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Ashton Mercer

"Be with you in a second, let me finish this page."

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a character in “Dwma: A new moon is coming”, as played by freemixer25


Ashton Mercer


Student star level:β˜… _ _ _

Age: 18

Wavelength type: Anti-Demon Wavelength. Ashton is able to protect himself from madness and even protect others around him from it's influence, possibly even purify a person that hasn't been affected for too long.

Sex: Male

I Prefer: Either, Don't judge.

Ashton is a thoughtful young man who is quick witted and sarcastic. His sarcasm is never cruel or offensive and because of that he tends to make people laugh. Ashton always wants to come out on top, taking his mistakes and failures to heart. Even though he seems to exude confidence, he tends to doubt himself and tends to be pessimistic about anything he tries to do, although he would never show it on the surface. In a fight, Ashton will taunt and tease his opponent, depending on who he is fighting his remarks could be cruel or simple, sarcastic quips. Ashton feels strongly about many things, he doesn't try to mold people to his view but he doesn't change them easily, he believes that people are naturally good and deserve a second chance, he believes that it isn't right for people to take away others happiness just because it makes them uneasy. Every since his father was killed he is determined to become a meister and destroy the witch and evil human that ruined his life, and those that ruined other lifes as well. The death of his father has caused Ashton to become depressed although he tries hard not to act that way around others, especially his mother who has taken the death hard.

Ashton had a very normal childhood with normal parents who lived in a normal house in a normal city. His mother owned a small bakery where she baked all the bread and pastries herself with a little help from her staff. The shop was renowned for her cookies, no one in their town didn't go there at least once every few weeks. His Father was a business man who helped his wife to start up her bakery. Ashton's fathers business smarts and his mothers baking skills bought the family a comfortable life. However, their life changed when a string of murders began to happen in the town, the deaths became stranger and stranger as they progressed. Soon the Evil Human gained the attention of a witch and the town went into complete chaos, Ashton's father was killed while he tried to protect his family. The father's sacrifice allowed Ashton and his mother to escape the city. After his fathers death and the destruction of his childhood home town, Ashton and his mother made it to Death City, Nevada where they tried to rebuild their ruined life, His mother started a new bakery where Ashton helps out sometimes. For two years Ashton has worked hard to get fit so he could get into the DWMA and he now feels he is ready.

~ Reading books, he loves getting lost in good literature.
~ Music, orchestral music is his over all favorite.
~ Being lost in his imagination.
~ Meeting new people.
~ Fighting for his beliefs.

~ Ignorant people.
~ Silence, it lets him get lost in his thoughts.....and he begins to notice a ringing in his ears he had ever since he could remember.
~ Witches and Evil Humans.

So begins...

Ashton Mercer's Story

Ashton woke early this morning, knowing that today was the day when gets to join the DWMA. He only packed one suitcase because he didn't live far from the academy and if he needed anything he only had to walk back into town. Ashton took a quick shower and got ready for the day. By the time he was out of the shower, the smell of his mothers bakery has filled the small apartment that is situated over the tiny bake shop, causing his stomach to growl. As Ashton walks down the stairs he can't help but think that today is the last day he will wake up to the scent of his mother baking.

He enters the shop and sees his mother kneading dough, and he can already see a few people waiting for the store to open for the freshest bread. "Morning Mom," He says as he places his suitcase down. "I'm going now." She looks up from her bread and smiles. "One suitcase? Don't you have to live in the dorm for the first year? Will that be enough clothes?" She asks. "Well i can see the school from my window, it's not like i can't just walk here in case i need anything. Besides, forgetting something gives me the reason to visit!" He says with a smile on his face. His mother giggles slightly. "How thoughtful of you. Well i don't want you to be late so i made you this." She pulls out a round, puffy piece of bread from the fridge. "It's a breakfast roll, stuffed with strawberries and bananas, you can eat it on the go!" She wraps part of it in a napkin and holds it out to him. "Thanks, Mom." He takes it and gives her a quick hug and exits out of the shop and makes his way to the school.

