Rhyse Briggan

Rhyse is easygoing and calm, he deliberately chooses this persona. All the easier to find out the truth with.

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a character in “Earths great city”, as played by Regallia


Name: Rhyse Briggan

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Appearance: Rhyse is a tall young man of about six foot with a slightly lanky nature clinging to him from his teenage years. His golden blonde hair tends to be slightly unkempt, as if he misplaced his comb, again. He wears the square rimmed glasses his father gave him often in public, he does not need them and people often do not recognize him without the glasses. His unusual purple irises can blaze with passion or remain dull with disinterest. He tends to only dress in business attire when he must, choosing rather to wear street clothes for comfort and utility.

Backstory: I have but one point I would like made and the rest is in limbo awaiting the story. I have a mind to want something like this: Rhyse's father is dead, killed in an attack on his family meant to kill his mother, a sometimes controversial and driven councilwoman for the Great City of Earth.

Personality: Rhyse is for all intents and purposes a free spirit, a curious mind which he follows where ever it takes him. He is nosy, stubborn, and will not be controlled. He however is a pacifist, he lets things unfold as they would naturally in front of him as if he has no opinion on what happens around him, until one day he does. When he has an opinion on something he works with single minded relentlessness towards his desired goal with no mind for the outside forces that threaten.

Occupation: Junior Councilman, Crime Consultant for Police Force, Information Broker, Bounty Hunter

So begins...

Rhyse Briggan's Story