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Scarlet Lockheart

The half Fallen new girl, who never seems to think ahead before she acts.

0 · 189 views · located in Olashia

a character in “Dysmas Academy”, as played by IceFoxJess


Scarlet Lockheart
Seventeen, knocking on eighteen
Species :
Half Fallen Angel
Blood magic
Fire but a varied genera of it. The Eternal flames.{Also called the Black flames, and Hell's fire in few circles.}
She just Transferred this year, she’s in the fourth year class
A stroll down memory lane
Scarlets's childhood was an odd one. She had a loving, but stern mother who wouldn't let her get away with anything, and she had a dotting, at times, overly affectionate father but, behind all that he could quite easily be serious and stern, but she was his little girl all the same. Things were happy and good, she was the only child of two loving parents, though she was a timed little thing, who knew nothing of what her father and she really was. Though the happy little family soon ended at the young age of seven, her father just vanished, leaving her and her mother alone. Scarlet's mom held no ill feelings toward her husbands disappearance, she just seemed worried but, the same couldn't be said for little, Haley. She blamed herself, thinking she did something. Did I do something to make him leave? Was I not good enough girl for him not to stay? Does Papa not love me anymore? Were all common thoughts to run through that little girls head, and soon her despair and sadness turn in to hatred and anger, seeing him as a worthless low life who she will get back at for making 'her mom' sad. After that she started to be more outspoken and out going, but along with that she began to act out, being a trouble maker of sorts. She pulled pranks on others, be they well intended, friendly fun, or malice pay back. She got in fights with other little kids, but her fights became lass often as she grew. Though she still got in the occasional fight, but she preferred to use biting words then, her fists at times, found it so much more in her favor if she made them hit her first. She even picked up a bit of a smoking habit when she was in the eight grade. This was all Scarlet in the human realm, but the big question is how was it her connection to the magic realm come about, for this unsuspecting, oblivious, girl?

Well she had just turned eleven, two days before and was seething mad at another little girl. You see she had called her a worthless, ugly, freak. Which Scarlet could careless of that, sure it made her angry but she thought the same thing of herself. What pushed her over the edge was, she insulted her mother. Calling her a pathetic, stupid, old crow who scared away her husband. No one spoke that way of her mom, and sure as hell never got away with it. So their she sat thinking and thinking how to get back at her, until the tips of little girl's pigtails were engulfed in black, she unknowingly had set the girls hair on fire, the only thought to enter her panicked mind was just a frightful stop, and fortunately just with that, the girl was okay as the flames seemed to disappear in a wisp of gray and black smoke as the flame went out. As soon as she had return home telling her mother of what happened, she saw two unearthly beautiful people stick their head out of the living room, the hint of black and gray feathers peaking out from behind them. These people were her grandparents, her fathers parents. It seemed they had come to take her home with them, saying this was no way for a child, be it half or not, of angel blood to live. It was then she found out her mothers little secret, the truth hidden from her. The only thought to derive from that wasn't of anger it was of sadness and fear. Is she ashamed of me too? So before her mom could even say anything she spoke, saying she will live with them, but only during the summers. Her mom wanted her to go to school and have an education, so even if she was ashamed of her little freak, she was going to still try to make her happy. Her mom of course hated the idea, not wanting her baby to be that far from her but, she realized she needed to see both sides of her world, not just the one she lived in.

So every summer vacation she went to stay with her grandparents in this magic realm. They were kind, but a little strict, they were of high standing in magic circles, part of high society and even though they loved their new grandchild, she still had many things to learn so she would fit in their world, even if only a little. So they taught her the ways of the high society, which she ignored most of, but she kept the knowledge tucked away, of magic, of her heritage and of the world. You would imagine it was incredibly boring for the child, unlike every other kid she knew, she was spending her time studying and learning, so what time her grandparents gave her to explore and play, she took advantage of.

Scarlet is nervous to be the new girl in this school, wondering if she’ll be treated like some creature like back home. Not like she’d admit it, but also at the same time she’s Scarlet own odd way.

That will never change:
Scarlet when she was younger, before her father left was a quite, sweet minded girl who crushed very easily. A child who saw the world as a perfect happy place where magic hid behind every coroner. That her father was superman, someone who will never leave her. They day he left was the day she truly felt heart break. That was the day her sadness turned into anger and all that hurt she felt, she forced it into hate. Her mom needed her to be strong, he left them both...

It was around then that she developed the idea that no one should see her cry. That everything would go wrong if so. That her anger at her father will truly just be the hurt that it really was. Since then Scarlet had took on a sort of mischievousness, and that same child like curiosity that has proven to get her in more sticky situation then not. She is what you could call loyal. If she likes you or considers you a friend she will do what she can to help you, all you have to do is let her see what the problem is.

She tries her best to not judge. This is probably what helps her be so dedicated to the people she cares about, what will let her cover for them the best she can without a second thought. Or maybe that sweetness is what lets her do it. Scarlet is often easily flustered, known to blush at a drop of a hat, be it because she‘s embarrassed or a guy is just a little too close. Or if she’s frustrated she been know to “spaz”

Scarlet gets annoyed before she gets angry, though as her annoyance grows and grows as dose her patients until finally she just snaps. She lash out at others blindly more often then not, but on occasions when she able to keep her state of mind she hold it in and release all her anger on an object. Though if you are some innocent bystander that got caught in her path, once she regains some calm back to her, she will do what ever it takes to make up for it. Once you earn her trust she will trust you beyond all reason, leaving her open to being hurt very easily, so naive of the world. She’s still that sweet little girl under it all, just scared that everyone will leave her all alone, and that she will fail the people who for some reason like her. Love still an odd notion to her maybe here she might just learn to understand it just a bit better...

Room Number:
Weapon of choice?
From what she learned in the martial arts class she attended with her best friends Emma and Jay, when she was in the human realm. She learned how to use a Bo staff as her specialty but she is somewhat familiar with twin daggers as well from her short times spent in the magic realm. She prefers the Bo staff
Oh yeah!
She loves music and art, though her biggest soft spot for her has to be cooking, it some reason always makes her happy, yet a little nervous when people try her cooking. She at times has a dark taste in stuff animals and clothing at times, but she adores adorable things such as animals and children.

At a younger age her mother forced her to learn how to play the piano a skill that's never left her.

Scarlet is undergoing the change that Fallen and half bloods have to go through. Though since she’s only half fallen it is occurring latter in life then it does fallen. her wings are coming in but sadly it’s going to be an ordeal for her. Her body is rejecting her human blood, a common occurrence when a half blood of Fallen angelic decent wings start to come in, though the painful ordeal includes coughing up and even throwing up blood. She’s been told there's a ninety eight percent chance she won’t die from this though it has driven some off the edge...

Scarlet, as a present, got an odd pet mokey from her grandfather. It's more intelagent then any mokey she's seen in the human realm. He knows how to write and aperantly understands everything people say. She named the little guy Romeo, he acts like such a little charmer. She couldn't tell her grandfather no the moment she looked in those eyes.

{I will add things like summons and such when she learns it. ^_^}

So begins...

Scarlet Lockheart's Story