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Shin Takeda

man this place is waaaaaaaayyyyyy cooler then i thought

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a character in “E.P.I.C. Reborn: The Milele Jua”, as played by Akionakamura


Shin Takeda, 17, Male

< Physical Info >

Role/Class-type Student/swordsmen

Affiliation E.PI.C.

< Mentality >


Shin is a very care free kind of guy there is rarely takes anything seriously making him mad or upset is very difficult if you didnt know any better you could never tell how strong he really is he always seems to shy away from confrontation unless lives are at stake he he loves joking around with any one he meets. he is always wearing a smile.

[Likes] [Dislikes]
oParkour People who are always seriousx
oSweets Anything bitter x
oMaking jokes The darkx

< Ability Statistics >

Power or abilities
Highly unorthodox swordplay and a fighting style taking bits and pieces from all forms of martial arts and making up the rest as he fights his opponents, make him a force to be reckoned with This is further evident in that his moves become increasingly erratic and unique as his opponents are more powerful. He carries two blades.Even without the use of his sword, Shin is a very capable hand-to-hand fighter. Shin can also move and react with near-superhuman speed. Also, he can use this ability to learn complex physical maneuvers in a short time. This ability extends to practically anything.

Personal Traits
1.Shin loves to make jokes and poke fun at people
2.he always has a piece of candy in his mouth
3.he tents to no listen to things people tell him

< Personal Background >

Shin comes from a well wealthy family. although shin always longed for more shin would spend all of his free time as a child climbing things, it didn't matter what it was or how high. he always loved the rush of climbing and jumping from things far above the ground. it was the very few moments he didn't feel weighted down by his life. the expectations his mother and father expected of him. they would put him in to activities they thought was fitting of someone of his social class. everything from kendo to Jujutsu with in a week of every activity his mother and father place him in, he would be a best in the class a get bored with it. he soon got a acceptance to United Nations school for the gifted his parents where thrilled that he got in to a school for the gifted. they never bother to worry about the fact they never heard of this school before. they quickly send Shin off to it the school without a second thought.


So begins...

Shin Takeda's Story

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Shin Takeda

Shin lazaly step out of the car his mom and dad sent him to school in he. stop for a second to check out his surroundings the, 1st thing that cam to his mind was why there was so much security for a school there seem to be armed Guards everywhere. but then he thought about it if there was other rich kids from all over the world there parents would pay so there kids would be 100% safe. as he looked around he though he seen something like huge spider but in the blink of a eye it was gone he dismissed it as the sun and begin to walk on. his eyes light up looking around only thing of what he could climb on jump off of or flip on to he didn't even pay attention to anyone else. he did notice that the others students where all going to the same place so he just followed the crowd.


Rasixu was like always in his lab tinkering with something or another. the little cat like animal sat at his tiny little desk working away, just then a beeping noise came from a small devise he had around his neck. he would look at it " not this again i cant believe its been a year already i feel like i just did one of these welcome to E.P.I.C. announcement's." he would sign and jump out of his small chair and walk over it a elevator step inside and press one of the buttons on the key pad. he would then left him into the office of the headmaster there a man sat motionless, he walk over and jump up on to the desk and place his paw on the mans chest. all at once the mans chest opened up to to reveal a tiny cockpit he would jump inside and the chest would close back up. the man would stand up "man i hate this thing so much i cant wait till other aliens come to this back water planet so i don't have to wear this thing." he would then open the door and begin to walk out .

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Shin Takeda

Just as shin lose his last life in the game he was playing he would look up just in time to see a odd looking woman walk into the Auditorium. Shin would say to himself "this school doesn't have a dress code?... awesome." As he watch's her walk across the Auditorium he would notice the gun hang from her waist and a puzzled look would come over shin's face. "I wounder what those are for?" His curiosity got the best of him he made his way over to her. He could see she was glancing from under her hat. He would walk right up to her lowering his head so he can keep eye contact with her and ask her "whats with the git up dont tell me pinhead Larry broke out of jail again," in his best old western voice. As he snaps his fingers he would quickly disregard he own bad joke and ask "your waaayyyy to old to be a student but there is no way you could be a teach dress like that." As he begins chuckling and poking at the gun at her waist.

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#, as written by Byte
Leliana A. Seighaert

Watching the students from underneath her long hat, Leliana didn't find any of them odd, or obnoxious. That was except for one, a creature that by rights would freak the average human to death. Maybe it was the suit, or just the fact that its facial features were non-existent. 'Twas one of the few attendants the gunslinger had a particular interest for, yet not enough to be bothered to tap the creature's shoulder for attention.

