East Meadows Asylum

East Meadows Asylum


a part of East Meadows Asylum, by CookieCupcake.

Where our tale takes place.

CookieCupcake holds sovereignty over East Meadows Asylum, giving them the ability to make limited changes.
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A creepy looming asylum where our story takes place.
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East Meadows Asylum

Where our tale takes place.


East Meadows Asylum is a part of East Meadows Asylum.

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Kiko Narami [58] No... NO... NO! I know that formula was correct!!!!
Even Blackadder [55] "Yes, I am a male nurse... Laugh and you will regret it."
Alice Thompson [20] "it's alright....I like my job...."
Oliver Winchester [19] I'm not crazy, I just see things that you can't...
Carlson "C" Canten [19] "And then she said... Wait, it is still 2010 right?"
Ren Katakura [18] "My notebooks are my life. If one were ever to go missing... Well then I would have to paint the asylum red."
Egglantine Blackadder [17] "5 years ago today, I had burnt toast for breakfast... It was awful."
Rei Takashi [16] "I don't mean to be rude but... Who are you?"
Sage Wintersfell [14] "Everyone always think they know what's best for me..."
Eva 'Lou' Louise [1] 19 years old? You are funny!

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#, as written by Mashotu
Kiko Narami

Tick smiled as he only hugged the man tighter. He nuzzled his face into Even's face happily and smiled a small smile. He let out a relaxed breath before speaking, "Alright. What does this hug mean then?" He asked as he listened to the water in the fish tanks. They were actually quite soothing. He always did enjoy fish. They were colorful and pretty. That, and they were so complicated yet simple.

Kiko was actually enjoying the attention and affection he was getting from the nurse. He inhaled the scent of Even and made a small happy noise. He wasn't purposely sniffing him, if was just 'cause he face was nuzzled into Even's chest is all.