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"Now let me check your blood flow... I mean pressure! Hehehe..."

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Lance Kirkwall, 18, Male

< Physical Info >


Role/Class-type War faction survivor/Medic

Affiliation Apocalypse

< Mentality >

Lance on the outside is quite cheerful. He can be considered a pushover, as if told to do something, he wouldn't be too hesitant to do it. He isn't the most dependable person to have your back in a fight. He is a complete pacifist when it comes to rough-housing, even when if its just a playful little brawl. Lance although does have a secondary side. Although he refuses to face someone headon, he had absolutely no problem dealing with them, if they are utterly helpless to defend themselves, or fight back. In this case, Lance becomes more sadistic, and creepy. Because of the teachings of his mentor, Lance has learned to use medical means as more of a form of torture than mending. This is why Lance is ussually given the role of an interigator when the War faction has captured an enemy. He in fact, derives pleasure from torturing people. He isn't easily angered in his normal state, but can be angered very easily in his interigation mood.

[Likes] [Dislikes]
o Torturing prisoners Fighting x
o Following orders Getting injuredx
o Breaking someone's will Those who mock him x

< Ability Statistics >

Power or abilities
Lance has a high level of knowledge when dealing with illnesses, and injuries. He can mend deep cuts in an orderly fashion, without hesitation. However, Lance's main abilities lie in torture and interigation. He is an expert in dragging out someone's life as long as possible, until they can feel the very last drop of pain. If the War faction needed to get information out of someone, he would be the man for the job. He can torture them to the brink of death, and then revive them, only to repeat the process again. Once their bodies can't take it any longer, Lance would give them time to rest before the next torture session.

< Personal Background >

At the age of 17, Lance signed up for an internship under Dr. Drei Morgan, who worked for the "Doctors Without Borders" organization. He had always been a personal hero of Lance's. Lance had straight A's almost his entire life, and had already passed medical school at a rare age. He wanted to be able to work under the man who inspired him to become a doctor. After a few weeks of working with Dr. Morgan, he was called up to fly over to Guam, after a devistating typhoon had hit it. He asked Lance along with a couple of his other interns, if they wanted to come with him. All of them agreed whole-heartidly. They were all excited to see how things were done firsthand. Probably no one more than Lance.

On their flight to Guam, the plane started rocking violently. Lance was a bit worried. Especially when the co-pilot announced that they were hitting major turbulence. All of a sudden the plane started soaring downward. Oxygen masks began dropping down, and screaming could be heard throughout the plane. The power seemed to have gone out in the plane. The next thing Lance knew, everything was black.

When Lance awoke, he started hyperventilating, and willed himself to calm down. After a few moments, he calmed himself. Lance checked his surroundings noticing that he had somehow landed in a forest of some sort. He was lying in his passenger seat, that seemed to be partially embedded in the ground. His seat belt seemed to have kept him in it, after it aparently shot out of the plane. Lance reached for his seat belt, noticing a large pain pertruding from his right shoulder. He looked to find a small piece of scrap metal embedded into his arm. He attempted to pull it out, but it hurt too much to continue. He then noticed that it was harder to move his right arm than usual, and thought that the scrap metal could have severed some nerves. Lance didn't have his medical kit with him, because Dr. Morgan said that he had all of the supplies that he needed in his brief case. Lance undid his seatbelt with his left arm, and attempted to stand, making the pain in his shoulder worsen. He beared with it, and trudged through the forest, until he came upon the plane that had crashed into a beach. Lance speculated that they might have landed on one of the small indonesian islands on their way to Guam. Then again, it was impossible for him to tell exactly how far they traveled. There were around 50 survivors of what Lance could make out. Everyone who was alive had seemed to be accountable for. He made his way over to them, to weak to call out. One of the survivors noticed him, and told the others. Lance collapsed into the sand and passed out, having just seen one of the survivors notice him.

The next time Lance awoke, Morgan was looming over him. He was startled at first, but quickly realised who it was. Morgan explained their situation, and Lance understood. So they had crashed on an island after all. It turned out that amoungst the dead was one of the interns that had come with Morgan and Lance. The other one, Clara was having a hard time getting over it, as the dead intern was a close friend of her's. One man who was a geologist announced that they were on an uncharted island in the middle of the Pacific. How the plane landed all the way over there was baffling to him, and the rest of the group. The next few weeks went by, and the people had started building their own little civilization. Surprisingly Morgan kept quiet most of the time, and never really spoke out during group discussions. Even when people started getting sick, he never reacted. He even told Lance and Clara not to help them. Lance found this strange. The illness had spread to about 12 people already, and the numbers were already growing. Those infected experienced extreme dizziness, minor headaches, and fevers. One time Lance noticed Morgan sneaking out in the middle of the night with something in his hand. He didn't follow him however, not wanting to cause any trouble. For some reason, Morgan always kept a seperate food supply for himself, while the other all shared food from what they had gathered and hunted.

Some time later, the illness had spread to 38 of the survivors. But this was when the first death occured. A man who was one of the first to become infected had bloodshot eyes. His skin had turned a sicking-grey colour. His teeth had seemed to have all fallen out, and he had blood dripping from his ears. Later on everyone, including Lance had gotten infected, except for Morgan. By this time 6 people had died from the illness. Lance watched in wonder, as Morgan stood upon a large rock at the edge of the beach and spoke out for everyone to listen to him. "You all have nothing to worry about! I am a doctor, and I have a cure which can cure all of you! All you need to do, is pledge your iternal allegiance to me, and I will cure you. If you don't then you can all die. Let it be known, that if you turn against me, then you won't be able to cure yourselves a second time, if this disease begins occuring again. Anyone who wants to be cured, come forth. Show me how large your will to live is." Morgan finished with a devilish smile. Lance had never seen this side of him before. He was now certain that Morgan had contaminated the food supply in the middle of the night, seperating food only for himself, so that he wouldn't be infected. Lance's vision of him was shattered. Already several people began lifting themselves up, and walking towards him. Some were limping, while others had to drag themselves. One of them was Clara. Others soon followed suite, deciding that they'd rather be his slave than die. He could make out Morgan chuckling with delight at the sight before him. "Thats right, little puppets. I want to hear all of you beg me for the cure. Come on. Beg!" He demanded, before letting out a psychotic laugh. Morgan had come to the realization that Lance had been trying to avoid. Help wasn't coming, so Morgan decided to make the best of being here, by becoming the ruler. By now, everyone had gone up to him to be cured, including Lance. Just as Lance was about to announce what he saw Morgan doing at night, he noticed the man who had originally taken up the role as leader holding his 6-year old daughter in his arms kneeling before him. "Please! I don't care if you cure me, but please save my daughter!" The man begged. Morgan merely laughed in his face. "Sorry. But in order to obtain absolute rule, I have to eliminate all of the past rulers, including their heirs." He replied with a sadistic snicker. He then looked in Lance's direction, with knowing eyes. He was perfectly aware of the knowledge Lance knew of. In the end, the man and his daughter died of the same tragic fate as the other six. Lance was traumitized by the experience, as Morgan called on a group meeting to witness the final moments of their old leader, and his daughter. This site was too gruesome for Lance to take. This was obviously to enforce Morgan's hold over them.

Several months later, a U.S. military submarine had surfaced about 12 kilometers away from the island. Someone noticed and began rallying the others to start a fire. They worked as quickly as they could, and started a large bonfire. Morgan awoke a few minutes later, and was infuriated. He commanded everyone to put out the fire immideatly. Most of them looked confused. He struck one of the islanders with his hand, and once again commanded them to put the bonfire out. The islanders did as they were told, obviously confused on why Morgan would try to ruin their chances of escaping. But it was too late. The submarine and noticed the fire signal, and began making their way over to the island. Morgan refused to let them interfere with his utopia, and started telling the islanders that they weren't rescuer's but invaders. The islanders having been under his influence for so long, believed him. Once the submarine ported, the islanders began attacking the people in the submarine, killing them on sight without even thinking. The people who had waited inside the submarine began grabbing their weapons, and gunning down the islanders. More than half of them were dead within seconds, but Morgan wasn't giving up. Eventually the islanders had taken over the submarine, killing everyone except a man who had been stabbed in his right thigh. Morgan told Lance and Clara to come over to him. Morgan began teaching them how to torture the man through medical means. Morgan made Lance and Clara take turns torturing him in the most gruesome of ways. Finally the man died of shock, when Lance accidently pushed it too far. Morgan scolded him for killing the man so soon. Although Clara did exceptionally well. Before the submarine was overrun, a distress signal had been sent to alert nearby vessels. Several ships began traveling towards the island, and had reached it within a week. By the time Morgan could make them out, it was too late to prepare for another ambush. He knew that his reign had come to an end. Before the ships could make it to the island, and arrest him, Morgan took on the the pistols they had taken from the submarine, and shot himself in the head. The other islanders were confused, having lost their leader. When the other ships arrived, the islanders were arrested. As one of the sailors was about to bring Clara on board one of the ships, she slipped out a knife from underneath her sleeve, and slit the man's throat. She had gone insane. Just as she was about to kill another sailor, she was shot. The other islanders, worried about their safety stayed quiet, and obidiently went with the sailors.

