A renegade angel.

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a character in “Earth Inherited: Judgement Day”, as played by Ninjasaur


Full Name: Lukas, UPILIO OPILIO.

Aliases/Nicknames (if any): Angel of Tuesday, the Angel of Separation, the Consecrated One, Shepard of Men, Pillar of God.

Age/Date of Birth: Before the creation of Earth.

Sex: Male.

Race/Ethnicity: Angel.

Skin Tone: What first comes off as a tan shows the true nature of his pale complexion. A faint glowing aura adds to the his almost gray skin, illuminating it for a slight tint. Only when standing next to an angel in good company could you ever notice it. An angel's divine nature is easily concealed while occupying a vessel.

Height: 6'4"

Weight: 180lbs

Build: Though to him it remains utterly indifferent, in order to be ascetically pleasing to humans Lukas maintains a slightly thinner athletic build.

Eyes: Blue / Sun's Fire.

Hair: Black, short and very neatly kept. It's soft and thin, yet full and strong.

Clothes Style: Typically found dressed in clean suits, thin ties and often times wearing a longer button-down coat. The outfits normally remain perfectly ironed and even gives off a tranquil scent. His sharp black shoes are always laced tightly with either pair of loops falling perfectly in place. Made of a tough leather, they always appear to be shined.

Tattoos, Piercings, Marks, Scars, etc.: Remarkably there are no imperfections on his entire body as though he hadn't endured a single day on the planet.

Religion: Child of God.

Affiliation: Heaven.

Languages spoken: All, including the secret language of angels.

Weapons (if any): One single, decorated, angelic broadsword.

Occupation(s): Soldier.

Past Occupation(s): Seraph to Archangel Michael.

Special Abilities/Skills: As an angel of God, Lukas is an extremely powerful being. Merely perceiving his actual form typically results in blindness, as the appearance of his natural "visage" is so overwhelming that it is capable of burning a individual's eyes from their sockets, including those possessed by a demon. He possesses astounding power, though his abilities are apparently not completely limitless. Lukas is effectively immortal and invulnerable to most harm. He also possesses the ability to seemingly vanish and materialize from thin air.

Hobbies: As the angel of Tuesday, any angel who prays to him on this day he will help. Any person born on this day who makes a prayer will be answered by him. When not at the disposal of the human race Lukas serves another purpose alongside his brethren, separating hell from Earth. He was, however, relieved of this duty once the ninth seal was broken and Hell was allowed to roam freely on the planet. As an undying zealot he tries to uphold the best image of himself for God, always trying to do the right thing-- if even a little more than the other angels. After the seal was broken he took the responsibility upon himself to try and guide the post apocalyptic human race towards salvation.

Interests: Finding God is is largest priority. Lukas is sure his father left before the apocalypse-- as are the rest of the angels --because of a lack. A link to communicate between the angels and God no longer exists, and as soldiers they are constantly struggling with the concept of free will.

Serious Problems/Flaws/Addictions/Disorders/Disabilities: Has fallen once as an angel, cast away by Lucifer himself. Miraculously he is the only angel who has found redemption and given a second chance at purpose.

Place of Birth: Heaven.

Now lives: Earth, Lowell, Massachusetts.

Family: All angels are brothers and sisters, created of God's will to serve his cause without question or cause.

Other Biographical Remarks: Renegade to his people, the angel Lukas was not outcast the way a human might understand. Rather they know only God shall judge and we all have to meet our maker.

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