Ashton makes it to the large staircase and looks up the ridiculously large mountain of stairs. "Lets go." He puts a pair of headphones over his ears and turns up his music as he begins to ascend the stairs. After climbing for a while he makes it to the top and the first thing he notices is a girl with long white hair carrying a lot of books, no one seems to be offering her help, or maybe she denied help but he figured he would go up and see if she would like someone to carry some for her. He turns down his music and lowers his headphones to around his neck before walking up to her. "Excuse me? You look....overburdened with all those books. Would you like some help?" He says to her with a smile on his face.

William had gotten up and moving to the DWMA over an hour ago. He had moved into his three bedroom apartment over a week ago to settle in and personalize the place to make it feel at home. "Good thing I got my stuff settled." Robin said to himself as he moved through the streets towards the Academy's stairs. Sighing he walked to the stairs and started the long walk up the stairs.

"These stairs look like they go up forever. In the name o' the Lord who was the little pike that made these stairs to exhaust their students before reaching up the class anyway?!" he thought angrily as he walked towards the top and spotted several things, a young man trying to help a young woman with some books that looked a bit to heavy for her size and twin brothers in the shade, one taking a nap whilst the other was observing the people.

"No doubt about it, Im an oddball here, I'm probably the only man who may sound like I come from a Gaelic origin but In fact am an american with a Japanese born mother and an Irish Mechanic for a Pa." he thought. "Gonna have to try and tone me accent down to at least sound like someone from the Britain Isle."

He walked towards the entrance to the Academy, feeling a bit spooked that the front is an effigy of a skull with horns. "By Finn's sore thumb, That's a bit of a dandy there. Guess they don't call it Death Weapon Meister Academy for nothing without some...death theme." He muttered. He then looked to see the people he spotted heard him before walking a bit more. "Morrigan take me if I have to share the same classroom with these blokes." He thought.

Creed strolled through the doors of the Academy with a smile on his face, thinking about how things would turn out here, taking note of the guy who had been gawking at the entrance's grim decor.
{Irish, huh? Good, I won't be the only person with an odd accent.} He thought as he considered concealing his Spanish accent(from his years at the orphanage, the Matron was born and raised in Barcelona, and had taught him English when he was little), then shook off the idea. If that guy was going to walk around without hiding it, he wouldn't either. As he went through the halls, and got settled down in a classroom, not really paying attention to whether or not it was the RIGHT one(thankfully, it was), he pressed his left-hand fingers to his right shoulder and pulled them away, revealing the metal bass strings now attached to his fingers, giving them a quick strum once taut. Then, much in the way one would manipulate a puppet, he began pulling them out and in, making the notes he played change as his fingers slid along on the strings. While normally one would need an amplifier for making the sounds he was playing audible, his Anti-Demon Wavelength made them not only sound clear as day, but actually visible, as the soundwaves pulsed around him with different colors in time with the riffs he played. So what if he was new? He'd make the best of it, like everything else!

Ouka was focusing very intently on not dropping her books. For so long as she had nothing else to focus on, this went rather well, even as she managed to finish making her way up the stairs and entered the courtyard. Unfortunately, all of that changed when somebody abruptly stepped in front of her, calling out innocently enough to ask if she wanted any help. Unfortunately, although the boy had meant well, his intentions were doomed to failure. Ouka was currently very high-strung at the moment, feeling stressed both by the prospect of carrying what felt like several tons of reading material up what felt like several miles of stairs, and by her anxiety about all of the various ways in which she might err or otherwise ruin her chances as a Meister. Consequently, when, with her vision obscured by the small tower of books she carried, she only barely managed to glimpse somebody stepping in front of her, her reaction was neither composed, nor controlled.

Frantically trying to stop herself before she crashed into the boy, Ouka swiftly overbalanced herself, the weight of the books in her arms swiftly carrying her over backwards. "Oh..!" She murmured to herself, taking several steps backward as she tried not to fall, only realizing too late that, having only just crested the truly staggering flight of stairs, there was nowhere behind her for her to actually go. The white-haired Meister's golden eyes widened as she found herself teetering on the very brink of the staircase, coming very close to falling back down the entire flight she'd only just crested. Thankfully, however, this was not what happened.

