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E d e n.

E d e n.


2074 A.D. The world has been caught in an era of decay and corruption. Twelve individuals from the reformed 'america' have been given a mobile device with ten billion dollars to play the game of E d e n - a deadly race to save the nation.

757 readers have visited E d e n. since The Cynic created it.

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"Greetings, friend. Guided by my own convictions, I have decided to personally select twelve messiahs to liberate this nation.
Among you twelve, whom I have dubbed the "Selecao," one of you has been appointed as the "Supporter." Incidentally, the
Supporter is also the 12th anonymous player; enthusiastic to assist, but cruel while observing. From today on, you are a Selecao.
I offer you my congratulations.

There is ten billion dollars on the phone you have been given - how you use it is entirely up to you. I want you to freely express
your ideas on how to lead this country down the right path. Be warned, however, that this money cannot be turned into material
cash. You see, in the circumstance you require a request towards your goal, you may simply contact your concierge by dialing
611 and your desire will be taken care of at anytime - regardless of what it is. A request can be virtually anything. Another word
of caution, however: The amount of money taken for a request is up to your concierge, and from that time, the related expenses
will be debited from your ten billion dollars. The usage of your expenses will be transmitted to the other eleven Selecao,
therefore you will all know each others moves and motives. Another thing - only you know your number, but the others will not
and can not know, unless you divulge that information yourself.

Finally, I will inform you about the penalties. I will say now - all but one of you shall die, but such sacrifices are necessary for a
brighter future. The follow actions I will explain will result in a swift and certain death at the hands of the Supporter. The penalties
are as followed: One, If you abandon your mission or you plan to desert. Two, If you go a long time without the usage of your
phone and no results are produced. Three, If you spend your ten billion and do not pursue the longevity of the nation. 4, if your
balance reaches 0 and you haven't saved the country.

I wish you all to fulfill your desires to the best of your abilities. The only twelve of the Selecao who shall survive will be the one who
finalizes their goal - the remaining players will be unfortunately terminated. When you do fulfill your mission, however, you will be
lead to my location by nature.

Noblesse Oblige - please continue to be a Messiah."


The world was empty - a pitiless gorge reaped of the tangible feel. Reality felt absent. Were it not for the breath slowly spilling
into your lungs, you would have surely believed in death. Time seemed still and your limbs felt numb…your body had betrayed
you and your mind only remained. 'Noblesse oblige….' There was a whisper licking at your ears - it was tantalizing and palpable,
shedding light upon your gloom. 'Please continue to be a messiah…' There it was, and this time you truly heard it. And then it
came - a memory - of something you once knew but chose to forget. Flooded with hope and dread all at once, animation finally
sprung into your body and you realized your hands were no longer bound. Everything was clear as day - despite being engulfed
by darkness.

The remnants of chloroform and your delirium finally dissipated, and with a swift uplifting rush, adrenaline imbued your bones
and you were out of there. You ran. You didn't know where you you were going, or where you had been, but you ran. A black sack
was still taught around your neck, hindering your vision, but you managed to fumble up a flight of stairs and barrel out an open
door. Your skin was bombarded with a sudden frigid wave. You clawed at the material hugging your face and tore it off, unveiling
a tapestry of grey stone and white virgin flakes. The city and snow. 'What…' was all you could think of. You remember going about
your normal day that morning, until you were violently whisked away by darkness. 'I was kidnapped,' was your second thought.

'If only.'

You remembered everything now. You were a Selecao. A man's voice had told you everything, but you never saw him. 'It had to
be a joke…'
You told yourself. No one had one-hundred and twenty billion dollars to blow on people they did not know. You don't
know why, still to this day, but you had a sudden urge to check your pocket and inspect the weight that tug on the fabric. The object
inside was smooth, cold, and metallic against your fingers, and when your thumb brushed against a large dial, your pocket let
out a bizarre ring and your heart stopped.

'Please continue to be a Messiah.'


