Renee Estelle Rodriguez

Prince Charming only exists in eBAE.

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prince charming only exists in ebae
──────── Renée Estelle Rodriguez ────────
── age ( twenty ) × gender ( female ) × role ( female human one ) ──

Nicknames ─ R, Ree, just Estelle
Sexuality ─ Heterosexual
Birthdate ─ April 11, 1997
Faceclaim ─ Zhenya Katava

O Nx T H Ex S U R F A C E
Appearance ─ Renée is averaged sized at five foot six inches. While Renée's skin is naturally white and despite the internal conflict she does have about excessive ultraviolet exposure, she is very rigorous with her tanning and makes sure that her skin is a tawny, light bronze color all year long. For this, she often relies on tanning places since she finds the beaches too cold to be at most of the year. Her hair is naturally a dark brown color with some golden strands, but Renée likes to dye it ebony black since it contrasts more strongly her tanned skin. She sports the thick eyebrows that have so recently gone into fashion and a heart-shaped face. One of the most striking features about Renée are her eyes. A combination of greens and ambers, sometimes appearing blue if the light hits just right, they are the greatest source of compliment when speaking about physical appearances. Renée's body is definitely not perfect. While she is slim and does love her thick thighs, she does not really exercise enough to have extremely defined muscles. She also has a scar her abdomen from an accident with glass when she was a child.

Attire ─ Already being in the professional field, Renée knows that attire is key to the appearance that is made. Therefore, her clothing usually borders on the semi-casual or business casual with neutral-colored clothes. Very often, this involves pencil skirts, blouses, and blazers. Her favorite outfit, however, is composed of jeans, a t-shirt, a blazer, and some heels-- for her, the perfect combination between business and casual. If she does wear color, she usually opts out for pastels. 1 2

Accessories ─ Renée always wears earrings, even if they are just diamond studs, because she would feel naked otherwise. She also wears a small gold ring, sometimes in her fingers sometimes in a thin gold chain, that was given to her by her grandmother-- one of the few material things she would actually defend with her life and be devastated if she lost.

O Nx T H Ex I N S I D E
Personality ─ Renée attempts to always carry herself in a very professional manner. She the type of person that has learned how to execute the perfect firm-but-not-too-firm handshake, never breaks eye contact, and stands as straight as a pencil. At times, this kind of behavior may come out as intimidating for people that are not used to seeing it, but it helps Renée extensively in getting treated with respect since all of these things make her appear more confident.

By no means does this more mechanical body posture take away from the charisma and friendliness that Renée works so hard to maintain during interactions. Renée knows the value of charisma and it helps that she is naturally a fairly nice person. Therefore, she is always friendly towards everyone, not knowing when she will need their help in the future or who they will be. In this way, it could be considered that Renée always tries to act in ways that will benefit her in the future. And while Renée will not say it out loud for the sake of her image, it is true. The world is competitive and ready to step on anyone who tries to make their way to the top and if one isn't always looking out for their well-being and the future, they will find themselves in the last rung of the latter. And that is not what Renée intends her future to be.

With that said, Renée is a very persistent and constant person. If she wasn't, she wouldn't have been able to complete so many novels and gotten her first book published at an early age with great success. She never stopped writing, never stopped editing, and never stopped sending her stories in. Even now, with her being stuck on her next commissioned book, Renée writes every single day for at least an hour. This does, to an extent, make her a very competitive person when paired with her constant need to succeed and do well. It can often be a weakness because she becomes so focused on getting what she wants that she forgets about people that she cares about and other things in her life.

Adores ─ Writing, winning, education, blazers, literature (especially magical realism), tattoos (not on herself, but on other people-- when they're classy, of course)
Abhors ─ Lazy people, disorganization, loud people, the winter

Occupation─ English and Psychology double major student / Published author (novels)
Renée started writing at a very young age her passion fueled by the many books she read and the world around her. When she got to high school, her writing gained large popularity through the stories she published online. In order to keep nourishing In her senior year of high school, Renée decided to try to get one of her stories published. She was unsuccessful, but continued writing and came back with another novel two years later that one publicist liked and got published. Her book was received very well and she is now being pushed to write a second novel.
Housing ─ Renée lived in the university dorms for the first year. Although she is not a fan of very large spaces, she found it very difficult to coexist with a person and to have such little privacy so she rented a small apartment studio for herself with the help of her scholarships and parents.
Pets ─ None, but she does take her father's cat home some weeks.

