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Zoey Kimmy Marcs

MWIP To speak figuratively I am like an apple sweet brittle and poison..

0 · 707 views · located in East Meadows Asylum

a character in “East Meadows Asylum”, as played by Naught




Hello My Name is:
Zoey Kimmy Marcs. Thank you very much.
Please Call me:
Zoe, or even Kit Kat, I don't mind anything.
My Birthday is:
Well Obviously I'm:
Female, are you blind?
If you must know I'm:
Asexual, I don't find anyone attractive, they shouldn't be based on looks anyways.
Oh I'm:
Patient, I'm stable for now.
It's Been:
Three years since I last seen outside these walls.

My Shampoo?: Raven Black
I Don't Need Glasses: Redish Brown
Does This Make Me Look Fat?: 187, I'm not fat but, i'm quite heavy.
Well I Think I'm: 5'9 I'm pretty tall anyways.
Aren't I Pretty: "I guess i'm decent enough."
Zoe might not think it but, she is quite pretty. Her eyes being almost close to red is a weird trait about her appearance. She looks like she doesn't have much meat on her bones but, she is quite strong. She has a little bit of hips and waist, and she has to wear glasses because, of her eye color. She might not look insane but, she is. Her sane self is keeping her insane self inside of her so that she won't have to lose control gain.

Well I'd Honestly Prefer: (Likes)
Hate Is Such a Strong Word: (Dislikes)
I'm Speshful!: (Personality)
This One Time!: (History)
The More You Know: (Anything else you want us to know?)


So begins...

Zoey Kimmy Marcs's Story

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Even Blackadder

Even woke up to his alarm clock going off next to his ear. Growling and cursing the morning simply for existing, he sat up and hit his alarm clock with a little more force then he probably should have. After standing and walking back and forth mentally going over today's list of to-dos Eve finally decided to get dressed. Throwing on a long sleeve shirt and then a bright green scrubs Eve reminded himself to buy some more next time he went into town. 'Or I could simply order them a spend my day off with Egg...' Eve sat a contemplated that though before he looked over at his alarm clock and went wide eyed.

Quickly pulling on a pair of black pants he bolted into the bathroom and finally into the empty halls. The patients have always been permitted to awake at whatever time they desire but Eve was still head nurse and that meant giving the morning announcement at precisely 7:00 of course he had to run errands first so he knew what to announce in the first place. After making his rounds through the now mostly empty halls Eve finally walked into the nurses command center... In reality it was just the front desk with a small room behind it full of charts but Eve though command center sounded cooler. After saying hello to the secretary Eve grabbed the phone and pressed the announcement button. "Good morning all staff and patients, It is officially 7:00 and breakfast will now be available-"

Eve continued to drone on about any special events the day might hold while also running through when lunch would become available then dinner. "That is all for the day, and while I'm sure that one day one of you is going to kill me for making these so boring I hope that's not today because I'm actually feeling somewhat chirpy." Finally Eve pulled the phone away from his face and set it down ignoring the raised eye brow the secretary gave him. After grabbing his patient list Eve decided it was time to head to the dining room where all the awake and hungry patients would be converging. He needed some food and he also needed to check up on a few of the patients.

Egglantine Blackadder

Egg awoke to the sound of hallway speakers cracking as her brothers voice came on. Groaning she threw a pillow onto her face and curled up. In the privacy of her own room Egg allowed herself to mentally will the speakers to explode. 'At least everything makes sense...' Egg smiled happy she had not awoken with her communication disorder acting up as that normally signaled it would last for the day causing her extreme irritation and finally to snap at some point and break something. Yawning Egg slowly pulled the pillow off of her head in time to catch her brothers parting message. Snickering Egg considered the possibility of another patient actually killing her brother for being boring.

Sitting up Egg cracked her back and finally got dressed. Being a stable patient she was allowed to choose actual clothes instead of just wearing hospital clothes... Of course her choices were never much more creative then a very baggy shirt and jeans. When she was done with her morning routine Egg left the safety of her quiet and pleasant room and ackwardly walked down the hall toward the dinning room. Her brother was already there and already eating as the nurses table. Egg smiled at this and got her own food. Thinking back to all the foods she'd eaten on a Thursday like this she groaned realizing she'd often settled for cereal. 'Well I shall have to break this trend wont I!' Feeling oddly daring Egg grabbed a plate and got herself some pancakes and eggs with a secretly pleased smile ignoring the confused and somewhat frightened cook. 'Pfff new person... Probably gonna be gone in a week.' Grabbing her plate Egg then proceeded to go over to her table in the corner. While cutting her pancake Egg also began to try and guess who would come in next thanks to her memory on who usually showed up first and how often they would in the past.