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Enid Wright

"I don't need pity. You don't need to feel sorry when I'm perfectly fine."

0 · 184 views · located in Essence

a character in “Dying Petals”, as played by Bashie L. Craft


Name: Enid Vivienne Wright
Nickname: Everyone calls her Enid but family affectionately calls her Evie, derived from her name; Enid Vivienne.
Age: Just turned 17
Gender: Female
Role: Leukemia patient; Girl in Scenario 2

Brief Appearance: A small pixie in a fairytale, the most simple way to describe her. Pale, frail and petite, she's barely 5'1 and thin due to her illness. She has a small, upturned nose on a round face with large doe eyes. Her lips are small with a prominent Cupid's bow. She looks so small and weak as if one touch could just break her into tiny pieces. Her long, wavy hair once fell down until her hips but ever since chemotherapy, she became bald and her self-esteem took a turn for the worst. She lost the one thing she had considered the best part of her. Everyone was going to think of her as nothing but a cancer patient. She uses a wig that resembles her once beautiful hair, going out to school with it. Whenever she goes to do mundane activities, she simply wears a beanie. She dresses in neutral, soft colors with a pop of color somewhere in it.
Hair Colour: Dark brown. Her wig is the same colour.
Eye Colour: Brown

Personality: Bold, outgoing and friendly. Before the leukemia, she always had a smile on her face that could never go away. She had an infectious smile who could talk about anything from politics to video games. She's still that person but no one seemed to care. All they saw was a weak girl who was going to need a grave soon. She hated that. She was stubborn to a stunning degree, always standing up for what she wanted even if it was impossible. She never gave up on anything whether it was crossing a pool or beating cancer, she didn't. Honest but tended to avoid her more personal subjects, never really spoke about her cancer directly. She never did. She has this odd wish to do something brave and heroic in life rather than stay put in the hospital constantly.
Likes: All kinds of games from Board games (like Scrabble to Chess) to Video Games (like Legend of Zelda to Mario). She's a fan of pop culture, always making some kind of reference to them. Comic books, Manga as she's a geek who considers herself a professional at Tetris. She listens to different kinds of music from Beach Boys to Counting Crows.
Dislikes: She doesn't care for her real parents. The fact they left her was enough for her to shut them out of her life. She hates it when people mention her cancer as if they pity her. She doesn't like the smell of eucalyptus leaves. Also not a fan of sports since she could get easily hurt.
Fears: Despite being so close to it, she doesn't fear death. Instead, she fears the loneliness and how her family would suffer without her there.

History: She can't remember her real parents, they left her at an orphanage outside of town when they realized she had leukemia. The only thing they left her was a note with the words written down, 'The baby was born on 2nd May, she has leukemia.' They didn't even give her name. Luckily, The orphanage was kind and they sent her to the hospital quite a few times and she was adopted by a doctor and his loving wife. They had a son together, Louis who was eight. It was luck that she survived. The new-found family officially called her their own, naming her Enid Vivienne. Life.

She always knew she was adopted. She looked different from the fair-haired and plain-looking couple but nevertheless, they made her feel what her real parents couldn't. Wanted. They were there for her when she was at her worse, they didn't leave her to die. They loved her and she wasn't their flesh and blood. For years, she had a perfectly regular and satisfying life until it came crashing down again by the time she turned nine. The leukemia came back. The process had begun all over again, frequent hospital trips, days in infirmary and parents fretting over her. It was a miracle that she survived.

She made a promise to herself to never cut her hair again, it had suddenly became precious to her. She grew it out, caring for it greatly. She was content, never thought it would come back but then...

By the third leukemia, Enid could only think of one thing. It was a bitch with a sick sense of humor. She survived the two others, she could survive this one, right? It worsened, she had been in treatment for a year and the success was limited. But she wasn't going to give up. Why should she? Her life was in front of her and as long as people didn't talk about it, she'd be fine. Because of her illness, she'll be dropping out of high school until she gets better. This is her last month in high school.

Friends: A handful of girls and guys, she doesn't speak to them much since her cancer worsened.
Family: Her father is Dr. William Wright PhD. and works at the hospital. His wife, Amy owns a boutique in town called The Wright Fit, a female clothing and jewelery store. Louis, her brother is married to Janet and together, they have a son, Carter. They initially left Essence for New York but moves back to see Enid much to both her displeasure and happiness.
Love Life: 'Even before this happened, my love life's non-existent, but there's this guy at the hospital...'

Other: She sleeps with a teddy-bear. When she's at the hospital, she likes to go walk out at night.

So begins...

Enid Wright's Story