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Sasha Niehaus

You shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you mad.

0 · 469 views · located in Le Havre, France

a character in “Dying Ashes”, as played by Retrovertigo


|| Sasha Niehaus||

There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.



|| Full Name ||
Aleksandr Petrov Niehaus

|| Nickname ||
Sasha for those close, Niehaus for those not

|| Age ||

|| Gender ||

|| Role ||

|| Face Claim ||
Zapp Renfro - Kekkai Sensen



|| Hair Colour ||

|| Eye Colour ||

|| Skin Tone ||
Golden Tan

|| Height ||

|| Weight ||

|| Scars ||
Sasha's golden skin is marred by only a few scars, received from his extensive training. Mostly nicks and scratches from edged weapons including a thin, white whip like scar curving from his left shoulder, across his throat and trailing up to his right ear.

|| Tattoos/Piercings ||
Nothing as of yet.



|| Positive ||
Tenacious - Sasha never takes no for an answer and refuses to be brushed aside with excuses. He will remain calm and collected, but will not give up whatever he's in search of and the longer you put him off his quarry the worse it's going to be for you. He promises.
Persuasive - With a voice that could melt butter and a seductive demeanor right out of an old black and white movie, Sasha is well aware of his talents in this department and does not hesitate to use them. Sometimes a suggestive smile and a murmured endearment is all it takes.
Fearless - It was as if the perpetual daredevil had been born without any natural fear. He'd always been the first to volunteer, to do what the others refused. Sasha figured the only way through the hell that was his life was to play along and play hard. He truly has no qualms about voicing his opinion on any and all subjects regardless of the reaction he might receive and will often be the first to throw himself into the face of danger if presented the opportunity.

|| Negative ||
Vicious - When wounded or he feels as though his back is against the wall Sasha will lash out with destructive force, be it words or in a more physical way. Sasha has a way of finding the perfect way to cut someone's self-worth to shreds and won't hesitate to do so if he feels as though they deserve it. On the rare occasion that he truly loses his temper nothing is safe, including whole city blocks.
Childish - Sasha has tendency to become a bit childish in his worst moments, falling back on teasing, snide remarks and whining when he doesn't get his way. He usually knows that his charm will get him out of any trouble he might get himself into and therefore is consistently reckless, much like a teenager even though he's nearly twenty-seven.
Destructive - To say this would be an understatement. Things just tend to blow up, fall apart or catch on fire when in Sasha's vicinity and he usually has a direct hand in it all.

|| Likes ||
Competition - Dark Movies - Concerts - Asche - Lazy Days - Pasta - Long Hot Showers

|| Dislikes ||
Weakness - Excuses - Failure - Being Crowded - Being Proven Wrong - Lies

|| Dreams ||
That Sirion won't go back on their word. If he can succeed in helping Asche round up the escapees, Sasha will receive his own freedom from Sirion, he hesitates to think about it much for fear of jinxing himself. The thought of freedom too precious to be spoken aloud.

|| Fears ||
That they'll never find the escapees or that if they do find them that Sirion won't keep its promise and he'll live the rest of his life under their thumb. Nothing but a puppet, sent to seek and destroy.



|| Occupation ||
Second in Command of Sirion's Retrieval Task Force

|| Romantic Interest ||

|| Theme Song ||
Ida Maria - Boogie With the Devil's Soul

|| Biography ||
My story? Hmm, always full of questions aren’t you all? Well, as far as I know I was conceived in a lab somewhere in South America where I was carried to term by a paid surrogate who vanished once her job was completed. I was placed in the care of Dr. Niehaus who acted as my guardian and father figure I suppose, he did give me his name after all. Let’s see what came next? England? No, it was Russia. That’s where I got the rest of my name.

Anyway, long story short the good doctor went wherever he was needed most, and wherever he went I went and wherever I was…there were always the tests. They tested my strength, stamina, reflexes whatever you could think of in any way possible. To say that there was pain involved would be an understatement. Sure, I complained to Dr. Niehaus. Once. Where do you think I got this scar? Ah, don''t get that look, I'm fine. I promise...where was I?

