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Catherine Kelat

"Blood, blood everywhere! On the walls, on the floor, on the ceiling, more and more!" (WIP)

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a character in “E.P.I.C. Reborn: The Milele Jua”, as played by Deallo


Catherine Kelat, 25, Female

< Physical Info >

Catherine stands at 5'5 and has a rather cello-like form with her body, showcasing a wide chest with C-sized breasts, a small abdomen, and wide hips. Her hair is a sandy blonde and eyes a solid emerald green. She normally dresses in a white fluffy sweater which hangs by her shoulders and a pair of jeans, and carries a small black suitcase with a bunch of medical supplies. She was a small butterfly knife, aptly named Rosie, in her pocket, and a six-shot revolver in her back pocket.

Role/Class-type Pestilence's Medic

Affiliation Apocalypse

< Mentality >

Catherine's by far one of the laziest medic's you've ever seen. She's as lethargic as she could get without adding 300lbs and someone officially declaring her a couch potato. Even in her lethargic state, she's pretty docile and friendly, and prefers to be all touchy feely with people; both enemies and allies. Catherine's reminiscent of a drunk except she doesn't drink the alcohol. When the time comes for her to practice her trade, a sly grin appears on her face, and all of a sudden she's suddenly awake. The thing is, she likes blood a lot. Love the way it smells like wet rust, the rich red colour that darkens to a crusty brown, the stickiness of blood in her hands, the way it sprays across a white wall makes her want to pick up said wall, take it home and stare at it like she's in an art gallery. Even a little taste is heavenly and she can be as gitty as a schoolgirl when it's around. In combat, she's a sadomasochist, deriving pleasure from being hurt and from hurting others, giving her the psychological edge in combat. Coupled with her obsession with blood is a sick sense of humor that she can play on either allies or enemies once again. She's just as liable to stitch up an enemy's wounds, shape the stitches so it looks like a smiley face, then grab a knife and cave out their stomach to match that same smiley face.

With allies, the same thing is liable...except without the carving blood bath. And the shape of a penis is more likely to be stitched/defaced on their body. Her allies know to be on good terms with her.

[Likes] [Dislikes]
oBlood Order
oScrewing with people Being forced to do something
oFighting Being denied

< Ability Statistics >

Power or abilities
Master with the thread and needle
Ability to heal major wounds
Inability to feel danger with pain and wounds sustained

Personal Traits
Psychotic Blood-Fetish
Sick Sense of Humour

< Personal Background >



So begins...

Catherine Kelat's Story

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#, as written by Deallo
Its steps were slow and methodical; seemingly dragging itself. Its moans were haunting, twisting its head slowly, side by side, blonde hair lazily following it. Its emerald eyes looked straight ahead and eyelids immensely heavy.

Anyone could have mistaken Catherine for a zombie on that day. Or on any day really but today was worse with the heat of the sun making short work on everyone. Why can't it be winter? It'd be so nice and cold. The woman thought, fantasizing about better times as she shuffled towards the location and constantly changed her grip on her black briefcase. "Why'd I have to wear a sweater today?" Catherine thought, then remembered its because she was too lazy to change, and now was paying the price. She smacked her lips in thirst, beads of sweat dripping down her brow and off her chin, immediately stopping in place. She stood in front of it and the grip on her fingers loosened, the briefcase full of her tools dropped, and struck the ground.

Catherine let out her loudest moan; most probably audible to those on top of the hill.

Why the hell did they decide to all meet at the top of the hill? A slew of curses escaped the medic's lip as she hazily took one inclined step over the other and a familiar scar on her left side started to hurt. It was about a year ago since she was slashed, creating the scar, and leaving it to ache from time to time. The scar reminded her of him...despite the fact that he was dead now. Catherine hated to think about him. Finally reaching the top of the treacherous hill, she lifted her arms into the air in victory, turned around and fell backwards. "Ugghhhhhh." was what seemed appropriate to say. The sun was blinding her eyes so she rolled onto her stomach and found a shady area under a tree. Groggily getting back up on her feet, she approached the tree, and instantly recognized her teammates.

"Torrrrrrrrriaaa."Catherine sounded, not in the sing-song voice most people would think, but the 'I'm dying please put me out of my misery' way. She briefly hugged he gun-toting companion until she last her balance and fell backwards in front of her leader. "Witcheyyy. You need to schedule an appointment." Catherine said in her zombie-like laziness and thirst. "Can't you make some water? Pretty Please?" She begged, tugging on the fabric of her shoes.

