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Dynamic Weapons Training

Dynamic Weapons Training


A place to learn the proper use of various weapons, Hand to Hand combat, actual combat tactics, and much more for a more realistic and dynamic writing experience.

542 readers have visited Dynamic Weapons Training since xXcandlejackXx created it.


( THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS BUT FEEL FREE TO SUBMIT A CHARACTER FOR TRAINING: I will be added why I feel I can accurately portray, explain, and define all of the topics listed. )

Dynamic Arms: Private Security Center, recently developed a weapons training facility, it is the most advanced firing range and training area in the western hemisphere, and arguably the world. 2500 Meter outdoor range, a 100 meter indoor pistol range with auto retrieving targets, a kill house, and a 3-gun-corse and with a fully stocked armor of nearly any weapon you could think of. We also support a full range of Hand to Hand training equipment and a full contact sparring zone.

The characters you make here can be just for fun or you can use them elsewhere and use this as part of their background history, choice is yours.

A few activities that the characters will be doing

  • Basic target shooting.
  • Basic hand to hand.
  • Basic Squad teamwork.
  • Basic Ambush tactics
  • Basic Defensive tactics
  • Basic Offensive tactics
  • and a game of capture the Flag using Simunition ( a non-lethalkind of ammunition used in military training. Instead of real bullets they are made from chalk.)

The roleplay will have subsections that will be " classrooms" where I will post a lot of the more technical aspects of weapons and discussions can occur there
about them. For time sake at the moment I will simply class these " Basic" and "Advanced"

Character Sheet

Code: Select all

[b]♦ Name :[/b] Name.     [right][img]      (character picture here: if any)        [/img][/right]

[b]♦ Gender :[/b] Gender.

[b]♦ Height :[/b] Height.

[b]♦ Age :[/b]


[b]♦ Current firearms Skill/knowledge  level  [/b]
Skill level from 0 - 10, ( Your real world level of skill ) : 
[b]0[/b]: Never held a gun
[b]5[/b]: I can shoot but not like 3 football fields away  ( 300 Yards / 275M)
[b]10[/b]: Expert marksmen. ( Understands thing like barrel harmonics and how to adjust for the Coriolis effect )

[b]♦ Current Hand to hand skill/knowledge level [/b]
Skill level from 0 - 10 ( Your real world level of skill)
[b]0[/b] :  I've not even had to punch someone
[b]5[/b]: High school boxer/M.M.A.   
[b]10[/b]: Skilled military / martial arts expert

[b]♦ Desired skill level:[/b]
How skilled do you want to be able to write your characters?
Note characters like military and police officers,  require a bit more work to understand
and portray realistically.

[b]♦ Personality :[/b]
Personality, just basics work

[b]♦ Appearance :[/b]

[b]♦ Likes :[/b]
Likes. (Can be list)

[b]♦ Dislikes :[/b]
Dislikes. (Can be list)

[b]♦ Strengths :[/b]

[b]♦ Weaknesses :[/b]

[b]♦ other info you wish to add :[/b]


Content to be covered

  • Basic Jargon
  • A note on safety
  • Types of weapons and their characteristics (generally)
  • Basic Ballistics
  • Basic aiming
  • Basic Position Shooting
  • understanding character skill
  • Basic T1 gun fight
  • Basic hand to hand
  • short blade combat Basic

  • long range shooting and the difficulties thereof.
  • Warfighter Mindset
  • Fundamentals of Marksmanship
  • Weapons Retention
  • External Ballistics
  • Zeroing
  • Maintenance
  • Facing Movements
  • Transition to Secondary
  • Off Hand Shooting
  • Multiple Target Acquisition
  • Shooting While Moving
  • Malfunction Definition and Clearance
  • Sling Use
  • Proper deployment of weapons
  • Slope armor factors
  • Advanced t1 gunfight
  • and many others.
  • C.Q.D
  • S.O.C.P
  • Systema
  • Short blade combat advanced.
  • Deployment of explosives / disarming of explosives.

and many, many other things I've not mentioned. I'm ending this here because I've ben up for 27 hours and I'm starting to hear my cat talk to me.

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Character Portrait: David Quartz
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Re: Dynamic Weapons Training WIP

Delcrux wrote:In my recollection, we'd usually kind of just plink away in the right direction to look busy and wait for the SAW to sort them out. Are you going to teach that in your class?

In the more advanced section that I intend to make I will touch on basics of Squad combat, Mainly focusing on things like bounding cover fire and effective communication. Since we don't have a deadline I intend to push away from "looking busy" and more towards meaningful suppressive fire.

