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Evan "Evo" Vocleithe

"I know, I know, what doesn't kill you only makes you yada yada."

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a character in “Earth's Greatest Heroes”, as played by Aramay


FINISHED DRAFT: I apologize if each revision I made sent you a notification. It didn't occur to me until later yesterday that all of my changes might send out a notice to you.

(I believe I read a mentioning that you are full up on characters. Though knowing that some people tend to drop out of an rp not long after it launches I figure it wouldn't hurt to submit something for future critique and, possible future approval. It's mostly done and I understand there's still details that need to be added/changed. I'm already intrigued enough to follow the story line regardless of pending approval/denial as I'm curious to see what happens with the current characters.)



"Its a dog eat dog world out there."

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Evan Vocleithe
{ 35 }
Grill cook/thief/ex-illegal trafficker
Chris Pratt

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A long scar on his scalp, hidden under his hair from an old knife wound as well as several other knife scars around his torso. One tattoo of a rat and snake fighting on his left back shoulder blade to hide a branding scar.

Cold beer, a good joke and a plan that comes together and goes down without a hitch. Then again the first on that list tends to land him in serious trouble. Most of all he likes to cook the leftover inventory from the restaurant with his boss and family (if they aren't busy), enjoy the BBQ with them, tell stories and dreams about what he wants to do in the future. Namely open up a restaurant of his own and clear the family name of all of its debts.

Broken promises, hangovers and most authority figures but most of all people who devalue their lives or lives of others. With the more dangerous line of work he has had to pursue in the past he has grown to value both the life of himself and others. Most others.

Losing everything he has, including his possessions, family, freedom and identity. The threat of and pain in general to both himself and others.

Evan can be a tad bit of a smart ass who relies heavily on humor in order to mask his own insecurities and hope to lighten the tone in any given situation since he normally finds himself in rather stressful situations. He doesn't always think things through before acting upon them but he's smart enough to not mouth off to a police officer lest he end up in handcuffs. Evan tends to be underhanded if it gives him an advantage. That's not to say that he won't give the shirt off his back to someone who is an even worse way than he is. His abilities have allowed him a bit more confidence than he normally would have, but the recent circumstances have also left him a bit more reserved with using them and snippy. He tries to look for opportunities in any given situation he sees. Even if it means performing both good or questionable deeds.

Evan had to fight for everything he ever earned in his life. His parents were well-meaning and all around good people. However they weren't the best with finances so they were always in search of another job to keep a roof over their heads and their four children in school and out of trouble. Being the third youngest, he was loosely cared for by his two older brothers and put in charge of his younger sister. With his parents always working it gave him a great deal of free time to get into more mischief than an average child. He picked up tricks on stealing when he couldn't afford candy or drinks from the markets and shops around his area. Evan reasoned that he did what he did to adapt and survive. At least that was the excuse that he instilled in his mind to explain away his future actions later on in life.

When Evan wasn't working as a grill cook at the local "hole in the wall" restaurant and needed more money to afford culinary classes, he would fall back on old habits and take up jobs from less than honorable contacts. He kept hoping that if he worked hard enough and pushed himself, that he would be able to finally get a legitimate job with good pay so that he could stop taking up the more legally questionable ones just so that he could stay out of debt. However, obstacles would often present themselves every time he would earn enough money to finish his schooling towards a degree. There was no way he could use the money to open up his own restaurant after finding out one of his brothers got into a car accident and couldn't afford the hospital bills for the emergency surgery he had to go through. Or pay for the attorney to fight against the DUI that his sister was arrested for.

Every line of work has posed quite a bit of danger for him. Since the restaurant that he works at is in an area where crime runs rampant. He has taken a few knife wounds to protect his elderly co-worker and boss from being robbed blind. It still doesn't compare to some of the bad things he has had to do in order to make ends meet. For a while he would traffic just about anything and anyone that had to be moved from point A to point B. He was branded after losing a shipment of drugs by hiding/storing it down a canal that ended up flooding and ruining the illegal goods.

