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E.P.I.C. Universe is a part of E.P.I.C. Reborn: The Milele Jua.

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Roady Domene [40] "Damn it. Why do you people keep bugging me when I'm drinking?"
Margrethe Thea Salomon [39] "There are only two things you can be to me: Enemy or friend. I hope you choose the latter."
Aristata Hope Collins [38] "Let's play hide and seek, even though you can never hide from me."
Drake Michael [28] Death Fraction Leader
X [25] 'Speaking to you would be easier if I had a mouth.'
Forte Mussolini [23] "Get myself a man? One of those pigs? I'd rather die."
Eckhart Rockwall [23] "Yeah yeah yeah, just shut up and let me do what I do best!"
Skye [21] My blade serves as my mind, and it shall judge wether you live...or die [Still adding info]
Lance Kirkwall [20] "Now let me check your blood flow... I mean pressure! Hehehe..."
Ali Hill [20] "I don't need your pity, and don't ask for it."

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#, as written by Evita
Sofia finished up the last wound at pressed a couple of pressure points to reopen the vains and nerves, then slapped Danni lightly to wake him up as he seemed to have gone into some kind of coma. "You're okay now, but you can't do anything to this guy so get out of the line fire" she said decidedly, looking around to see if anyone else was in need of help. She didn't see anyone, so she decided to take cover behind a corner, watching the battle in case she'd be needed.

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Skye watched him swing off, before sighing. "Good luck Drake..." She quickly jumped down below and tried to clearly remember the blue prints of the academy. They haven't been updated since the last time she saw them, so she could be wrong about the location. 'Oh lord...' Skye thought slipping past the dead guards and into the building, her sword ACT wielded. Will this be like the last incident? No, she wouldnt let that happen. She ran down the halls quietly, her piercing red eyes darting from side to side. Surely their is something to suspect from such a place. Guard, cameras, booby traps? She turned the hall, and growls quietly to see some guards ahead who were shouting for help. They began to run toward her, but she quickly ran across the wall, dodging their bullets and running her blade across their necks. The swordsman landed skillfully on the ground, jerking the blood from her black blade. 'They just alarmed the others..I have to hurry...' She concluded and sprinted down the halls, searching for the artifact.
Izumi frowns and kicks the car in frustration. "where are they?" She whines, noticing only Lance and Gennah. "The others probably got in already.." She pouts at the thought and hit the accelerator, the car making a loud hum.
[Ill add more info in a bit]

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Rio stood back, a little shy at introducing herself when the girl on the left, who she though she overheard was named Forte, asked if she needed any help for her leg. Looking down, Rio realized that it looked a lot worse than it actually was.
"No, I'm fine. Thanks thou..."
her words were cut off by another voice, this time in her head asking if she needed any healing. A figure that looked like the definition of vague approached. It was quite intimidating at first to not be able to recognise any particular facial features but the training Rio had gone through quickly brought her back to her senses. The girl holding the cat, who had been refered to as Ali asked her what happened and pointed to her leg. Forte had already started moving to confront the new figure in what was obviously a defensive state of mind but quickly rethought aggressive action and backed down.

After everyone had calmed down, Rio remembered that she was supposed to report back to the leader as soon as she had infiltrated the operation.
"I just fell on the stairs on the way in, I'll be ok. but I have to go make a quick phone call, will you fill me in if i miss anything?
Reaching into her pocket, she grabbed her phone and started to walk back out to the hall. Finding a quiet corner where no students were walking around, she started going through all the procedures to get through the extra security she had added to her phone to prevent hackers from getting data. the process took about 3 minutes. Scrolling through her contacts, she selected "Leader" and hit Call.

"Infiltration successful, entrance ceremony beginning soon, will attempt to hack the server when oppertunaty presents itself. Awaiting additional Orders."