Renée is the daughter of a Venezuelan father and a French woman. Her parents met when her mother was visiting South America and decided to stay in Venezuela. Renée was born in Caracas, Venezuela and lived there until she was four when her family moved to a suburb of New York, where her uncle from her mother's side lived. Renée grew up with a mix of three different cultures in her home: Venezuelan, French, and American, although the French culture had the smallest influence. Her love for reading, from which writing later stemmed from, was thanks to her mother who had always read and bought books for her. Renée lived a pretty normal life as a middle-class suburban child. She went to a public school and excelled in her grades, played the violin in the school orchestra from sixth to twelveth grade, and participating in track.

Renée was able to grow up in a home that always supported her writing, but that eventually fell apart. When she was thirteen, an important time in the emotional development of a teenager, her parents' relationships fell by the seams at last and they went through a rather unpleasant divorce. While her love for her parents remained strong, she also gained a new perspective of love. It wasn't perfect, and it always wasn't meant to be. This time in her life also pulled her closer to books and her writing since they were the only way she could escape her problems. This time in her life was what pulled her into writing since it was a medium through which she could express her emotions.

Love Life ─ Renée suffers from infatuation, but any long-term feelings really haven't developed with anyone yet since she always loses true interest after a few days and doesn't feel like it is worth her time working for a relationship. Her publicist hopes that her new novel explores the theme of love in a more positive light, to an extent at least, so he convinced Renée that eBAE could be a pretty good start.
Perfect Date ─ The beach at night with some good food, nice background music, and long conversations.
Three Adjectives for the Perfect Partner─ Intellectual, thoughtful, attractive (yes, Renée knows that looks are superficial, but a girl still wants something nice to look at)
What her friends and family would think ─ Her family would be pretty surprised considering that they have never seen Renée take a strong interest in seeking out and actual partner. Plus, the people at eBAE are not real, right? They would probably disapprove if she explained the reason why she is going, actually, since not even books are meant to have perfect people. Her friends, in all honesty, would probably laugh since it's something they would do. They would be pretty disappointed if she told them it was for her book because it wasn't for "love".

So begins...

Renee Estelle Rodriguez's Story

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#, as written by nations
renee estelle rodriguez
female human one

Having been assigned to one of the few rooms whose windows faced the front of the house, Renne pushed the white curtains aside in order to look down at the car that was pulling up the driveway. The sleek black doors opened and out stepped a person-- someone else who would be residing in this mansion for the few following weeks. Renee did not know who else was coming to this session since everything was kept anonymous prior to the hook-up, but either way, she could not tell whether the person outside was a human or one of the machine people. Baes, they were called, but to Renee, this concept was still all too bizarre for her to be able to call them that.

It was the first person she had seen in the since being hooked up apart from the driver who hadn't spoken a word to her, the red-haired Eva, who had introduced herself as the estate's hostess and completed her check-in, and a bellboy who had escorted her up to the assigned room she was now in. Of course, it had been an hour since her arrival and Renee had not left her room. Perhaps everyone else was already here and had just stayed in their rooms like she had.

With a sigh, she let go of the curtain and took a step back. The room was nice-- the dark wood, the white and burnt yellow accents, and the industrial design undeniably created the perfect room for the young writer. If it had not been for her greater purpose, Renee was sure to have spent her days lounging in the room, writing in the ocean of earth tones.

A beep! caught her attention and she walked over to the door. Next to the door, on the wall, was a screen with the words, Message from Eva, in bold letters. Renee had been told that she would have screens in her room from which she could order things, call the staff, and receive messages. It was one of the few things she had been told since arriving here, actually. Clicking on the bold letters, an invitation popped up:

You are cordially invited to an event in the back patio at seven.
Food will be served there.
- Eva, hostess

Renee looked at the message for a few moments. She really wished a friend or someone she knew would have walked her through all of this, or that they would've been clearer about it all. Closing down the message, Renee returned to the chair and table where she had placed her luggage. Pulling out her phone, she tried to check on the signal. Nothing, of course. It made sense since there was no reason there would be data, the only way to contact the outside world was by asking Eva and setting a direct connection, but Renee still had decided to bring her cell phone along since it contained her phone numbers and some other important information in regards to her writing.