Right, when I was seven, maybe eight I received an injection. I didn’t think much of it; I was always having my blood drawn and getting shots. The pain, I can barely even describe it to you now. Felt as though I was on fire from the inside out. Apparently I spiked a high fever and was quite delirious; Dr. Niehaus decided to put me into a medical coma where I lay for two weeks while whatever they injected me with ravaged me, changing me in way I don’t understand to this day. Soon after I woke up I realized that things were different, I was stronger, faster and dare I say smarter? I mean, I’d been seriously ill for nearly a month and the day I woke up I was up and about. Just fine, better than fine even.

Soon I was in every test and study Sirion had to offer, treated like an animal while they all stood behind mirrors and watched my shame. I already knew from my life as Niehaus’ “son” that it wouldn’t do me any good to lash out, so I kept on performing for them like a trained monkey. It wasn’t until I reached puberty or thereabouts that I realized my true potential. Who’d have ever thought that my own blood would’ve become so useful?

While training one day I received sharp left jab to the face , broke my nose…blood everywhere. I was so angry I had no idea what I was doing but the torrential downpour of blood pouring down my face was now vibrating away, swirling into the air and with my scream of surprise it kind of…blew up? Surprising to say the least and my jeet kune do instructor wasn’t too terribly harmed. I mean I never saw him again, but I definitely didn’t kill him. The scientists called it blood manipulation, just my own though so you’re safe. They’re not too sure of its limits yet, of course I’ve only got so much blood so testing is sporadic and saved for actual times of need. It’s kind of strange using my own blood as a weapon, I have to be a bit more careful but I always get the job done.

I’ve been here at the research facility in Switzerland for nearly ten years, came along with Niehaus who thinks I have remarkable potential now that I can use my blood to blow things up. I’ve proven myself at least the tiniest bit trustworthy, I have some freedoms and I’ve made some friends. Sirion likes to use me when there’s no other option, consequences and damages be damned and I let them because eventually our mutually beneficial relationship will come to fruition.

And I think that's all the time I've got left, plane to catch and all. Hope you heard what you were looking for, wish me luck.


Maybe this world is another planet's hell.


So begins...

Sasha Niehaus's Story

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Sasha Niehaus
Sirion Paris Headquarters

“Really? He actually said that to you? Why Bridgette, you get to hear all the naughty things don’t you?” Sasha drawled as he rested his lean frame against the desk of the director’s executive assistant. He’d been here waiting when the timid looking woman had bustled back to her desk, flustered, her cheeks still tinged with red. Unable to keep his curiosity at bay, he gave Bridgette his most charming grin and set to needling out exactly what had the normally staid, boring woman so embarrassed. Sasha was extremely talented at gaining the trust of others and Bridgette was no different, it didn’t hurt that he cut a handsome figure, something he was well aware of and often used to his advantage.

He couldn’t help but listen in rapt attention as she explained how the agent she went to retrieve had casually referenced his morning activities and the word snow came up more than once. Sasha couldn’t hold back the deep laugh of amusement, poor Bridgette it didn’t take much to scandalize her and he wondered to himself who’d been the fellow so fond of winter sports? Straightening his jacket more out of habit than necessity he figured he would find out soon enough, perhaps Sasha would be receiving a new handler. At this point anyone would be better than the Doctor he thought as he absentmindedly ran a long finger across the scar trailing across his throat. Uncrossing his long legs and rising to his full height of nearly six and a half feet, Sasha stretched much like a cat and favored the secretary with another rakish grin.

“Tell me, Bridgette love? How long are they gonna keep me out here waiting? It’s been nearly an hour, and while you are lovely and an entertaining companion I’m a bit anxious to find out why I’m here.” It was at this moment that the intercom on poor Bridgette’s desk crackled to life, the director’s voice piping through as though the man were contacting them from inside of a tunnel and not the next room.

“Send in Niehaus.”

