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Jack Cassius

"Running from the past won't fix anything, it just holds you down"

0 · 363 views · located in Metro City

a character in “EIDOLON”, as played by jericho193


"Keep doing what you have to do."


Reddish Blonde
Facial Hair:
5 o'clock shadow
Light Blue
Lean Muscular Build
Skin Tone:
190 lbs
Listen to the soft soothing sounds of my voice
Right handed but can be ambidextrous when needed
Body Markings:
Scar Tissue:
His upper torso is littered with scars, located on his right forearm is a nasty scar that extends from his wrist to the inside of his elbow
Unique Body Features:
Nothing too special here
Clothing Style:
Jack isnt very flashy. Everything about him has a purpose, so does his clothing. He does wear some of the more expensive working class clothing but that is because he knows if you buy a cheap shirt at Walmart then you get what you pay for. He likes to buy once and wear it until he dies. So he wears jeans or some type of cargo pants on a daily basis. Shirts are a must, they are mainly short-sleeve but if not he normally rolls his sleeves up. He keeps around his old Ranger gear but he only busts those out when he goes camping or shooting.

While coaching he wears active clothing. Again, nothing flashy, just functional. Under Armour tends to be his main choice when choosing to wear active clothing. When he is outside he will always wear sunglasses, which may be the only thing flashy that he will wear. His Oakley collection is enormous.

Jack Cassius

Black Jack


Visual Age

Factual Age


Sexual Orientation

Power Ranking

Elasticity - 3
Rubber Mimicry - 2
Power Detection - 1


Jack is a true roller-coaster of emotion and just like a roller-coaster he is always moving. 95% of the time he is moving high-speed but just like the climactic drop of a thrill ride, there can be a slight lull before an explosive set of emotion. Ever since we was a little boy Jack has believed in the philosophy of "high speed, low drag". This makes the man somewhat impatient when it comes to things that take time to complete. But in no way does that mean he is fast and sloppy, he will always try to get things right the first time, because having to do something a second time just means wasting more time. That and he would rather not have something biting him in the butt later on.

Jack can be aggressive when he needs to and passive when the situation requires. He would rather run from fights than face them straight on because he believes there is more than just one way to settle things. When trapped in the corner he will fight his way out with the ferocity of a lion, both verbally and physically. Again, this is a last resort because he respects everyone as a person, even strangers. A person needs to try very hard to get on Jack's bad side. Once there though, it is hard to get out. Once he has made up his mind it is hard to change it. This makes Jack very passionate about things while giving him strong opinions on certain subjects. Another word for this can be "stubborn".

Jokes are also something that Jack uses a lot as well, before he joined the Army it was just so he could be funny. After it turned into something that would help Jack cope with what he experienced. Hidden beneath his rugged exterior Jack has been shattered, the things he has seen as well as the things he has done weighs heavily on his soul. He is constantly fighting to keep his emotions in check and finding value in living his life day-to-day. Every day he breathes is a victory, becoming one step closer to winning a war that seems to be never ending. Jack struggles to hold on to his life as he tries to escape his memories. He learned that one form of solace comes from helping others. Especially the younger crowd because it gives him faith in the future of humanity.

Moral Alignment
Lawful Good

To restore the feeling of purpose in his life and to find peace.

  • Likes to chew on things, constantly chewing gum or eating snacks
  • Studies people's eyes to learn about them
  • Continuously watches his surroundings
  • Always knows about the latest movies to keep his mind busy
  • Quotes movies and songs when given the chance
  • Reads scripture everyday
  • Has the internal desire to work out every day
  • Keeps a couple of firearms in his house

  • His PTSD
  • Loud and sudden sounds
  • Being alone
  • Giving up

  • Movies
  • Football
  • The Gym
  • Shooting
  • Muscle Cars
  • The Outdoors
  • Tech
  • His Faith
  • Dogs
  • Pandas

  • Hypocrites
  • War
  • Snow
  • Cats
  • Open Water
  • Enclosed Spaces
  • Sitting Down and Doing Nothing

