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Earth Inherited: Judgement Day

Earth Inherited: Judgement Day


In this setting, humankind's spiritual decline unlocks the gates of Heaven and Hell and brings about the final apocalypse, cleansing the world of saints and sinners alike. Angelic and demonic beings descend upon Earth to fight the ultimate battle.

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"It's been years since the gates of Heaven and Hell opened up, taking the blessed and damned to their respective ends. That leaves us-- the so-called "forgotten"... what a joke!-- to pick up the scraps. And we're not letting either side finish what they started."
-Avengers of Humanity, Anonymous.


In the not-too-distant future, the Rapture comes to pass--the faithful are whisked away to Heaven and the damned dragged to Hell. The survivors known as the forgotten, must survive in a world still full of angels and fiends who have likewise been abandoned to their fates.

Humanity has undergone its final test of faith. A huge proportion of the world's population disappeared in an event known as the Rapture; many of those left behind have been killed in the events that followed.

When the mystical seventh seal was broken, the gates of Heaven and Hell opened up, bathing the world in a blend of holy and infernal power. This event happened in the blink of an eye; people disappeared off the streets and even out of moving vehicles. One moment they were there-- the next, all that was left was a pile of clothes...

The Rapture was not limited to Christians. Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, and members of every faith were affected, presumably spirited away to their respective places of paradise or torment. Even those who proclaimed no religious affiliation, but nonetheless led admirable or depraved lifestyles, were whisked away during the Rapture. Those who were left behind were noted for a lack of faith or belief in almost anything of a spiritual nature.

Following the wholesale departure of most of humanity, masses of angelic and fiendish beings flooded the Earth to wage a terrible war upon each other, oblivious of those who stood in their way. The empty cities were soon ablaze from the war between these armies of Heaven and Hell and millions of remaining humans were killed in the crossfire.

Whether by design or accident, however, it seems that the gates of Heaven and Hell have been closed behind their denizens, leaving them to their fate in the Earthly realm. If anybody knows who won the celestial war-- or even if it's over --nobody's saying. The angels and fiends continue to follow their original missions, but their apparent abandonment on Earth doesn't seem to be a part of the plan.

What's left of humanity does have one thing working in its favor: technology. Robotics, advanced firearms, and other high-tech items are not uncommon. Angels and fiends have taken physical form on earth, and humans have found them to be vulnerable to bullets, fire, and other weapons. Angels may be the manifestation of righteousness and splendor, but a 10mm bullet puts a hole through them like any other creature. Whether battling hordes of vile fiends from the cockpit of a 10-ton mecha or grappling a mighty angel on the roof of a shattered skyscraper, the heroes of EARTH INHERITED are caught in a bleak struggle of survival against the forces of Heaven and Hell.

You, heroes, are the grim survivors in a nearly empty world left to its own fate. After the Rapture, the world is a dangerous, uncertain place-- fiends and angels (as well as unscrupulous survivors) prowl the vacant ruins. Survival is a day-to-day affair. Cities have been decimated, fields destroyed, and all semblance of order and law have disappeared.

You may fill many roles in this setting, acting as avengers of humanity's downfall, mercenaries who sell their talents to settlements too weak to defend themselves, or loners who walk the wastelands in pursuit of their own goals. Will you rebuild civilization or try to create something new from the ashes and rubble? As the forces of Heaven and Hell dwindle, the heroes may find allies among the angels and enemies among the fiends-- or vice-versa --as everyone, human, angel, and fiend comes to question their abandonment and the unending battle. Who will you rally behind in an effort to carve out your niche in the world?

Magic is rare, though not unheard of. Arcane and natural magic draws itself from non divine sources and isn't severed from the sealed gates of Heaven and Hell. Even before the apocalypse (though less common) witches and sorcerers roamed the lands inconspicuously (but not entirely unnoticed).



In the years since the Rapture, humanity has once again begun to regroup, coalescing into small settlements across the world. While most have no particular agenda beyond daily survival, some have banded together around certain goals or philosophies. In addition, some angels and fiends, now left to their own devices, have also created groups that compete for power.