“And that’s my cue.” Sasha replied with a smirk, waggling his eyebrows at the easily discombobulated assistant before slipping through the large, ornate door that separated the director of Sirion from the rest of the peons milling about the place. This was Sasha’s first visit to the Paris headquarters, surprising considering how often he’d moved from research facility to research facility in his formative years. The only reason he was here now was because the Doctor had ordered him to get on a plane and do as he was told. Of course Dr. Niehaus declined to tell him exactly why his presence had been requested…or demanded, yet cryptically revealed that this venture could change the entire outcome of Sasha’s life. As if he’d never heard that before.

Stepping into the luxurious yet sterile office, Sasha’s gaze quickly scanned the expansive room as goose bumps trailed across his skin. These things always made him nervous; even now he could feel his heart flutter in his throat like a bird. Regardless of the shroud of confidence and nonchalance he usually covered himself, Sasha was well aware that meetings like these cut right through the pretense. The important thing was to pay attention and to protect himself not try to impart how cool he was.

“Sasha, you’re everything your father said you would be.” Came a deep, jovial voice from his right, spinning to look at the distinguished man sitting behind the large desk, Sasha managed to keep the scowl from his face at the familiar use of the diminutive of his name. Even his so called father didn’t call him Sasha. He’d always been referred to as Aleksandr or It depending on the day when it came to the good Doctor. In fact there was only person currently allowed to call him Sasha and he really couldn’t let his mind stray any further into that subject lest he forget himself and why he was here, and why was he here?

“I hope he said good things then, sir.” The younger man replied, folding himself into the chair the Director motioned for him to take. Lacing his long fingers together he did his level best to refrain from fidgeting or showing any signs of nervousness. He had to prevent himself from revealing any weakness to the Man behind it all, if Sirion knew his weaknesses they wouldn’t hesitate to use them against him. Of course the twenty six year old had been around long enough to know that there was a file a mile thick, the star subject being himself with a list of weaknesses a foot long.

“He said very good things indeed. I’m sure you know about the debacle in the jungles of Southeast Asia?” The man began, favoring Sasha with an insincere smile. Of course Sasha had heard about it, had actively wished that he’d been one of the subjects to escape, six years later and they were still free and here he was still Sirion’s lap dog. Silver eyes returned to the man’s face as he continued, explaining the failures of agents past in retrieving Sirion’s lost property.

“The time has come for decisive action, do you understand? Sirion has lost all patience with this endeavor and we will do whatever it takes to retrieve what belongs to the company. Which is where you and your…ah, special talents come in to play. I know, I know, let me stop you before you begin. Why on earth would you hunt down these test subjects, so very much like you, very nearly your kin? Why, you probably even feel some sympathy for the creatures? Is that right?” The older man’s eyes narrowed, watching Sasha like a hawk for his reaction relaxing a bit as Sasha nodded uncertainly. The usually calm and collected man felt an inward surge of anxiety unsure of where this was leading and if perhaps he’d just made the wrong move acknowledging that he felt sympathy for the escapees.

Leaning back in his chair and folding his large hands over his stomach the Director smiled in what he thought was a warm and fatherly way at the white haired man before him, to Sasha it seemed as though he was an animal about to pounce although what he said next threw everything in Sasha’s head into immediate turmoil.

“I have one word for you, Sasha. Freedom.”

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April 1st — Morning
Sirion’s Paris Location

And on the topic of fucking, I really wasn’t too fucking sure I wanted to get up. Gackt had long faded back to the Dirge of Cerberus title screen, and after Bridgette had left me the Hell alone, I was pretty sure I was going to sleep all day. Meeting? What meeting? I hadn’t heard of any such thing. Good enough excuse, I was sure. So I just rolled over on my side, wrapped my arms around the body pillow that I usually snuggled with because no one was going to tell me not to, and I closed my eyes, intent on the longest nap ever. I was thinking as hard as I could about those 2010 Gackt pictures, hoping for a little insert somewhere, pretty much convinced that any and all dreams about him would be of the explicit sort—you can’t look and sound like that without warranting a Parental Advisory warning, alright? It was just that phase in my life; Gackt is a God, and that’s all there was to that.