She looked at the time at the top of the screen. Seven-- that meant she had an hour and a half to get ready. The thought made her laugh. Get ready to meet a fictional person that she didn't even know how they looked. What had her life come to? And it was all for the sake of writing.


Renee had gotten ready pretty fast, putting on a simple black Peter Pan dress. She had been writing when she heard her alarm, which she had put so she didn't lose track of time. Saving her file and closing her computer, Renee stepped off the bed, put on her shoes, and made her way out. Opening the door, she looked down at the ground, where she saw a small white box. Frowning, Renee picked it up and opened it. Inside, there was a small purple pin and a note that indicated that she should wear it. Doing as instructed, Renee put the pin on the left side of her chest before tossing the box towards a chair inside and starting down the hall.

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#, as written by nations
renee estelle rodriguez
female human one

Renne saw some people even before she reached the back patio, but did not hear a lot of conversation. She bit her lip, stopping at the open sliding doors, once she caught sight of pins like her own but with different colors. Not too far from her, she saw a woman with a red pin and a man pulling a red pin out of his pocket. Her eyes glanced back down to her own; Renee had forgotten the color since she had thought it wasn't too important, but she supposed that she should look for someone wearing a pin of the same color.

What an odd way to pair people up, Renne thought. As a writer, she would've written this moment differently. Of course, she supposed this was a way for the system to speed things up, considering that not every vacation was as long as this session.

With a small sigh, she stepped out. The patio was decorated very minimally, with small lights creating an atmosphere between darkness and light that made everything seem warmer. There were several people walking around with drinks and Renee was quick to grab a sparkling drink for herself. She wasn't one to break rules in terms of drinking but here in eBAE things were different. Or at least Renee hoped since she hadn't been told not to do it since she supposed it would have no actual effect on her real body.

Grimacing a little at the taste of alcohol, Renee was reminded why she didn't even care to drink in the first place when she visited France.

So, she put her drink back into a tray to be taken away. Renee had better things to do than stand around and drink something she didn't like. She needed to find whoever had that purple pin.

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#, as written by RjWaltz
Francis opened up his eyes. He leaned up in a sitting position, stretching. As he let out a long yawn, his phone rang. Drowsy, he reached down and grabbed it.
"What," he mumbled into it.
"Hey buddy! Have you seen her, yet? Does she look like a troll?" Jerry yipped excitedly. A Francis' heart jumped into his throat. He looked at the clock on his phone.
"Yeah, she's bloody hideous. Look, mate, I gotta go," he quickly hung up the phone before Jerry could reply. Francis jumped up off of the bed and frantically threw his clothes on, cursing to himself. Since he had arrived early, he must've dozed off while waiting for the party to begin. Francis, you perfect idiot. There's no way she'll let you live this down. Way to make an impression. Throwing his sport jacket on, he ripped the door open and quickly sprinted down the hall. Francis tore down the stairs, avoiding eye contact with the mansion's staff as he passed. He stopped in the hall outside of the meeting area, gasping for breath. Looking around to make sure no one could see him, he smoothed out his ruffled feathers and stepped out towards the back patio with a confident swagger. As he walked, he caught glimpses of others wearing pins that weren't the same colour as his own. His heart sank. I left the bloody thing in my room! I bet I did. Trying to be as subtle as possible, Francis fished through his pockets for the violet pin. His fingers closed around a cold bit of metal, and he breathed a quiet sigh of relief.

As Francis stepped out onto the back patio, he caught a glimpse of a woman sipping some alcohol. He stifled a laugh at the sour expression on her face. He watched with a passing curiosity as she set the glass back onto a server's tray. As the staff member walked past, he reached out and grabbed a fresh glass for himself and headed over towards her. Thanks to the low light, Francis couldn't see if she was wearing a pin, not to mention what colour it might be. Shrugging, he approached her. Might as well have a bit of fun while I wait for my date, eh?

"Hey," he greeted her. Francis stepped past her, his eyes gazing off into the distance. "You drink that bubbly like you're a teenager," he laughed. He placed his free hand on the railing, brushing the fairy lights wrapped around it to the side. Francis took a long sip of his champagne, trying his best not to wrinkle his nose in disgust. This is, perhaps, the worst champagne on the planet he thought, gritting his teeth. He turned to the woman, smiling.

"Are you here for the 'romantic getaway', or did I catch you on your break?" he inquired.