For a moment distracted by her predicament, Ouka found the bag slung over her arm suddenly slipping down to her elbow. Trying to catch it before it could fall, she found herself suddenly dragged down to the side by this weight, stumbling in that direction and finally losing her balance as she toppled over, the large stack of books in her arms falling all around her as her precarious balance at last gave way, sending her tipping to the side... right into the path of another student just as he, too, crested the top of the stairs, the headphones on his ears likely deafening him to the warning of the stumbling girl.

"L-look out!" Was all she had time to say before she crashed into him from the side, her leg colliding with his outstretched foot as she staggered to try and right herself, only to trip up and, running into the boy, find her balance reversed yet again as she fell gracelessly backward onto the ground, landing just in time for a particularly heavy member of the dropped stack of books to fall open on top of her head like a crown of shame, even as its fellows landed on and around her, half burying her amidst the literature she'd tried and failed to carry.

"Ow..." The pale-haired girl murmured, rubbing her head as the book that had fallen atop it dropped to the ground beside her.

Ashtons good intentions turned disastrous when the girl he was hoping to help instead ended up falling down because of how she stopped even though he was about five feet away from her. His hand covers his mouth as he begins to laugh, not because he found it funny but because of the relief he felt that she didn't fall backward down the stairs.. While he was letting his fit pass he notices as the guy who she nearly made fall over goes to help her. When he fit passes he lowers his hand, slightly blushing because of how inappropriate it is to laugh at the moment. "I'm really sorry, i wasn't laughing at you," He tries to explain. "I was laughing from relief because you didn't fall down the stairs. Here let me help."

He kneels down next to the other guy who was offering his hand and begins to gently pick up the books, and close them softly. "I love a good read, but i bet they have a very extensive library here." Ashton looks up from one of the books. "And i'm positive they have plenty of books on being a meister." He says in regards to the title of one book he just closed. He begins to place the books in piles. "How you even made it up those stairs in this heat with these books, you would need some real resolve to get that done." He begins to pick up more books then looks up. "My name is Ashton by the way, i'm here to become a Meister too." He looks up at the boy who is also helping her. "Sorry about causing all this, this really wasn't my intent." He begins to put the books into a stack. "I hope you'll let me make up for all this by letting me carry your books?"

For a moment, Ouka remained slightly dazed, both by her fall and by the rather heavy tome that had landed atop her head. When the stars stopped whirling before her eyes, then, she immediately noticed several things. First, there were two people starting to pick up her books, and second, one of them was laughing, seemingly at her. The pale-haired girl cocked her head slightly to the side, pursing her lips and looking quizzically up at the chuckling boy as she attempted to grasp the meaning of this. Why was he laughing? Did she look silly at the moment? If that was why, then it seemed rather rude to her. But if he was making fun of her, then why was he, at the same time, trying to pick up her dropped books? Ouka didn't get it. Maybe he was laughing at the other boy's comment? No, it didn't seem like that, either. The young Meister grimaced slightly, disappointed by her inability to reach an actual conclusion when it came to the intentions of the people around her.

Even when the boy did explain himself, Ouka still felt a little disappointed. Yet again, she'd proven that she couldn't understand the meanings of other peoples' actions without those explanations being shoved right in her face. And, as though to add insult to injury, the boy's explanation itself also went against what little she had thought she knew about Human interaction. She'd never thought that laughter was a sign of relief, but evidently, it could be. How strange. So, she supposed, that meant that she'd been wrong yet again...

Blinking a few times, Ouka realized that she'd been silent and motionless for a little longer than most people would consider normal, simply staring pensively at the cobblestones upon which she'd so roughly found herself seated. Glancing up, she found the hand of one of the two boys - the one she'd crashed into, by the look of things - extended towards her. Er... was he trying to help her up? She supposed it would be rude not to accept the gesture, but he really didn't have to do that... Nevertheless, she reluctantly took his hand, standing quickly so as to avoid burdening the boy.

"Ah...?" Ouka murmured, turning to face the other as he began picking up her books for her. "No, you don't have to do that. I'll be fine." She said quietly, almost without thinking. Having had so much trouble herself, she didn't want to force someone else to undergo that same strain for her out of some sense of obligation. It was only after she spoke, however, that she realized that this offer, too, was one that it might come off as rude to refuse. What if the boy thought she was mad at him? Suddenly, Ouka found her worries returning with renewed force, as she recalled a rather pressing issue.