Lance saw a chance to escape(which I won't put into detail), when he was being taken off of the ship he was on. He managed to injure both of the men escorting him, and ran off, managing to avoid any other sailors. He knew he wouldn't be able to go back home to his parents when they knew what he did, so he became a criminal. Over time, Lance had become a serial killer in a small town in Georgia. The corpses were always described brutally mutilated a point, to where the victims couldn't be identified by appearence. It was later found out that the targets were mainly people who worked in the medical field. None of the victims were linked in any other way. Eventually, news of an organization known as Apocalypse reached Lance's ears. He joined thinking that at least he wouldn't have to live off what he found in the pockets of those he killed.

So begins...

Lance Kirkwall's Story

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Forte was a bit confused, by Ⓧ's explanation, as well as his apology. She still didn't like the thought of him talking to her through her head. In all reality, he hadn't really done anything wrong. Forte felt a little embarrassed for getting defensive all of a sudden. She hadn't even thought that he might not mean them any harm. Even so, she felt herself tense up once more when Ⓧ said that he was going to prove that he wanted to be their friend. By instinct, her eyes began moving in Rio's direction, and rested on her injured leg. It appeared that blood immiating from the wound was clotting up at an unusual pace.

Forte then looked back to him, as Ⓧ readjusted his tie. She thought his name was even stranger than he was in general. What kind of of name was "Ⓧ"? Nonetheless, she decided to at least humor him. She then grabbed Ali's hand and brought her to her side. "My name is Forte, and this is Ali." Forte announced, introducing herself and her new friend. She then held out her hand to shake his. When he asked if he should make himself appear more human, Forte didn't respond. It would make things feel less akward, but it would also make her feel bad to make him pretend to be something he isn't.

("Ⓧ" was the closest thing I could find for "The Operater" symbol. Thought it'd be pretty clever to use it in place of X's name. 1-liners are ok, as long as they're not frequent. I ussually decide to wait for others to post, so I can make my post, feeding off of what they give me to work with. But yh. Didn't have much to work with in this 1 either.)


Roady trudged upward, feeling a little too typsy to be descending a large hill such as this. Once he caught sight of his leader, Margrethe, who had already made it to the meeting point ahead of schedule, he felt relieved. He wasn't sure exactly where on the hill the meeting point was, and thought he'd spend all day looking for it. Once Roady was beside his leader, he could see why the meeting point would be here. The hill overlooked the school perfectly. He could slightly make out at least 50 guards along the perimeter of this side of the school. A few 3rd and 4th year students were also lazing around, not taking guard duty very seriously. "Hmph. Dumb brats. They're way too laidback. I could probably break in myself, with them acting like that." Roady commented, even though he was one to talk. "So boss. Any word from Little Rio yet?" Roady asked. He had gotten far too used to using that nickname.

Since no one else from the other factions, nor their own had shown up, Roady figured he must be a little early as well. So he decided to pass the time with, you guessed it. Alcohol! He grabbed his small canister that hung from his belt, and unscrewed the cap, taking in a swig of vodka. "Man. I can't get enough of this stuff. Who says theres an age limit to drink? They can shove it up their asses." He remarked, chuckling to himself.


"The swelling should go away in a couple of hours. You don't have to worry your pretty little head. I'll return as soon as I can, as is my duty. I am a doctor after all. Hehehehe!" Lance said in response to the screams and shouts of agony that could be heard coming from the metalic room he had just exited. He closed the heavy steel door until it got close enough for the door to suction itself the rest of the way shut. The screams were now completely shut out. "Soundproof rooms are always so convienant." He remarked while walking down the dark hallway that lead to his torture chamber. Once Lance reached the end, he walked up the small flight of stairs that lead to the main part of the building. The survivors of the War faction had been lucky enough to find an abandoned science facility after their base was taken over the year before. Lance was one of the few lucky enough to get away with his life.

"Izumi! Where are you?!" Lance called out to his friend, his prepubecent voice really showing. She was no-doubt creating some type of new explosive, or something similar. He wandered off into the upper floors of the building where she spent most of her time. He searched each room, wondering where she could be. After searching through 3 floors, he made it to the final, and highest one. He could make out loud noises coming from one of the rooms. "I think I know who that is." Lance smirked, running foward to greet Izumi. "Hey Izumi! Quit making all of that noise! Can't you see my patients are sleeping?! Oh wait. I don't have any!" Lance chuckled, having made a poor attempt at a joke.

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Izumi Fullbuster

Izumi stood in the center of her large "Test" room, with a irritated smile plastered on her lips. "Stay..." She stares intently at a thin man, who was chained to a far away wall, and was backing up into the corner in fright. "Still!!!" Izumi shouts, literally pouncing at him. The man turned to run, only to clumsily hit the wall behind him. "Ah ha!" Izumi took this as her chance, and grabbed the man with her slim glove. Though, like a little bunny, he slipped away quickly from her loose grasp. This caused her to growl angrily, as she hits the hall in frustration, making a dent. The man winced and ran to the other side of the room hoping to escape his doom.

"Why can't I fix it!" She shouts, flexing her claws. This was her major problem of the day. The claws wouldn't close in a tight grip, no matter how hard she tried, it allowed prey to slip away before they went "boom!" and this made her very impatient. She scowls and went to pounce at him one more time, only for the previous events to reply. But this time, she plopped down onto her bottom, and sat cross legged on the floor. It was the 100th attempt today, and she still couldn't get the claws fixed. She tried changing their size, and even material, but it still didn't work.

"Maybe the bolts are rusting..." Izumi thought, observing the weapon with much thought, before laying on the floor. "Come here number 1700..." She commands, flexing one claw, motioning her test subject to come forward. The man hesitated, but came forward curious. A sadist smile came to her lips. "Foolish little animal~" She chirps, her hand lurching forward, wrapping around his neck tightly, threatening to break it with a snap. "the little bunny's neck will go snap in 3...2...-"

"Izumi! Where are you?!"

The crazy heavy female, blinks before smirking at the man who trembled near her. "Lucky bastard~!" She sang, thrusting the man away from her. Kicking up from her laying position, she walked to a stand and gently placed her metal glove upon it.

"Hey Izumi! Quit making all of that noise! Can't you see my patients are sleeping?! Oh wait. I don't have any!"

Izumi grins at the medic's comment. "oh really? You must be mistaken, cause you have one right here~!" She replies, pouncing at him, pointing at her disabled eye. It sounded very flirtatious, but she meant it, despite her cheerful tone. "My eye been pulsing and itching lately.." Izumi pouts, lifting the gauze revealing a closed eye that had a large slash across her eye lid. The gash seemed infected from the lack of cleaning, and was inflamed with irritation. "Is there a way you can fix it?" She asked, her voice similar to the one of a young, yet crazy child. "I'll give you some explosives you can feed to your toys at the medic station!" Izumi added on, giving off a bubbly aura. "oh the thought of them exploding~" She giggles blissfully, suddenly getting off topic, as her mind was filled with bloody images.

The black hair female walked down the street lazily, yawning quietly. Hours ago, she was sleeping at the base, but was awakened to the signal of meeting up with the others. People around her gave strange looks but she ignored them completely. Minutes passed, and she arrived at their meeting point. A hill. "Strange.." She mutters, walking up with ease. As soon as she spots her three other comrades she smiles happily. Skye quickened her pace, and arrived near the three quickly. "Roady... Aristata....Margrethe.." She greets with much respect to the three Apocalypse members. But she quickly changed her tone, and expression to a look of disgust as she spots the school which was seen perfect from the hill. "fools..." She mumbles into the wind before sitting herself down, resting her back against a tree. "Well, while we wait, im going to return to what I was doing before..." Within seconds, she fell into a light slumber, her body limp but still aware of her surrounds. Surely, if they were attacked now, even if it was the quietest of warriors, she would wake and kill them with ease.

The room was dark, and quiet until bright characters lit the room as they were drawn in mid air by a thin staff. The mystical light reflected off Exile's pale face, giving her an ominous appearance as she wrote the spell in mid-air. Seconds passed, and she slowly lowered the staff, the characters finally completed. Whispering something, the foreign words lit up brightly, before vanishing into the ground. It was quiet until the shadows of the room came together to form a large dog-like creature who growled dangerously at an unknown intruder. Exile smiled softly, pleased. You may wonder if there was an attack or an ambush at the moment, but no there wasent. She was just practicing her skills and made sure she hasent lacked any. Of course [because of the practice she executes every morning], she was in the best condition and was ready to attack at any moment. Seeing no use of her summon, she whispered something else causing the dog to vanish. She left the dark room and into the hall ways wondering where the others were. Honestly, she grew to love her comrades, and was as loyal as a dog. Exile would wait hours for them if they asked, and won't move a spot. People told her it was strange and not a common habit but she didn't mind. 'If they are happy, im happy...' She thought.
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Roady strained himself to concentrate on the new figures that began filling up the empty space on the hilltop. He could easily distinguish Skye, with her white trench coat. He then started hitting his fists against his head, in an attempt to unblure his vision. It actually worked slightly. 'Damn. If I didn't spent all that time meditating, I might have past out already.' Roady thought to himself, as she watched Skye make her way over to a tree and begin resting against it. 'Hm... A nap sounds good. I might join her.' He thought, before noticing another newcomer.