What she did get, and to her dismay, was probably one of the more cocky students. Christ! Unless she wore a sign above her that said: Brainless shits report here. Leliana didn't want to have such a person approaching her. It didn't do anyone any good, and only furthered her 'bad' opinion on the students.

“What's with the git up. Don't tell me Pinhead Larry broke out of jail again.” The boy called out, obviously having formed his opinion on the woman's attire. Which, wasn't the smartest thing to do.

Leliana though, didn't do much more than push to front of her hat away from her moss-green eyes. A'yup, this would be today's jester, wouldn't it? Great, just what someone like her needed to make her more reluctant of this job, than she already was.

“you're waaayyyy too old to be a student, but there is no way you could be a teach dressed like that. Wannabe-clown, and an arrogant little shit. The female produced a fake chuckle from her salmon lips, removing her back from the wall she had been leaning against, her face putting up a fake smile. “Aren't you a funny one, someone may think you're in the wrong auditorium. Clown school is right down the street, sugar.”

Leliana slapped the boy's hand away from her gun, shaking her head to disapprove of that action. “Don't touch what you can't use.” The woman doused her cigarette in one of the emptied glasses that were standing on a table next to her, examining the boy in front of her. “Speaking of attire, I didn't know E.P.I.C. allowed vagrants in their school.” Her voice had that... Unamused tone to it, which exactly summed up her thoughts right about now.

“But I am not here to insult your style of clothing... What was it you said? Not a student, nor a teacher?” Leliana smirked at the thought of actually not revealing she was one of his superiors-to-be, it would certainly surprise the boy. But nay, chances were he may actually enjoy such surprises. “Unfortunatly, I actually am a teacher here, sweetie. So I suggest you change your attitude before I have to give you an 'A+' for obnoxious clowning and terrible western accents.”

After a short pause, the gun-slinger added; “Which is a bad thing, if you're curious.” Leliana's fake smile deteriorated, once again leaning against the wall with her back. “Let us pray that introductory wasn't a summary for your skills.” Well, she couldn't say the kid didn't have her attention. T'wasn't good attention, but attention nonetheless...

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Shin Takeda

Shin would stand there with is mouth open as the teacher spoke. All he could think was how awesome she was, he wasn't use to people talk to him in such a way and he could thing it was cooler. Just as he was about to come back with a clever quip but a odd looking guy came up with his arms crossed like he was waiting for something he shin thought it would be best not to make enemies on the 1st day. So he just smiled a walk off he would hope him and that teacher would meet again, as he walks though through he see something that he could even begin to guess what it was. A guy in a suite he was all black and had "things" coming from his back. Ws shin got closer he could hear a voice in his head he stop to and looked around it took him a few minutes to figure the black thing was the voice, shin didnt see a mouth on him though and shin couldn't help him self he walk up to him. Without a word shin would begin to poke him in the where his mouth should be. Shin would begin to ask "dude how are you talking without a mouth." After a few pokes shin would smile "THATS AWESOME!!!!! how do i get my mouth removed."

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Lance could tell the news he brought had pleased Gennah. The smile placed upon her lips proved it. "What does Francis have in mind?" Gennah asked him. Afterwards Izumi commented on his little entrance, and he blushed a little in embarrassment. "Hey, hey. I got straight A's back in school. I'm far from a dummy." He replied solemnly. Before Lance had a chance to answer Gennah's question, Izumi put on her usual grin and answered for him. "She said that we should head out quickly, but we had to get you! Hehe, its going to be so fun trying out my new explosives and watching them fly in the sky- haha sorry hehe, anyways~ We're supposed to grab the rest of the members and meet up with the leader! Though she didnt like the idea of infiltrating the school, she didnt mind joining in on the fun~!" Lance couldn't have said it better himself. Well... Maybe a little better. Lance snickered a little as Izumi began rambling about her daydreams of making people explode, and calamity.

Lance was glad to see that Gennah was just as excited about this operation, or merrymaking for lack of a better term, as he and Izumi were. "Francisca said that trying to obtain the Milele Jua with our current power would be too risky. But rather, this would be a way to make our mark, and let the other factions know we're still kicking and after their asses." Lance then put on a creepy smirk that slightly resembled Izumi's. "Torture the other Apocalypse members. Hehehe. Doesn't sound like a bad idea. I've got a certain member in mind who I really want to carve up." Lance chuckled madly, continuing before he was able to compose himself.