Avengers of Humanity
AGENDA: Restore law and order; destroy remaining angels and fiends.
STRUCTURE: Network of small communities.
SYMBOL: A roman fasces.

Calling themselves the Avengers of Humanity, these individuals scavenge together as much military hardware as possible and create numerous fortresses and camps in the wastelands and devastated cities of the world. From these strongholds, they try to maintain a semblance of the order and familiarity they had in the past, while protecting themselves from marauding bands of fiends and powerful groups of angels bent on purifying any humans left behinds. They are renowned for their tough, law-minded outlook-- not for their sense of humor. They train their members in self-defense and have access to (or managed to scavenge) serious military hardware. Their camps are built like fortresses, capable of withstanding assaults from the ground or the air.

The Damned
AGENDA: Self-gratification.
STRUCTURE: Anarchic.
SYMBOL: Bloody red X.

Utterly lawless, the Damned only pay heed to strength. Powerful and ruthless leaders who rule with iron fists run most settlements. Some are ruled by fiends, who whip the Damned into a frenzy and offer them power and blood. This alliance with fiends is frequented. Most live in small encampments of ten to thirty individuals, but the populations of some Damned settlements number in the thousands. These "towns" are depraved in the extreme, with large numbers of slaves used for labor, entertainment, and in the worst cases even food.

The Heavenfire Coalition
AGENDA: End the conflict between angels and fiends.
STRUCTURE: Secret society.
SYMBOL: Ichthus.

Normally a loose alliance between a fiend and angel, this is normally called a Heavenfire Coalition. These are renegades who work in secret around other societies to reconcile differences and often try to rebuild.

Order of the Machine
AGENDA: Build a new society based on logic and a rejection of the divine.
STRUCTURE: Network of small bands.
SYMBOL: An electronic chip.

Made up of disillusioned scientists, engineers, information technology professionals, and other tech-savvy individuals, the Order of the Machine is seeking to restore the glory of civilization in the form of "the machine". They make extensive use of robotics, computers, and cybernetics and have gathered enough resources to attempt to create artificial intelligence. The Order of the Machine is completely contemptuous of anything resembling faith or belief in the divine. To this group, the language of mathematics, the cold logic of computing, and the power of the robotic form is far superior to the frail human body and soul. Members band together in small collections of tech-savvy individuals, scouring the wasteland for parts and functioning machinery, especially computers, robots, and other high-tech items. In the aftermath, these humans tighten their embrace of technology, seeing it as an alternative to mortality-- machines have no concept or use for ethics.

AGENDA: Help humanity survive.
STRUCTURE: Secret organization.
SYMBOL: Infinity symbol.

Because of its deep interest in the spiritual and religious reals, Commission-8 theologians and scholars foresaw the approach of the final days and prepared accordingly. Stockpiles of food, equipment, and weapons were squirreled away, and agents received a crash course in basic survival skills. When the Rapture occurred, Commission-8 felt that it had done everything possible to ensure its survival. It was barely enough. Many of their personnel disappeared during the Rapture, but a surprisingly large number remained behind. Their mandate became rebuilding civilization. In doing so, it hopes to avoid the human failings that some say brought about the apocalypse in the first place-- racism, religious and ethnic intolerance, and the like. However their leaders see that not much has changed since the Rapture-- and in fact must make due without many of its most righteous members --and thus they move slowly and cautiously. They've access to some preapocalyptic technology, including medicine, communications gear, and military grade weapons. It has a small outposts across the globe carefully hidden away.

Character Guidelines
You may be anything as long as you find a way to work it into my story. If you have any questions about how far you can take that please ask me; I'm easy to work with as long as you bring me ideas.

Code: Select all
[b]Full Name:[/b] The character's full, complete, and legal name.

[b]Aliases/Nicknames (if any)[/b]: Any aliases or nicknames that the character is addressed by, referred to as, or uses for whatever purpose on any regular basis.