He would have noticed her much sooner, had the alcohol not been clogging his senses. "um hello...?" He heard a faint voice calling out, possibly to him. Roady merely stared akwardly, barely being able to let out a cohenrent sentence at the moment. This was before Margrethe stepped in to speak for him. Roady decided he should try and sober up, since most of his team was already here. He began meditating, clearing his thoughts, and letting himself fall under a deep sense of serenity. Of course then, the loudest member of his faction had to show up.

"Ahh the gangs all here. Roady, Skye, and Margie. Good to see you guys again." He heard a booming voice in the distance of his mind. Eckhart was truly the only person who can break Roady's concentration, when he was meditating. "Damn Eckhart. The one time I try to be sober on a mission..." Roady mumbled, already feeling a headache coming on. Just then, the girl from earlier introduced herself as Aristata Collins, a hunter from the Death faction. "Heh. Did your boss send you here by yourself? Where are the rest of your teamates? He even remember the assault mission we had scheduled today?" Roady began taunting her, feeling he should be a little annoying himself, seeing as Eckhart was allowed to. "Names Roady Domene, by the way." Roady then announced, even though he wasn't asked.


Lance grinned as Izumi pounced him, still pushing him back a few inches, as Lance wasn't the strongest of fellows. "Izumi. If I fed them your bombs, then they would die right away. That would take the fun of torturing them away. You should know this by now." He chuckled, having already told this to her at least 5 times already. Lance examined Izumi's eye, noticing that the gash seemed to be inffected. "It doesn't seem to be too serious. I'd say you have staphylococcal blepharitis. I wouldn't reccomend initiating any sort of activity around it, such as itching. If I remember correctly the first part of the treating precidure would be to apply warmth." As Lance said this, he grabbed a somewhat, blood-stained cloth he found on a table and took it to a sink, where he drenched it with lukewarm water, before squeezing out any excess water. "Here. Hold this against your eyelid for about 5 minutes." Lance said in an almost commanding tone. "I'm sorry. Thats a force of habit. Hehe." Lance apologized, feeling a little embarrassed.

He then noticed that a small computer device, that had been rewired to make a tracking device had started beeping. He ran over to it, and picked it up to find several red dots forming together on a high elevation. Perhaps a small mountain, or a large hill. He then noticed that they were set up fairly close to the United Nations School for the Gifted. "Izumi. Look at this! It seems that the other factions have begun making their move. Should we spoil their fun?" Lance asked, giving her a mischievious smile. Before she could answer, he had already begun searching for the others, dashing off through the science facility. "You can take that cloth off now. We'll have to treat your infection later!" He shouted out, before his voice was drowned out by the thick walls of the building.

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The conversations which were going on were bugging her to no end. Yes she was asleep...but her slumber was so light that words would fill her mind as she rest.
Though When the leader's revolver made a click, Skye's eyes snapped open, her hand already resting on the hit ready to slash out. But she had control, and froze when she realized it was only them... She slowly took off her hand, and literally bore her eyes into Roady's skull sending messages such as "what-the-hell-did-you-do.." or something along the line. Usually she never got this mad, but when her leader was mad or irritated she was too. "If I see even one more stupid action coming from anyone, I won't hesitate to blow your brains apart. You are all on a mission here. Please act with proper conduct."
She huffs quietly, this wasn't the first time that they got in trouble, and it was usually Roady's fault. Honestly, she wonders if him drinking alcohol was okay. Though, she sat up to focus on her leader, and it became obvious to why she was acting the way she was. Sure, people believed Skye had some problems and couldn't stick to one thing, but she was smart... Following her hand, she stares at the guards, and looks back at Margrethe. 'She is so sharp...' Skye thought, pleased. "We might be under surveillance, team." Nodding, she stood up and yawns. "Will we take action..?" But before she could get any reply, two others showed up as well. One magician and one leader... 'It seems like the whole group is really getting together again...' She thought, resting her hand on the hilt of her sword once more.


Izumi pouts before listening intently to what the medic had to say. Although, it seemed it was just going through one ear and out the other because of the blank face she held but she got it. [half of it at least.] Watching the medic grab a cloth and soaking it with warm water, she took it. "Here. Hold this against your eyelid for about 5 minutes." Lance said in an almost commanding tone. "I'm sorry. Thats a force of habit. Hehe." Izumi shook her head, a small grin painted across her face. "nah its fine~" She replies, holding the piece onto her injured eye, while watching him walk to the tracking device. A very familiar type of smile played at his lips. "Izumi. Look at this! It seems that the other factions have begun making their move. Should we spoil their fun?" She blinks and peers over his shoulder, noticing the red dots as well. She didn't know why, but Lance always seemed to think the exact same thing she did. 'Probably cuz he is a crazy torturing person like me!' She concludes cheerfully. "You can take that cloth off now. We'll have to treat your infection later! " Damn straight!!" She shouts after him, dropping the cloth and grabbed her glove with a few other things as well. "Wait for me!!" She cries, running to catch up.


The white hair female brushed her hands together, finally finished with her "work". She was getting bored lately, and just wanted to do something other then practice magic. So throwing away Drake's drinks, became a hobby. 'Now what..' She wonders confused, sitting herself down on Drake's bed. 'It seems the whole group is gone-' The door opened, and she looked up calmly only to see Drake. 'Wow he seems mad..' "Exile......" his eye began to twitch as he thought of how to tell her, "Stop throwing my alcohol away!!" She blinks, unsure what to think or what to say, but it wouldn't matter seeing how "bipolar" he was. See, she was now being dragged...how fun. "You should be at the meeting with Aristata?" 'Oh yea...' She thought, remembering the meeting which came up suddenly. "Thanks to you, Aristata is there on her own" Exile frowns, sad that she caused Drake and Aristata Displeasure. "wait..." Seriously, how dog like can she get? She wonders noticing the thoughts and expressions she gave off, while they zipped through the woods. Within minutes they arrived, allowing her to hop off the bike with ease. 'mood change in 3.2.1' "I forgot what?" he taunted Roady, "next time don't insult me" he continued as he walked over to a large tree. "so we're all here?" His voice was cold, and aloof compared to his everyday voice she experiences. Strange really..but Exile didn't see any problem with this and left it be. Making her way to Aristata, she stood there next to her, her face calm and expressionless. Put a collar and fake dog ears on, and your set!

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As Roady was pushed to the ground, he had half a mind to throw Aristata down the hill. "Cocky bitch." He grumbled lightly, while getting up to possibly take her on. All of a sudden his leader, Margrethe pulled a gun and aimed it as Aristata's head, causing Roady to hault himself. "If I see even one more stupid action coming from anyone, I won't hesitate to blow your brains apart. You are all on a mission here. Please act with proper conduct." Roady could tell she was serious. He knew that his marksmen skills were good, but nowhere close to her's. Even with this therianthrope abilities, he'd have a difficult time surviving, if she decided to blow his head off. Roady backed down, looking away from Aristata so he could calm himself down. He was surprised to find that Aristata had gone back to an obedient little kitten, as soon as Margrethe stepped in. Roady had to admit that he was afraid of her some times, but never saw her as a person who could break his resolve.

Roady could feel eyes boring into the back of his head, which sort of sent a chill down his spine. He looked around casually, to see Skye starring at him with an angrier expression than he's ever seen her use. It didn't faze him however. He merely starred back with a look that said, "What?! I didn't do anything. Stare hatefully at someone else." He did feel a little relief when she looked away with a huff. 'How many bullets will I have to dodge today?' Roady thought, before Margrethe stated that they might be under surveillance, which got Roady's senses back in order. He closed his eyes and concentrated on the area around him, spanning the horizen of vision until it surrounded the everything within an 7-mile radius, as was his limit with this ability. He couldn't detect any traces of hostility other than a few members of this little group. If they were being surveyed by mechanical means, he wouldn't be able to tell. The only thing he could feel were two figures who had made their way over to the group.