ASL- Jack knows American Sign Language and he loves using it when he can
SF Training- Basic skills that a modern Special Forces Engineer knows
Athletic- Part of the "high-speed" mindset also means that his body runs that way as well

C O M B A T || P R O W E S S

Rating System
[Perfect] - [Excellent] - [Good] - [Above Average] - [Average] - [Below Average] - [Poor] - [Very Poor]

Hand-to-Hand Combat: EXCELLENT- Jack excelled in his CQC (Close Quarters Combat) training in the Army. He competed as a boxer in high school and then in the Army Combatives program

Melee Combat: ABOVE AVERAGE- Jack carried a tomahawk in the Sandbox and he always has a pocket knife on him but he would rather just duke it out with his fists

Ranged Combat: GOOD- To qualify to be SF a person has no choice but to be good with a rifle, he was exceptionally good using the M14 EBR, so he bought himself a civilian version of it.

Control Over Power:



Group Affiliation

Marital Status

Father // Arthur Cassius // 64


High School Football Coach

Jack's life was pretty hard to being with. After he was born his mother wanted nothing to do with him and she left the scene shortly after Jack was born. His father, Arthur, had happily taken over and did what he could to raise his baby boy. Arthur never settled down with anyone after his wife left him but he did his best to raise Jack with all the love in the world. Arthur was somewhat of a religious man and tried to raise Jack as a Christian. Deep down though Jack had a void in his heart from his mother leaving. Making Jack a troublemaker throughout his teenage years. He would be caught fighting on school grounds with the older kids and somehow if a window was broken, Jack was near by. Rather than take care of Jack in a more negative manner, Arthur had enrolled Jack in boxing classes in addition to his football activities. The combination of the two physical activities had taught Jack how to control himself. The skills he learned taught him to breath, to be calm. Because being angry or furious would impede one's judgement and thus make his skills less-than optimal. Yet, Jack still had no clue as to what his purpose in life was. Deep down he still felt a void in his heart. To search for what he was missing, after High School he joined the US Army. Originally, he joined up to be a Ranger but over time he sought to join the SF community. Joining the Rangers was no easy task, joining the Special Forces would be even tougher. Jack loved challenges and would make no excuse in becoming the best of the best.

For his 24th birthday present Jack had made it into the exclusive Special Forces. He tested out and found his calling as a Combat Engineer on an SF team. For the next decade Jack had happily served his country and took as many tours as he could get. He shipped out to the middle east multiple times and with guidance from his father, Jack finally thought he found his calling in life. He rose through the ranks and made it to become his squad's second fire team leader. Throughout his military career Jack had done things that he had always regretted. One example, near Christmas time there was an IED attack on a convoy that was carrying water and food for a local village. Jack's squad was assigned to reach the ambush area and provide relief until an armored transport would be able to come and retrieve the supplies and personnel. Jack's fire team fought with every ounce of strength they had. Jack had gotten seperated from his team from a mortar round that lead him into a building. Trying to work his way back to his squad Jack had encountered a dead insurgent with a little boy, not much older than 12. He was crying and holding the head of the dead man in his small arms. Jack couldn't help but feel sorry for this boy, but this was war. All is fair. The boy's eyes found Jack and they turned from sorrow to anger. The boy reached for the AK47 that the dead man was still grasping. Jack screamed at him to drop it. But the boy continued. Jack had no other choice. He eventually reached his team and everyone was able to make it out with only minor injuries. But the boy had joined countless other memories in Jack's head that lurked in the back of his mind. Just like the others, he would just shove them back. He had work to do.

Then one day when he was 35, Jack's memories finally shattered him.