Greetings everyone, and welcome to E d e n. This roleplay will be reserved for those who practice and appreciate strong literacy
and description. It will possess mature content such as violence, language, and sexual themes. You have been advised. Your
character will be one of the twelve chosen to save the nation - and they can be absolutely anyone, so long as they remain between
the ages of 18 and 65. Your character can do absolutely anything they want, so long as the typist understands that - despite the
fiction of everything - that realism will be a key player, as well as real consequences. Your main character -will- die, so be prepared,
but you also have the option to play minor characters for plot and intrigue and still be part of the game. As a quick side note, for
those who are ARE familiar with Eden of the East, you will notice it is based off the anime. I will use the term 'based' loosely here,
because all in all this roleplay will be completely different from the anime: it is based in a different society, there are no canons, and
and all and all the only thing taken from the show itself is the Selecao system. With that said and done, welcome - and let's dance.


The roleplay takes place two months -after- all the Selecao have been chosen. The year is 2074. The world had changed drastically
despite very little advancement in technology. The former nation of the United States is now known as Idyll, and it is no longer
controlled by the government. Instead, it is dictated by massive corporate entities known as the Aphorics. There are ten Aphoric
corporations in Idyll who control the country through separate tiers: military, health-care, etc, and rule together in a secret council of
ten individuals. The Aphorics are as followed:

  1. Sunlore Engineering [Technology]
  2. The E.B.K [Healthcare]
  3. IPCOR [Electricity & Water]
  4. .Legion [Military]
  5. LUNAR [Space Administration]
  6. T.W.P.O (The World Preservation Order) [Environment & Waste]
  7. Gaia [Agriculture]
  8. The R.R. (Revolution Research) [Scientific Research]
  9. AID [National Social Services]
  10. NOMM [National Moderation of Entertainment and Media.]

These entities control all other lesser corporations. For instance, Sunlore Engineering controls all the technology, production, trade,
distribution, and profit of any other business that deal with (for example) car manufacturers, cell-phone companies, and computer-
software. They also deal with the more extraordinary, such as robotics. The E.B.K controls all the hospitals, pharmacies, national aids
, and research. The Legion is Idyll's military force. LUNAR controls anything to do outside the globe, and they have an operating base
on the moon. T.W.P.O controls the state of the environment and the thousands of Waste Management Centres spread out through
the country. IPCOR controls any and all forms of power, and the companies that provide it to the citizens; they use only the most eco-
friendly methods. Gaia controls any and everything to do with the production, and trade of food & livestock, restaurants and food
retailers, etc. The R.R. controls many things: universal Scientology of any kind. The Dogma controls all schools, colleges, universities,
and what people are allowed to be subjected to through education. AID is the country's social services and protects what it can for
human rights and safety. NOMM controls all and any form of entertainment, television, music, books, media, fashion, etc.


Society has changed DRASTICALLY and many new laws have been implemented. For instance, to control the threat of over-population,
only married couples are permitted to copulate and produce -one- child. Offenders are imprisoned if convicted. Secondary children are
taken by a force known as 'The Requisition.' The Requisition takes multi-offspring and sells them to the military; it acts as a strict
orphanage, school, and training-camp until children come of age for distribution.

People are once again separated by class. There are four: Elites, Delegates, Artisans, and Vassals. Elites are the owners, partners or
executives (and their families) of companies who work underneath an Aphoric. Delegates are those (and their families) who work for
Elites or run small businesses that are allied with corporations. People are not allowed to own private businesses. Artisans are the
workers and the backbone of society. Vassals are the poorest of the poor, or people unable to work. Those who can work are taken
by the Requisition and sold to Elites as cooks, maids, etc. Homelessness and poverty is tightly controlled. The Aphorics also view
handicaps and impairments as a danger to the longevity of the human race: if they are born as Elites or Delegates, they are funded
by the E.B.K to be rid of their afflictions. Artisans must pay to have their children checked as 'sound,' and if not, pay to fix their
problems, or have them taken away by the Requisition. Vassals must receive permission by AID to copulate; if they produce weak
offspring, their children are taken by the Requisition. In most circumstances, they are destroyed.