It wasn't just being a Meister that she might not be good enough at. What if she failed to interact with other people, too?

As Asher waited for the girl to either refuse of accept his hand, a boy was heard laughing in the distance, most likely at the scene of the girl's blunder. Asher turned and gave the boy a frown, as even he wouldn't find it very.... Alright, so it was funny to Asher. However, Asher managed to control his mouth and hide his natural reaction. The stranger finally let out the last of his laughter, then blushed. "I'm really sorry, i wasn't laughing at you," He tries to explain. "I was laughing from relief because you didn't fall down the stairs. Here let me help."

Asher nods in response to this, letting out a bit of a sigh before helping the girl up, who accepted his hand just a few moments before the boy stopped laughing. The two boys then picked up the books and stacked them. The boy commented about the girl's excessive numer of books, then added with "How you even made it up those stairs in this heat with these books, you would need some real resolve to get that done." He begins to pick up more books then looks up. "My name is Ashton by the way, i'm here to become a Meister too. Sorry about causing all this, this really wasn't my intent. I hope you'll let me make up for all this by letting me carry your books?"

"Ah...?" the girl responded. "No, you don't have to do that. I'll be fine." She answered. Asher looked at the piles, then at the girl. He sighed. "I think it's safe to say that you really do need our help, miss." Asher replied. "Besides, I'll help you out, too." There was a slight smile in his face. He walked over to the pile of books and picked up some of it, about a third of the books. The smaller pile itself was extremely heavy, and Asher had to wonder how DID she get them up those steps? Oh, right. Asher realized. I forgot to introduce myself. He slightly turned his head while resting the pile on his leg in an attempt to remove some of the pain of carrying the pile, for now. "I forgot to introduce myself as well. Asher Lucian. And it's pronounced Loo-shun." His smile widened into a normal one, and anyone could tell that it's those smiles that belongs to one of the best friends you can have.

Asher smiles at the girl as he picks up the largest stack of books. "Well, it's a good thing i want to help." He stumbles only a little as he stands up but gives a reassuring smile when he gets his balance. "Well Asher, Book girl It's nice to meet both of you." He turns towards the school and notices people are heading inside. "Uh oh, i think the first class is going to start soon." He looks back at the two. "Lets walk to class together... well not that we have much of a choice considering we're carrying her books. Well, lets not be late for the first class." He begins to walk towards the school.

#, as written by Inugami
"A pain." The teacher pouted, clearly disappointed. "Though, there's still just a little bit of time left." She looked towards the door, whilst placing her right index finger on her chin. "Don't call me teacher." She spoke softly with a small tune. She had an idea, turning to the chalk board, with both hands she grabbed the chalk on the small edge and began to wildly race the chalk across the board. Unknowing to Creed that this time, the teacher had a gleam in her eye a small smirk across her lips. "It's Ms. Sproodles to the student body." She announced with a nod while her back still facing Creed. Whipping her hands off with the clean erasers, she looked up now at the chalk board, it covered in white chalk from one end to the other. Erasing only a small portion of the now white board, she then took the same eraser and a few chalk pieces and headed towards Creed. Placing the items on the desk adjacent to his, she then dashed towards the chalk board and began to clear the board with two other erasers.

After clearing the board, Ms. Sproodles turned her attention now to the door of her class. Carefully placing a chalk filled eraser at the top of the entrance, held in position by the door(So that it would drop onto the first person to enter hastily), she gave a cackle before dashing to a random seat with the second eraser in hand. "The day has just begun. Now be patient and be ready to be entertained, my little bird. Today, three people will be whiter then usual." Sitting patently, with a strait face, holding back the bubbly joy that had begun to slowly build within her.

