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A feline, bat, human hybrid, born from a test tube

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a character in “e s c a p e


Name: Talia Expium
Nickname(s): experiment 2032
Age: 23
Birthday: December 30
Gender: Female
Species: "Human hybrid"
Sexuality: curious
Personality: timid, but becomes protective and fierce in moments of tension. Occasionally spits out sassy comments

Eye color: right eye is a fade icey blue, the left is a deep chocolate brown
Hair color: white
Hair length: medium
Jewelry: a pendent of the spirit tree given to her by one of the kinder nurses
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 98 pounds
Clothing style: a thin grey dress

Food: plain pasta
Drink: Cold water
Color: blue
Book: Wings by ed baker

Likes: humming to herself, reading her one an only book. And dancing
Dislikes: needles and men
Hobbies: making up dance moves
Strengths: echo location, night vision
Weaknesses: loud noises
Fears: water and cramped spaces
Mental issues: unknown
Physical issues: cat like ears, a cat tail and large bat wings
Smokes: sometimes if the nurse is nice
Drinks: no

Talia is a hybrid from a new generation of experiments, dubbed the expiums. Cross bread with feline and bat DNA she struggles socially and tends to hide in the corner till nightfall when she relaxes an often dances around her small barred room. She dreams of the day she can escape and dance freely, humming sweet tunes to herself.

So begins...

Talia's Story


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Talia "/me sits idlely in the corner of her caged room. Watching the others with a timid gaze."