[b]Age/Date of Birth:[/b] Both the character's age at the start of the story, or 'canon', as well as the complete date of birth with the appropriate calendar. In a realistic story, this would be using the Gregorian calendar (unless your character's religion or culture dictate use of the lunar calendar). In a non-realistic story, the calendar will depend on your universe.

[b]Sex:[/b] Male or female. 

[b]Race/Ethnicity[/b]: What is the character's race? This may be 'White/Caucasian' or 'Black/African-American' for example. It may also include nationality, or ethnic group. Hispanic or Latino status should be denoted here. If the character exists in a fantasy world and is not human, the appropriate race and/or sub-race should be listed.

[b]Skin Tone:[/b] What is the character's skin tone? This may be 'dark brown', 'light brown', 'olive', 'pale', 'albino', or perhaps even some fantastical hue for a non-realistic character.

[b]Height: [/b]The character's height, in the most accepted unit. This may be realistic, inches or centimeters, or may be specific to the universe or culture.

[b]Weight: [/b]The character's weight, in the most accepted unit. This may be realistic, inches or centimeters, or may be specific to the universe or culture.

[b]Build:[/b] What is the character's build? Slender, athletic, frail, sturdy, stocky, muscular, or plump may be some of the adjectives that come to mind.

[b]Eyes:[/b] What is the character's eye color? Be specific without using purple prose. For instance, 'light brown', or 'hazel', or 'black', or 'pale blue' would be acceptable. If the character wears contacts that change the natural eye color, both colors should be noted and explained.

[b]Hair:[/b] What is the character's hair color? Be specific without using purple prose. Also describe the texture, thickness, length, style, and any other significant attributes, such as whether it is oily or particularly shiny. If it is dyed, has highlights, or otherwise has unnatural alterations, those should be noted and explained.

[b]Clothes Style:[/b] What style of clothes does the character wear? With very few exceptions (such as a story that takes place over one day, or in a prison or boarding school where students wear uniforms), your character will not be wearing the same outfit throughout the story. Does your character follow fashion trends? What materials, colors, and type of clothes does the character wear? Where does he or she obtain the clothes? Are they ethnic or traditional clothes? Is the character promiscuous or modest?

[b]Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.:[/b] Describe the location, size, and appearance of any tattoos, piercings, marks (such as moles or birthmarks), scars, or other notable or significant physical traits not already discussed.

[b]Religion:[/b] Does the character have a religious affiliation or sense of spirituality? Has the character ever converted to or from a religious affiliation or sense of spirituality? Describe in detail the character's religious or spiritual beliefs or experiences.

[b]Affiliation:[/b] Is your character part of an organization or activity?

[b]Education:[/b] How educated is the character? Is he or she literate? Does he or she have a secondary school diploma (or equivalent)? What about higher education? Is he or she still in school? Describe in detail the sort of education the character has, noting and explaining any degrees or academic honors or awards.

[b]Languages spoken:[/b] What languages does the character speak, including his or her native language(s)? Specifically, what dialect of each language does he or she speak? When, how, and why did the character learn any secondary languages?

[b]Weapons (if any): [/b]Does the character have any weapons or other sorts of equipment? What are they, how did he or she obtain them, and why does he or she keep them? Has the character ever lost or had confiscated any weapons or equipment? What were they, and why did this happen?

[b]Occupation(s):[/b] What is the character's occupation? Does he or she have multiple concurrent occupations or jobs? When did he or she start? How high up on the ladder is the character?

[b]Past Occupation(s):[/b] What past occupation(s) has the character had? Did he or she have multiple concurrent occupations or jobs? How long did each last, and when was the character employed? By whom? And how far did the character advance? Most importantly, why is the character no longer employed in these former positions.

[b]Special Abilities/Skills:[/b] Does the character have any other special abilities or skills, whether highly desirable or not? Talents, learned skills, and such may all be listed here.