On a night raid at a notorious War Lord's compound in Afghanistan had gone horribly wrong. His entire squad was ambushed, they received fire from all sides. Little by little each person of their 8 man squad started to go down. Jack himself had gotten hit on the left of his chest. They radioed in for backup and after what seemed like an eternity a couple of helicopters had appeared to extract the team. Long story short, a grenade went off next to Jack but one of his combat buddies dived on top of it to absorb the blast. Another grenade went off and the next thing Jack knew he was screaming uncontrollably in the safety of a hospital bed. His screams were not alone; he heard women, children and his friends in addition to his own howls. Visions filled his head, the boy he had shot, families torn apart, brothers with their lifeless stares. Finally, everything caught up to Jack. His clock was up and the hidden bomb inside had gone off. Shattering everything Jack knew. That first week he couldn't sleep, he wouldn't eat, he would cry tears that he never knew existed. It was as if he was inside a nightmare, unable to wake up. Then when he did sleep he was haunted by things that he thought he would never forget.

Jack was never the same after this. His life was torn into pieces. His closest friends, his brothers, had all given their lives. His arm was almost destroyed and now all he saw was death. All he could hear was screams. Jack left the Army with a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star. Which meant nothing to Jack at the time, why award a man that did not deserve to live? Better men than him had died from that operation, men with families to come home to. Men with a future. All Jack knew was the ways of war, now what else was there? That first year home, despite his dad doing everything he could to help, Jack was racked with torment and grief. He felt as if there was no reason to live, his brothers deserved to live. Not him. Jack's arm was constant reminder of what happened when everything changed. His arm was still usable but he felt as if that it was never the same, he felt more sluggish with that arm than he had before. Every so often in public, someone would stare and ask what happened. Jack would only grunt and with a look that only a shadow of a man could have, the question would fade.

The shell of a man had tried to find ways to numb the pain. There was the counseling but that barely helped any. There was no positive effects from those meetings. The VA knew of the PTSD that he contracted but Jack felt as if they were doing as little as they could to help him. The doctors would prescribe meds for him but Jack wouldn't take them. They weren't worth the time. At the darkest moment of his civilian life Jack turned to drinking. In the few bars he did not get kicked out of, Jack could be found staring out into nothingness with a hand on a bottle of whiskey. The nightmares seemed to go away for small periods of time but when they hit they got worse and worse. Jack finally could not take it much longer, one evening after an encounter with his vision of his brother that jumped on the grenade to save Jack's life, he decided to end the pain on his terms. He drank as much as he possibly could and found the pills that the VA doctors had prescribed him. He took down the whole bottle. As an added measure he started his Camaro in his garage and left all the doors and windows closed. Jack sat in the driver's seat and turned on the radio. Listening to the lyrics of country and drinking down more Jack Daniels, Jack started to drift. He faded to black.

Jack's father had a feeling to come home to check on his only son. Luckily, he got there just in time to alert paramedics and save Jack's life. Jack awoke in the hospital, this time there was no screaming. Just regret that he woke up. He began to cry as he wondered why the God he believed in as a boy would allow Jack to be in such pain and not let him let it go. Then he felt a warm embrace, after clearing his own eyes Jack could see the eyes of his father, which were also engulfed in tears. It finally hit Jack that he was never alone. Arthur was always there to carry him to bed when he was knocked out drunk. He always followed Jack and tried to do what he could ease his son's pain. Somehow Jack never saw this. Finally, the void in his heart started to fill. Whatever Jack was looking for was always with his dad. It destroyed Jack to know that he tried to take his own life when his father tried to do what he could to help.

Jack had realized that his PTSD was not just affecting him, but his father as well. He took the counseling more seriously and took the pills that he had hated so much. Jack finally put down the bottle and vowed to never drink ever again. Over time the visions and the screams began to fade, they were still there but Jack could sleep at night. The nightly talks he had with his father had really helped as well as the scripture study they did together. Picking up the pieces of his life Jack had received a job opportunity from a guy that he worked with back in the military. There was a high school football coaching position available. Talking with his dad they both decided that this just might be the best route he needed to take his life in. Jack still felt like there was something missing in his life but he was sure that he would find it helping out the troubled youth in the East. He found himself in Metro City and coaching his boys to have the best Defensive Line in their region. Finally, his life was coming back together. The screams became quieter, his dreams became less vivid. But it still hurt and right now all he can do is fight for each day. But he knew he wasn't fighting alone.

So begins...

Jack Cassius's Story