Jane Bale

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Type/Sub-Race: N/A
Gender: Female
Affiliations Heroes
Age: 22
Sexuality: Straight

Romantic Interest(s): N/A


Height: 168 cm
Weight: 125 cm
Build: Well fit
Hair Color/Style: Black
Eye Color: Blue


Give a three paragraph description of how your character looks, stands, gestures, basically what the characters shows of him/herself.

Preferred Clothing:
Describe your characters favored type of clothing or what is usually worn.


Oddities: explain quirks that your character may be seen doing. For an example it may be twiddling their thumbs as they wait or so. We all have them one way or another.

[Likes] [Dislikes]
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Describe your character's personality as a whole. Give at least three good paragraphs, if you take everything into account, your character will be better fleshed out.



These aren't magical abilities, character specific abilities or anything that relates to attacks but these are basic skills that your character has learned throughout there life and what they're good at. If I see something that doesn't make any sense to your history I will call you out. Being highly investigative but never going into training and or never having any experience just doesn't make sense at all.


What affects your character the most, this doesn't always involve fighting but it could be emotional things too. Although you didn't write anything down here do not assume your character is god in battle.


As far as powers go do not god mod it or you'll definitely have to re-think it when i give you a review. Your powers can be rather great effectively but just be sure you know your own weaknesses. If abilities seem to OP I will ask for an explanation or reject it. I do think abilities out to the core. Not all heros have inhuman powers.


Abilities are similar to powers except a good way to see it is that Powers are more like your passive or bloodline thing like you were born with it. Normal human's wont have those however abilities are something you relatively learn over time and such. List those here.

Weapon Of Choice/Discipline/Tools:

Fighting Style

Give a good summary of how your character battles with everything you've given me above. Remember, your character may have never fought in there history which means they have 0 if not hardly any experience. The best thing to describe is how they may act if they were to actually have a clear stated mind.


Relationship Status: Single, taken, married etc.

Family/Significant Individuals:
List your family here.

Personal History

Give us a nice good and long history. You weren't always a hero or a villain.


List here if you have anything else you want us to know.

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