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An early experiment in reanimation, once animal now something else, and becoming stranger still...

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a character in “e s c a p e”, as played by MartinVole


Name: Skitters
Age: 2 months since reanimation
Gender: Female
Species: Not a raccoon anymore
Nationality: Unknown
Occupation: Lab Experiment
Height: 3'5"
Weight: 53lbs


While the base subject prior to reanimation was a typical North American raccoon, the process and experimentation has had a strange affect on overall physiology and biology. Of the mutated features, the general size has increased, eye color has become a bright green, markings have become more pronounced, more akin to tattoos, and two additional black forelimbs. The pupils in the animal's eye have become shaped like a horizontal "S" when calm, and an infinity when anxious. Forelimb paws have mutated to become more dextrous, having become strangely thin, like hands with fingers.

Wears a green scarf which obscures her lower jaw.


Whatever behavior this creature once exhibited prior to death and reanimation, now no longer fits within what is natural. A heightened intellect came with heightened aggression and anxiety, fighting back any staff other than Addler that attempt to perform tests on her, hissing and emitting "horrible sounds that no animal should make." Shows some capability of higher sentiments, including: affection, anger, humor, obsession, curiosity, embarrassment, jealousy, hatred, and capable of cruelty. Strangely, however, survival instincts have dulled into fearless abandon. There is a bizarre willingness, even obsession with enduring further treatments, going into withdrawal from being without for extended periods.

Strengths: Quick study, highly athletic and resilient, animalistic senses
Flaws: Given to fits of hysteria, fearless, obsessive, must return favors, cannot disobey Dr. Addler
Mental Issues: Megalomania, Manic

Brief History:

"Can the dead be returned to life?" the doctor asked himself, a hypothetical question perhaps, a plea to erase his sins, maybe. The answer would not be given in a way he had hoped. A simple animal, a pest, a vermin, nobody cared about it, and it felt easier at first, an animal was not a human, besides, it was already dead, and not even by his hands. Simply inject the serum, that black brew, and... silence... then a twitch, a spasm, a morbid dance as it came back to life! Back to life... but... as it gasped air again, as it breathed again, as its heart beat again... there they were... alien eyes that glared stared straight into the doctor's. The body mutated, and the mind... the mind... something else was there behind those eyes... it grabs him by the collar, pulling him in close with unnatural strength and studies his face. He begs the others not to intercede, in fear it'd only grow more aggressive. When satisfied, it let him go, its claw marks dug into his coat but otherwise unharmed. In his mind, as his heartbeat stopped racing, he came to a valuable conclusion:

"No... something else comes back instead... a new sin."

So begins...

Skitters's Story


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#, as written by VetaAnn
Talia "/me sits idlely in the corner of her caged room. Watching the others with a timid gaze."