We will also be going into the whys and Hows of suppressive fire and the effects thereof on the mind. I've not recently updated the whole program, but it's in the works.

Re: Dynamic Weapons Training WIP

In my recollection, we'd usually kind of just plink away in the right direction to look busy and wait for the SAW to sort them out. Are you going to teach that in your class?

Re: Dynamic Weapons Training WIP

(this post is a place holder and is really just a personal storage until I get all this information polished and organized for public use. However since it's caught a few peoples' eyes I might as well give you something to read. keep in mind this is a very...very...rough draft. )

Hello, as some of you may or may not know, my name is Jack. I am a long range precision shooter and 3 gun marksman in the United States. These are my hobbies; for those of you who don't know what 3 gun is, it's basically an obstacle course with targets and lots of running.

I am also a Range safety officer for the Boyscouts of America and teach firearms safty. I have noticed a lot of misinformation and real unbalance when it comes to the use of firearms in roleplays and writing in general on here and I seek to level the playing field and clear up misconceptions about firearms and their uses.
I have taken professional self defense classes and informally classes former military veterans of the United States Army, Navy and Marine Corps. I have probably put more money into putting bullets downrange than you have put gas in your car, and this is where I derive my knowledge and understanding of firearms and their use. I'd like to share that with you all to help your writing and roleplays a bit more realistic and dynamic.

Now for the sake of "brevity" I'm going to split Firearms into a few categories and add stats as somewhat of a blanket statement as to not get into the finer details of firearms too much. This will let us have a "working definition" of various firearm types. It should be noted that the stats on lethality, accuracy, and armor penetration are largely dependent on the actual projectile/bullet and not the firearm.

I will refrain from using as much jargon as I can but there is a lot of infomation to cover and some jargon I can't skate around. If I fail to explain something, just search the term and

Jargon list.
Handy for understanding the basics of how things work.

Cartridge: A unit of ammunition, made up of a cartridge case, primer, powder, and bullet. Also called a "round", or “load”. Sometimes incorrectly called a “bullet”.

Pistol Cartridge: A a cartridge that is less powerful than an Intermediate cartridge. Short effective range. (~200 meters ) ( 570 J / 420 ft·lbf) ( 9×19mm Parabellum is the Example )

Intermediate cartridge: a cartridge that is less powerful than typical full power battle rifle cartridges. medium effective range. (~500 meters) (1,767 J /1,303 ft·lbf ) ( 5.56x 45mm nato is the example )

Full sized/power Cartridge: a cartridge that typically has more energy than (3,304 / 2,437 ft·lbf J) with a long effective range (~ 800 meters) ( 7.62x51mm nato cartrige is the example)

* Note that there are larget bullets that are considered above the Full sized rifle caliber category. This is the Anti material/ extreme long range shooting ammunition.
these are "special" weapons and are not used commonly by everyday military or private citizens and are pricey to say the least. we really aren't gonna go into these too much other than stating that they pack one hell of a punch as shown by the energy transfer numbers.
The effective range on both of these examples is over 1 mile (1.609 km )
two example ( in order of what they are) :
.50 bmg ( 16,240 J/11,980 ft·lbf) (12.7 x 108mm Nato )
338 Lapua Magnum (6,734 J/ 4,967 ft·lbf) (8.6×70mm )

effective range: The distance at which the weapon/ projectile is both accurate/deadly enough at its furthest point.

Selective fire : This references the guns ability to fire in either Fully automatic, or semi automatic.

Fully-automatic: This refrences the weapons ability to fire mulitiple rounds with one squeeze of the trigger, Think of it like holding down the "F" key on your keyboard.

Semi-automatic: The ability to fire 1 round with 1 squeeze of the trigger and being able to fire follow up shots without having to manipulate any other part of the weapon.

Bolt action: A reference to the manual action of cycling the weapon for each round fired.
think of it like having to reset each key after typing ( pump action can easily be described the same way, however it should be noted it is diffrent)

Jam: A "jam" can be one of two things: when a weapon fails to eject a spent cartridge and tries to cycle another cartridge, causing the weapon to lock up and no longer work or when an outside substance causes the weapons mechanical operation to lock in place, thus not being able to fire or cycle.( Such as lots of dust, mud, sand, dirt etc etc)

MOA: MOA stands for Minute Of Angle, there is a bunch of science behiend this
but for our sake just remeber that: at 100 yards, 1 moa = 1 inch. , 200 yards, 1 moa = 2 inches , 300 yards, 1 moa = 3 inches and so on. This term will be important for understanding accuracy of various weapons later.

