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Zavian Kale

Go ahead and think you're in control, you'll be in for a surprise.

0 · 431 views · located in Le Havre, France

a character in “Dying Ashes”, as played by CreativeThinker


|| Zavian ||

Life isn't fair...



|| Full Name ||
Zavian Kale

|| Nickname ||
Z or people just call him by his last name

|| Age ||

|| Gender ||

|| Role ||

|| Face Claim ||
Prince Soma Asman Kadar



|| Hair Colour ||
Plum purple

|| Eye Colour ||

|| Skin Tone ||

|| Height ||
6 feet, 2 inches

|| Weight ||

|| Scars ||
A light faded thin horizontal line across the middle of his throat.

|| Tattoos/Piercings ||
Both Standard lobes and he wears earrings on both ears. Nipples pierced; jewelry is a gold bar with angel feather wing on each end.



|| Positive ||
Loyal || Zavian has undying loyalty to anyone/thing he decides to give it to. He would never betray them and or misuse their trust. Zavian will give/show firm and constant support or allegiance.
Truthful || He was taught to always tell the truth so he does. Though, when he tells the truth it can sound harsh, sincere, and or in between depending on his mood. This causes some problems though as he will not lie. He will tell someone how it is no matter what, even when he should or needs to lie.
Sweet || Sometimes Zavian will be sweet if the opportunity presents himself, but people may not know he is being sweet sometimes. Though, when he is he will be pleasing in general and even delightful.

|| Negative ||
Insensitive || Who shows and or feels concern for other's feelings? Not Zavian, he could care like if he destroyed someone's feelings or not. If you don't want to get your feelings hurt, then don't talk to Zavian. He has been called quite a bit of harsh things before after only a few conversations with some people.
Angry || Zavian is just angry, he is filled with it. He is mostly because of his past and it just affects him in his everyday life. Most of the time Zavian is just angry or annoyed at most at everything and everyone. He will usually end up threatening people if he is pushed to it and it doesn’t take much of a push. Zavian just has strong feelings of annoyance, displeasure, and or hostility and will be one to show these feelings.
Immature || He could be more immature than a child. If he doesn’t get when he wants then he is not going to do what he is suppose to do. Zavian will even go as far as whining, sulking, and even start huffing and puffing. Oh and if he doesn’t want to do something, he won’t without being forced to. Not to forget, he does what he wants when he wants to.

|| Likes ||
+Women +
+People +
+ Being warm+
+ Dreams+

|| Dislikes ||
-People touching him/his stuff-
-Boredom -
- Men-
- People-

|| Dreams ||
*Destroying Sirion
*Being able to just leave Sirion forever with someone
*Working for a technology company

|| Fears ||
> Being stuck at Sirion forever
>Being alone
>Being underground



|| Occupation ||
Sirion’s Techy

|| Romantic Interest ||

|| Biography ||
I can’t believe I need to do this. Why do you need to know about my past? Anyhow, let me get this over with as being in this room for days is not fun and I am ready to kill someone. I may get killed for doing that so I decided not to. Anyhow, my mother was a scientist in Sirion’s India location. I found out when I was five years old Sirion “saved my life” with some type of injection they gave me before I was born. My mother would always remind me. Why did she feel so grateful to Sirion? Doctors can save baby’s lives too.

I lived with my mom in her house and I would go to school like a normal child. Though, the problem in my life was my dad. He was higher up in Sirion’s science division. He wanted me to live in Sirion to have testing done. I can take technology, like computers, phones, and etc. apart and then put them back together. I do all of this without even touching it or using tools.

My parents argued a lot about it for about a year until my dad went too far. He killed my mother right in front of me and that is when I snapped. I took the fireplace poker and stabbed him with it over and over again until he was dead. The first time I did it he said he had to kill her as Sirion told him to. They, he wanted to do test on me. I didn’t care...I just kept stabbing him. I stopped eventually, but only when Sirion came days later looking for them.

