Michael "Rick" Warren

"I have traveled to the very edges of comprehension and back again, but never before have I felt so alive. The secret, it would seem, is in the smaller details, rather than the vast picture of it all."

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Full Name (at present): Michael "Rick" Warren.
Current status: Traveler, faux refugee.
Age: Appears to be in his early to mid twenties.
Height (at present): 5ft 6in.

Physical Description:
Wearing the face of a fellow traveler, earned in an alliance that sparked his interest in humanity, he stands at five feet and six inches tall, appearing to be in his early to mid twenties. His hair is a vibrant shade of orange (a personal favorite) and his skin is pale enough to show his veins where it is not heavily freckled. Not overly muscled, he cannot be classed as excessively thin; he seems relatively nondescript in terms of height and body size. His eyes are a dark blue green.

His clothing is as nondescript as his overall appearance (save for the hair, which he keeps covered with a woolen hat), and appears old and well worn. He has a change of clothes in a backpack, so can be found wearing either a dark tee-shirt, grey trousers and a jacket, or a woolen jumper, grey shirt and black trousers. He has one pair of boots, which are black. He has two hats, one beige and one black.


Rick is insatiably curious and seems to be rather naive at times. He draws comfort from large groups of people and seemingly adores conversation, but has an air about him that suggests he is accustomed to going unnoticed in groups. He is quite at first, but tends to become enthusiastic once engaged, and it is harder to quiet him once he's started talking than it is to draw him into conversation.

He lives to learn, and his secret passion is for humanity, though specifically he longs to find answers to the many questions he has in regards to single formed organisms. His goal, such as it is, is to learn what drives humanity in both its brightest and darkest moments, and to gain a proper understanding on emotion, passion and love as well as the darker aspects of the human spectrum.

Being a relatively fearless person, Rick can appear reckless at times, and will willingly volunteer to go out on a social limb if necessary. He has no qualms about asking for what he wants.

With the right prompting, he is both a competent and convincing liar.

Despite appearances, he is relatively knowledgeable, although the information he retains is erratic.

His passions include eating, drinking, touching objects of any and all variety, and engaging in conversation. As far as his own agenda is concerned, his true passion is people watching, specifically when those people are unaware of his scrutiny.



  • Change of clothing minus shoes; hat, trousers, top.
  • Underpants. X2
  • Socks (pairs). X3
  • Journal, electronic, disguised as a leather-bound book. Note pad and pen stored in front cover. X1
  • Water bottle, stoppered, full. X1
  • Waxed paper containing dried fruit/meat. X1
  • Metal case containing unknown item(s). X2.
  • Small leather case (medical). X1


  • Unspecified food item, dried. X1
  • Pen, permanent marker. X2
  • Unspecified confectionery product, bagged. X1

Leather case (medical):

  • Gauze, sterile. X4
  • Bandage, sterile. X1.
  • Sticking plasters, assorted. X20
  • Scissors, non sterile. X1
  • Tweezers, non sterile. X1.
  • Hypodermic injection device, sterile. X1.
  • Canister for hypodermic injection device, contents unknown. X2

Items possessed but not on person:
  • GUIDE (Generic Universally Adaptive Robotic Droid). X1.

Condition: Heavily damaged.
Status: Malfunctioning.
Current skin: -human. Dark pigmentation, dark eye. Heavy damage visible to left upper hemisphere of face. Left eye artificial: glass, blue.
Name: Jason.
Sentience: Full.
Alliance: Michael "Rick" Warren.
Location: Currently positioned in unspecified space, cloaked.
Communication status: Active.


Rick exists to learn, and to do so fits seamlessly into unknown cultures, typically at times of great stress or great rejoice. While in residence, he binds himself to the genetic rules of the species in question, and as such appears totally medically genuine, even when scanned. He is as easily hurt as a bona fide member of the species, but his ability to die has yet to be tested. He avoids injury as much as physically possible, as it drains him more readily than it would a legitimate mammal and risks exposing his true identity.

He is non-combative in most circumstances, unless his role within a species demands such action. He is repelled by the idea of killing sentient life, and dislikes dealing out physical harm. Past experience has proved him to be a coward at heart, and he requires heavy motivation before he will even contemplate entering a location of true danger.

He has been traveling for an unspecified amount of time, and the nature of his true species is unknown at the present time. Rick is a rogue element as far as his kind are concerned.

As far as anyone knows, he was transported aboard the Atlas along with the other refugees.

Jason has been observing the progress of the Atlas, specifically the refugees, for the past four days.

So begins...

Michael "Rick" Warren's Story