FORCM Jacob Pierce

Force Master Chief Petty Officer and combatant in many battles and missions.

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a character in “Echo Legacy: Burdens of Honor”, as played by kotaro7914


Full Name: Jacob "Iron" Pierce
Rank (if applicable): Force Master Chief Petty Officer
Age: 32
Height: 6’2”
ACAT (Advanced Class Action Training, available only to officers) or Specialization: Heavy Weapons
Current Duty Assignment: Troop training, EDF Atlas

Physical description:As a Force Master Chief petty officer, Jacob Pierce is in prime condition rivaling even the fittest of marines. He has a shaved head with a large scar that courses over his right temple from shrapnel that had striked it. He has green eyes and his hair was black. Always seen in a mixture between his combat and PT (Physical Training) garb in the event he is called to an assignment. He is 32 years old yet looks a bit younger through intense training and 6'2. He had a ACAT in Heavy Weapons consisting of Heavy Rifles to RPG's. (Basically any shoulder mounted explosive.) He was assigned to the Atlas to recieve a new member for his team. While there, he was to train cadets in firearms training.


Jacob Pierce has a hardened attitude from his multiple assignments in the field. As a Master Chief, he is shown with great respect and awe, but somewhat feared by the younger cadets in the EDF. He seems to enhance everyone's fear with a permanent serious expression. Those who are close to him however tend to see he is actually a very calm and caring man. Before becoming the battle hardened man he is now, he was a very laid back young man. He was known as the joker by his friends and usually got into trouble. This ended when he witnessed his friends injured on a live fire training mission because of one of his jokes. He took full responsibility for the event and instantly became a sterner man. When on a mission he has a kind of sixth sense which allows him to think of multiple scenario's in a matter of seconds that could help with his assignments. He never boasts about his rank and even goes as far as to say he doesn't care about rank, just serving the EDF.

Ever since his promotion to Master Chief, Jacob has been burdened with the survival of his team. He has at times reverted to a sudden "Flashback" of a past assignment during his sleep. Although his stress is a problem for him to keep under control, he puts his own health behind the good of his team and the assignment. Although he takes the orders as if they were rules to live, he has ignored some when seeing a better scenario, marking him as a great leader and tactician.


SAPS placed Pierce instantly to combat situations where he showed promise in leadership and tactics along with his firearms training. Pierce was turned into a quieter sterner person after an assignment in which his best friend was killed under his poor leadership in the mission which was to evacuate multiple wounded personal. While this happened he had kept a calm demeanor and kept an open mind to help those in need, but had his frined killed when he told him to provide covering fire, leading to a sniper to shoot his friends head.

Quickly rising through the ranks at the start of the war, Pierce was assigned to the Atlas as the new Master Chief to train the new marines. With the sudden jump to Karas, Pierce believes he won't be able to satisfy the needs of everyone around him and protect the ship. But he would die trying if it would mean everyone got free.

So begins...

FORCM Jacob Pierce's Story