I was all swaddled in blankets, warm and fuzzy, ready to go under when the worst thing possible happened. I had to go. Now, a stupid person would have just succumbed to the call of nature, enslaving themselves to bodily functions without thinking that there might be a better way. I really didn’t want to get up, and I suppose that’s my own fault for staying up all night playing games, but I was still pretty sure that I wasn’t leaving my bed, even if I had to piss myself. I took a quick scan of the immediate area, looking for a bottle, something with an airtight lid that I could just throw out later; but there was nothing and I groaned in defeat. There was no way I, Asche Grey, head of the Sirion Retrieval Task Force and the only one to get my hands on one of them since they escaped. I had a lot to be proud of, and I just felt that laying here wallowing in my own misery was probably something a homeless drunk would do. I was better than that. I was a grown man, for fuck sake. Reluctantly, I did heave myself up out of bed finally, wrapping my duvet as close to my partially naked body as I could; not because I was cold or naked, but because I still had my navel ring in, and I didn’t need it getting out that I had a pair of cherries dangling from my own personal ecosystem. That was information that was sure to get into the wrong hands, and I didn’t need that at all. Things were stressful enough around here.

I mean, I was the head of a whole task force; people often came to me for direction and advice, and I actually had to answer them seriously. Not that I’m not serious about my work… I just wished they’d quit being morons and do something for themselves for once. Motivated self-starters with brains. That was all I needed. Just one. One… fucking… douchebag, who knew what his job was. Let me tell you though, Life was going to make me eat those unspoken words, one way or another. I’m not exactly sure what I did to Karma to get such a crappy turnaround, but I should have expected the outcome.

Eventually, I did make it to the bathroom, shaved while I was there and ran myself under some hot water. Now that I was up, I might as well be awake too, right? So from there was a trip to the kitchen where I whipped up a mug of hot chocolate, and then I travelled back down the hall toward the information center to see if there were any leads on my targets yet. Between the dormitory and the workplace, however, was Bridgette’s desk, across from the glass elevator and directly in front of the Director’s office where most of the meetings were held. I huffed quietly, rolled my eyes and headed past Bridgette—who couldn’t even look at me by the way—yanking open the ornate double doors with panache, not even caring to knock. “Director. Guests,” I greeted merrily, throwing my duvet off my shoulders for added effect. Mostly I wanted to use my three-quarters nude state to embarrass the Director as payback for making me get out of bed, so I wasn’t so sure I cared if anyone saw the cherry charm hanging at my very toned waistline. I marched up to an empty chair and was about to drop into it when I scanned the room a second time.

Let me tell you something—I always analyze a location before I do anything else; it’s force of habit now with all the training I went through. I look for possible weapons, exits, escapes and anything else I can use to my advantage, among other things. Maybe I was just off my game that morning. I took one look at that white-haired beast of a human being sitting in the chair to the direct right of where I was currently trying to sit, and made quick work of spinning around as fast as was even possible, heading for the door. “I’m not doing this today. With all due respect, you can all go to Hell.”

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April 1st- Morning
Sirion's Paris Location

Ah, dreams! They were always so....fucking weird! Why, during her most recent sleeping session, she had a dream about capturing the escaped subjects, had another one about falling in love with a giant gummy bear only to eat him during their honeymoon, and then another one about having some sort of *cough cough* with both Sasha and Asche. She woke up after the last one giggling to herself before she looked at the time and pouted.

A knock at the door made her pout more. "Faye? It is time for the meeting!" It was Bridget....perfect!

"Huh? What? Can't hear you, Bridget dear!" Faye lied, prompting Bridget to enter and see Faye's nude form laying on the bed, and causing Faye to giggle maniacally. "Well? What'd you say?" she asked again.

