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Earth Inherited: Judgement Day



a part of Earth Inherited: Judgement Day, by Ninjasaur.


Ninjasaur holds sovereignty over POST APOCALYPTIC, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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1. Guard Post/Gangplank - The only access to the barge from land is a single gangplank protected by a shack at its entrance.

2. Bridge - The barge no longer operates, so the bridge has been turned into the "main office" for the group who owns it. The controls have been looted of any functional parts. A table and six chairs are situated in the middle of the room. At any given time, there are two guards in the bridge, using its high ground to keep an eye on the surrounding terrain. A klaxon has been mounted on the inside of the enclosure.

3. Main Deck - The main deck of the barge is 40 feet wide and 100 feet long. The group that uses the barge has erected several tents and shanties on its surface.

4. Guard Towers - There are two guard towers on the barge, one at the front of the vessel and another in the center of the main deck. Each tower is 20 feet tall and made of welded pipe, metal, and scraps of wood. One guard stands watch in each tower at any given time.

5. Storage Berths - The barge features ten square berths that had been used for storing grain. Now they have been converted into bedrooms, weapons chases, and other kinds of storage areas.

6. Engine Room/Brig - The engines of the barge no longer function and repairing them would be no easy task. This room doubles as the current brig.
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POST APOCALYPTIC is a part of Earth Inherited: Judgement Day.

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