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E.P.I.C. : The Milele Jua

E.P.I.C. : The Milele Jua


You have just been given an acceptance letter to a school you have never heard of nor applied to, but none the less you decide to go. It tells you that you were handpicked to attend this school because of your "special" skills.

417 readers have visited E.P.I.C. : The Milele Jua since Akionakamura created it.


Welcome to the United Nations school for the gifted. But more importantly, welcome to E.P.I.C., a program funded by the United Nations to protect Milele Jua. The Milele Jua is a relic that was found in southeastern Africa by some of the natives. Many people have risked their lives to possess such a powerful device. There is a ritual, known by only a few. This ritual is the key to unlocking the Milele Jua's powers. Long ago, a powerful sorcerer created the Milele Jua to obtain ultimate power. Eventually, the insane power drove him mad, and eventually consumed his soul. Only someone with an incredibly strong will can handle it. The Milele Jua incradles the power of immortality. The sorcerer's spirit lies within it, and chooses whether the wielder of the Milele Jua is worthy of obtaining it's power. If not, then he will consume their soul and trap them into the relic as part of him and the Milele Jua. He has never found a being worthy enough of obtaining it's power throughout the years. Many have completed the ritual only to have their soul taken away and devoured by a madman.

"Ah! Welcome to Apocalypse." You have been recruited by the head of Apocalypse because you are ruthless, unforgiving, killing machines. The heads of Apocalypse have a job for you, which will have a high reward. All you have to do is bring us the relic that is contained within the United Nations school for the gifted. "Do you think you can do that?"
There are four factions in Apocalypse with four different leaders. Although they are all of the same organization, the four factions don't trust each other, and see each other as obstacles in reaching the Milele Jua. On rare occasions, the four faction work together during missions. No matter who is going on said mission, the leader always accompanies them. The four leaders have all given themselves titles based off of the 4 horsemen of apocalypse. Death, War, Famine, and Pestilence. Originally, the four factions were separate groups who each had an ulterior motive. They formed a coalition known as "Apocalypse". Famine was the one who brought up the idea, and the others agreed. Thus, Apocalypse was born.
So far, only one of Apocalypse's bases have been discovered. Last year, the War faction was discovered and taken over. This battle cost huge losses on both sides. About 82 E.P.I.C. students, and 6 teachers lost their lives. This is understandable, as the War faction was the most abundent in numbers. There were few survivors if any. One of these survivors has taken initiative, and proclaimed his/herself the new leader. The old War leader is currently M.I.A. The War faction survivors have decided to seperate themselves from the coalition, instead of calling on their comerades for support. They are now a purely independent group.

At most, 8 students are allowed, with no limit to how many of each class-type there is. Although, I would prefer it if there were one of each class-type. They are all in the same class, and will have a teacher who may choose his/her own class-type.
5 members will be allowed in each faction of Apocalypse- 4 including the faction leader. Each leader may also choose their own class-type. Only 1 male or female role of each class will be allowed in Apocalypse. Whichever class-type they choose will also determine which faction they are in.


Swordsman- Someone whose choice of weapon is the ever-so-lethal blade. They are the mainly focused around melee combat.

Magician- Someone who has magical abilities. Their powers can vary from the ability to wield fire, to moving air currents with their mind(Magicians can only have 1 type of power, but can branch out multiple similar abilities from that power).

Tech- A hacker, mechanic, someone who can use technology to fight, or all of the above. The tech's capabilities are only limited to the supplies at their disposal, and their imagination.

Hunter- Someone who is more like an animal than a man. Hunters can make great scouts, trackers, or beast masters. Many tend to have strong attachments to inhuman creatures, while others prefer humans. They could possibly have instinctual or physical capabilities, that a normal human wouldn't be capable of.

Gunman/Marksman- People who specialize in ranged combat. People who, much like swordsmen, wield their weapon as an extension of their arm. But their arm can reach far longer than most. Perfect accuracy, quick eye movement, speed that is focused in their arms rather than their legs. You can always rely on them to watch your back. Especially a good sniper.

Thief- Those who practice the art of stealth, and stealing. A person who can walk by another person and completely relieve them of everything in their pockets in a split second. Pick pocketing, lock picking, backstabbing, and how could we ever forget the power of persuasion. Of course someone of these talents could also make the perfect assassin. Thieves will do anything to obtain what they want. Especially if they can do it through strictly illegal means.