"G-Uh....Um....Meeting.....Director...Now...." A blush had smashed into Bridget's face. Clearly she was not having a good morning.

Faye sighed and flopped on her bed, not wanting to put on clothes....oh well! She put on at least a pair of panties, and then a bath-robe, walking through the halls of this weird ass building. She'd been here for a few months; she'd seen all four of the Escapees, but never got close enough to do anything to them. She envied Asche in that regard.

Speaking of Asche, it seems that he had just revealed himself to both Sasha and the Director! With a giggle she clapped slowly and loudly. "My, my! I did not know that you took lessons in stripteasing, Asche! You must show me one day!" She giggled, pulling up a chair and sitting in it, the robe she was wearing barely covering her ample chest; not that she cared.

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April 1st — Noon
Sirion’s Paris Location

At the door, I snapped my duvet off the ground, drawing it close enough that I was so sure it could probably become one with my body. That would have been alright, right at that moment. “Oh, would you look at that; Hawkins is here too. You wanna know how I got so good? I spent a good deal of time fucking myself; you should probably do the same.” To most it would sound harsh. And if people were offended and hated me for such comments, then good for them. That many less people I had to deal with, and the fewer the better. That comment had triggered an almost audible snap inside me as my mood instantly darkened. Before I’d been unpleasantly peeved at Sasha’s presence, and now I was definitely leaving that room with a bang, slamming the doors open and shut as I set my jaw to try and keep myself under control for now.

I made a beeline directly for my room, leaving Bridgette with a rather pointedly rude comment as I left—“I can see your fucking nipples through your shirt, Bridgette; it isn’t that cold in here, you whore.”—and made my way back to my room to flop face-first on the bed. Deep breath in, hold for three… two… one. Out. Repeat. It never helped, but it gave me something else to busy my mind with rather than wondering what would happen if I tried to put my fist through the wall right now. I figured I probably shouldn’t test it—better safe than sorry, right? and I was going to need my fapping hand later—and instead changed the briefs I’d worn all night last night, throwing a pair of dark wash jeans, a tightly fitted black tank, and a zip-up hoodie with the drawstrings missing. After that was the goggles that I pulled onto my head, slightly askew as per usual. Finally I buckled my holster in place at my waist and I was ready to sneak out down the hall, slipping into the elevator to head down to the range for a little peace and quiet.

This was my sanctuary. I scanned my cardkey at the doorway, pressed the door firmly shut behind me, and heaved a sigh. The scent of gun powder was always heavy in the air and it instantly soothed my frazzled nerves, leaving a sort of euphoria that filled my body, easing off the edge of the residual anger of less than a half hour earlier. It was just coming noon now, and I considered myself lucky to have the range to myself just then; having other people there would not have improved my temper at all, even if I was slightly tamer here than I was anywhere else. First thing, my handgun was in desperate need of a cleaning, so I sat myself down at a table in the back of the room, dismantling the weapon with ease, cleaning each part individually and with an immense amount of care. I thought… this was probably the part of me that if anyone else were to see it, I wasn’t sure they would look at me the same way; and I really didn’t want that. A calm and collected Asche, with a heart to boot? No, they’d have even less respect for me than they already did. Couldn’t have that at all.

After putting her all back together, I made sure everything was in working order before taking a number of clips, stepping up to the range, and loading my gun. New paper targets had already been placed up on this side of the range—the other side had a set-up of mannequins that for some reason I was never quite comfortable targeting. I preferred the paper, stationary; and no, that was not a pun that I intended. It was easier for me to relax like this, when I was thinking only of myself, the gun, and making the bull’s-eye. I wasn’t any kind of a prolific shot, and I was usually just off. Still, with every coil, every click and subsequent explosion of firepower as the bullet was projected from the barrel, and every new hole in the paper, I felt a sense of tranquility seeping in. This was so much better.

A release of breath, another shot, and a small hole right in the center of the target. Now that was something to be happy about.