After that I’ve been stuck at Sirion since. They think I stay because they threaten to tell the police what I did, but they don’t even know the real reason why. I stay and do some things they say because…well I am not going to tell you know. I am just going to fucking leave. I have to leave India and go to the headquarters in Paris, France. They need help capturing some experiments that escaped. I am good with computers and finding people and I guest I must be the best if they are making me leave. Trust me, I did not want to leave. I fucked everything up until I decided going to Paris, France will benefit me.

Oh, I forgot to mention I tried to kill myself after a day of being at Sirion. I thought I did it right, but they were able to save my life. People also tell rumors about my past and me, but I just beat the shit out of them in response. There are rumors about that too though… you need to make it fair...

So begins...

Zavian Kale's Story

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Sirion Paris Headquarters

Zavian rolled his eyes as he read the angry email from the director. He closed his laptop and put it into his dark brown leather pack. He sipped the last drops of his black coffee before he stood from the café’s table. He put the last of the cash in the wallet he stole on the table before he threw the wallet on the ground. Then he pulled up his skinny black cargo pants and smoothed out his tight long sleeve white shirt. You could see the outline of his piercings through the shirt, but he didn’t care. Next Zavian buttoned up his grey wool trench coat. Finally he slid on his bag. He had to take a deep breath before he slid his hands into his coat’s side pockets and began to walk to Sirion’s headquarters in Paris.

At the main entrance to the headquarters he kicked door open just as someone opened it for him. His short black leather boot with a matching black metal buckle skidded against the door. He heard the guard curse, but just gave her the finger as she opened her mouth to yell at him. Zavian then headed to his room. Zavian was less annoyed as he saw his luggage had made the trip. He simply had a normal dark green suitcase with a matching carryon. They put his bags on his bed. He left all of his clothes in India because it was way cooler here. Zavian felt cold and it was so-called spring here.

He was suppose to be in the director's office right now, but he didn't care. After being scolded in an email he didn’t want to see that idiot. Sure he hadn’t come to the headquarters when he was ordered to, but still. He had wanted to see a bit of Paris. Including, he need new clothes. Zavian had ordered them online and they were to be delivered tonight. Now he just opened his carryon and took his gun out. He sat on his bed as he proceeded to take his gun apart, clean it, and then put it back together . I need to practice today. I was stuck on a that jet for a while and then of course I had to explore a bit. I’ve also been slacking these last few days. It isn’t like I can shoot things just anywhere...maybe I’ll get to shoot someone on this mission even if the targets are suppose to be returned alive...I was told just to find them, but who knows what will happen...

Minutes later Zavian left his room and made sure it was securely locked. With everything he came in with he went to find where the range was. It took him a while to find the place, but he did it with the help of his laptop. He just pulled up a map of the building. In the elevator he put his laptop away and slid on his pack once again. He entered the range quietly with his eyes scanning his surrounding.

Asche Grey was there. Zavian knew whom it was just because he looked up the people he was going to be stuck working with. Zavian only went as far as looking for a picture of each and their full name. He rolled his eyes and went as far as possible on the other end of the range. Zavian got everything and himself ready before he loaded his gun. Seconds later he began to shoot at the set-up mannequins. He mostly shot them in the head, neck, elbows, stomach, knees, and even crotch.

It was a while later before he decided to say something. He placed his gun down and cracked his knuckles. He moved the protective eyewear up into his hair and pulled his protective earmuffs down around his neck. Zavian walked up behind and tapped Asche on the shoulder when Asche paused in his shooting. He cleared his throat softly. Once he knew he had Asche attention he would speak.

"So Asche, how did the meeting with the asshole go?" he asked. I sure as hell got yelled at for not attending it.