That damned witch owes her for getting over that mushroom overdose; among other things.

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Lance could tell the news he brought had pleased Gennah. The smile placed upon her lips proved it. "What does Francis have in mind?" Gennah asked him. Afterwards Izumi commented on his little entrance, and he blushed a little in embarrassment. "Hey, hey. I got straight A's back in school. I'm far from a dummy." He replied solemnly. Before Lance had a chance to answer Gennah's question, Izumi put on her usual grin and answered for him. "She said that we should head out quickly, but we had to get you! Hehe, its going to be so fun trying out my new explosives and watching them fly in the sky- haha sorry hehe, anyways~ We're supposed to grab the rest of the members and meet up with the leader! Though she didnt like the idea of infiltrating the school, she didnt mind joining in on the fun~!" Lance couldn't have said it better himself. Well... Maybe a little better. Lance snickered a little as Izumi began rambling about her daydreams of making people explode, and calamity.

Lance was glad to see that Gennah was just as excited about this operation, or merrymaking for lack of a better term, as he and Izumi were. "Francisca said that trying to obtain the Milele Jua with our current power would be too risky. But rather, this would be a way to make our mark, and let the other factions know we're still kicking and after their asses." Lance then put on a creepy smirk that slightly resembled Izumi's. "Torture the other Apocalypse members. Hehehe. Doesn't sound like a bad idea. I've got a certain member in mind who I really want to carve up." Lance chuckled madly, continuing before he was able to compose himself.

"But yes... This overall is an infiltration mission. I'm guessing you being the best at this sort of thing, and me being useless in a fight will cover that role. I think Izumi and the others will be giving Apocalypse hell in the mean time." Lance finally announced, returning to his perky, energetic attitude. I think the only person left to find would be Koichi. I actually forgot where he spends his time at. Do you know, Izumi?" Lance asked, turning to her.


Forte nodded in acknowledgement of Ⓧ's thank you. All of a sudden a young man came up to the trio and began poking Ⓧ in the face. He aparently had also taken interest in Ⓧ's telepathic abilities. "Envy..." Forte subconsiously said to herself as Shin began asking how he could get his mouth removed. Forte walked up to him and grabbed his arm to make him stop poking Ⓧ. "Hey. What do you think you're doing. Thats kind of rude, you know." Forte stated, before proceeding to poke Shin hard in his face. "Lets see how you like it." Forte smiled, slightly enjoying messing with Shin.

Forte then noticed that Ⓧ had resprouted his tendrils, quickly gathering the attention of several other students. Forte then came to the assumption that Shin had pissed Ⓧ off. She waited to see if Ⓧ would make a move, before she began defending Shin. Ⓧ seemed to be troubled by something, but Shin seemed to be on the bottom of his list.

At the same time, Ali seemed to be troubled by something as well. Forte was still slightly worried about her, even though she said that she was fine. 'Could it be Ⓧ?' She wondered. After she finished the thought, Ⓧ announced that something wasn't right. Forte then noticed Ace jumping out of Ali's arms and going out the auditorium entrance. She thought it was strange for Ali to allow him to do so. Maybe Ali told him to, but Forte didn't hear her say a thing. Even if she did, it wasn't as if Ace could understand her. Right? "Hey Ⓧ. What do you mean by, something's not right?" Forte asked, as she started becoming very cautious.


Roady growled in annoyance and Drake began giving out orders, as if he was the big leader. "I don't need you to tell me my role in this operation, bastard." He replied arrogantly through his earpiece, before a band of guards coming out to possibly patrol, began heading his way. "Heh. This is ussually the time Ma-" Roady began his sentence before the guards began dropping like flies. "Yup. Routine gets really boring sometimes." The students who hadn't been paying attention, or were sleeping ,were now fully alert. Roady quickly aimed for the leg of the once sleeping student from earlier. He seemed to be a swordsman. It would be annoying to engage in a close-range battle from the get-go. "Should have just stayed asleep like nothings going on, kid." He said, unleashing a few rounds that incapacitated the student.