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Sasha Niehaus
Sirion Paris Headquarters

“So exactly what sort of dress code do you have around here?” Sasha asked sardonically as Faye made her presence known and what a presence it was. Sasha might have preferred the company of men to most but he could appreciate an excellent physical specimen when they were in front of him. Speaking of appreciating physical specimens, he couldn’t help but be a bit disappointed by Ashe’s swift departure. Sasha was aware that his presence here would come as a surprise but he hadn’t quite expected outright rejection and a full on escape. Though if Sasha had been asked he probably could've come up with a few ideas as where to find Ashe, ideas which he would use later. If Ashe thought he was going to get away with that display he was terribly mistaken.

It had definitely come as a shock to him as well to learn that he would be reporting to someone who let him willingly take advantage of them in their personal life. Preferably, Sasha would’ve liked to have kept business and pleasure separate but considering that both he and Ashe were inexorably tied to Sirion they’d been lucky they’d hadn’t worked together sooner. Sasha had been informed of the team being formed to find the escapees, recognizing them as capable agents but in all honesty his heart might have skipped a beat when his eyes landed on Ashe’s name. Of course by then it’d been too late to back out, he’d signed a contract not to mention the very real fact of his freedom being on the line. A contract seemed a bit ridiculous to the twenty-six year old who was well aware that he was not technically a person and instead legal property of Sirion, but he’d signed with a flourish and a smile. He would play the role a while longer, at least until he got what he wanted.

Leaning back in his chair, Sasha tried in vain to keep his gaze from the following the younger man’s retreating figure. Yes, he would most definitely have to go to Asche, smooth this over, and make it okay for them to be in this together. There were too many things riding on the outcome of this operation, first and foremost Sasha’s own freedom. They’d have to figure out how to work together, the alternative wasn’t worth thinking over.

Silver eyes immediately shuttered and narrowed, closing off any emotion besides shallow amusement. He knew what happened when he showed a preference for things, or liked something…or someone. It became one of their freaky, little experiments and he’d be damned if he let that happen to him and Ashe. So instead he turned his attention to the newly arrived Faye, who was always good for a bit of fun. You’d probably end up naked, but that only added an exhilarating edge to things in his view.

“I heard you were here, darling and looking lovely as ever.” Sasha offered, a wolfish grin stretching across his face as he rested his chin on his hand, grey eyes appreciatively taking in every inch of proffered flesh before winking at the feisty woman. “What say we go and find our sad prince? Our little band has only just gathered and he’s already trying to run away. Typical.” This would also give Sasha a chance to speak with Asche and Faye in relative privacy and perhaps make it clear just how important this way.

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Faye Hawkins
April 1st- Morning
Sirion's Paris Location

Faye only smiled at Asche's rudeness and talk of fucking himself. "Isn't that what we all do in our spare time?" She asked as she left, not turning her head to look at him. She then sighed and winked at Sasha in return, smiling at him.

"Why thank you, my dear Sasha. You're looking very lovely, yourself." she offered in return, her fingers running up and down the lapel of her robe, wanting to take it off and just walk around nude, but knowing better as she sighed softly, having to deal with teasing the eyes of those who found her to be eye-candy.

"I think we should go and find him; I haven't had a chance to offer up my body to him in order to make him even more pissed off~" She said giggling softly. "Unless, of course, you want me? Hmm? Just to anger him a little bit more?" She asked, standing and beginning to walk out of the room, keeping her seductive, playful eyes on him as they walked together, her hands stuffed in the pockets of her robe as she walked calmly, a smirk on her face.

"Hmm....Who to prank today~" She mused softly, looking around. "" She nodded to a guard at the end of the hall way, and, just for show, snapped her fingers, his pants suddenly dropping as his belts and whatever else held those things up suddenly vibrated into nothingness.

She quietly giggled at the view of the man's underpants, resuming her walk calmly.