"But yes... This overall is an infiltration mission. I'm guessing you being the best at this sort of thing, and me being useless in a fight will cover that role. I think Izumi and the others will be giving Apocalypse hell in the mean time." Lance finally announced, returning to his perky, energetic attitude. I think the only person left to find would be Koichi. I actually forgot where he spends his time at. Do you know, Izumi?" Lance asked, turning to her.


Forte nodded in acknowledgement of Ⓧ's thank you. All of a sudden a young man came up to the trio and began poking Ⓧ in the face. He aparently had also taken interest in Ⓧ's telepathic abilities. "Envy..." Forte subconsiously said to herself as Shin began asking how he could get his mouth removed. Forte walked up to him and grabbed his arm to make him stop poking Ⓧ. "Hey. What do you think you're doing. Thats kind of rude, you know." Forte stated, before proceeding to poke Shin hard in his face. "Lets see how you like it." Forte smiled, slightly enjoying messing with Shin.

Forte then noticed that Ⓧ had resprouted his tendrils, quickly gathering the attention of several other students. Forte then came to the assumption that Shin had pissed Ⓧ off. She waited to see if Ⓧ would make a move, before she began defending Shin. Ⓧ seemed to be troubled by something, but Shin seemed to be on the bottom of his list.

At the same time, Ali seemed to be troubled by something as well. Forte was still slightly worried about her, even though she said that she was fine. 'Could it be Ⓧ?' She wondered. After she finished the thought, Ⓧ announced that something wasn't right. Forte then noticed Ace jumping out of Ali's arms and going out the auditorium entrance. She thought it was strange for Ali to allow him to do so. Maybe Ali told him to, but Forte didn't hear her say a thing. Even if she did, it wasn't as if Ace could understand her. Right? "Hey Ⓧ. What do you mean by, something's not right?" Forte asked, as she started becoming very cautious.


Roady growled in annoyance and Drake began giving out orders, as if he was the big leader. "I don't need you to tell me my role in this operation, bastard." He replied arrogantly through his earpiece, before a band of guards coming out to possibly patrol, began heading his way. "Heh. This is ussually the time Ma-" Roady began his sentence before the guards began dropping like flies. "Yup. Routine gets really boring sometimes." The students who hadn't been paying attention, or were sleeping ,were now fully alert. Roady quickly aimed for the leg of the once sleeping student from earlier. He seemed to be a swordsman. It would be annoying to engage in a close-range battle from the get-go. "Should have just stayed asleep like nothings going on, kid." He said, unleashing a few rounds that incapacitated the student.

Roady then jumped from his hiding spot and began gunning down the few regular guards who had managed to survive Margrethe's earlier attack. Little did he know that a female student had snuck up behind him with dual daggers. "Sneaky little bitch, huh?" Roady commented before aiming Ruster against the blade of the dagger she had thrust at him and pulled the trigger. The force of the bullet caused her to lose her hold of the dagger and left her with only 1 weapon. She grimaced, having had her assassination attempt failed. Roady then rushed at her, as she held her remaining dagger in a defensive stance. Roady was too fast for her. He quickly drew Bianca, and aimed it at the bottom of the girl's chin, while holding Ruster against her other blade, his arms now in a cross-like state. "Lets see. I can only fire one of these pistols without blowing my arm off. Can you remember which one I was using earlier?" Roady asked the girl, who looked at him with terrified eyes.

Suddenly, a sword came at Roady's back, which he barely evaded. It was the student from earlier, who he had shot in the leg. He appeared to be steadying himself on one leg. The boy was obviously in no condition to fight, at least not properly. "This is what happens when I try to be generous and let you brats live." Roady said shaking his head and sighing. As he did this, the student slashed out at him with all of his might. Roady quickly blocked it with Bianca and aimed Ruster at the boy's stomach. "I commend you for challenging me in your condition, but you should really..." Roady began before surging foward and hitting the boy's hand with his pistol to make him drop his weapon, then hit him hard in the gut to make him lose conciousness. "know your limits, brat!" He finished his sentence from earlier, as the boy held onto Roady's arm, trying to maintain his consiousness. "You gotta strong will, but you should just learn to give up. I gave you 2 chances, but I've decided end your suffering here." Roady said aiming Ruster at the boy's head and pulling the trigger before he even had time to react.

