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Cielo Z. Valenca

16-Year-Old, Newly Minted Field Medic/R-and-R Pilot ACAT

0 · 252 views · located in Triton Station

a character in “Echo Company: Ender's Legacy”, as played by LittleSun1


Name: Cielo (Ci-a-lo) Z. Valenca
Age: 16
Status: ACAT
ACAT Class: Field Medic, R-and-R Pilot (Secondary)
Physical Description: Image


Cielo’s slight and somewhat stringy build makes it obvious that her strength doesn’t come from muscle but from determination. Years of roughhousing and argument with her eight hardheaded siblings has taught her to stick to her guns, but those fourteen years of life— much of which was spent looking after younger children— also gifted her with a maternal hand; showed her how to dry tears, lessen pain, and bring out a smile. This, perhaps, is at the roots of her Field Medic ACAT.

Growing up in a large family with little means, the oldest but by far not the strongest, has ingrained in Cielo the notion of defending what is yours and giving only grudgingly; people will take what they want if you’re not guarded and those who give without thought are apt to end up with nothing. A childhood surrounded by so many voices also equipped her with unending opinion and a voice loud and steady enough to get it out with, though she knows when to hold her tongue.

Cielo’s most comfortable when working with her hands— she learns from doing, not from books— and has a strong stomach. Despite being a future medic, she’s not the kind who can’t imagine killing. She’d do it for her family; though they've begun to feel like near strangers, she’d do it for a friend, and she’d do it because a commanding officer told her to. Though not one to go against what she believes is right, Cielo realizes that it— and many other tough decisions in life— is sometimes for the best. And, sometimes, other people know better than she does. That's why she's in the military.

A bit callous at times, she tends to treat the few cadets below her like younger siblings and regards those above her with unwavering respect, though whether that stems from sarcasm or true reverence often varies. While Cielo may have been content to live out life in the Philippines, she has never regarded her placement by the SAPS with anything but a sense of duty. Though not cocky, it’s impossible for her to envision anything but success at Triton Station; the idea that her life might fall to nothing but menial labor has never crossed her mind.

Cielo bites her nails when she’s stressed but, for the most part, can hold herself together under any kind of stress. It’s not until afterwards that she falls apart.


Cielo keeps a printed photo of her family— that’s eleven in total; five brothers, three sisters, her parents, and her grandmother— taped to the underside of the bunk above her. During tests, war-games, and any time she feels she could use a bit of luck, she often wears an old silver cross, a parting gift from her grandmother, under her uniform. Ever since receiving her ACAT Cielo is rarely seen without some kind of medical or piloting handbook, as a painfully slow reader, at least by Triton standards, she needs all the time she can get to study.


Born and raised in the Phillipines, a large body of islands in the Western Pacific which joined the world-wide alliance just weeks before she was born, Cielo can speak fluent Common, Filipino, English, and conversational Spanish. Her reservoir of language is the result of her home’s many cultures and the fact that, to learn a language, she doesn’t need to read in it. Growing up in an undecidedly rural-urban area of the Phillipines has taught Cielo a lot; how to enjoy the simple things, how to keep herself entertained, and the value of hardwork just to name a few. Her father was a low-pay commercial pilot, and some of her fondest childhood memories are of the days when he had to stay late; of running through the hangers and landing fields with her younger sisters and brothers, climbing into the seat of a decommissioned airship and pretending to fly. On the evening of her fourteenth birthday, her father took her up in his battered airship for the first and only time. It was magical, peaceful and, for more than one reason, Cielo never wanted to land back on the ground.

But Cielo, as it turns out, was built for other things. Her staggering scores in hand-eye-coordination and memory matched with her the psychology tests, which highlighted compassion and the ability to stay calm and steady— to, in fact, work better— in high pressure situations, resulted in medical placement. What brought her from Earth to Triton Station was Cielo’s obedience— though she was far from submissive—, her highly adjusted social skills, and her mental toughness. Her intelligence scores placed her mid-range at Triton and her eventually secondary ACAT of Rescue-and-Retrieval Piloting made the psychical strength she lacked nearly irrelevant.

As a Field Medic ACAT, Cielo will spend a large portion of her time in physiology, psychology, lab, and defensive combat classes. Her R-and-R Pilot secondary, though she seems to possess a natural affinity for flight, will require piloting, person and material recovery, and light Ariel-Combat training. In the future, Cielo will be able to aid in the rescue and retrieval of injured and endangered individuals or, alternatively, employ only her medical training to travel with most any military unit.

So begins...

Cielo Z. Valenca's Story