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Edith Hawksworth Boarding School

Edith Hawksworth Boarding School


[Not taking any more reservatoins] Edith Hawksworth is a boarding school for girls, which is separated in two wings. One is for humans with supernatural powers. Other is for supernatural creatures.

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Edith Hawksworth was once a boarding school for everyone. It didn't matter if you were a boy or a girl, had powers or not, were a human or not. One day however two girls befriended each other. One of them was Miriam March, a human with the power to communicate with animals. The other was Venera Avalon, a mermaid. They were very close friends who graduated together and started working at the school, having great power and influence over it. The mermaid became a principal, the human - vice principal. In times when men were given more opportunities, the two women decided it would be fair to make the school only for girls.

Soon the higher position of the mermaid started bothering the human. Their friendship was slowly dying and turning into rivalry. This caused them to separate the school in two parts - March wing for supernatural humans and Avalon wing for supernatural humanoids. Even after their death, later principals kept all of their traditions from deep respect or fear of them, as the rumors say they still roam in the building.

Many of the modern students differ in opinnions. Some of them are into the competition between the two wings. Others want peace. Most of them wish to make the boarding school for both genders again. What does your character think?

Character sheet:

Age: (15-19. Chronologically they can be much older, as long as their species allows it.)
Grade: (9th-12th)
Sexual preference:
Wing: (March or Avalon)
Power: (Members of the Avalon wing may also have powers, as long as they're linked to their species. The March wing members must have only one specific power (firebending, flying, telekinesis, etc.))
Romantic interest:

Personality: (Don't make them too perfect or too unlikeable. Balance between their good and bad sides. Let their bad sides have a bad impact on them. Include their likes and dislikes, but don't rely mostly on them. Also, don't make loners who don't want to socialize with anyone. Character interaction is needed!)

History: (It can be brief. Feel free to hide a shocking part of thier past and reveal it somewhere in the story. In case they have a traumatic background, don't make them constantly thinking about it.)


- After you reserve a role\announce you want to participate, you have two days to create your character. If you need more time, just tell me.
- Variety is preferable - feel free to give some information about your character in the OOC before you submit them, so others can see it and create something different.
- This is a girl's boarding school, so I expect female characters. However, I don't mind if there's a guy who wants to cross dress in order to enter. One or two at most. Again - variety is preferable.
- Post often, but don't flood it.
- Less on the details of the characters doing something by themselves.
- If you want to leave, don't just vanish, leaving your character hanging around the story. Please, don't. I'm begging you. If you want to leave, please:
* Announce in the OOC that you want to leave and give some explanation. Even a simple "I don't feel like it any more" is enough.
* Tell us what you want to happen to your character. Do you want them to be adopted by someone? By who? Do you want them to leave? Do you want them to die?
* Abandon the character, so someone else can adopt them.
* If you want your character to leave the story, describe how it happened. Did they die? How? Did they leave the school? Did they let the other characters know?
- This role play is labelled as yuri, but your character can be straight, even having a boyfriend if you want. Maybe they want the school to be for both genders because they're straight.
- The characters don't have to be Japanese, but anime appearance is preferable.
- At one point I'll stop accepting characters.
- Have fun! :)

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Character Portrait: Nanami Midori Character Portrait: Aibu Retasu Character Portrait: Fintan Conley Character Portrait: Ruko Nanase Character Portrait: Asuna Kishinami Character Portrait: Meddie Character Portrait: Eloise Gowlen Character Portrait: Ryder Blade
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Another dream with Fintan, well, more like another recounting with of her previous cycles. This time it was World War I and in the trenches again. Hell was everywhere around Fintan, whom was operating on a wounded British soldier as bullets and artillery came over all around as she worked. Soon she yelled something or another to another medic, whom went off, as Fintan remembered, he had run off to his death. Though the next words woke her immediately,

Gas! Gas! GAS!

Quickly Fintan shot up from her sleep, sitting in her bed now, the morning sun peeked in through the window of her room giving it a slightly red glow as it hit her covers, which were red and still warm to her before she looked at the clock. To put it mildly, she was etching on being late on her first day, which prompted her to quickly rise from her bed and put on her clothes, before going out the window and spreading her wings and flying fast over to the main school building.

Soon she noticed some students, and stopped, gently landing on her feet with her wings dissipating rather quickly as she looked at them all and smiled hoping her thick Irish accent wouldn't stop her from talking to them effectively,

"'Ello ladies. I see the dote little elf wants to race. What is the reason for it, Might I ask?"

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Character Portrait: Ruko Nanase
3 sightings Ruko Nanase played by CxanderCat1

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Character Portrait: Aibu Retasu
Character Portrait: Fintan Conley
Character Portrait: Meddie
Character Portrait: Eloise Gowlen
Character Portrait: Ryder Blade


Character Portrait: Ryder Blade
Ryder Blade

She was like the moon; part of her always hidden

Character Portrait: Eloise Gowlen
Eloise Gowlen

"Let's play a game!"


Character Portrait: Eloise Gowlen
Eloise Gowlen

"Let's play a game!"

Character Portrait: Ryder Blade
Ryder Blade

She was like the moon; part of her always hidden

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Character Portrait: Eloise Gowlen
Eloise Gowlen

"Let's play a game!"

Character Portrait: Ryder Blade
Ryder Blade

She was like the moon; part of her always hidden

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Re: Edith Hawksworth Boarding School

I'm so sorry I haven't posted here. I had some writer's block before I was gone for some time, and then I ended up in the hospital again. Long story short I am back, and so so so sorry about it, and shall post relatively soon. Once again: I'm sorry for NOW getting here.

Re: Edith Hawksworth Boarding School

are there anymore characters being invited into the RP? I saw that the RP was still letting people joining. if so I have a Witch character or Vampire character I'd like to put in. I'll leave it up to you. if it's okay, then the faster I get a reply then the faster I put up character sheets. I normally work on them right away. and I have time since I have classes off for the next two days.

Re: Edith Hawksworth Boarding School

Alright, there are the characters:

Avalon - Ryder, Eloise, Meddie, Fintan
March - Asuna, Ruko, Aibu, Nanami

Ryder and Eloise
Meddie and Fintan
Asuna and Ruko
Aibu and Nanami

Do you agree with this sorting? If so, let's start the story.

Re: Edith Hawksworth Boarding School

Alright, most of the characters are set up. I won't take any more reservations. Probably tomorrow or the day after that we'll start.

Re: Edith Hawksworth Boarding School

Just submitted a character and realised I forgot to include history and personality. Sorry - been away from RPG a long time :^(

OK, History - recent bad love affair at special school for mutants. Transferred at advice of guidance officer.

Personality: Very mercurial. Seems self-effacing, but given to sudden enthusiasms of bouts of rage. Likes standing outside in rain storms. Totally unafraid of lightening.

Re: Edith Hawksworth Boarding School

Might as well throw my hat into the ring, I should be ready.... Tomorrow... Maybe?

Re: Edith Hawksworth Boarding School

I'd be interested in joining with a character who is a gorgon, if that kind of thing would be permitted.


Re: Edith Hawksworth Boarding School

I would like to join this roleplay, I'm going to send a character later.

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