The girl from earlier had recovered and aimed to strike Roady in his head. He sidesteped, not expecting her to bring the dagger back quickly to stab him in the face. He was surprised, and jerked his head to the side, escaping the attack with a mere scratch to the cheek. 'Heh. Even if they are kids, they're still freaks just like me. Never know what kind of surprises they can throw at ya.' He thought before she made an attempt to slit his throat. He threw Ruster in the air, and caught her arm with his free hand, right before she could reach his neck. He then kicked her foward, and aimed Bianca at her chest. He then placed his free hand on the arm wielding Bianca, to support it. He then pulled the trigger, sending out a power bullet that went right through the girl's chest, leaving a small hole. The girl died instantly, to Roady's relief. However, a few trickles of her blood at splashed onto his face, and clothes, which he didn't really mind. The recoil sent Roady's arm backward, with a powerful jerk. This was why he had to support it with his other arm.

Ruster then fell to the ground beside him. He picked up the pistol checking the barrel. "Yup. Out of ammo. Shit. I left my spare bullet cartridges at home." Roady said to himself, looking up to realise that guards had surrounded him from all sides. "Ah. A welcome party just for me? You shouldn't have. But I do see one problem with here." Roady joked, putting Ruster and Bianca back into their holsters. "Theres no alcohol." He smirked, as orange and black ghostly images began covering his arms and legs. Soon the black shapes began to form into stripes. "Hey. You guys ever take on a siberian tiger before?" He asked, now on all fours. One of the guards had shot at him while, he was talking. He dodged it, while at the same time leaping. He had seemed to dissapear. The guards all looked around, frantically trying to find him. Soon their eyes were drawn, to where Roady was. He was holding the guard who had shot at him, and another next to him up in the air, with his hands, or rather claws embedded in their backs. "Of course not. You don't take on a Siberian tiger. You run like hell, idiots." He laughed, before proceeding to finish off the rest of the guards. He managed to kill about 8 more, before a headache started attacking his brain. He immideatly dropped his phantomshift before the headache worsened.

'Damn. I forgot that shift takes more concentration than the others.' He thought, holding his head in pain. There were now 4 guards who were all aiming weapons at him. "I was hoping to finish you all off before this." Roady said, reaching for Bianca. They soon began shooting at him, one bullet grazing his leg. He managed to avoid a fatal injury. He continued running in a circular motion, as they continued to fire at him. Once the guards were perfectly alligned, he raised Bianca, once again supporting his gun-wielding arm. Pulling the trigger, the recoil was too much for him with his headache also playing a role. He flew backward a few feet, as the bullet went through all four guards. All of them died except for one who had his arm blown off. He screamed in pain for a little while before he lost too much blood and finally died. "Just another day on the job." Roady commented to himself, pulling out his alcohol canister and taking another swig of vodka.

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Roady frowned as he heard a familiar voice ruining his drinking break. "Roady do you think you could've been any more noticeable?" He heard Aristata ask before taking in the air. Roady didn't think this was strange, as it was a natural habit of people who possessed abilities like his and her's. It didn't occur as often with Roady, as his abilities are more physical than sense related. "Well seeing as my role is to be a distraction, I figured it was my job to get noticed. I didn't think I'd have to take on half of the western side of the building though." He answered. He could then tell that something felt different about the atmosphere she gave off for a few seconds. He looked back to see that hers eyes had turned black and red. She then reached to get some of the blood and began inhaling it. 'How long exactly has she been harboring these abilities? I only started doing crap like that within the 1st 4 months that they started appearing.' He thought to himself, feeling the headache still sturring around. "Roady aren't you gonna hide your kills, I mean the guards? Ya know to stay undetected still..." Aristata asked Roady irritatingly. "Why bother? Its not like more guards aren't going to start coming out anyway. I'd much rather prepare for the 2nd wave. You should do the same." Roady replied holding up his canister for her to see, implying that, that was his way of preparing.

He then heard another familiar voice ring in his ears, asking if he was ok. He was already aware of her presence before she did however. "Yeah. Just a couple of scratches here and there. Nothing to worry about." Roady announced, regretfully standing up to prove it. "Seeing as I can only use Bianca at the moment, and can't utilize my therian powers for a while, I'm not exactly sure how good I'll be in round 2." He stated, reaching down to return Ruster to it's holster, and then to pick up Bianca. "I'll be on the sidelines if you need me." Roady said, looking at his leader Margrethe with an annoyingly laidback expression.

Suddenly a sharp noise pierced Roady's ears. He had to hold them in pain. Being a hunter, his senses were still slightly better than the average human's, although not as much as most. "Damn. Who knew E.P.I.C. had such a monster in their control. Ugly bastard..." Roady commented looking up at Ⓧ's horrific transformation. He was still holding his ears, with the canister and Bianca still in his hands.

