Desmond Sorrows

Ammunition and Explosive Expert

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a character in “Echo Company: Ender's Legacy”, as played by Moon/Mihael


Name: Desmond Sorrows
Age: 16
Status: ACAT
ACAT Class: Ammunition and Explosive Ordnance Disposal
Physical Description: Image


"Silence is golden," is one of Desmond's favorite sayings, because he prefers to be quiet, than to speak up. However, he will engage in any conversation, just to listen to others talk. He is almost always in cheerful mood, prefering to show as much brovado, no matter how false or real it is, than to show sorrow or anger. To those around him, he is childish, but to those who know him best have found that he actually does have a brain between his ears.

His eyes will glaze over if someone were to speak of ammunition and/or explosives, for it is his passion. He will talk all day about which explosive is best used against certain vehicles, people, animals, etc. Or speak of which ammunition to use against animate and inanimate objects. However, if someone were to anger him enough, that someone will have a high probability of finding themself without any ammunition, nor explosives, during the War Games.


Desmond is rarely seen without a thin, white kerchief that is either wrapped around his right arm, wrist, or neck. He can be seen twirling the ends of the kerchief whenever he is bored, which is often.


Many had said that Desmond could be just about anything he wished to be, so long as he put his mind to the task, and that is what he did. Unfortunately, he disappointed everyone by falling in love with ammunition and explosives of all shapes and sizes. He had often resented being the first born of his family, even more so when SAPS took him from his home and placed him with a large group of strangers. Though his grades were average at best, he survived to be placed in the Earth Defence Force, and was sent to Triton Station, for military education and training.

It was there that his passion for explosives, and ammunition, was soon discovered, when he was found frowning at a small caliber bullet in his rifle. He then turned to the officer in charge and demanded for high caliber bullets. He stated that he will be able to deal more damage to his target, and waste less ammunition. He also stated that if they trained them with a higher caliber weapon first, then the rest will be a breeze. They had told him that they will take it under consideration, but only after they had given him a good dressing down in front of everyone present, and had received a suitable punishment for speaking out of turn.

After turning 16, Desmond was placed within the Ammunition and Explosive Ordnance Disposal Unit, where he flourished under the watchful eyes of his superiors. He felt at home, surrounded by many unstable explosives that would surely destroy the station if jostled too much. He didn't much care what people thought of him and his passion for explosives and ammunition, only wishing that he would be left alone, instead of bothered by everyone wanting ammo or an explosive that they couldn't handle, even on a good day.

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Desmond Sorrows's Story