[size=200] kinds of guns [size]

This list is just a basic guide as there are far more "kinds" of guns than this.

Pistol - A short-barreled firearm, often concealable, normally held and discharged in one hand.
Examples: Glock 19, 1911, desert egals and the S&w 357

Submachine Gun (SMG): Automatic carbine designed to fire pistol cartridges or intermediate caritages in some cases. Typicaly much smaller than assault rifles.
Examples: Mac 10, MP5, and the AKSU-74.

Shotgun: Typicaly a smooth bored long gun that fires shot or slug which are either many small spearicaly projectiles or one large slab of lead.
Examples: Remington 870, Spas-12, and the Beneli super.

Assault Rifle: A selective fire rifle that uses an intermediate cartridge and a detachable magazine.
Examples: M16A2 , M4 and AK74 rifles.

Battle Rifle: A military service rifle that fires a full-power rifle cartridge. These tend to be larger and heavier compared to assault rifles.
Examples are the : AK47, FAL, M14, and SVD rifles.

Sniper Rifle: A precision-rifle used to ensure more accurate placement of bullets at longer ranges than other small arms.
Examples: Remington 700 (M24) , Tikka T3, M40A4, M21, M110, TPG-1 and the AWP arctic warfare magnum.

Anti-Materiel Rifle (AMR): A rifle that is designed for use against equipment, such as Armored Personal Carrier (APC), Tanks, and even stationary Aircraft, rather than against people.
Examples: the M107, GM6 Lynx, Chey tac M320, NTW-20, and Bois Anti tank rifle.

Light Machine Gun (LMG), or General purpose Machine Gun (GPMG): A machine gun designed to be employed by an individual soldier, with or without an assistant, as an infantry support weapon. Many rely on belt fed ammunition and often can change barrels to prevent overheating.
Examples: RPK, PKP, M249, M240B, M1919, and MG42.

Heavy Machine Gun (HMG) : There are two generally recognized classes of weapons identified as heavy machine guns. The first is weapons from World War I identified as "heavy" due to the weight and encumberment of the weapons themselves. The second is large-caliber (generally .50 or 12.7mm) machine guns, pioneered by John Moses Browning with the M2 machine gun, designed to provide increased range, penetration and destructive power against vehicles, buildings, aircraft and light fortifications beyond the standard rifle calibers used in light or general-purpose machine guns. Fun fact; some of the longest average shots are obtained with 12.7mm HMGs.
Examples : The Browning M2, DShK ,Type 92 HMG, and PM M1910

Now that we know what kinds of guns there are let me give you a pretty easy to understand
rough stats system using a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 denotes the very little, or the least, and 10 denotes extreme, or the greatest. Asterisks * denote that this stat is effective heavily by what kind of round is being fired, but generally will be around this number anyway. A little research will keep folks honest.

Some defining categories are:

Weight/ Mobility: How easy it is to move this gun type by your self.

Target Acquisition : How fast can you aim at your target with this style.

Concealability: How easy it is to hide this gun type on your person.

Malfunction Chance: The average of how easily this gun type will jam.

Accuracy*: The average accuracy of this guns type.

Rate of Fire: The average number of rounds fired per minute. Often expressed as Rounds per Minute (RPM).

Effective Range*: The maximum range of the weapon type before lethality and accuracy starts to drastically drop.

Capacity*: The avage ammunition pool size for this weapon type.

Damage*: The average lethality of this weapon type from a being hit Center mass/ chest shot, Gut shot, Leg shot, and Shoulder/ arm shot.

Penetration*: A average how much the weapon will penetrate, or pass through cover.

This whole cover bit here is pointless, just give an approximate value for certain materials. Also understand that concrete durability differs with age and climate, and sloping materials also greatly reduces penetration and the effective transfer of kinetic force. Noted.

Cover: vs concealment
materials values ( if the number is lowwer, then the projectile will not penetrate)
Police body armor:
Military body armor: Interceptor Mk.II, Dragon scale, etc etc
Steel plates: Heart plate, back plate, ar500

(list of stats here)

In roleplaying there are a few common ways to fight (fairly), we mostly use T1.
This is a nice clean method for melee combat but doesn't really allow for firearms in a Player on Player setting, such as in post-apocolyptic or similar settings. Due to the fact that there is no real reaction time if you shoot at someone, this tends to break the game and ruin the fun for folks by creating arguments..