He opened his eyes and quickly looked over in their direction, only to find Drake, with his subordinate Exile by his side. "I forgot what?" Drake began in a taunting tone, which Roady failed to notice. Then walking over to Aristata, and telling her that she didn't need to defend him. Exile then went to her side, who had started playing with Eckhart's hair, and giving him nicknames. Roady held the urge to burst out laughing in. During this time Drake was confronted by Margrethe. Roady watched with interest as the two faced off. He always found amusement, when they argued over things such as leadership positions and such. That was when Margrethe made the decision that they would attack once Rio had confirmed her success in infiltrating the school by calling her, unless she didn't call within the next 10 minutes. "Hey boss. If you only need 10 minutes before you're ready to attack, then I should scout ahead. There might be ground troops they could have sent ahead to patrol past the school borders. If there are, I should be able to take them out before they can alert the rest of the guards." He suggested. But in all reality, he wanted to get some action as soon as possible. He was getting dreadfully bored. He then noticed that Eckhart had taken a seat next to him. 'Oh god. What could he want now?' Upon closer inspection, Roady could tell that Eckhart was just as eager to fight as he was. This was confirmed when he announced how eager he was to kill something. 'Huh. Who knew we actually had something in common.' He thought.


Lance was so hyped up, that he almost forgot to get his medical supplies from his basement. He changed direction, and began descending the stairs, and along the corridor until he reached the sound-proof doors. He hadn't even checked to see if Izumi was following him. As soon as he opened them, panicked breathing noises, and whimpers could be heard from within. "Sorry, my little toys. I don't have time to play with you at the moment. I just need to get some of my things. I'll be back as soon as I can though!" He exclaimed before grabbing his suitcase full of tools, and rushing back to find the others. The first person to address on the situation would obviously have to be his leader.

"Francisca! Look at this!" Lance's voice could barely be heard down the hallway that led to Francisca's training room. Without taking any regard for her personal space, he flew the door leading to the lab room open, and charged inside. What he wasn't expecting was his glorious new leader to be singing a lullaby. He was in awe. "Wow. That was pretty cute, Francisca. Who knew you could sing so well. Hehehe." Lance commented, before pushing the tracking device in her face. That old satellite we took over finally came in handy. Look what it picked up. The "other" Apocalypse fraction are pilling into one location. There seems to be about 7 of them on some type of high elevation. They're no doubt about to attack the school. There is also another person who has infiltrated the school. Thats right. The United School for the Gifted. This might be our chance to steal the Milele Jua, while those idiot are acting as distractions. We'll have to move fast though." Lance explained, overly-excited by the whole ordeal.

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"No, we're not moving out yet. I still have not received word from Rio."
She looked down doubtfully at her phone and wondered if she would ever receive word from Rio. She then made another one of her split second decisions.
"If we don't have a call within the next ten minutes, we're beginning. I don't want to start without confirmation, but neither can I afford to waste any more time standing here."

Skye nods not wanting to go forward with the subject any longer, she stood there and observed the other members.
They all seemed strong, and this made her feel at ease. Though at the same time, it worried her secretly. It is obvious many fraction members don't like the idea of working together...but then again they weren't dumb enough to go against each other...right? Although seeing how the situation between Roady, Eckhart, and Aristata was all happy, it seemed to tie the group together.

'The peace should last..' She thought, watching their interaction with much amusement. 'For awhile...'

Dropping her tense hand from the hilt of her sword, she began to think about the possibility of killing all the E.P.I.C swords men in the school. It has been rumors that there were many this year and was a perfect time to hunt them all. Killing enemies swords men became a habit lately and it was rare to see so many in one place. "Hey Eckharts you wanna wrestle? Blow off some steam or something huh?" She started to laugh and smirked at Eckhart hoping he would say yes, because she was all game for a good play wrestling about now too. "pleeeease? You wanna wrestle with an innocent little kitten like me?" she batted her eyelashes innocently and laughed at herself. A lazy eyebrow quirked up before the both angled downward and she pinched the bridge of her nose with a scoff. 'Does she not know how old he is...?' But she didn't blame her, Eckhart looked rather young but he was...an official geezer.
Honestly, she was jealous at his rare ability to look young at such an age. He probably had a lot of tricks up his sleeves after all the things he went through. What was this blue hair girl getting herself into to?... 'This would be fun to watch~'


Upon hearing the noise of Lance's torture toys, she sighed with bliss, her heart rate increasing. Though Izumi quickly caught up to Lance and was surprised to hear a calm and sweet melody. It surprisingly calmed her down....but only a little. "Yeah!" She agrees with lance on both of his statements. If they were to get the artifact who knew what power they will get. But then again her concious tugged at her, telling her how slim the chances were. But she ignored it. The concious was right, but she lacked adventure and if she were to go without it for a large amount of time, she may explode... literally. "come on Leader what do you think!" Izumi urged her, by getting closer to her "personally bubble", her claws scratching the ground slightly. 'Anything would be fine, just to explode a building will set her down for awhile.' Her eyes widen, and began to water in a childish "Puppy eye"


Exile watch the interaction between both leaders, and ignored the urge to growl. She took a step closer to Drake in a protective manner, seeing that Aristata was having her own fun. 'Was this really a good idea to put the fractions together...?' She wonders, her fingers tingling with magic as the presence of another magical user came along. It was the "Black Swamp Witch" who she heard of frequently. She began to stare calmly at the witch, taking in some information about her. This witch seemed strong, and she can see that she would be kinda good in physical combat. She didnt look that bad either. 'Maybe she would teach me something...' Exile thought, hoping that would be true. She been reading numbers of spells books that did not interest her in the slightest, so learning a new spell would make her day.

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#, as written by Byte
Francisca La'Rouge
Abandoned Science Facility

Paying no mind to what else may lurk the abandoned building, Francisca clearly enjoyed the peace this training was giving her. So much, that she hadn't noticed the crazy doctor stumbling through the door. It more or less surprised her in a bad way, but the woman kept her calm pose, and simply stopped dead in her tracks.

β€œWho knew you could sing so well. Hehehe.”

The War faction leader sheathed her weapon, before spinning around to face Lance, her dress and blonde hair swaying around her body as she did so. β€œThat is very sweet of you to say, Lance. Thank you~” A smile plastered itself on her face, grateful for the medic's compliment. 'Twas when Francisca turned her attention fully on her subordinate, she saw that Izumi, the War faction's heavy arms woman, had entered the room as well.

β€œIs there something I can do for you two?” The swordswoman leaned on the hilt of her sword with both her hands, giving the two excited kids a motherly smile. With an immediate answer, Lance explained how their 'satellite' had managed to pick up a signal of the remaining Apocalypse factions. Hmm? So that scrap of metal actually worked? It did surprise their leader, as she dismissed it as a failed attempt when the rest wanted to fix it.

β€œLance, we are in no condition to do such a thing. You should know that we've only been recovering slightly from last years onslaught.” Francisca sighed, carefully re-adjusting the bucket on one of the dummies. Obviously, she understood their hunger for battle, as well as their greed for the Milele Jua. But they were in no such condition to even consider those actions.

β€œGo collect the others,” The woman announced, turning back to her two most crazy subordinates. β€œWe may not succeed in getting into E.P.I.C., but I won't let Apocalypse have their fun... Not when they still have a few debts to pay.” Francisca smiled at Izumi's pleas. The heavy arms woman always was one for aggressive fun, though in the swordswoman's eyes it was a bit too much. But everyone has their own views on what is entertainment, right?

With a dismissing signal, Francisca allowed the two War members to go on with their business, collect the remaining members, and grab their gear. They would move as quickly as possible.

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[I would like to apologize in advance for the people I keep waiting after this post. I would also like to apologize for how short as hell, and half-assed some of these posts will be, as I shall begin packing for the trip soon, and probably have little time online afterwards, because we're probably going to be getting up soon. Believe me. No one detests one-liners more. Ok. They're not thaaat bad, but whatevs. Me still no likey them.]

Lance was a little dissapointed in his leader's response to stealing the Milele Jua, but was happy to find that her distaste for the other factions was still fresh. "Sweet! So we still get to mess with those assholes who left us to die. Bet they don't even think any of us survived." Lance snickered, before motioning to Izumi to follow him, before taking off again.

Once he reached the floor he expected her to be on, Lance attempted to kick the door open in excitement, only to recoil in pain, clutching his foot. All that was heard was a blunt, thuding noise against the door. He then proceeded to opening it like a normal person. "He-ow... Hey Gennah. Guess who we get to mess with today. Wanna visit your little sis?" He asked through a mischevious, toothy smirk, while opening the door a crack. "I bet she'll sure be happy to see you." He commented, with a thumbs up.


"Nah. I'll save the fighting for the E.P.I.C. brats." He responded to Aristata's wrestling challenge. After announcing that she was 19, she then countered by asking, and even guessing his age. "One less, little lady. I'm 17." Was Roady's simple reply. "Like I said, you should was out who you flirt with. Ecky's over here is 28. Big surprise right?" He chuckled, awaiting the girl's reaction.

Meanwhile, Roady couldn't help but notice that the Death faction leader taking off before the rest of them. "You're boss is kinda reckless, aint he? I think I could get along with him. " Roady commented, before smiling, and leaping off the hill. His feet skidded along the mix of grassy and earthen terrain. "Can't let him have all the fun!" He yelled out, before reaching to the bottom, and focusing a cheetah phantom-shift around his arms and legs. Roady then began running on all fours at incredible speed, with ghost-like yellow fur pertruding from his forearms and legs. Before he got close enough to be spotted, he dispelled his phantom-shift. He spotted Drake on top of a tree, not too far from where he was. He scouted the area, searching for any guards patrolling the area. He found none. Taking out ruster, he waited for his teamates to follow him, already aiming the pistol at the head of a slumbering student. "You don't even know how easy it would be to kill you right now. Dumb brat..." He commented.


