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"I only want to help."

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a character in “Earth's Greatest Heroes”, as played by NonHuman




"You are only as beautiful as your bone structure."

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Dalia Inaba
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Burlesque Dancer

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Four hollow circles tattooed down her spine.

She has a strong passion for dancing and singing, as well as performing for audiences in general. Parties, social gatherings, and places with lots of people tend to be her favorite places to end up at. She also has preference to the nighttime. Along with all this, she adores china dolls, as she sees them as the perfect beauty.

Silence and being alone are things that she can't truly stand. She finds books and reading in general to be a waste of her precious time. She also does not tend to like being around children, especially when they are being loud or acting up in any way. As well as these things, she does not enjoy the taste of any liquid besides water, and thus will hardly ever drink anything besides that.

Death would have to be her biggest fear, as she believes that she has far too much left to do in her life for her to die just yet. Her smaller fears, however, are things like Iguanas, flying, pregnancy and childbirth.

Dalia is a woman who enjoys to do things her own way, so long as it does not lead what is happening down the wrong path or towards destruction. She enjoys getting attention from others in every way imaginable, causing her to not only attempt to be the life of anywhere she goes, but to obsess over her looks and try to make herself as perfect as possible. There are many times in which she will pretend to be happy, carrying a bright smile and happy posture, only to truly be upset on the inside. Any negative emotions she attempts to slip underneath a mask, as she finds them unattractive and thus unwanted. She does not like being alone, as it leaves her alone with her thoughts, which does not always tend to end well. Thus, on the outside, she appears to be one of the happiest females somebody could ever meet, but if one were to really get to know her, it would become obvious that perhaps that is not truly the case. They would surely see that she is simply a girl who wishes to make others happy and safe, even at the cost of her own true happiness.

The birth of Dalia had come with tragedy instead of happiness, as complications during labor had lead to the death of her mother. With such an unsuspected death upon the now three child family, her father shifted from the happy man he was, to a sad and lack luster one. This depressed man was what she had grown used to as she grew up, seeing as it was the only way she had ever seen him; even with her siblings telling her of how he used to be. All-in-all though, her life was rather normal up until the age of thirteen when she had fallen from her bike and broken her arm, only to find that it healed up far faster than humanly possible.

It was at this time that she began to experiment with her powers, slowly building up her pain resistance as she did which would allow her to try more and more. Because she became so busy fooling around with her powers, however, she found that school was slipping through her fingers, leaving her to drop out in the tenth grade. Of course, this lead to difficulty in finding a job at all, and it was not until she turned eighteen that she found one; though it was not one her father was horribly proud of. This would lead to him kicking her out of the house, leaving her to fend for herself in the world, living off of the money that she got from her career as a burlesque dancer.

One night, when she was twenty years old, she found herself getting mugged outside of her job and, if it hadn't have been for her powers, far more than mugging would have happened. Though the person got away, it was that night that she decided her powers couldn't be kept to herself, and that she needed to use them to help others in any way that she possibly could. Ever since then, she has been doing just that, attempting to keep people safe around her.

She has the ability to not only use her own bones as weapons, but to fix any damage to her skeletal structure. Her bones can grow, pierce through her skin, and be removed from her body by herself, all while she is still conscious. This allows her to reshape her body - to a certain extent - and use it as a weapon against an enemy, as well as use bones solely as weapons themselves. If a bone is damaged, fractured, or broken during a battle, she can heal it at a faster rate than a normal person.

Due to the ripping, piercing, and healing of her flesh to remove bones, she has a higher pain tolerance than the average person, allowing her to take harder hits without complaint. She is able to slip herself into tighter places than others can, seeing as she can shift her bones to allow her to do so. Also, because of her abilities, she always is able to have a weapon on hand, seeing as parts of her own body are technically her weapon.

If a bone from her body is completely destroyed or goes missing, she has no means to replace it, and thus would be left crippled unless something else was found to replace the missing bone.

So begins...

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