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April 1st | Afternoon
Sirion's Paris Headquarters

It felt good just to be able to stand there alone, gun in hand as I made a direct point of widening the hole I'd already made in the center of the target by aiming around it until it was big enough to fit one of my fists through comfortably. By then I had calmed substantially; my heart rate was down and the feeling of pressure building in my gut as it threatened to explode out the top of my head had disappeared. Not only had this been a very productive practice session that had been—for the most part—quiet, but even my muscles felt loosened; the difference was almost astounding. With a heavy sigh I moved back to the table at the back of the room, fetching a bottle of water from the fridge that was off to the side before I sat with my feet up.

It was time to do something thinking on serious matters.

First of all, this mission. I'd been at it two years and Sirion still didn't trust me to get things done. I had to wonder why—had I maybe done something that made them think I was going to betray them? Or maybe they were just getting sick of waiting. Either way, I knew that there was a reason behind replacing my old team with Faye Hawkins, Zavian Kale, and... Aleksandr Petrov Niehaus. Sasha. It was an interesting little mash up that they'd thrown together, definitely the best of anyone I'd had the absolute... pleasure of meeting in the past. I honestly couldn't help but think there was something else going on just outside of the meetings and the assignments. Something that nagged at me, though I couldn't quite put my finger on it. It made me feel sick to my stomach. Honestly, though I felt nothing for the fate of those mutated vagabonds out rampaging the French countryside, I started wondering about Sirion's motives, finally making up my mind to look into this and do some digging when I didn't have everyone else breathing down my neck. I wasn't about to leave this one alone.

Just the same as I couldn't leave alone the ass pain that had left my skin tingling with an uncomfortable numbness, made my heart leap into my throat, and my lungs forget how breathing worked. Sasha.... It had been a total shock when I'd realized him and his impossible height just sprawled out all over thee chair I usually sat in—couldn't really be upset about that, you know what they say about the early bird. Mostly I was wondering how I was ever going to make it through this mission with him acting as a part of my team; especially if he'd been assigned to be my right-hand man. My gopher. My wingman. The Robin to my Batman. Even thinking about it now left my mouth dry and stirred up the anxiety that I refused to admit that I was feeling—I pushed it down with a long drink of water, doing my best not to let it get to me. A bit too late though. Sasha's being here was affirmation of a part of my life I'd have rather locked up and forgotten. His voice on the back of my neck was like liquid lust, injected directly into my veins and from the first moment I'd met him I had been utterly addicted. He made me feel small and shameful, but also made me want to do bad things—I wanted every inch of his perfection in a way that was confusing and alluring all at the same time.

I wanted him in my mouth.

The best part about people like Sasha and I is that we always get what we want. I wondered if I really regretted it as much as I wanted to think that I did, and maybe that made me feel even worse about the whole situation. Sasha Niehaus was my drug, and even thinking about him made my blood boil in a way that was much too uncomfortable to stay sitting where I was. A quick assessment of my solitude affirmed that I could slip into the bathroom unnoticed for a little hand jive.

No, there was no way I was going to survive this.

Afterwards, that tension and pressure had returned tenfold. Not that he'd ever left my mind truly since our first encounter, Sasha was like a plague of locusts, sweeping in and eating away at everything left of me. Not that I minded being putty in his hands; but that was just for him. No one else was allowed to see that quivering mass or hear the broken mewls that he elicited from somewhere inside me that I refused to acknowledge. The frustration of not being able to keep my shit together called for another few rounds on the range; I had to try and focus elsewhere.

A few rounds in and someone invaded my space, set up on the other side and for the most part kept to himself. When he finally approached, I was ready; having done the best detox possible when one's addiction is six feet four inches of heroine and cocaine personified. I turned, gave the intruder a once-over and stuffed my handgun into its holster, flipping the safety on as I did so in one swift motion. “The meeting? No fucking clue; I copped out.” Not feeling that this needed any explanation recognizing Zavian Kale from the files that I'd skimmed, I leaned back against the table where I'd laid out all my full clips. “Though I can guess that it probably wasn't very productive; considering that there's a 90% chance everyone is naked, I'm sure it was fun. Or it turned into a giant orgy. Whatever comes first, I guess.”