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Dr. Addler

A once brilliant physician and scientist, driven mad by failure, his focus has left the realm of man.

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a character in “e s c a p e”, as played by MartinVole


Name: Hayden Lucjan Addler
Nicknames: Dr. H, Aitch
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Nationality: U.S.
Height & Weight: 6"2' 156lbs
Occupation: Scientist

A tall wisp of a man, he appears rather physically underwhelming. His complexion is a ghostly white, and his hair, messy and grayed to silver at an early age. The look in his eyes are always tired, yet a lovely blue-green in color. He is is barely seen out of his white coat and black tie, black pants and shoes, often shown to fairly haphazardly thrown on.

By stark contrast, the pictures on his desk show a man of vigor, dated only a few years ago, showing he was once a far more optimistic and jolly person.


A man with an obsession with the preservation of life. He is duty bound as a doctor, no matter what it means to care for his patients, as well as his abnormal creations. He believes his work is for the greater good, an instrument for something greater than himself, and shows a near unwavering bond with his experiments. While weak in body, his convictions aren't to be underestimated, nor his ingenuity and madness.

Strengths: Highly intelligent, highly skilled physician, near unbreakable in his convictions, loyal experiments ready to defend him
Flaws: Not very athletic and tires out rather fast, empathetic, gullible
Mental Issues: Depression, Paranoia
Brief History:

Once a promising figure in the field of medical science, he was held with high esteem, coming from a wealthy background helping to push him along. At a young age he had succeeded in becoming a profound physician. Success became maddened obsession, making the one time he'd fail to save a patient the catalyst required to fall over the edge.

Obsessed with the preservation of life as he hid away from the world outside, he became involved in a darker form of science where many of his creations would be born. A strange bond would form between the doctor and his creations, filling some void in the darkness his failure had formed, even if it isn't exactly the most healthy. Working for the facility, he resumes his work, in maddened hope of curing this "sick world."

So begins...

Dr. Addler's Story


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