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19 years old? You are funny!

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Tell me I'm cute!

Hello My Name is: Eva Louise.
Please Call me: She most certainly prefers the name Lou and often ignores the name Eva.
My Birthday is: 19
Well Obviously I'm: Fantastically female.
If you must know I'm: Will flirt with anything attractive, otherwise she is seriously not interested.
Oh I'm: Patient "Stable"
It's Been: 2 months, is very new.

~ . ~

My Shampoo?: A dark chocolate brown.
I Don't Need Glasses: Matching her hair.
Does This Make Me Look Fat?: Extremely lightweight and thin.
Well I Think I'm: Not much taller than your average 10 year old.
Aren't I Pretty: As you have more than likely already guessed, Lou appears to be much younger than she is. Easily Eva could pass for a child. Though she is still extremely attractive and when she presents herself in such a way has a mature body, but it is mostly hidden by lose clothes.

~ . ~

Well I'd Honestly Prefer:
  • Anything sweet
  • The nurses
  • Any kind of animal, though cats are her favorite.
  • Games such as hide and seek.
  • Doing her own version of flirting.
Hate Is Such a Strong Word:
  • People who don't accept her as being a child.
  • Being locked up or supervised.
  • Sleeping.
  • Vegetables or general food.
  • Stubborn beings.

I'm Speshful!: Eva is a melodramatic sweet naive girl who is clearly trapped in her child hood. Surprisingly manipulative and cunning she is not always the best person to befriend. The youth has also been labeled things such as "Sick minded, moral-less, and cruel" though she tries to display herself as innocent and troubled. Lou is a complicated youngster who few people understand, though she is very much a social butterfly she does not favour a particular person and is searching the asylum for a so called carer. Lou seems very attached to the nurses and often tried to press them under her thumb to try and force a parental relationship with them. However despite her childish shell a part of her manipulative side is very mature as she often uses seduction to try and lure people towards her. Kind if sick if you think about the age she views herself as.

This One Time!: As a child Lou was often left alone and was forced to be very independent by her work obsessed parents. It was getting to the point where she was almost ignored. One day her Father left her alone for work and at the age of 7 she almost died in a house fire due to her own attempts of making chips(English). She was lucky to escape with minor burns and after the incident her parents have turned the complete opposite of what they were before. Gave Eva a brand new childhood and did not let her grow up. They 'home schooled' her and did not allow her to learn, locking her up in the house away from the outside. At the age of 15 she was taken away from social services to try and attempt to give her a chance of growing up but they struggled to convince her even of her real age. With no hope left no adoptive parents willing to put up with a 19 year old who acted 10 she was placed into the asylum to e baby sat for the rest of her life.

The More You Know:

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So begins...

Eva 'Lou' Louise's Story

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A little girl with a frail body and big brown doll eyes that matched her free flowing brunette hair was sat in her room pulling up her long length socks up to her knees. They complimented her red skirt and white shirt perfectly; the finishing touch being a red ribbon around her neck like a little Japanese school girl. It was rare she wore anything other than her uniform. If you walked in now you would never guess that the female sat upon her bed was in fact classed as a adult if you looked at the age upon her birth certificate.

Lou left her room with light quick girly steps and headed down the canteen to eat. She hummed a sweet little tune and tried to look as adorable as possible. Like animals tried to attract mates, she was trying to attract brand new parents. Eva could not believe they had taken her out of her lovely home where she could have been dependent on her Mother and Father and forced her here alone with nobody to care.

They had told her she was 19, had something called peter-pan syndrome, and needed to grow up; the idea to her seemed completely bizarre, she was just a very unfortunate unlucky girl in her eyes though the comment about Peter made her smile.

As Lou reached the food court her humming fell silent and sad eyes locked upon bar. She decided that going up to a big scary place like that and getting her own food with no adult to assist her was not something she was going to do today. Though the little girl refused to go and ask for any help, just stood there looking like she was going to burst into tears. Someone would see her at some point, she just had to wait.