"Oi cutie over there, you two girls. Fancy telling me what your up too, or maybe you would prefere your faces burned? I dont take too kindly to lies, so name your place here quickly or I'll shoot anyway." Roady heard the voice of another girl, not so familiar this time. He automatically aimed Bianca in her direction, almost pulling the trigger right away. He stopped himself in time to remember what would happen if he fired Bianca without properly preparing himself. It seemed to be a girl from the school. Strangly enough she was wielding a bazooka over her shoulder with ease. 'Theres no way she should be able to wield a bazooka that size unless she's one of those...' Roady thought to himself. Roady's reply to her introduction was the same as you'd expect. "Who said you could call me cutie, gorilla girl. What jungle were you born in? I don't have to answer to someone who only speaks ape." He replied refering to her crazy strength, with the same nonchalant expression. Roady was always good at remaining calm in a situation, no matter how serious it is. Even if there was an oversized bazooka pointed at him, so what?


Lance figured Izumi would know, since she spent her time around the armory levels. He thought that Koichi might as well. Lance looked back to Gennah to ask if she knew where Koichi spent most of his time, before Izumi elbowed him. "Found him!" He turned to find her turning toward someone, to reveal Koichi, who was asking if anyone needed him for something. "Ah, Koichi! How long have you been standing there? Did you hear me explain our plan to Gennah, or do you need me to say it again? Either way, it'd save more time to at least give you the basic gist of the situation. Fransica and the rest of us are going go mess with the Apocalypse factions who are invading E.P.I.C. at the moment. We need to act fast if we're going to make it before the fun is over, so you should start packing up what you want to bring." Lance said, not waiting for Koichi's answer.

"I've already got what I need." He said, raising his suitcase, and patting it. "Hey Izumi. Do you have everything you need? If so, we should get the car ready. I don't know how to drive, so you'll have to do it." Lance told her. "I guess I should tell Fransica that we've all been briefed on the mission. See you guys outside." Lance said, before running off to Fransica's room once again. He was already breathing a little heavily. He never had much reason to run this much in a while. The last he could remember was when he was running for his life from E.P.I.C. He was one of the first to fully accept Fransica as their new leader, while some of the others might have been a little more resistant. Finally making it to Fransica's room, he knocked this time instead of opening the door. "We're all set Fransica. We're all going to meet outside, and then roll out to the school." Lance stated, before rushing off once more to the meeting point.

(Uuuuuuugh. Sorry for the immense repetition in Lance's posts. Its really hard to think of new crap when I'm just making him run around, explaining the mission, then running off again with each post. And yes. You may modify the badass vehicle the War faction will be cruising around in, Dreamer. xD)


Forte began hearing faint bullet noises most likely coming from outside. Even with everyone in the auditorium talking, she could easily distinguish them, because of the many encounters shes had with bullets. She became even more cautious as Ⓧ began growing his extensions out even longer, and climbing up the wall like a spider. She had to admit that it was incredibly freaky. Ⓧ exited the building through a door that led outside. Forte haden't noticed it until now. Ⓧ continued to crawl up the wall, until he reached the highest point in the school, which was ironically at the top of the glass dome which housed the auditorium roof. Almost all of the students in the auditorium were either pointing, freaking out, or staring in wonder at him at this time. Those who hadn't been aware of his presence before, sure were now.

Forte could barely make out that Ⓧ had formed a mouth on his empty face. It didn't appear anywhere close to a human mouth. This was confirmed when Ⓧ let out a monsterious wail that vibrated the entire building. "What in hell is he doing?!" She said aloud, while comprehending if this was the same, polite creature she had been talking to only a minute ago. Forte then remembered the gunshot sounds she made out earlier. 'Could he be reacting to those?' Forte thought.

She then, let go of Shin's arm and once again reached into her bag for her expandable chakrams. What she pulled out were a pair of small, metal spheres, that had a trigger-like handle in between the circular outline, with space in between for an average-sized hand to fit through. She pulled the trigger for both of the chakrams once, to make them expand, and once again to make the blades jut out. "Hey Ali. I need you to follow me, ok?" Forte asked, completely forgetting the possibility that Ali might be blind. Shen turned to Shin. "You can come too if you want." She told him, not truly caring if Shin came along or not. Forte then began rushing towards the door that Ⓧ had left through.

Once outside, she looked around noticing a group of four people, 3 female, 1 male. Around them was a mass of blood and corpses. The females for the most part seemed mostly untouched by it, while the male was practically soaked. Forte decided to keep her distance for now. One of the females didn't seem to fit in with the rest, as she was holding a weapon towards them. Forte decided to wait, and see what happens before she acts. At the same time, she kept a warry eye on Ⓧ, not knowing what he could do next.