"...O...oh..." Ouka mumbled, not sure how to respond as both of them completely disregarded her assurances that she could handle carrying her books herself, and then began to gather up said stacks of literature without delay. "A-alright... Er... I'm sorry about all this... Really..." She apologized quietly as the red-haired boy made an offhand comment that made it pretty clear - at least, in her opinion - that he was only doing this out of a sense of obligation, confirming her earlier suspicions and making her regret her own clumsiness even more than she already had. Nevertheless, Ouka tried her best not to show her crestfallen emotions, not wanting to make this conversation even more awkward and forced than it already was, and settled for carrying the large bookbag that had been draped over her arm until the collision. It was much less of a burden now that she had both hands free to carry it with, so consequently, it wasn't difficult for her to keep up with the two unexpected companions she'd found herself hesitantly trailing after. Nevertheless, the red-clad Meister still found herself intentionally lagging slightly behind, nervous at the prospect of the conversation's continuation, especially now that she'd already bungled things so badly as it was. But, as usual, although she tried to avoid further awkwardness, the two began promptly introducing themselves, probably feeling that they should do so to fill the silence. The fact that neither asked for her name, and one of them simply referred to her as "Book Girl" - proving exactly how notable the poor first impression she'd made was - only served to make this forced dialogue even more nerve-wracking for her.

Further compounding this already abnormal interaction was Ouka's somewhat regrettable tendency to think out loud, and her equally awkward habit of connecting and bringing up the most odd things.

"Lu-Xun?" She murmured to herself, still clearly enough to be heard. "That's odd. Your last name is phonetically identical to the name of a famous strategist in Chinese history." For a moment after making this observation, she remained silent. However, in the next, Ouka found herself flushing a bright shade of red as she realized that her random train of thought had, in fact, been spoken aloud. If there was one thing she could have done to render the conversation even more bizarre and unnerving than it already had been, it was that. And so, preoccupied with her embarrassment at having acted so unusual in front of other people, Ouka only made matters worse for herself by completely forgetting to give her own name.

(I'll leave it to you guys to have us reaching the classroom. :3 Sorry for the delay, everyone!)

Asher walked towards the building. The pile of knowledge (too bad it isn't Patchoul- *shot*) that Asher carried was a bit heavy. However, it didn't change the fact that the three were late, and so Asher sped up a bit, but still in walking speed. He wanted to make sure that he doesn't leave the other two behind. "Lu-Xun? That's odd. Your last name is phonetically identical to the name of a famous strategist in Chinese history." Asher heard the girl say.

Asher shrugged. "I'm not the least bit Chinese, and I don't know the guy. I might look him up later though..." As he neared the classroom, Asher turned around and looked at the silver-haired girl. "Anyway, what's your name?" He asked. Asher turns and pushes the door open with his foot, still trying to balance himself so he won't fall. A single eraser fell from above, making a plop sound as it hit the floor since Asher wasn't able to enter that fast with the pile of books. Hearing the noise, Asher moved the pile to see what fell, and knew exactly that it was the old trick in the book- place something on top of a doorway, and watch it fall upon the person who opens it. Asher glared at the class and the teacher, rather coldly. "You're gonna have to do better than that to prank me." He mutters as he looks for a seat among the giant stand.

Ashton smiles at the girl as he begins to walk towards the classroom behind Asher. He was only partially listening to their conversation about Lu-xun. When they near the classroom Asher asks the girl what her name is. "Yeah, you haven't introduced yourself yet, i don't want to get your attention by yelling book girl from across the hall." He says with a smile on his face. As Asher opens the door a dusty eraser plops to the ground in a cloud of chalk dust. "Well, the first prank of the year went wrong, i can't tell if thats a good or bad thing."

As Asthon walks in he looks at the Teacher in the room. "Hello ma'am sorry were a little late, i wanted to help this girl carry her books so i hope you aren't too mad at us." He walks past her still carrying the large pile of books in his arms. He looks for a seat and when he finds one he likes he goes over to it and sets the books down on the desk. "Hey, why don't we sit here?" He calls to Asher and the Girl. Ashton looks at the seat and spots another dusty eraser on the seat, he picks it up and walks over to the teacher. "I think you misplaced this." He says with a smile and he sets it on the chalkboard then returns to the seat he chose.