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April 1st | Afternoon
Sirion's Paris Headquarters

It felt good just to be able to stand there alone, gun in hand as I made a direct point of widening the hole I'd already made in the center of the target by aiming around it until it was big enough to fit one of my fists through comfortably. By then I had calmed substantially; my heart rate was down and the feeling of pressure building in my gut as it threatened to explode out the top of my head had disappeared. Not only had this been a very productive practice session that had been—for the most part—quiet, but even my muscles felt loosened; the difference was almost astounding. With a heavy sigh I moved back to the table at the back of the room, fetching a bottle of water from the fridge that was off to the side before I sat with my feet up.

It was time to do something thinking on serious matters.

First of all, this mission. I'd been at it two years and Sirion still didn't trust me to get things done. I had to wonder why—had I maybe done something that made them think I was going to betray them? Or maybe they were just getting sick of waiting. Either way, I knew that there was a reason behind replacing my old team with Faye Hawkins, Zavian Kale, and... Aleksandr Petrov Niehaus. Sasha. It was an interesting little mash up that they'd thrown together, definitely the best of anyone I'd had the absolute... pleasure of meeting in the past. I honestly couldn't help but think there was something else going on just outside of the meetings and the assignments. Something that nagged at me, though I couldn't quite put my finger on it. It made me feel sick to my stomach. Honestly, though I felt nothing for the fate of those mutated vagabonds out rampaging the French countryside, I started wondering about Sirion's motives, finally making up my mind to look into this and do some digging when I didn't have everyone else breathing down my neck. I wasn't about to leave this one alone.

Just the same as I couldn't leave alone the ass pain that had left my skin tingling with an uncomfortable numbness, made my heart leap into my throat, and my lungs forget how breathing worked. Sasha.... It had been a total shock when I'd realized him and his impossible height just sprawled out all over thee chair I usually sat in—couldn't really be upset about that, you know what they say about the early bird. Mostly I was wondering how I was ever going to make it through this mission with him acting as a part of my team; especially if he'd been assigned to be my right-hand man. My gopher. My wingman. The Robin to my Batman. Even thinking about it now left my mouth dry and stirred up the anxiety that I refused to admit that I was feeling—I pushed it down with a long drink of water, doing my best not to let it get to me. A bit too late though. Sasha's being here was affirmation of a part of my life I'd have rather locked up and forgotten. His voice on the back of my neck was like liquid lust, injected directly into my veins and from the first moment I'd met him I had been utterly addicted. He made me feel small and shameful, but also made me want to do bad things—I wanted every inch of his perfection in a way that was confusing and alluring all at the same time.

I wanted him in my mouth.

The best part about people like Sasha and I is that we always get what we want. I wondered if I really regretted it as much as I wanted to think that I did, and maybe that made me feel even worse about the whole situation. Sasha Niehaus was my drug, and even thinking about him made my blood boil in a way that was much too uncomfortable to stay sitting where I was. A quick assessment of my solitude affirmed that I could slip into the bathroom unnoticed for a little hand jive.

No, there was no way I was going to survive this.

Afterwards, that tension and pressure had returned tenfold. Not that he'd ever left my mind truly since our first encounter, Sasha was like a plague of locusts, sweeping in and eating away at everything left of me. Not that I minded being putty in his hands; but that was just for him. No one else was allowed to see that quivering mass or hear the broken mewls that he elicited from somewhere inside me that I refused to acknowledge. The frustration of not being able to keep my shit together called for another few rounds on the range; I had to try and focus elsewhere.

A few rounds in and someone invaded my space, set up on the other side and for the most part kept to himself. When he finally approached, I was ready; having done the best detox possible when one's addiction is six feet four inches of heroine and cocaine personified. I turned, gave the intruder a once-over and stuffed my handgun into its holster, flipping the safety on as I did so in one swift motion. “The meeting? No fucking clue; I copped out.” Not feeling that this needed any explanation recognizing Zavian Kale from the files that I'd skimmed, I leaned back against the table where I'd laid out all my full clips. “Though I can guess that it probably wasn't very productive; considering that there's a 90% chance everyone is naked, I'm sure it was fun. Or it turned into a giant orgy. Whatever comes first, I guess.”