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Silas Mora

A man alone is only as great as he imagines himself to be.

0 · 276 views · located in Ebondale

a character in “Ebondale Forest”, as played by LogantheCope


Name: Silas Mora

Age: 48

Gender: Male


After the fire almost his entire body has been left as a scarred and damaged mess. His eyes are droopy and sunken in and the color of dirt. His face is almost entirely one big scar. His left ear having been damaged beyond repair is completely gone. His hair grew back somewhat, but he keeps it short and patchy. At this point in his life its beginning to turn silver, though it was once an attractive shade of brunet. One of his legs is a prosthetic. Luckily he has retained the use of his hands and other leg. The injuries he sustained have left him looking rather terrifying, so he masks himself and covers the rest of his body as best he can.


For starters he wears a mask (picture in Equipment) as well as a suit that befits a man of his caliber. He does wear gloves over his hands, but thats only to hide the scarred flesh beneath. Its rare to find him wearing anything other than a suit and his mask, but sometimes he can be seen without this garb and be wearing every day clothing.

Community Member/Doctor


A rather ornate knife given to him by a long-time benefactor. The knife is powered by an internal steam engine that allows it to give off scalding heat, causing the utmost amount of pain to the person its used against. Most importantly however is that it has a vague scalpel shape. This is his only weapon, as he is opposed to fighting with his hands.


He is an exceptional Doctor, though some of his methods are a bit unorthodox and often leave his a somewhat different state than when they arrived.

Building, which is something he learned as a younger child but has kept to the back of his head due to his bad upbringing.

Socialite, which is something he seems to have inherited. Despite being strange he is still capable of drawing people in.

Fighting, although he hates to fight hand-to-hand his enjoyment when it comes to using his knife is unparalleled.


A strange man indeed, some would call Silas overly cheerful, while others may call him always angry. Truly it depends on the mood and day that you catch him. His eccentric behavior is not uncommon within Ebondale, but many often note on his overly cheerful way of speaking when he talks about surgery or really anything that has to do with his hidden profession. Otherwise he can be a very curious kind of person, always putting his nose where it doesn't belong and involving himself in the lives of those within the community. In a way he views other people as enigmas that need to be figured out, and to do so he has to involve himself with them. Though he can sometimes elicit fear from the younger community members he tries his best to keep on friendly terms with those he knows. However his complete disregard for social taboos is what often makes people feel afraid of him. He has a complete lack of care for personal space, and often says whatever comes to mind whether or not its rude. One time he even commented on how beautiful someone was before telling them he would love to operate on them.

Personal oddities:

Insomniac, Often disregards social taboos, Speaks in a rather chilling manner.


Silas was born to two lovely, and absolutely normal parents...unfortunately those lovely parents decided that they were unable to take care of him. Something about being too young and unable to care for him properly. An excuse of course to continue living their carefree lives. They raised him to the age of seven and then found someone to apprentice him to. The man who took him in was an angry sort, a drunkard whose inventions were shoddy at best. He taught Silas very little in the time that he stayed there, but taught him plenty about the rules the world live by. Silas being a rather odd child from birth became even more strange as he grew up on the streets. He found himself eventually finding someone to take pity, and that person happened to be Dr. Edmund Mora, whom taught him all he knows. His disarming charm often leaves those around him with a strange, dazed feeling.

One summer as a child at the ripe age of 15 Silas found himself waking to the smell of his own roasting flesh. A far had been lit in their home and it had raged out of control. Silas was caught up in the flames for a long enough time that he suffered greatly from it. Most of all his body being scarred beyond repair. Since his lungs were damaged as well he has always talked with a rasp.

Silas is not a real Doctor, thus his practice is a secret one that most outsiders do not know about but he often administers help to those within Ebondale in need. His early days are often a sore topic of talk with him. He is the kind of community member that often puts himself into other peoples business for no reason other than pure curiosity.


his knife, various medical tools, his "wings" (Which are non-functioning invention from his younger days,) and his mask are the only things he carry with him.

So begins...

Silas Mora's Story