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Jacob "Jackal" Lymoth

"This world is jus' one big story book, and I like to think I'm the editor...'

0 · 569 views · located in Kusuke city

a character in “Eerie City”, originally authored by RolePlayGateway, as played by asarui yodama


Name: Jacob Henry Lymoth

Nicknames: Jackal

Age: 34 Years Old

Gender: Male

Race: Human/Caucasian

Jackal has long blond hair that hangs down over his face, his bright green eyes gleam out of the shadows cast by his hair like emeralds. He has a long nose that curves into a point, a tall forehead, and smooth white skin that blend together in a way that makes him look younger than he really is. He is just over six feet tall, and has a well built frame, but hides his muscles under his baggy jacket most of the time.

Jake wears a green fur-lined winter jacket, that he wears on all but the hottest of days, along with a pair of dark, slim fitting jeans. His usual footwear includes a pair of old combat boots, or a pair of black classic converse (The ones with the hard toe-caps, before they replaced them with the rubbery crap they have nowadays). He always wears a pair of fingerless leather gloves.

Occupation: Freelance Journalist/Reporter


Alignment: In the grey (Neutral)

Morality: Jackal doesn't really care about people's lives unless they play a role in what he sees as chapters 'the story of the world'. He takes the side of whoever's ideals suit him, or whoever will provide a more interesting outcome.

Likes: Hard liquor (Whiskey, Gin, ect.), cigarettes, music (Leaning towards the 'Hard Rock/Punk' alignment), women with class, stories, bizarre stories, stories with bizarre twists, the rain, and action films,

Dislikes: Regular life, doctors, hospitals, needles, overconfidence, obnoxious mainstream music, today's youth, people who place their lives in the hands of anything but themselves


A 6" Combat Knife with a Serrated Edge
His own body; Jackal is a experienced kick-boxer, and has been in enough bar fights to have picked up on a bit of close quarter grappling

Other Equipment:
His camera, and notepad
His cheap old cell phone


Background: Jackal was born and raised in a very average household, father a salary-man, mother a house-mom. He got average grades in school, was never really bullied, had lot's of friends. That is what propelled him into his current profession; finding and recording the abnormal. He was one of us who spent their high-school years fantasizing of what could be, bored with the way things were, but he actually had the courage to follow through with those dreams.
He has reported on everything from urban terrorists to the future of space travel, falling upon juicy stories like a hungry jackle. Recently he had been delving into a sacrificial cult in New England when he began noticing strange things. Creepy things. Things that shouldn't be there. This particular case ended with Jackal walking in on a house of cultist corpses that looked like they had been ripped apart by a wild beast. Apparently the investigation unit thought the marks on the victims looked an awful lot like a human had made them, and very nearly pinned the murders on Jackal. He slipped through the noose by cashing in a couple favors with people in high places, and a dash of luck.
He happened to be visiting a friend in Kusuke city when the first of the strange occurrences happened, and couldn't help but look into it.

So begins...

Jacob "Jackal" Lymoth's Story