MM has signed on-

"Hello everyone and Good morning!"


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0.00 INK

Chat Room

Taro Tanaka: Good morning, MM.

Setton: MM, good to see you.

Inside Shinra Kishitani's appartment, Ikebukuro

A woman was typing away on the keyboard of a laptop computer. But this was no ordinary woman, she was a dulahan, a fairy of Irish folklore who didn't have a head. And this could clearly be seen by the black shadow-like smoke coming from her neck. A man with brown hair and wore glasses walked into the room. This man was Shinra Kishitani, an underground doctor.

"Hey, Celty, you got another job." Shinra said.

"How's it look?" Celty typed onto the laptop so Shinra could see.

"Pretty simple. You just have to deliver a package."

"Did they say what was in the package?" Celty typed.

"Nope. They never do." Shinra said.

Celty then typed into the chat.

Chat Room

Setton: Sorry guys, I gotta a job to do. Good bye.

Taro Tanaka: Okay, bye.

-Setton has left chat-

Taro Tanaka: I'd better go, too. Bye, MM.

-Taro Tanaka has left chat-

Mikado Ryugamine's apartment

Mikado pushed himself up from the spot where he'd been sitting infront of his computer. He then streched his arms and yawned, "I've got to get ready for school." He said, then pulled on his Raira Academy uniform. He was straightening his tie when he remembered something. "I totally forgot! I was going to meet Anri at the 'Ureshi Mart'!" And with that Mikado sprinted out the door toward the shop.


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0.00 INK

"Well, I suppose that I should get off." Maruna mumbled signing off. "Time for... school." She took off her tech suit and changed into her uniform.

"Wah." She yawned laying her head on her desk.


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A boy of about sixteen sat lounging against the window of a bus. His arms behind his head his face with a lazy yet aloof grin. His golden blond hair fell in his eyes, you'd think he was asleep.

"Its been a while since we've been here" said a short haired girl by his side

One of his eyes opened "Yup~" he sighed "But i think its time I make an appearance I've been gone so long they may have died without my knowing" he grinned one eye still closed

"Masaomi don't say that" the girl replied chuckling a bit.

suddenly the bus stopped. Masaomi lifted his head both eyes wide "oh are we here?"

the girl and turned looking out the bus window at Ikebukuro.

"Welcome back Saki" Masaomi said joining her

(hope the colors don't annoy people sorry >.<)


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Character Portrait: Shizuo Heiwajima
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0.00 INK

Mikado Ryugamine was running as fast as he could down the busy street of Ikebukuro, breathing heavily. He stopped and bent over, resting his hands on his knees. "Man," Mikado said, inbetween breaths. "I should really get in shape."

A very tall black man was standing next to Mikado, holding a pile of fliers in his hands. "You look tired. Come, eat sushi." The man said, in Russian accent.

Mikado was a little startled by the man's booming voice. He hadn't noticed, until now that he'd decide to rest infront of the Russia sushi shop. "Oh, hey Simon." Mikado said, a smile on his face. "Sorry, I have to get to school. But maybe later I'll come by for some sushi." And with that Mikad sprinted off again.

As the boy started to sprint off again he felt his shoulder bump into something. He didn't know it was a person until the man said. "Hey, watch where your goin'." The man's voice was rather bitter.

Mikado immediately bowed his head. "I'm very sorry!"

"Hey. I've seen you before, right?" The voice said, not sounding any less bitter.

Mikado lifted his head a little to see who the man was. His face contorted as he understood who the man he just ran into was. This man was rather tall and wore the clothes a bartender would usually wear, he had average length blonde hair and blue sunglasses.

"Y- you're Shizuo Heiwajima!"

"That's right, who are you?" Shizuo said, putting a cigarettein between his lips.

"I- I'm Mikado. Mikado Ryugamine!" Mikado said then bowed again.

"The name sounds familiar, but..." Shizuo said, then looked up at the sky, thinking. "Shit, I can't remember."


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0.00 INK

Maruna pulled out her high tech cell phone. They were hard to get your hands on.

She clicked button that made a hologram screen pop up. "Let's see what's going on in town." She mumbled, hacking th towns cameras. She saw Shizuo and kid from her class. "Ohoho."


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Character Portrait: Shizuo Heiwajima
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"Oh, wait." Shizuo said, fguring out where he'd seen the boy before. "You were there when the Dollars had their first meeting. Well, I guess you could call that a meeting."

"Uh, y-yes. I was there." Mikado stuttered.

"You were talkin' to Izaya, right? Speakin' of that weasel, have you seen him around recently?" Shizuo asked.

"Umm, I don't think so..." Mikado said.

"Damn. Well, actually that's good and bad." Shizuo said. He pulled the cigarette out from inbetween his lips and stepped on it. "It's bad because I can't beat the shit out of him, but good because I don't have to see or hear his pathetic face."

Just then a black bike pulled over next to Shizuo. The bike's engine made no noise, and the rider was wearing a yellow helmet with cat ears.

Both Shizuo and Mikado looked at the bike as it haulted to a stop. "Celty?" The two asked in unison. She pulled out her PDA and typed out, "Shizuo, I'd like to talk with you."

Shizuo nodded. "Yeah, sure." He then stepped on the back of the bike.

Celty then held up the portable device to Mikado's face, it now read. "I need to talk to you later, as well. After school, okay?"

Mikado's face filled with shock when he read the message. "I forgot about Anri again!" He yelled then sprinted off.

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Character Portrait: Maruna Maikoko
Maruna Maikoko

"Game, Activate." Gamer name: MM

Character Portrait: Shizuo Heiwajima
Shizuo Heiwajima

"You're pissin' me off."


Character Portrait: Shizuo Heiwajima
Shizuo Heiwajima

"You're pissin' me off."

Character Portrait: Maruna Maikoko
Maruna Maikoko

"Game, Activate." Gamer name: MM

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Character Portrait: Shizuo Heiwajima
Shizuo Heiwajima

"You're pissin' me off."

Character Portrait: Maruna Maikoko
Maruna Maikoko

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i love the first post just like the show totally was imagining it the whole time

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We will need atleast another 2 people to join for us to start. And yes, I was very intrigued by your character. I cant wait to see her in the roleplay.

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Thank you for accepting my character! I con't wait to get this started!
PS: Did you like my character

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Great! Just remember that you can only take 2 main characters at most, and try not ot take more than 5 over all.

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I'll join as an original character

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