Society has become VERY eco-friendly. Committing any atrocities against nature (such as littering) is a grave offense and punishable
by the Requisition. All cities and towns function under a circular waste-economy and closed-loop concept that revolves around
recycling and re-using. Education is available to ALL social Classes, but they are separated by class. There are many other factions
as well, such as mafia and gangs that hold the façade of allies of the Aphorics, but secretly deal in drugs, alcohol, pornography,
prostitutes, bars, strip-clubs, etc ( all of which are illegal unless registered under AID). There are also black markets and hidden rebel
groups that live in the so called 'underground,' a term used for people who try and work away from the Aphoric's eye. This belief is
called anti-aphorism.


All societies and corporations need a strong and formal law system. The Requisition is a separate and independent power that enforcers
all and every law underneath the rule of the Aphorics. They oversee taxation, crime, and control a new system of laws and rights. Every
Elite, Delegate, and Artisan is obligated to follow their laws, and they control the lives of Vassals. Depending on social status, a citizen is
eligible for levels of 'Service,' which include their health-care, protection, employment, etc. They pay a certain amount of their wages and
heavy tax depending on what package of 'Services' they desire. Vassals are not eligible for this. The Requisition moderates and controls
public behaviour through secret police forces. Magistrates appointed by the Aphorics speak on behalf of their authority in each city and


An anonymous group or individual has decided that the system needs to be brought down. He or she is obviously extremely powerful
amongst the Aphorics. As such, they developed the Selecao system and game E D E N. to completely revolutionize the country.

Under construction.

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Under construction.

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Most recent OOC posts in E d e n.

Re: E d e n.

Hi! This sounds like fun. But can I be an antagonist...?

Don't get me wrong, I'm a nice person. It just sounds at the moment like you're going to have twelve people running around spending money, and nobody running after them. Depending on how much I'm allowed to know, I'd really like to play an investigator from the Requisition that picks up on these strange occurrences and starts chasing. Give them something else to think about. I'd have to delay entrance, of course, until people start leaving traces, but it'd be useful if things start grinding slow.

If the answer is no I'll just go ahead and apply to be a Selecao. Thoughts?


Re: E d e n.

Absolutely abiotrophy! Watching the anime really doesn't make a difference. I have changed
a lot of things and right now I am having a hard time procuring interest haha.

Re: E d e n.

Would it be all right if I joined this? :D I haven't watched the anime, unfortunately, but I thought this idea is very interesting, so I'd really like to give it a shot. :3

Re: E d e n.

Only one of the would be a Selecao, but yes, other than that twins will be alright.

Re: E d e n.

I read Eden and freaked. Eden of the East is my favorite, hands down. I will most definitely send someone, maybe someones (thinking twinies) in... If the twins are cool with you that is.

Re: E d e n.

Sweet. =]

Can't wait to see what you have in store.

Re: E d e n.

You are most welcome to join. So long as everyone keeps their posts at the minimum of 350-400
words I will open my arms to anyone. The concept will remain the same but everything other than
that has changed. The world is also completely different, as is society, but I will get to that in
the introduction. :)

Re: E d e n.

Touche. =]
Well I think I might have to jump on this train...what say you?

Re: E d e n.

The characters can be literally anyone - I am not looking for anything too specific. They have to be
between the ages 18 and 65. I figured this will make things more interesting. Everyone has been
given a LOT of room for creativity. I am excited to see what will happen.

Re: E d e n.

That sounds great. =D
It wouldn't be as exciting if we stuck to the story, although...if you continued from the last movie, that'd be a different story.

But that's totally off topic.

What are you looking for in a character? Or is this just a 'be yourself and see where the story leads' kind of thing?

Re: E d e n.

It will be completely different from the show. Only the concept shall remain the same. :]

Re: E d e n.

I freaking LOVE Eden of the East! Best anime series is a while!

Are you trying to stick to the show and go off on your own?

E d e n.

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