[b]Hobbies: [/b]What sorts of hobbies does the character engage in? Anything such as knitting, collecting money, or listening to music may be listed here.

[b]Interests: [/b]Any other interests that the character has or has had, such as philosophy, economics, or weaponry.

[b]Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities:[/b] What are the character's most significant problems or flaws? Does he or she have any addictions or bad habits? What about criminal history? Does the character have any disabilities or psychological disorders? If so, what are they, when and how did they onset, and when were they diagnosed? To what degree is the character affected, and what is being done about it? Most importantly, what is the character's attitude toward his or her flaws or disabilities?

[b]Place of Birth:[/b] Where, city and province or state, was the character born?

[b]Now lives:[/b] Where does the character now live?

[b]Current Relationship Status:[/b] Is the character currently in a romantic relationship? With whom? When did it start? Is the relationship healthy or unhealthy?

[b]Relationship History: [/b]What sorts of romantic relationships has the character had in the past? With whom? When did they start, how long did they last, and why and how did they end? Were they healthy or unhealthy?

[b]Family:[/b] Who is in the character's family? Immediate? Siblings? Children? With whom is the character in contact? How are the relationships? Healthy or unhealthy? Why? Also, describe both the current family relationships and childhood relationships with family.

[b]Other Biographical Remarks: [/b]Write the rest of the character's biographical information. Anything that was missed, or not expounded on already.

Ylanne credit for revised character template.


Toggle Rules

These are simple.

1. Follow the rules created by our gracious hosts.
2. Have a brain! I spent time on this.

Taking place in...

POST APOCALYPTIC our primary setting





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Character Portrait: Lukas
Character Portrait: ALICE


Character Portrait: ALICE

The first AI.

Character Portrait: Lukas

A renegade angel.


Character Portrait: Lukas

A renegade angel.

Character Portrait: ALICE

The first AI.

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Character Portrait: Lukas

A renegade angel.

Character Portrait: ALICE

The first AI.

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Re: Earth Inherited: Judgement Day

I took the liberty of adding more information to the Order of the Machine, adding another faction entirely, and organizing everything a bit more. We are OPEN so bring your character concepts to me! I'm just about ready to kick-off we're only looking for more people! Don't be shy.

Thanks all.

Re: Earth Inherited: Judgement Day

Why thank you. The reason that I keep alternating between calling ALICE her and it, is that she/it doesn't always see itself/herself as a living being.

Re: Earth Inherited: Judgement Day

I'd just like to say you did a marvelous job with ALICE. I'm looking forward to seeing it (her) in action! This has got me very excited already. :)

Re: Earth Inherited: Judgement Day

A morph could be a mannequin-like host for your program to function in the physical world, or even just a pile of junk bound together by wires and chips. You could also take a metaphysical approach and simply travel from machine from machine but that would likely hinder you severely. I'm interested to see what ideas you come up with, and am glad that you've taken an interest in this RP.

If you need help with anything else I'll be here.

Re: Earth Inherited: Judgement Day

Excellent, I shall have the character submitted sometime today. One question though, what do you mean by morphs?

Re: Earth Inherited: Judgement Day

Yes I left that open ended just in case somebody took interest in that. I'd have to say that the AI they developed wouldn't be worth creating unless it was comparable in intelligence to say an angel or fiend, maybe something else similar in celestial nature. While these AI would clearly have poor quality morphs (if any morph at all), their constructed minds would essentially dwarf anything Earth has seen thus far. You could take some creative freedoms with this but keep in mind that you're going to be in a very peculiar place where components cannot meet innovation's standards.

Unless you stumble upon a fully operation war mecha and go ape-shit on your foes~

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Re: Earth Inherited: Judgement Day

Has the Order of the Machine constructed an AI yet? If so, can my character be the one they've built?

Re: Earth Inherited: Judgement Day

Here I'll take any questions about my campaign and attempt to work with you all on implementing your ideas and characters into the story. Please don't be afraid to ask about anything because there's much left open-ended.

Thank you.

Earth Inherited: Judgement Day

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