So how do we fix this situation? Well I think i've figured some Guide lines.The (italicize this instead of using quotation marks) checkmate method. This requires both players to look at the situation with a level head and understanding that their characters could easily die at any point. It's not perfect because lets be honest, some people just don't like to lose, but that's were you start getting into the fun of using firearms in RPs. The numbers I'm going list here don't have to be absolute but should be acknowledged to some degree.

You must set up a situation that forces a player character to perish. In otherwords it turns into a chess game and prevent them from reasonably escaping danger.

Without going into detail there are so many factors going into making an accurate shot
that there is a far greater likelyhood of you missing than hitting your target, with distance and skill being the two biggest factors in order of importance.

Anyone can hit a man sized target at 7 feet with even the most inaccurate firearm, the margin of error is outragous and short of dropping the pistol as you shoot you'll get them.
The opposite is also true. I could give that same person the worlds finest rifle and they probabaly couldn't hit a target at 600 yards with out understanding at least to a degree a number of factors ranging from sight alignment, how to aim, envionmental factors like wind and gravity, and how to (italic)pull the trigger.

This is where we find wiggle room to play. I've gone ahead and listed some common
shots that are taken in increasing levels of success in terms as the distance shrinks. The further the shot, the more skill is required. So lets start with some basic numbers we can play with.

(add a word on gun safty )
( Proper bull shit on holding the weapons here and what not)

Distance Factor
Extreme range ( 1100 - 2400 yards +) <10%
Long range (600 - 1000) 25 %
Medium range( 300 - 600 ) 50%
Close range ( 50 - 300) 75 %
Point blank (1 - 50) 95%

Weapon factors
What is our weapons maximum effective range? This range will be our 25% chance
adjust numbers acordingly(but cannot go past 99.9% ). Now that we have our range chance, we move on to our action chance which we take away from our overall chance of scoring a hit.

Also, I don't understand this portion. If we use a lapua rifle with a range of 1000m as an example, does that mean we have a 25% chance to hit, or a 25% chance base + a 25% chance because of the range?

Skill Factor
How skilled am I?
Marksmen: +50% chance to hit.
Average: No change.
Amateur or Inexperienced: -50% chance to hit.

(fix this cluster fuck)
This garbbled bit is useless without some kind of explanation really.( will add more info)
extream Long range percision shooter (100 ) (+30 years of triger time+ combat exp )
extreame Long range Trainer(90) (trains snipers after getting to old to be a sniper)
long range sniper (80) (7 years combat exp)
Sniper (70) ( 5 years of combat exp
Desginated marksmen/ s.w.a.t (60) ( combat level )
regular shooter/ soilder (50) ( hobbiest level)
avrage shooter (40) ( most police officer level)
very little expence (30) can shoot stright
Still kinda new (20 can aim correctly (average hunter)
Just started (10) knows basic safty
what is gun? (1) Never touched a gun

Character action Advantages / Disadvantages

Natural point of aim: + 50% (standing+15%, kneeling +30%, prone +50%)
Calm and relaxed: + 15%
Set up & still or supported: +10 %
Standing still suported: No Change.
Standing still unsupported: -10 %
Low ready hip fire: -25%
Split second reaction or hipfire: -30%
Quick draw or raise and fire: -40%
Moving: Fast or Running -50%, Jogging -40 %, Walking -20 %
Blind fire: -95 %
Being supressed: -98%
Panicked: -80%
Winded or fatigued: -20%
Wounded: Light -40%, Medium -70% Heavy- 90%

Format this one similar to the one up top. Condense it, ensure proper spelling and formatting, particularly your spaces, use of symbols and such. If it isn't consistent it isn't good enough to be posted yet. Also try not to refer to a character as 'me' or to a target as 'him, her, them etc.' You can make it clear and concise without the addition of these words and similarly to an essay, they make the information appear less formal and less skilled as well. (noted.)

Target Action Advantages / Disadvantages
perfect: -100%
excellent - 70%
Good -50%
poor - 25%
None - nothing
Driving a vehical awayfrom me -90%
Sprint: - 75%
Jog: -50%
walk: -15%
standing still: -0%
Is he concealed ?

perfect: 80%
excellent - 60%
Good -40 %
poor - 10 %
None - nothing

Environmental Factors.

What is going on around our shot?