Forte was a bit confused by Ⓧ's answer. "An air force? What where you do-" She began before he answered Ali's question. 'Half-life? Hero?' Forte thought in her head. Ⓧ just kept getting more and more interesting by the second. He then proceeded to meanding the minor cuts and stabs Ace had delt to Ali in his fit of fear. "It looks like you could become something pretty close to a hero with abilities like that." Forte announced.

[DSFDJWFGAESJU$^QEDWDY3t2y3EGh4Hds#@$ytrsdfasdojigdswGDSHD3e#RFg$FFWF#FEF$GKDEOF!#WM SEX PISTOL! Now that I have all of your attention's, I'd like to start explaining how things will be for all of those people who don't look at the OOC. Archy(Byte) will be in charge until my return from a vaca trip within 3 days. His/Her(Sorry, still confused on that concept. xD) word is law! I believe *insert gender* has a pretty good idea whats going on, and what should occur in the next few pages of text. I still want all of you to remember the "3 POST LIMIT PER RP'ER(not character) EACH DAY." I can not stress this enough. If I return to 30 pages of a 2-man convo, I'm shuttin this mofo down asap. xD
I don't think theres anything else left to announce. Oh yh! Any characters that are made afterwards, will be accepted(depending on how well you followed the charry skelly). Is a certain couple of reservations aren't met by then, then theyw will be deleted. xD Well. Merry Sexmas in 6 months everyone! :D *waves goodbye like a Boss(spaz)*]

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Gennah blinked as she thought she heard a thudding sound against her door. She reached up and pulled the headphones off and, holding them up, brought them down to her neck just as her door opened and her kicker was revealed. It was Lance. What could that crazy doctor possibly want? She thought to herself, rolling onto her belly and looking up at him from where he stood behind the cracked door. He looked to be in a little pain and she guessed he was the one who kicked the door so hard. Doesn't he know that these aren't silly wooden doors? There hospital doors for god's sake, it's going to hurt if you kick them like that.

"He-ow... Hey Gennah. Guess who we get to mess with today. Wanna visit your little sis?"

A light smile played across Gennah's lips. It had been a while since she'd since her and maybe it could cure her boredom. So they were finally going to do something? What a relief! She pushed herself up and switched to a sitting position, pushing her long hair back out of the way so not to sit on it as Lance gave her a thumbs up and bet that Toria would be happy to see her. One of Gennah's hobbies was messing with her sister. Whenever she had the chance she'd take it. It was one of the things that fueled her to go on missions at the chance of seeing her. After all, they didn't get to see each other all that often in childhood. Since their father was a cop, he'd always be off showing her brat sister some gun techniques while she was off stealing or getting into trouble. "What does Francis have in mind?" She asked, her voice as clever sounding as always.

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The witch blinks before quickly catching up to Drake, not wanting to loose him. He was their leader after all, and she would follow him if he were to go south or north. Though when he made his way up the roof, she suddenly stops at the gates not sure on what to do. Aristata was already inside the grounds, with a couple of others... But what was she to do? She couldnt just start attacking..that would have to wait for the signal..and it would be just plain stupid to do so. "..." Exile pulled her hand out from her long sleeves and began to sway it motioning characters into the air. They lit slightly, before one large and rather simple character imprinted itself to her forehead. Nothing happened, until her body grew smaller, and into...a bird? It was a large white one [a bit smaller then a regular hawk], that had red eyes and blank expression that she originally had on before. She just merged with one of her summons, causing the two to make a sort of pack, which was shown with the one character imprinted on her head. Though it looked like a black blotch at the moment... Quickly, she flew over the gate and perched herself on Drake's shoulder, her talons slightly digging into his uniform. Exile was pleased with the transformation and was happy to be around Aristata again, enjoying her aura. "What shall we do now sir?" Exile nods her bird head in an awkward motion, agreeing with Aristata. What will they do?
'hm...this transformation won't last as long as I thought...' She noticed the blotch on her forhead was growing transparent... expected from her third try. 'More practice would do...'
Izumi laughs, tears flowing from her eyes at the silly medic. "Dumby!" she laughs, settling down as they made their way in.
"What does Francis have in mind?" Hearing her question, she popped up from behind Lance's person and grins madly. "She said that we should head out quickly, but we had to get you! hehe its going to be so fun trying out my new explosives and watching them fly in the sky-" She arruptly stops with her rambling with a sheepish smiles. "haha sorry hehe, anyways~ we were supposed to grab the rest of the members and meet up with the leader! Though she didnt like the idea of infiltrating the school, she didnt mind joining in on the fun~!" She grins, her eyes twinkling with the remaining sanity she had left.
Skye watched the others run off, though her feet did not move. True she didnt mind going ahead of the plan, but she did mind her leader's orders. And her leader didnt tell her to go off. So that means no moving. Though, she begin to think about all those swords and moves she will be able to see once they start their little raid. Honestly, Skye didnt expect much from a bunch of students...but who knows, they did beat most of the fraction before in that huge incident...

[sorry it was a quickie and itts kinda short >.<]

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"So then we're finally going to do something?" Gennah's small smile widened into a smirk. "I can't wait!" She slowly pushed herself up off the couch and brushed her blue piggy tail out of the way. Though she admired her long hair dearly and loved it to the core of her soul, she had to admit it did get in the way sometimes. Constantly having to brush the piggy tails back behind her shoulders was tiring. A few people had suggested tying it back into a pony tail so that it would stay behind her shoulders or even a bun to she wouldn't end up accidentally sitting on it, but how stupid would she look? Piggy tails were one of her persuasion methods anyway. Men love the school girl, piggy tail look.

"So then we're infiltrating the school. Isn't that what the those other factions are doing? And after we infiltrate, are we going to steel the Milele Jua before the others can get their filthy hands on it? Or are we just going to have some fun torturing the other little Apocalypse members?" Gennah was curious to what exactly Francisca's plan was. Since Izumi just mentioned something about infiltrating, then that had to be part of the plan. Infiltration was one of her specialties.

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Lance could tell the news he brought had pleased Gennah. The smile placed upon her lips proved it. "What does Francis have in mind?" Gennah asked him. Afterwards Izumi commented on his little entrance, and he blushed a little in embarrassment. "Hey, hey. I got straight A's back in school. I'm far from a dummy." He replied solemnly. Before Lance had a chance to answer Gennah's question, Izumi put on her usual grin and answered for him. "She said that we should head out quickly, but we had to get you! Hehe, its going to be so fun trying out my new explosives and watching them fly in the sky- haha sorry hehe, anyways~ We're supposed to grab the rest of the members and meet up with the leader! Though she didnt like the idea of infiltrating the school, she didnt mind joining in on the fun~!" Lance couldn't have said it better himself. Well... Maybe a little better. Lance snickered a little as Izumi began rambling about her daydreams of making people explode, and calamity.

Lance was glad to see that Gennah was just as excited about this operation, or merrymaking for lack of a better term, as he and Izumi were. "Francisca said that trying to obtain the Milele Jua with our current power would be too risky. But rather, this would be a way to make our mark, and let the other factions know we're still kicking and after their asses." Lance then put on a creepy smirk that slightly resembled Izumi's. "Torture the other Apocalypse members. Hehehe. Doesn't sound like a bad idea. I've got a certain member in mind who I really want to carve up." Lance chuckled madly, continuing before he was able to compose himself.

"But yes... This overall is an infiltration mission. I'm guessing you being the best at this sort of thing, and me being useless in a fight will cover that role. I think Izumi and the others will be giving Apocalypse hell in the mean time." Lance finally announced, returning to his perky, energetic attitude. I think the only person left to find would be Koichi. I actually forgot where he spends his time at. Do you know, Izumi?" Lance asked, turning to her.


Forte nodded in acknowledgement of Ⓧ's thank you. All of a sudden a young man came up to the trio and began poking Ⓧ in the face. He aparently had also taken interest in Ⓧ's telepathic abilities. "Envy..." Forte subconsiously said to herself as Shin began asking how he could get his mouth removed. Forte walked up to him and grabbed his arm to make him stop poking Ⓧ. "Hey. What do you think you're doing. Thats kind of rude, you know." Forte stated, before proceeding to poke Shin hard in his face. "Lets see how you like it." Forte smiled, slightly enjoying messing with Shin.

Forte then noticed that Ⓧ had resprouted his tendrils, quickly gathering the attention of several other students. Forte then came to the assumption that Shin had pissed Ⓧ off. She waited to see if Ⓧ would make a move, before she began defending Shin. Ⓧ seemed to be troubled by something, but Shin seemed to be on the bottom of his list.