His abilities manifested fully just in time to save his life. Its not exactly easy to get into the seedy underworld. But once you are there, its almost impossible to leave it alive or in one piece. His contractors weren't happy that he stopped taking jobs. They became concerned that he was an informant to the cops, to put it lightly. Then decided to attempt to drown him in the local river. Little did they or Evan expect that he would develop gills to breath and his teeth to sharpen so that he could chew through his ropes to swim to freedom. He decided to turn things in the new light of his altered life. Offering to use his abilities to help the very people who tried to kill him to continue with their organized crime. He then began collecting evidence and informing police towards the illegal activities. Not outwardly admitting to his attempt to lower the crime rate, he wanted to at least make the area that he lived in to be safe. There was no way that he would allow criminal organizations to threaten harm to himself or his family if he had the ability to stop them.

At first everything was going well. Thanks to his intel there was a sudden surge of sting operations to uproot the local operations and at first, the area was beginning to really clean up in just a few short months. His victory would not last. As it turned out, the mayor was running a campaign called Clean Sweep and wasn't interested in hearing about redemption. "Once a criminal, always a criminal." The deals he made with the police to clear his name in exchange for being an informant ended up falling through. He was scooped up like any other criminal during an unexpected sting operation. By then he was beginning to show outward signs of mutation. This did not help his case in the public eye. He was tried for his crimes and publicly painted as a ruthless monster. Evan had made a few friends with people in the police force. Their protests were quickly hushed when they tried to defend him.

  • Adaptation: Put him in certain environments for long enough or situations enough times and his body will literally tweak itself to better handle that environment and/or situation to improve his chances of survival. If it doesn't kill him outright. His body will find a way to overcome whatever ails him. Eating animals has also led to him absorbing and his body implementing benefits from the harvested DNA. Giving a slightly more literal meaning to "you are what you eat". Both fortunately and unfortunately, it has to be eaten raw before this can happen.
  • Prehensile Tail: Not his proudest addition but the results of this new appendage has gotten him out of some serious binds. It can support his weight and help him balance while he climbs. Or use the claws on the end of it to manipulate objects and be used generally for both offensive or defensive purposes.
  • Venom: The two longest claws on his tail can inject a paralytic venom that can temporarily paralyze stronger super powered beings in localized areas, full body paralysis to less sturdy supers and easily kill a human if he gave them anything more than a minor dose.
  • Heightened Senses: Fairly straight forward run of the mill increased sensitivity to all five senses.
  • Rapid healing: He's not much sturdier than an athletic human relatively speaking, unless he has to deal with body blows on a regular basis, but mostly his fast healing helps keep him on his feet healing minor bruises and scraps in seconds. Moderate injuries in minutes(burns, fractures, stab wounds) and severe damage within hours. The later requiring that he have a safe location to rest first. There's limits to how much pain he can tolerate even with the healing abilities. Its not like he can jump back up and come out swinging after a long day of getting repeatedly beat down. Though he will be a lot tougher to bring down the next day once he gets enough rest.
Evan is opportunistic and therefore isn't opposed to working with people he wouldn't normally get along with. He does what he can to adapt himself to a given situation and while it doesn't always work he has been able to gain allies as a result of putting aside personal issues. Despite all of the bad deeds he has done he reminds himself of the good that he is still capable of by helping those around him. This train of thought has allowed him to gain unlikely friends because of his seemingly unprovoked acts of kindness.

When the odds are stacked against him and doing something "the right way" doesn't seem to cut it, he will resort to his old ways to get the job done despite his well meaning intentions. Its easy to hold sway over his actions if his family is involved in any way. His persistent need for funding to keep himself and them above water also allows him to be manipulated since he has yet to be able to create a reliable flow of income. At times he relies too heavily on humor to sugar coat a situation. This can cause others to think that he doesn't take anything seriously when in fact he is beside himself trying to deal with the stress. After so many internal alterations its only a matter of time before everything started to go haywire. Occasional muscle spasms and more permanent physical deformities began to plague his body. The more he uses his abilities, the harder it is for him to remain outwardly human. Unfortunately the more he's used them, the more he's had to rely on those very abilities to get by.

So begins...

Evan "Evo" Vocleithe's Story