Roady then jumped from his hiding spot and began gunning down the few regular guards who had managed to survive Margrethe's earlier attack. Little did he know that a female student had snuck up behind him with dual daggers. "Sneaky little bitch, huh?" Roady commented before aiming Ruster against the blade of the dagger she had thrust at him and pulled the trigger. The force of the bullet caused her to lose her hold of the dagger and left her with only 1 weapon. She grimaced, having had her assassination attempt failed. Roady then rushed at her, as she held her remaining dagger in a defensive stance. Roady was too fast for her. He quickly drew Bianca, and aimed it at the bottom of the girl's chin, while holding Ruster against her other blade, his arms now in a cross-like state. "Lets see. I can only fire one of these pistols without blowing my arm off. Can you remember which one I was using earlier?" Roady asked the girl, who looked at him with terrified eyes.

Suddenly, a sword came at Roady's back, which he barely evaded. It was the student from earlier, who he had shot in the leg. He appeared to be steadying himself on one leg. The boy was obviously in no condition to fight, at least not properly. "This is what happens when I try to be generous and let you brats live." Roady said shaking his head and sighing. As he did this, the student slashed out at him with all of his might. Roady quickly blocked it with Bianca and aimed Ruster at the boy's stomach. "I commend you for challenging me in your condition, but you should really..." Roady began before surging foward and hitting the boy's hand with his pistol to make him drop his weapon, then hit him hard in the gut to make him lose conciousness. "know your limits, brat!" He finished his sentence from earlier, as the boy held onto Roady's arm, trying to maintain his consiousness. "You gotta strong will, but you should just learn to give up. I gave you 2 chances, but I've decided end your suffering here." Roady said aiming Ruster at the boy's head and pulling the trigger before he even had time to react.

The girl from earlier had recovered and aimed to strike Roady in his head. He sidesteped, not expecting her to bring the dagger back quickly to stab him in the face. He was surprised, and jerked his head to the side, escaping the attack with a mere scratch to the cheek. 'Heh. Even if they are kids, they're still freaks just like me. Never know what kind of surprises they can throw at ya.' He thought before she made an attempt to slit his throat. He threw Ruster in the air, and caught her arm with his free hand, right before she could reach his neck. He then kicked her foward, and aimed Bianca at her chest. He then placed his free hand on the arm wielding Bianca, to support it. He then pulled the trigger, sending out a power bullet that went right through the girl's chest, leaving a small hole. The girl died instantly, to Roady's relief. However, a few trickles of her blood at splashed onto his face, and clothes, which he didn't really mind. The recoil sent Roady's arm backward, with a powerful jerk. This was why he had to support it with his other arm.

Ruster then fell to the ground beside him. He picked up the pistol checking the barrel. "Yup. Out of ammo. Shit. I left my spare bullet cartridges at home." Roady said to himself, looking up to realise that guards had surrounded him from all sides. "Ah. A welcome party just for me? You shouldn't have. But I do see one problem with here." Roady joked, putting Ruster and Bianca back into their holsters. "Theres no alcohol." He smirked, as orange and black ghostly images began covering his arms and legs. Soon the black shapes began to form into stripes. "Hey. You guys ever take on a siberian tiger before?" He asked, now on all fours. One of the guards had shot at him while, he was talking. He dodged it, while at the same time leaping. He had seemed to dissapear. The guards all looked around, frantically trying to find him. Soon their eyes were drawn, to where Roady was. He was holding the guard who had shot at him, and another next to him up in the air, with his hands, or rather claws embedded in their backs. "Of course not. You don't take on a Siberian tiger. You run like hell, idiots." He laughed, before proceeding to finish off the rest of the guards. He managed to kill about 8 more, before a headache started attacking his brain. He immideatly dropped his phantomshift before the headache worsened.

'Damn. I forgot that shift takes more concentration than the others.' He thought, holding his head in pain. There were now 4 guards who were all aiming weapons at him. "I was hoping to finish you all off before this." Roady said, reaching for Bianca. They soon began shooting at him, one bullet grazing his leg. He managed to avoid a fatal injury. He continued running in a circular motion, as they continued to fire at him. Once the guards were perfectly alligned, he raised Bianca, once again supporting his gun-wielding arm. Pulling the trigger, the recoil was too much for him with his headache also playing a role. He flew backward a few feet, as the bullet went through all four guards. All of them died except for one who had his arm blown off. He screamed in pain for a little while before he lost too much blood and finally died. "Just another day on the job." Roady commented to himself, pulling out his alcohol canister and taking another swig of vodka.