Wind? skill check
Crosswind? skill check + luck
Rain ? Skill check + minor luck
Temperature: (hands and shivering)
Light levels: too bright vs bright, vs dark, etc.
Sandstorm / smokescreen : luck.
shooting through concealment? luck/skill check
shooting through cover? luck/ equpiment check, AP rounds (armor peircing ) will punch through most objects being used as cover, from sandbags to entire cars. And even some larger rounds will turn most things like car doors and thick wooden doors into swiss cheese where as some assult rifle rounds wouldn't be able to punch through them.
shooting through glass? luck as it can throw a shot and there is no way to 100% know where the bullet will go after it hits glass, unlike many other surfaces.
Shooting against the spin of the earth at 2 miles? Skill check.

the list can go on and on, but with common sense you can figure out most of these skill checks and what not. A little bit of character reaserch can go a long way.

So what in the hell do all these numbers mean?
You're probably gonna miss most of your shots unless you set up an ambush or really, really, really know what you're doing.

So with these guidelines you both can guess the outcome of the shots fired,and with a little imagination you can guess where stuff falls between like drive-bys or what have you. The actual roleplaying would be done something like this:

Swat sets up outside preparing to nogatiate with the robber.
Hero draws his pistol, panicked as a robber holds a gun to someone's head across the room from him. The hero is just a regular guy with not much training. and fires his pistol 3 rounds at the bad guy. at this point hero's post ends The odds of him hitting his target is slim: but there is a chance.
The Villain, being a respectful roleplayer take note of this, and assumes that at least 1 of the 3 bullets hit its mark. But the robber was wearing body armor and simply has the wind knocked out of him, surprised he slings his own weapon over at the Hero and fires.
panicked, lightly wounded, and slowly moving. and fires a couple rounds at the hero.
odds are the hero won't be hit, there is less chance of him being hit than the villain.
So he decides to suppress the hero in order to try regaining control of the situation.

Hearing shots the Swat unit preps to breach , and also sets up a sniper.

The hero takes goes to take cover as soon as the bullet strikes the bad guy, the shots fired at the hero miss. The hero takes a moment to calm himself but rounds start punching through the cubical that he had hidden behind. Still paniced the hero blind fires around the corner

Now with bullets flying everywhere and the hero suppressed the robber has had a chance to regain his cool and while the hero blind fires around the corner, missing, he decides to flank the hero and starts to move.
The hero keeps firing being unaware of the bad guy flanking keeps blind firing hoping to hit the bad guy, but runs out of ammo, he goes to reload.
The bad guy takes cover at the hero's flank and takes aim.
The hero reloads and out of the corner of his eye see's the bad guy. Panicked he dives for cover and tries to turn and shoot.
But it's to late, the bad guy had already set up shot and took aim, he fires two at the would-be-hero as panicked bullets wizz passed his head.
The hero is struck with bullets he couldn't hope to avoid. Panic and wounded he tries to get around cover.
The bad guy fires two more shots at the hero's cover, being only a cubical wall they pass through without an issue.
The hero gets hit in the back by another two rounds and starts to go into shock due to internal bleeding, trauma and pain. Weakly he attempts to point the gun at the villain in an attempt to blind fire.
The villain, calmly side steps the line of fire and takes aim at the hero's head.
The hero looks back at the Villain, firing the last round in a vain attempt to kill his attacker.
The villain, not phased by the last round because of it's miss fires one round into the skull of our would-be-hero, finishing him.
Before Returning to the hostage who's taken shelter vainly in the corner office.
--------------------------------------------------------------- --
The hostage cowares.
The Swat sniper outside notices this and prepares to take a shot if the perp comes in the line site.
The Robber goes to grab the Hostage and will attempt to bargain his way out.
As the Robber passes into the sniper's view to grab the hostage, he fires a single round that passes through the glass.
The robber (who is mindful of the skill of the other character) writes that he was struck by the bullet in the stomach due to environmental factors* ( the glass changed it from a kill shot to critically wounding because he can't explain a miss at that range for a shooter of that skill who is set up but wants to try and win) The robber panics and blind fires out the window at the sniper.
The sniper who is still set up take another shot.
The Robber is struck dead.

things to add later.

Cover vs Concealment and how to spot the difference.

wound caused by gunshots.

Body armor.

weapon stats.

Weapon usage and proper deployment.

weapon limitations.

"buck fever"

"silencers and suppressors"


RPGS/ Explosives


Effect of sloped armour / cover. Ricochet chance.

Constructive criticism section

Other comments.

Questions you feel I need to address

Dynamic Weapons Training WIP

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