Creed, not one to waste a good eraser joke, cracked his fingers and pulled his strings out of his shoulder once more to began playing, this time using a bit more of a mellow bass riff that would draw attention to him as its colors of yellow and purple rippled out, or more specifically, his fingers that were strumming the strings. With a flick of his free pinkie finger on the strung hand out towards the eraser Ashton had placed on the board, he attached a near-invisible guitar string to the chalk-filled bomb with a quick twist. With one more flick, he reeled it back in and set it back down on the chair before anyone caught him, using his visual show to act as both a sight deterrent as he withdrew the string and an ADD suppressant. If someone saw the eraser on the chair again, ah well. If they didn't, he got his whitened wish. Either way, win-win. With his deed done, he kept played, both to make it look like it wasn't him that did that, and to keep passing time(Hey, some people just wanna jam.)

#, as written by Inugami
The two twins stepped through the door, after the slim, silver haired, girl. Crimson was the first to step through the door, his brother followed after. Crimson's eyes quickly swept the class' surroundings, while Silver looked through the class trying to spot William from the group. It seemed that somehow they had made it before him. Maybe there's another class nearby? Silver wondered, pondering if he did have a second chance to apologize. His thoughts interrupted as Crimson hooked arms with his brother, ''Hey, Aniki, our Sensei!'' He nudged his twin brother as he pointed out Ms. Proodles with a quick motion of his head. Looking over Silver's eyes widened instantly but before he could make any more notes of his teacher's appearance he was tugged harshly along. Standing nearest to the middle of the room, Crimson unlocked his arm from his brothers, to give the teacher a proper bow, which Silver copied flawlessly. ''We will be in your care.'' Their voices overlapped in harmony, after they straightened up and moved closer to the edge of the class, giving the rest of the students a wide birth. Crimson didn't give any care in the world that they may have been a tinsy-bit late, though as Silver was going to bring up the subject, Crimson simply and promptly turned his head away from his brother before he could make a peep.

Looking now to the other students gathered in the room, Crimson held a criticizing stare to those who held the Meister badge. Feeling the cold shoulder vibe from his brother, mostly to the fact he may be a little over exited at the thought of being able to choose a Meister, Silver simply looked down to his feet. He knew and left the decision making to Crimson since long ago, after all he had no real choice. It was after a moment that something caught Silver's attention, though it wasn't the sudden play of music but something he caught in his peripherals.

Crimson was about to take a seat, his eyes still harsh as he gave the meister's in the room an uncomfortable stare. Instead of finding himself sitting on a nice leveled chair he could feel the warmth and quite oddly un-leveled lap of his brother instead. With out turning his head, Crimson stood back up after a long moments pause, ''Aniki?''-''Yes, Aniki?'' Silver gave a light squeak as he found him self sitting with a squinted look, he had taken the seat his brother had wanted, thus making sure his brother wouldn't sit on the sudden chalk filled eraser. ''...What are you sitting on?''-''Your chai-'' Before Silver could finish, Crimson had his brother by the shirt of his collar, lifting him onto his feet. With his head turned slightly, he had a look to see what his brother was up to. Having looked passed Silver's shoulder, he noticed a rather squished board eraser with chalk dust surrounding it. Pulling his brother against him, pulling the back of his brothers pants out with his other hand, he noticed it had been nicely whitened like a newly powdered baby.

Pushing Silver back down into the same seat, allowing the chalk to further whiten his brother's underside, Crimson turned to face the rest of the class about to let out an uproar. Much to his dismay and surprise he had become a bit too dumbfounded to yell at anyone. Just as sudden as he turned around, Crimson received a chalk filled eraser to the face by such an unsuspecting culprit. With a click and clack, as the wooden side of the thrown eraser hit the ground, crimson sat back down onto his brothers lap. For once in a long time, Crimson didn't know how to react to such an odd act of childish behavior coming from someone with such stature. ''Aniki?''-''Yes, Aniki?'' ''Did Sensei just hit me with that?'' -''Yes, Aniki.''