At the same time, Ali seemed to be troubled by something as well. Forte was still slightly worried about her, even though she said that she was fine. 'Could it be Ⓧ?' She wondered. After she finished the thought, Ⓧ announced that something wasn't right. Forte then noticed Ace jumping out of Ali's arms and going out the auditorium entrance. She thought it was strange for Ali to allow him to do so. Maybe Ali told him to, but Forte didn't hear her say a thing. Even if she did, it wasn't as if Ace could understand her. Right? "Hey Ⓧ. What do you mean by, something's not right?" Forte asked, as she started becoming very cautious.


Roady growled in annoyance and Drake began giving out orders, as if he was the big leader. "I don't need you to tell me my role in this operation, bastard." He replied arrogantly through his earpiece, before a band of guards coming out to possibly patrol, began heading his way. "Heh. This is ussually the time Ma-" Roady began his sentence before the guards began dropping like flies. "Yup. Routine gets really boring sometimes." The students who hadn't been paying attention, or were sleeping ,were now fully alert. Roady quickly aimed for the leg of the once sleeping student from earlier. He seemed to be a swordsman. It would be annoying to engage in a close-range battle from the get-go. "Should have just stayed asleep like nothings going on, kid." He said, unleashing a few rounds that incapacitated the student.

Roady then jumped from his hiding spot and began gunning down the few regular guards who had managed to survive Margrethe's earlier attack. Little did he know that a female student had snuck up behind him with dual daggers. "Sneaky little bitch, huh?" Roady commented before aiming Ruster against the blade of the dagger she had thrust at him and pulled the trigger. The force of the bullet caused her to lose her hold of the dagger and left her with only 1 weapon. She grimaced, having had her assassination attempt failed. Roady then rushed at her, as she held her remaining dagger in a defensive stance. Roady was too fast for her. He quickly drew Bianca, and aimed it at the bottom of the girl's chin, while holding Ruster against her other blade, his arms now in a cross-like state. "Lets see. I can only fire one of these pistols without blowing my arm off. Can you remember which one I was using earlier?" Roady asked the girl, who looked at him with terrified eyes.

Suddenly, a sword came at Roady's back, which he barely evaded. It was the student from earlier, who he had shot in the leg. He appeared to be steadying himself on one leg. The boy was obviously in no condition to fight, at least not properly. "This is what happens when I try to be generous and let you brats live." Roady said shaking his head and sighing. As he did this, the student slashed out at him with all of his might. Roady quickly blocked it with Bianca and aimed Ruster at the boy's stomach. "I commend you for challenging me in your condition, but you should really..." Roady began before surging foward and hitting the boy's hand with his pistol to make him drop his weapon, then hit him hard in the gut to make him lose conciousness. "know your limits, brat!" He finished his sentence from earlier, as the boy held onto Roady's arm, trying to maintain his consiousness. "You gotta strong will, but you should just learn to give up. I gave you 2 chances, but I've decided end your suffering here." Roady said aiming Ruster at the boy's head and pulling the trigger before he even had time to react.

The girl from earlier had recovered and aimed to strike Roady in his head. He sidesteped, not expecting her to bring the dagger back quickly to stab him in the face. He was surprised, and jerked his head to the side, escaping the attack with a mere scratch to the cheek. 'Heh. Even if they are kids, they're still freaks just like me. Never know what kind of surprises they can throw at ya.' He thought before she made an attempt to slit his throat. He threw Ruster in the air, and caught her arm with his free hand, right before she could reach his neck. He then kicked her foward, and aimed Bianca at her chest. He then placed his free hand on the arm wielding Bianca, to support it. He then pulled the trigger, sending out a power bullet that went right through the girl's chest, leaving a small hole. The girl died instantly, to Roady's relief. However, a few trickles of her blood at splashed onto his face, and clothes, which he didn't really mind. The recoil sent Roady's arm backward, with a powerful jerk. This was why he had to support it with his other arm.

Ruster then fell to the ground beside him. He picked up the pistol checking the barrel. "Yup. Out of ammo. Shit. I left my spare bullet cartridges at home." Roady said to himself, looking up to realise that guards had surrounded him from all sides. "Ah. A welcome party just for me? You shouldn't have. But I do see one problem with here." Roady joked, putting Ruster and Bianca back into their holsters. "Theres no alcohol." He smirked, as orange and black ghostly images began covering his arms and legs. Soon the black shapes began to form into stripes. "Hey. You guys ever take on a siberian tiger before?" He asked, now on all fours. One of the guards had shot at him while, he was talking. He dodged it, while at the same time leaping. He had seemed to dissapear. The guards all looked around, frantically trying to find him. Soon their eyes were drawn, to where Roady was. He was holding the guard who had shot at him, and another next to him up in the air, with his hands, or rather claws embedded in their backs. "Of course not. You don't take on a Siberian tiger. You run like hell, idiots." He laughed, before proceeding to finish off the rest of the guards. He managed to kill about 8 more, before a headache started attacking his brain. He immideatly dropped his phantomshift before the headache worsened.

'Damn. I forgot that shift takes more concentration than the others.' He thought, holding his head in pain. There were now 4 guards who were all aiming weapons at him. "I was hoping to finish you all off before this." Roady said, reaching for Bianca. They soon began shooting at him, one bullet grazing his leg. He managed to avoid a fatal injury. He continued running in a circular motion, as they continued to fire at him. Once the guards were perfectly alligned, he raised Bianca, once again supporting his gun-wielding arm. Pulling the trigger, the recoil was too much for him with his headache also playing a role. He flew backward a few feet, as the bullet went through all four guards. All of them died except for one who had his arm blown off. He screamed in pain for a little while before he lost too much blood and finally died. "Just another day on the job." Roady commented to himself, pulling out his alcohol canister and taking another swig of vodka.

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The sound of Koichi's footsteps were so light they could barely be heard as he walked down one of the hallways in the old building. He had hardly gotten any sleep the night before because he'd spent yet another night in the room he'd made into his personal armory. Though he didn't have as many guns as he used to, he still had to have some place to store them. And since Koichi was a bit of an organizational, clean-freak, he spent constant hours polishing guns, counting ammo, and rearranging things. Since he wasn't satisfied with the arrangement of his room for very long, he was always changing things around. That also made it harder for others to find anything specific.

A large yawn escaped from his mouth after he looked around to make sure no one was watching. They'd been in this building only for a short time, but they've already recuperated quite a bit and Koichi had began to wonder when they were going to make their next move. Sure, spending some quality time with his guns and enjoying the peace and quiet was nice, but even Koichi had ended up getting bored just laying around.

He turned the corner and peered down the hallway. This was his absolute least favorite hallway, mostly because this is where the war factions thief had made her, lets say, 'territory'. Gennah and Izumi were his absolute least favorite members. Izumi was just to hyperactive and childish for him to have to endure, and Gennah's sly, flirty personality was almost just as bad. Their medic wasn't so bad, though Koichi had to admit Lance even creeped him out sometimes. Their leader, on the other hand, was someone Koichi fully respected.

He stopped in his tracks, hearing what sounded like the members of the war faction. It figures.. He thought to himself, continuing down the hallway as he listened to what sounded like Lance's voice explaining a plan to someone, most likely Gennah. He reached the door just in time to hear his name and he stopped in front of the open door. "Is there something you want me for?"

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Skye merely blinks before being pushed along quickly, not even getting a say to this. 'Lucky Roady bastard...' This kinda got on her nerves, but she held back. Not leaning against his hands anymore, Skye let her instincts take over and she swiftly ran beside him. But she didnt expect him to push her against a shadowed wall, just to dodge the guards. "Demanding eh..?" She huffs quietly, before following him up the roof which was an easy task to conquer. Once she stepped down onto the roof, Skye just rest her arm against the long hilt of her sword "ACT" calmly watching him give off the signal for her own leader. How ironic was it for a leader to follow another? 'I wonder if "Margie" is mad...' Skye wonders, using the leader's nickname for the first time. 'who knows..' She wonders, scanning the surrounding area for any dangers that might hit them. Sure, maybe she didnt like this Drake, but she wouldnt let him get killed. It might cause trouble between fractions, and thats not what they need. Besides Roady, and Eckhart seemed to have fun with that girl, Aristata.. or something like that. It was a first, so she wasent going to ruin it.
Exile nods curtly before taking off into the skies. Her eyes observing the ground below watching guards turning their attentions to the others. But some weren't going... some were actually planning on doing something else. But what? 'Hm...' Exile dove into a nearby tree, the blotch on her white forehead disappearing causing her to return to her human form. Tapping into the device, and for the first time she began to speak in a low whisper. "Drake the guards are moving in, on the others as planned, most of them actually but ill take care of them...Also your area seems clear from the sky point of view... but..be careful.." 'You have someone waiting for you dont you..?' With that she disconnected, and began to swipe characters in the air with her hands. Soon enough, Exile was a grey cat, that seemed perfectly normal until a third eye opened. Why couldnt her summons ever be normal? She merely sighs, before pouncing out of the tree and towards a shadowed corner of the building which will surely hide her. As soon as she entered its darkness, she returned to her human state and mumbled a small chant. The air around her became cold, and dry.. defiantly not a good sign..more like a warning. The remaining guards started to wonder and ask about the climate, so Exile took this as her chance. Quickly, Exile sprang forward and latched her hand against the neck of a guard, in seconds of its struggling, the guard fell dead upon the pavement. His neck was iced over, but it melted leaving no evidence. Exile always enjoyed a clean kill. But without wasting any more time, she continued to kill one guard after the next. Soon the area around her was clear, causing her to nod pleased. Seeing no problem, she transformed into the cat, and made her way to locate any more guards.
Izumi shook her head sadly, not able to answer, but it was quickly replaced with a smile when she heard Koichi's voice. She bumped her elbow against Lance's hip "gently". "Found him!" She grins before turning to the said person. "Koichi we were looking for you! hehe, we are about to ruin the other's fractions fun!" She smiles happily, her eye twinkling with some unknown emotion. It was strange that she was smiling towards him, after all it was obvious the 15 year old didn't like her. But hey, she understood that not every one liked one another. Truthfully no one knows how serious Izumi can be, but then again that rarely happens. If it wasent for her whole past, she would have been normal, but her maturity... was kinda held back as a child and her adult side never comes out and lays dormant within her. 'hehe dont care and never will~' She thought, her clawed hand propped behind her head in a carefree way.