Medic- This person takes care of their teammates, and mends their wounds. They can cure even the most deadly of poisons and illnesses. The best medics can bring someone back from the brink of death. Even if they seem weak at first, medics are far more powerful than one would believe.

Heavy- The heavy is short for "Heavy Weapons Expert". They specialize in tanks, mobile gatling guns, bombs, RPG's(Rocket Propelled Grenades or Bazookas), the works. They don't know the meaning of too large. The bigger the better, and more easy to use in a fight. These people are often unusually strong, even if they don't appear to be. Some wimpy-looking heavies are even stronger than the large, muscular ones.


Principal- [Open]
Teacher- [Open]
Student 1(Male)- [Reserved]
Student 2(Female)- [Open]
Student 3(Male)- [Reserved]
Student 4(Female)- [Open]
Student 5(Male)- [Open]
Student 6(Female)- [Open]
Student 7(Either)- [Open]
Student 8(Either)- [Open]
More student roles will be added if needed. Limit is 8. It is possible for one gender group to outnumber the other depending on requests to have a certain role.


Death faction leader- [Reserved]
Swordsman(Male)- [Open]
Magician(Female)- [Open]
Tech(Male)- [Open]
Hunter(Female)- [Open]

Self-proclaimed War leader- [Open]
Gunman Survivor(Male)- [Open]
Thief Survivor(Female)- [Open]i
Medic Survivor(Male)- [Open]
Heavy Survivor(Female)- [Open]

Famine faction leader- [Open]
Swordsman(Female)- [Open]
Tech(Female)- [Open]
Heavy(Male)- [Open]

Pestilence faction leader- [Open]
Magician(Male)- [Open]
Thief(Male)- [Open]
Gunman(Female)- [Open]
Medic(Female)- [Open]

Code: Select all
[center][b][size=200]Full Name, Age, then Gender

[center][size=150][b]< Physical Info >[/b][/size][/center]


[b]Race[/b] (Aliens, Angels, Demons, Humans, Bird kin, Cat kin, Dragon kin, Elementals, Fairies, Giants, Shapeshifters, Vampires, Unknown or any other you can think of)


[b]Affiliation[/b] (E.P.I.C. or Apocalypse)

Teacher or Student
(this is for E.P.I.C. only)
[size=150][b]< Mentality >[/b][/size]


[left][b][Likes][/b][/left] [right][b][Dislikes][/b][/right]
[left][color=#0D9D00][b]o[/b][/color] Like1[/left] [right]Dislike1 [color=#FF0000][b]x[/b][/color][/right]
[left][color=#0D9D00][b]o[/b][/color] Like2[/left] [right]Dislike2 [color=#FF0000][b]x[/b][/color][/right]
[left][color=#0D9D00][b]o[/b][/color] Like3[/left] [right]Dislike3 [color=#FF0000][b]x[/b][/color][/right]

[center][size=150][b]< Ability Statistics >[/b][/size]

[b] Power or abilities[/b]

[b]Personal Traits[/b]
(have at least 3)

[size=150][b]< Personal Background >[/b][/size]


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Character Portrait: Shin Takeda
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man this place is waaaaaaaayyyyyy cooler then i thought

Character Portrait: Lucius Blackstone
Lucius Blackstone

Guess who's here to deliver some bad luck?

Character Portrait: Bellkaid



Character Portrait: Bellkaid


Character Portrait: Shin Takeda
Shin Takeda

man this place is waaaaaaaayyyyyy cooler then i thought

Character Portrait: Lucius Blackstone
Lucius Blackstone

Guess who's here to deliver some bad luck?

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Character Portrait: Bellkaid


Character Portrait: Lucius Blackstone
Lucius Blackstone

Guess who's here to deliver some bad luck?

Character Portrait: Shin Takeda
Shin Takeda

man this place is waaaaaaaayyyyyy cooler then i thought

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Can i have male student #5 please?

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dreammuffin are you talking about a role for Apocalypse or a Student ?

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May I have the female magician? May snag the female gunman as well, not sure

Edit: Never mind, I don't think I'll reserve anything, I'm in too many roleplays already^^

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sure Thundergod1020 and no Faction leader dont have idea genders so if you want it to be female go ahead lol

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I'm interested in reserving the Death Faction leader (Female wasn't sure if you had gender idea for the leaders) please, if you are doing reservations.

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Permission to snag a male character? As an advance warning, my characters tend to be genre savvy and lean on the fourth wall from time to time.

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