Before getting a response from the others he sits down at the spot he designated. When he sat down he began to hear guitar play and he looks at who he assumes is a weapon play on strings that came out from his shoulder. He was watching the strange colors emanate from him playing, but he was able to pull his attention away in time to see that a eraser appeared in his hand, the same one he placed by the board since it wasn't where he just placed it. He saw the Guitar player throw the eraser onto a seat, Obviously the prank was going to happen, so instead of speaking up he sighs and just lets it happen. He looks at the pair of twins walk in sees one of them glare at him, instead of looking away he just gives a friendly smile. After that he noticed a few events happen quickly the end result being one of the twins having white powder on the seat of his pants. When he sees the teacher place her foot on a chair and pump her hand into the air in a sort of victory pose. oh...great a joker of a teacher

When the teacher comes over to question the stack of books he was carrying for the girl he just smiles, he already said why he had the books, he wasn't about to repeat himself. The teacher asks a question about if anyone doesn't understand a Weapon or a Meister. Ashton didn't have any questions so he just leans back in the chair and looks around the room. "I don't think we would have come in here unaware of what we have to do in our respective roles."

#, as written by Inugami
"Unlike most, there are those who may have come without knowing." Ms. Sproodles gave a sturdy nod. "And there is no shame in that." She crossed her arms, her glass' catching the light once more. "After all this is an Academy." Ms. Sproodles gave another look over at her students. After a moment she gave a soft smile. I wonder how they'll progress. She wondered, they looked to be a promising bunch. Even so, she couldn't help but wonder were her last student had gone off too.

The next few moments were all a sudden spiral of confusion. Upon opening the door of the classroom, Ouka and the two boys who she had crashed so humiliatingly into were suddenly thrown into the midst of a whirlwind of activity. At least two attempted pranks went off within the course of half a minute, and one of them succeeded. The teacher displayed a tremendous skill at throwing erasers, and also scolded the group for carrying in so many books, causing Ouka to blush furiously, although this was also partially because she found herself forced to sit right between the two boys in order to reclaim her stacks of literature, and both of them were now pointing out that she'd completely forgotten to give her name. With so much attention focused around her, it seemed like she had already bungled things horribly already.

"I'm sorry... ma'am..." She said quietly. "I just..." She trailed off, stopping herself mid-sentence as she remembered that most teachers would consider such explanations to be mere excuses, and that she shouldn't make herself look even more incompetent than she had already. "Sorry..." She repeated again, her golden eyes turning downward to the desk below as she lowered her head in a futile attempt to hide the redness that was beginning to appear across her face. Still, she realized, she couldn't just shut up and save herself future humiliations quite yet. She still had one more question to answer.

"Sorry for not introducing myself," She apologized again, seeming more than a little melancholy all of a sudden. "I guess it sort of slipped my mind. My name is Ouka."

As Asher looked around, he heard the boy he was with call out to him and the girl. "Hey, why don't we sit here?" Asher sighed with relief, and began to walk to his seat, letting the silver-haired girl go in between him and the other boy. Just as Asher began to relax in his seat, a loud and strict tone nearly made him jump. ''You three! You shouldn't bring in so many... unnecessary items. The school does have its own library. A Big one.'' The teacher herself called out to the trio, but the other boy didn't answer. However, the girl began to stutter, causing Asher to nearly facepalm. A simple "Sorry" would've been sufficient.... Asher thought with a bit of annoyance.

Sighing again, Asher answered in a loose tone "I only helped another person, so ask the other two." He addressed the teacher. When she asked if anyone if any of the students don't know what a Weapon is or what a Meister's role is. Asher, of course, knew. Even though he might look more like the kind to not pay attention in class and just fool around, the Weapon knew his stuff. Asher began to close his eyes again, until a melancholy voice interrupted his relaxation moment.

"Sorry for not introducing myself... I guess it sort of slipped my mind. My name is Ouka." Asher opened his eyes once again, and turned to his left (OOC: I assumed that Asher is to her right) and sighed. "You okay? You seem a bit down." Asher whispered.

#, as written by Inugami
((Inevitable time Skip))

"That concludes today's class. I must admit, to have all our weapon students able to transform, (even if partially), I'm blessed!" Ms. Sproodles gave a light chuckle. Come on up and line up. I've got envelopes for every one. These have your allowance and dorm room number. I have been informed that one or two of you have an apartment in Death City, feel free to move into the dorms if you so wish. I'll see you all tomorrow, be a little early, okay?" She smiled motioning the students toward the neatly spread out envelopes, marked every ones names on them.

((Be free my writers, be free!))