Floyd Banker

"Aliens, Let's cap these green ass muthafuckers."

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a character in “Earth Invasion”, as played by Chulance


Name: Floyd Banker

Age: 23

Gender: Male

Picture/Description (whichever you prefer): Image

Class: Assault

Rank (should change as you level-up): 0

Special Skills (should change as you level up, but starts at none): None

Party Members: None

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Other Important Information: He Loves "Soul" Food such as Fried Chicken, Collard Greens and such.


Floyd is a man with a sense of humor, and enjoys cracking jokes in the face of danger. He's determined to help others, and fight always trying to do his best, and ease the situation. He tries to use things to his advantage but hates liars, and people who manipulate others. He is someone who enjoys working with others, and hates doing things alone. He is rooted in his Christian beliefs, and often struggles with issues of morality.


Weapon Information:
Primary Equipped Weapon: M16A4
Current Primary Attachment(s): None
Secondary Equipped Weapon:
Current Secondary Attachment(s): None

-Hand Grenade (Amount: 1)
-Combat Knife (Amount: 1)
-Smoke Grenade (Amount: 2)
-Flash Grenade (Amount: 2)
-Throwing Knives (Amount: 2)

-Basic Army Uniform


Floyd Banker was born and raised in Atlanta Georgia with an abusive Muslim Family, dragged into activities involving Terrorism from a young age. He rebelled against his family, with his mother who adopted Christian beliefs, and eventually was driven to be a hero, joining the Military after college. He worked his way up, and has helped ring down his father's side of the family, becoming a well known solider know involved with this mission against Aliens.

So begins...

Floyd Banker's Story