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Roady frowned as he heard a familiar voice ruining his drinking break. "Roady do you think you could've been any more noticeable?" He heard Aristata ask before taking in the air. Roady didn't think this was strange, as it was a natural habit of people who possessed abilities like his and her's. It didn't occur as often with Roady, as his abilities are more physical than sense related. "Well seeing as my role is to be a distraction, I figured it was my job to get noticed. I didn't think I'd have to take on half of the western side of the building though." He answered. He could then tell that something felt different about the atmosphere she gave off for a few seconds. He looked back to see that hers eyes had turned black and red. She then reached to get some of the blood and began inhaling it. 'How long exactly has she been harboring these abilities? I only started doing crap like that within the 1st 4 months that they started appearing.' He thought to himself, feeling the headache still sturring around. "Roady aren't you gonna hide your kills, I mean the guards? Ya know to stay undetected still..." Aristata asked Roady irritatingly. "Why bother? Its not like more guards aren't going to start coming out anyway. I'd much rather prepare for the 2nd wave. You should do the same." Roady replied holding up his canister for her to see, implying that, that was his way of preparing.

He then heard another familiar voice ring in his ears, asking if he was ok. He was already aware of her presence before she did however. "Yeah. Just a couple of scratches here and there. Nothing to worry about." Roady announced, regretfully standing up to prove it. "Seeing as I can only use Bianca at the moment, and can't utilize my therian powers for a while, I'm not exactly sure how good I'll be in round 2." He stated, reaching down to return Ruster to it's holster, and then to pick up Bianca. "I'll be on the sidelines if you need me." Roady said, looking at his leader Margrethe with an annoyingly laidback expression.

Suddenly a sharp noise pierced Roady's ears. He had to hold them in pain. Being a hunter, his senses were still slightly better than the average human's, although not as much as most. "Damn. Who knew E.P.I.C. had such a monster in their control. Ugly bastard..." Roady commented looking up at Ⓧ's horrific transformation. He was still holding his ears, with the canister and Bianca still in his hands.

"Oi cutie over there, you two girls. Fancy telling me what your up too, or maybe you would prefere your faces burned? I dont take too kindly to lies, so name your place here quickly or I'll shoot anyway." Roady heard the voice of another girl, not so familiar this time. He automatically aimed Bianca in her direction, almost pulling the trigger right away. He stopped himself in time to remember what would happen if he fired Bianca without properly preparing himself. It seemed to be a girl from the school. Strangly enough she was wielding a bazooka over her shoulder with ease. 'Theres no way she should be able to wield a bazooka that size unless she's one of those...' Roady thought to himself. Roady's reply to her introduction was the same as you'd expect. "Who said you could call me cutie, gorilla girl. What jungle were you born in? I don't have to answer to someone who only speaks ape." He replied refering to her crazy strength, with the same nonchalant expression. Roady was always good at remaining calm in a situation, no matter how serious it is. Even if there was an oversized bazooka pointed at him, so what?


Lance figured Izumi would know, since she spent her time around the armory levels. He thought that Koichi might as well. Lance looked back to Gennah to ask if she knew where Koichi spent most of his time, before Izumi elbowed him. "Found him!" He turned to find her turning toward someone, to reveal Koichi, who was asking if anyone needed him for something. "Ah, Koichi! How long have you been standing there? Did you hear me explain our plan to Gennah, or do you need me to say it again? Either way, it'd save more time to at least give you the basic gist of the situation. Fransica and the rest of us are going go mess with the Apocalypse factions who are invading E.P.I.C. at the moment. We need to act fast if we're going to make it before the fun is over, so you should start packing up what you want to bring." Lance said, not waiting for Koichi's answer.

"I've already got what I need." He said, raising his suitcase, and patting it. "Hey Izumi. Do you have everything you need? If so, we should get the car ready. I don't know how to drive, so you'll have to do it." Lance told her. "I guess I should tell Fransica that we've all been briefed on the mission. See you guys outside." Lance said, before running off to Fransica's room once again. He was already breathing a little heavily. He never had much reason to run this much in a while. The last he could remember was when he was running for his life from E.P.I.C. He was one of the first to fully accept Fransica as their new leader, while some of the others might have been a little more resistant. Finally making it to Fransica's room, he knocked this time instead of opening the door. "We're all set Fransica. We're all going to meet outside, and then roll out to the school." Lance stated, before rushing off once more to the meeting point.

(Uuuuuuugh. Sorry for the immense repetition in Lance's posts. Its really hard to think of new crap when I'm just making him run around, explaining the mission, then running off again with each post. And yes. You may modify the badass vehicle the War faction will be cruising around in, Dreamer. xD)


Forte began hearing faint bullet noises most likely coming from outside. Even with everyone in the auditorium talking, she could easily distinguish them, because of the many encounters shes had with bullets. She became even more cautious as Ⓧ began growing his extensions out even longer, and climbing up the wall like a spider. She had to admit that it was incredibly freaky. Ⓧ exited the building through a door that led outside. Forte haden't noticed it until now. Ⓧ continued to crawl up the wall, until he reached the highest point in the school, which was ironically at the top of the glass dome which housed the auditorium roof. Almost all of the students in the auditorium were either pointing, freaking out, or staring in wonder at him at this time. Those who hadn't been aware of his presence before, sure were now.

Forte could barely make out that Ⓧ had formed a mouth on his empty face. It didn't appear anywhere close to a human mouth. This was confirmed when Ⓧ let out a monsterious wail that vibrated the entire building. "What in hell is he doing?!" She said aloud, while comprehending if this was the same, polite creature she had been talking to only a minute ago. Forte then remembered the gunshot sounds she made out earlier. 'Could he be reacting to those?' Forte thought.

She then, let go of Shin's arm and once again reached into her bag for her expandable chakrams. What she pulled out were a pair of small, metal spheres, that had a trigger-like handle in between the circular outline, with space in between for an average-sized hand to fit through. She pulled the trigger for both of the chakrams once, to make them expand, and once again to make the blades jut out. "Hey Ali. I need you to follow me, ok?" Forte asked, completely forgetting the possibility that Ali might be blind. Shen turned to Shin. "You can come too if you want." She told him, not truly caring if Shin came along or not. Forte then began rushing towards the door that Ⓧ had left through.

Once outside, she looked around noticing a group of four people, 3 female, 1 male. Around them was a mass of blood and corpses. The females for the most part seemed mostly untouched by it, while the male was practically soaked. Forte decided to keep her distance for now. One of the females didn't seem to fit in with the rest, as she was holding a weapon towards them. Forte decided to wait, and see what happens before she acts. At the same time, she kept a warry eye on Ⓧ, not knowing what he could do next.

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"Well seeing as my role is to be a distraction, I figured it was my job to get noticed. I didn't think I'd have to take on half of the western side of the building though. Why bother? Its not like more guards aren't going to start coming out anyway. I'd much rather prepare for the 2nd wave. You should do the same." Roady stated. 'Damn he must know what he is doing then huh. How wonderful. Now if only he'd stop drinking on the job then we can get somewhere perhaps, and maybe he could rise to be one of the best fighters as well.' Aristata thought to herself as a smirk ran across her face.

