James Kirkland

"With great power comes great responsibility. Not to mention the great fun . . . of people trying to kill you."

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a character in “Early, Late, and Right on Time”, as played by Eli the Walker


Name: James Kirkland.
Time Traveler Type: Traveler.

Age: 24.
Gender: Male.


James is the kind of guy who's never serious . . .

. . . about anything.

He always seems to have a joke ready, however stupid or immature, and always seems to be smiling. With the discovery of his powers, he seems to be enjoying them immensely. Of course, he doesn't know who the man is that sent him the letter, and he doesn't know where he got his strange ability to travel through the rift of time. Wherever they came from, he sure enjoys it as an exciting change from his work as a bartender. It's obvious that wherever these powers came from, he doesn't believe in chance, and so he does believe that he recieved these powers for a reason (possibly to the annoyance of some, he attributes them to God). He believes that everything has a purpose or reason in life, and so he is determined to find out what his is . . . though he'll never really tell anybody about that. As said before, he is never truly serious about anything, and so you would be hard-pressed to get any of these answers out of him in normal circumstances.


1987 - Born on the outskirts of Austin, Texas.
2005 - Graduates from high school, enlisting in the Texas National Guard.
2009 - Leaves the National Guard after going to acting school.
Late 2009 - Moves to New York and recieves work as a bartender while looking for his "big break".
Early 2010 - Father dies in car wreck.
Mid 2010 - Mother commits suicide.
2011 - Recieves the letter from "The Timepiece" with a message, and address.

So begins...

James Kirkland's Story