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Roady could tell that Aristata was just as cautious of the new girl as he was. She had also pulled out a weapon as soon as she arrived. Except, instead of making an attempt to insult her, she seemed to take her more seriously, asking for her purpose for being here in response. Aristata then began calling on Drake for backup. Roady shook his head. "I wouldn't count on your boss right now, girly. Hes already heading inside the school with Skye. If we're getting backup, it'll be from our little friends we left on the hill." Roady told her, unintentionally giving away the location of the other faction members.

As he said this, Margrethe had knocked Bianca out of Roady's hand. "Hey Boss. What was that for?" Roady asked her, a little pieved that she had disarmed him.
"Both of you, stop acting on the spur of the moment and think. We can't afford to have yet another bloody massacre. Especially not you Roady. Do you honestly think that firing Bianca this soon will get you anywhere?" She announced. Roady picked Bianca up, growling a little in irritation. "Calm down Boss. Its not like I was gonna shoot. Its called intimidation Boss. Intimidation." He replied, repeating "intimidation" for emphasis. He made sure to avert his eyes while saying this, as he could tell Margrethe was most likely giving him and Aristata a death glare. He looked back at her as she began to walk towards the gorilla girl. 'Oho. We getting a catfight?' Roady thought, as Margrethe stepped up to the girl rather intimidatingly. "Darling, I don't take kindly to others ordering me around. Nor do I appreciate having a bazooka aimed at my face. Why don't you put it down for now and I'll explain a few things to you." Margrethe demanded. Roady was a little interested in how this might play out. He could already make out several lifeforms appearing from the building, including the loud, screechy thing from earlier. But he knew if they were only going up against this single girl, the three of them should make it out ok. Although she seemed fairly old, he knew that age isn't necissarily involved with seniority in this school. Seeing as she couldn't tell who they were, Roady figured she was a first year. Most likely less experienced than the two students he had just killed. But you never know.

Roady then noticed that the girl had begun speaking to him once again. "Firstly, sweet cheeks. Thanks for the compliment. I do try my best. But honestly, I would rather be a gorilla right now than the drowned rabbit you appear to be. So I think I can call you what I want, expecially with this. So take a chill, cutie." This really got to Roady. "Hey Boss. Can I kill this damn gorilla girl already? Shes making my headache worse." Roady asked, just about ready to blow this girl's head off, before she continued, this time addressing Aristata, and then Margrethe. He didn't really care how he spoke to her or Margrethe, but he definately wasn't going to put up with her mocking him.

"So fancy telling me why my new school's security are dead because this is turning out to be one interesting first day." The girl asked, pulling on a latch to prepare her bazooka. 'Shit. Things won't go well if she fires that.' Roady thought. He quickly got up and rushed foward, making the most use of his speed. Once he reached the girl, he stuck Bianca against the bottom of her chin, while holding the arm she was holding the bazooka in to the side. "Lets not get too hasty, gorilla girl. You wanna know why all these guys are dead, right? Well the answer is... I killed them." Roady paused for a little dramatic effect. He was now face-to-face with Olivia, attempting once again to intimidate her. "I think you know, with the three of us going up against just you, its pretty obvious who'll win." He threatened.


Lance rushed over to the meeting spot, and saw that Izumi had already started the car. Not only that, but Gennah had beaten him here. "O-ho no! I call shot gun, Gennah!" He yelled out childishly, before running up to the vehicle and opening the door. He quickly pulled himself in, and plopped himself down onto the passenger seat. "Yeah! Roadtrip!" Lance yelled out, even though the drive would at most take about 20 minutes. With Izumi driving, they might make it in 8.

"Even if I'm only infiltrating as a student, I still have to keep myself pumped." Lance announced, pulling out his I-pod and rolling out the earbuds. "These damn things always find a way to get tangled up." Lance complained, getting frusterated with the complicated knot the earbuds had developed while inside his pocket. Once the battle of Knotsburg was over, Lance put one of the earbuds in his right ear, while leaving the left one open in case someone was talking to him. He then flipped through several songs he'd already heard a million times, until he reached a particular one. "Dirty Minds" by Here come the mummies. 'Hehehe. This song always gets me really excited. I can't wait to torture you, Catherine.' Lance thought to himself, subconsiously smirking devilishly.