SgtMaj Adam Alexanders

Sergeant Major and Head Chef of the EDF Atlas.

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a character in “Echo Legacy: Burdens of Honor”, as played by Moon/Mihael


<Credit to Cynique for assessing and editing the character sheet of Adam Alexanders>

Full Name: Adam Alexanders
Rank (if applicable): Sergeant Major (SGTMAJ)
Height: 5'9''
ACAT or Specialization: Supply Administration and Operations
Current Duty Assignment: Food Service

Physical Description:


Being a diplomatic person who likes everyone to get along, Adam is often viewed as the mayonnaise in the proverbial sandwich trying to hold things together. He is usually around to settle the indifference's between crew members and more than often the person to go to if a good listener is needed. Although easy-going in nature and eager to please, balance and harmony are key factors in his life and when their disrupted and can't be fixed he becomes fairly stressed. Although Adam is a fairly intelligent being he often prefers to express his intellect through his creativity in foods and leaves the rest to be figured out outside of the Kitchen while hiding being a laid back demeanor. Being the type of person to go with the flow on things not much has changed since entering the Karas system and he welcomes whatever is going to happen with open arms.


Adam had passed through the SAPS with relative ease and was sent to Triton where he received little honors, and passed most of his written tests with a somewhat average grade. Although not the bottom of the barrel at the station nothing in particular stood out in particular so he was placed in Supply and Administrations as his ACAT although he argued many a time that he wanted to see more blood than a paper cut or a burn from the kitchen.

It would be close to three years later that Triton would be attacked, and during that time Adam had settled into his position with less protestation as he grew a reputation of being a diplomatic cook to the younger cadets, as well as a friendly chef to some of the officers. Making his way relatively unscathed out of the incident he was quickly picked up as the Sous Chef for the EDF Atlas before two years later becoming the head chef after the previous one retired.

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SgtMaj Adam Alexanders's Story