Aristata suddenly heard the worst possible noise she could have ever heard in her life. She screamed in pain clutching and scratching at her ears to try and get the noise to stop. It was like hundreds and hundreds of people screaming in pain were all squished inside her head. The noise was so painful to her sensitive ears that her knees became weak and she started to slip to the ground. She held onto Margrethe's shoulder with one hand and the other clawing at her right ear. "What in the bloody hell is that noise!?" She yelled as it slowly started to stop. Her eyes were black and filled with anger. The Red Hot coursed through her veins she suddenly heard a strange unfamiliar girl speak. "Oi cutie over there, you two girls. Fancy telling me what your up too, or maybe you would prefere your faces burned. I dont take too kindly to lies, so name your place here quickly or I'll shoot anyway" She let out a low loud growl that would be strange coming from a girl who looked so innocent and sweet, but it was something normal for her and probably Roady also. Aristata took out an arrow from her sheath in the blink of an eye and aimed it straight at the girl, holding the bazookas, head. "My name is Ari. State your own name and business girl." Aristata announced in a deadly growl of a tone. Her eyes were still dark black with rage from the noise that hurt her eardrums and she was also having an adrenaline rush like no other. Soon more students were emerging from the school and she knew that people might die very soon and that herself, Margrethe, and Roady were to soon be outnumbered in their side of the facility. Aristata tilted her head to the side pushing her earpiece button and whispering into the mic, but still staring at the girl holding the massive gun with a deadly glare and kept her bow and arrow poised straight at the girls head. "Drake, things are getting a wee bit chaotic over here, you should just find a way into the school quickly before things get too messy."

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Koichi stayed quiet as Lance explained what was going on. He was going to tell him that he'd heard the plan already, but didn't really have any room to say anything since the medic hardly took the time to pause for a breath. Who know Lance could talk to quickly? Before he knew it, Lance had run off to go inform Francisca that they were pretty much ready.

Finally, he though to himself, clutching his fist as he thought about how Apocalypse had just abandoned them. They could finally bite back and show them that they were still alive and fighting. He didn't really need to get ready since he carried all of his favorite guns with him at all times, only removing them from his belt when they needed polished, to be used, or reloaded. Suddenly he felt a little depressed and he glanced over at Izumi. "He just said that you were driving..." He mumbled and took a couple of steps into the room. Was that really the best idea? He'd never seen Izumi drive before but from what she acted like, he kind of feared for his life. Though, it's not like he could say he's any better. He was only 15 after all, so he'd never even driven a car before. Would Gennah be any better? Probably not. Why can't Francisca drive... He thought to himself, feeling even more depressed.

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#, as written by Byte
Francisca La'Rouge
Abandoned Science Facility

Watching the two eager War faction mebers take of to collect the others, Francisca wasn't far behind them. Though the leader had no intention of making sure they followed her request, Francisca took a turn into a different hallway, and entered her own quarter. One does not simply leave unprepared, and the swordswoman was no exception to that rule.

Dressing herself in her combat attire, which was a wonder it still fitted her perfectly, Francisca gathered her arms. A hilt-less blade, that rested in its respective iron alloyed sheath. No strap, for the woman always carried her weapon battle-ready. You never know when danger may strike, so it is best to be ready at any moment.

All geared up, Francisca was about ready to leave the room, when her favourite medic once again interrupted her unwillingly. It was as if he had a monopoly on disturbing people at their most private. Wasn't their leader lucky to be dressed! Might've been caught at the wrong moment, which would've been awkward... So very, very awkward. And sweet comedic relief, but I digress.

β€œWe're all set Francisca. We're all going to meet outside, and then roll out to the school.” He was exhausted, obviously. Like he just ran a marathon. With another smile, the woman turned to Lance, nodding to his words. 'Roll out.' Likely meant that they were going to bring that massive heap of metal with them. Not one of Francisca's favourite methods of getting around. Not when they were planning a surprise attack, anyway.

And if the person is driving, who she thought was going to drive, gave her even more distaste for the vehicle. Waiting not a second longer, Francisca locked the door to her quarter, and made her way outside of the building. Everyone should be there by now...

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"All I need are my fingers!" Gennah said with a smile, giving Lance a thumbs up before he dashed off. Though it was true she didn't really use weapons, she carried a set of knives with her anyway. Not to mention the little knick-knacks she kept in pockets under her suit-jacket; plenty of little tools for lock picking, replacing stolen objects, laser spray, and a few other toys.

"He just said that you were driving..."

Somebody sounds a little worried, she thought to herself. Unlike Koichi, who hadn't been a war faction member for very long at all, Gennah had been a part of the faction for a very long time. She knew Izumi was quite the skilled driver and, though she would never admit it out loud, she trusted Izumi with her life. Of course, only while the bouncy heavy was driving. And when Lance said he couldn't drive, he was damn well right about that. Gennah was also a pretty talented driver but, since she preferred just sitting back and relaxing while in a car, she hated driving.

"Awww is Koi Koi scared?" She purred after Izumi left the room to go get the car. She walk up and gave the boy a tight hug. "You're so cute sometimes!!" She said with a cheerful expression, squeezing him a little tighter before letting him go and leaving the room. "Off to have some fun we go!" She said loudly, making her way down to where she knew the others would be waiting. She wanted to get a good seat where she could stretch out her legs.

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Roady could tell that Aristata was just as cautious of the new girl as he was. She had also pulled out a weapon as soon as she arrived. Except, instead of making an attempt to insult her, she seemed to take her more seriously, asking for her purpose for being here in response. Aristata then began calling on Drake for backup. Roady shook his head. "I wouldn't count on your boss right now, girly. Hes already heading inside the school with Skye. If we're getting backup, it'll be from our little friends we left on the hill." Roady told her, unintentionally giving away the location of the other faction members.

As he said this, Margrethe had knocked Bianca out of Roady's hand. "Hey Boss. What was that for?" Roady asked her, a little pieved that she had disarmed him.
"Both of you, stop acting on the spur of the moment and think. We can't afford to have yet another bloody massacre. Especially not you Roady. Do you honestly think that firing Bianca this soon will get you anywhere?" She announced. Roady picked Bianca up, growling a little in irritation. "Calm down Boss. Its not like I was gonna shoot. Its called intimidation Boss. Intimidation." He replied, repeating "intimidation" for emphasis. He made sure to avert his eyes while saying this, as he could tell Margrethe was most likely giving him and Aristata a death glare. He looked back at her as she began to walk towards the gorilla girl. 'Oho. We getting a catfight?' Roady thought, as Margrethe stepped up to the girl rather intimidatingly. "Darling, I don't take kindly to others ordering me around. Nor do I appreciate having a bazooka aimed at my face. Why don't you put it down for now and I'll explain a few things to you." Margrethe demanded. Roady was a little interested in how this might play out. He could already make out several lifeforms appearing from the building, including the loud, screechy thing from earlier. But he knew if they were only going up against this single girl, the three of them should make it out ok. Although she seemed fairly old, he knew that age isn't necissarily involved with seniority in this school. Seeing as she couldn't tell who they were, Roady figured she was a first year. Most likely less experienced than the two students he had just killed. But you never know.

Roady then noticed that the girl had begun speaking to him once again. "Firstly, sweet cheeks. Thanks for the compliment. I do try my best. But honestly, I would rather be a gorilla right now than the drowned rabbit you appear to be. So I think I can call you what I want, expecially with this. So take a chill, cutie." This really got to Roady. "Hey Boss. Can I kill this damn gorilla girl already? Shes making my headache worse." Roady asked, just about ready to blow this girl's head off, before she continued, this time addressing Aristata, and then Margrethe. He didn't really care how he spoke to her or Margrethe, but he definately wasn't going to put up with her mocking him.

"So fancy telling me why my new school's security are dead because this is turning out to be one interesting first day." The girl asked, pulling on a latch to prepare her bazooka. 'Shit. Things won't go well if she fires that.' Roady thought. He quickly got up and rushed foward, making the most use of his speed. Once he reached the girl, he stuck Bianca against the bottom of her chin, while holding the arm she was holding the bazooka in to the side. "Lets not get too hasty, gorilla girl. You wanna know why all these guys are dead, right? Well the answer is... I killed them." Roady paused for a little dramatic effect. He was now face-to-face with Olivia, attempting once again to intimidate her. "I think you know, with the three of us going up against just you, its pretty obvious who'll win." He threatened.


Lance rushed over to the meeting spot, and saw that Izumi had already started the car. Not only that, but Gennah had beaten him here. "O-ho no! I call shot gun, Gennah!" He yelled out childishly, before running up to the vehicle and opening the door. He quickly pulled himself in, and plopped himself down onto the passenger seat. "Yeah! Roadtrip!" Lance yelled out, even though the drive would at most take about 20 minutes. With Izumi driving, they might make it in 8.

"Even if I'm only infiltrating as a student, I still have to keep myself pumped." Lance announced, pulling out his I-pod and rolling out the earbuds. "These damn things always find a way to get tangled up." Lance complained, getting frusterated with the complicated knot the earbuds had developed while inside his pocket. Once the battle of Knotsburg was over, Lance put one of the earbuds in his right ear, while leaving the left one open in case someone was talking to him. He then flipped through several songs he'd already heard a million times, until he reached a particular one. "Dirty Minds" by Here come the mummies. 'Hehehe. This song always gets me really excited. I can't wait to torture you, Catherine.' Lance thought to himself, subconsiously smirking devilishly.